"This Hostile Action Is Unacceptable": Russian Embassy Responds To UK Expulsions

In the first of what will be many tit-for-tat retaliations now that the "cooperation" game-theoretical regime between Russia and the UK has broken down, moments ago the Russian embassy responded to the UK's expulsion of 23 diplomats.

In a statement it said:

"On 14 of March Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko was summoned to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office where he was informed that 23 diplomats were declared personae non gratae."

We consider this hostile action as totally unacceptable, unjustified and shortsighted.

All the responsibility for the deterioration of the Russia-UK relationship lies with the current political leadership of Britain.

Separately, RIA Novosti reported that the Russian embassy in the UK - whose staff is being expelled - called the move "unacceptable, unjustified and shortsighted."

As a reminder, the Kremlin has yet to retaliate in deed, instead of just verbally, with its own expulsion of UK diplomats, a move which will be coming shortly, prompting even more retaliation by the UK which warned earlier may next expel the Russian ambassador, leading in a total collapse of diplomatic relations between the two nations.



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GB? UK? LMAO! These are the same dickheads that got us in WW1 and WW2 after they went and picked a fight and got their asses handed to them....both times.

The only reason that stupid bitch is taking this position is because we, like the idiot dumbasses we are, will once again come to their rescue. All this over two nobody's that were in a career where you get off-ed anyway. No proof and no evidence. For all we know these two people are in the Bahamas right now sipping mixed drinks on the beach and checking their newly funded portfolio.

The world is insane and stupid to fall for this bullshit.

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Putin's policy decisions indicate a desire to sit back, watch us destroy ourselves with debt, incompetence, and social marxism. All he has to do in order to triumph is wait.


Western oligarchs know that, and if they're going out anyway, why not take everyone else along for the thrill.

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More of the same....

A brief recent historical review of the human species attempt to become a stable galactic species:

Ancient Jericho-

City-Wall technology used by free people to fend off the takers, thieves, and parasites. As evidenced by the total lack of governmental buildings of any kind in the ruins, these people enjoyed stateless freedom for maybe a thousand years until the authoritarians devised means of breaching their defenses. The people of Jericho could not spread their discovery effectively enough and widely enough to spark revolutions because humans lacked cheap mass-communication on a large scale, innovations and discoveries were often controlled and hoarded by religious-political authoritarians who could prevent the diffusion of this knowledge, and so the Jericho people's example of truth could not spread enough to unseat authoritarianism. Their example was too small, and could not spread.

Pre-Catholic Ireland-

Stateless free people succeed in growing a culture that encompassed a greater area - an entire large island. This system endures for hundreds of years, until finally succumbing first to an ideological invasion by Catholicism that  undermined the resilience of a pure stateless ideology with the false concepts of "godly" authoritarianism. This particular false "godly" authoritarianism had  been developed by mass murderer emperor Constantine in the 4th century after the Nicene creed and Council of Nicaea. This council outlawed the stateless philosophy as explained by Yeshua (Jesus), which was practiced by his followers, the Ebionites and  Gnostic.

The authority of ruler-ship resides in each person equally. Luke 17:21: " Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." In the 4th century Constantine, murdered or exiled those who practiced this way of life, tried to corrupt all writings that supported this system, and invented a counterfeit system that today is called "Christianity". Transforming the example of the prophet/Messiah Yeshua into the idolatry of worshiping a man-god called "Jesus Christ" and thus surrendering individual sovereignty up to the earthly successor to this false man-god authoritarianism.

So the early Irish, being thus ideologically weakened, eventually were conquered by the stronger English tyranny: The English ships technology and their English "godly" king were able to culturally then physically enslaved the Irish. But it took the English hundreds of years and great cost to do this!

The pre-Catholic Irish had no written language. If they had, they might have recorded and articulated their stateless system experience so that it could have had a chance to spread elsewhere. Some of it was recorded after the Catholics introduced a primitive written language for the Irish. But this written system evolved in such a way that the original pre-authoritarian truths became mostly hidden from history until modern day scholarship and archeology are beginning to reveal it.

And thus when the age of the printing press arrived there was no articulated example of how a stateless society could be devised.


And this brings us to - recent history - and the attempt for freedom by the people of the American Revolution:

Those who had rediscovered the wisdom of Individual self-rule, as Yeshua had earlier showed, used the idea of "natural law" and "natural rights". "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all Men (people) are created equal...". They were known as Deists. They correctly rejected the authoritarianism of "Christianity". Those laws that control nature  also apply to Humans who are a part of nature. For humans to survive as a civilized species they must overcome the tendency towards predation and tribalism, or they will continue to destroy each other until they succeed in destroying themselves. Unfortunately there were not enough Deists and too many who believed in the fraud of "godly" man-god authority (the idea of authoritarian rulership).

And with no understanding of formulating a viable stateless society from history the American's freedom was quickly subverted by the authoritarians in the US Constitution article 1, Section 8: "Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes".  Thus the seeds of destruction of the truth of self-rule and natural law/rights by yet again empowering criminals.

This brings us to the present time. The lie of "godly" man-god authority, has been subverted by the lie of "most fit", Darwinist  "superman"-"god" authority. Natural law being as it is, this still results in predation and tribal wars leading to ultimate destruction for Humanity.

Those today who understand the truth of natural law/rights have had the benefit of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery, the Nag Hammadi library, ancient Irish Scholarship, ancient Jericho archaeology, as well as other precious pieces of information here and there. On a species level the "most fit" are those who on a species level practice Voluntary Exchange.

Because of the present state of technological discovery we stand at a great opportunity as well as a great peril for our species. The survival of Humanity now depends on the rejection of the predation and tribalism that comes from all forms of authoritarianism.

For the first time in know human history it is possible for a great idea to diffuse and quickly spread to all mankind, immune from total suppression by authoritarians. If Humanity will now reject authoritarianism and choose to live by Voluntary Exchange we may be able to survive and enter the Galactic Community. But I am very pessimistic that this will happen. Even now those who are deceived by "godly" man-god "authority" are about to enter a grave struggle with those who are deceived by the lie of "most fit" "superman" "authority".

There do not appear to be enough of us who understand natural law, natural rights, and the lessons of history to win the day and emancipate Humanity! It looks like we will blow ourselves up (again?) Please help spread this message of sanity in an insane world while we still can!

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An even more pressing problem is what to do with all the past-service life-nuke reactors in America. If the power grid ever fails before these are properly decommissioned and cooled down, not even considering the actual reactors, because of the large number of fuel rods sitting in storage at the cooling ponds on site, the pools could boil off and we could have massive fuel-rod fires and something worse than a hundred "Fukushimas" and you could just about kiss the northern hemisphere good-bye after that. No need to worry about the weapon nukes any more. Maybe the south of the globe could still try to survive but I think we in the north would be done at that point. I understand that warheads loose their effectiveness over time and have to be refurbished to continue to work properly after so many years. If so, then that is much less of a problem than the reactors.

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  It isn't about sanity.  It is a malevolent satanic force which has become ubiquitous in our ruling class.  Until humanity puts those to the sword for once and for all, you are delusional if you expect a world to evolve into some form of peaceful or decent civilization.

  Fuck the galaxy.  Real problems exist here and now and you are only contributing by serving up another distraction. 

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If you eliminate authoritarian support, you eliminate the centers of power that the psychopaths flock to to control others. The so called "satanic force" would be all but vanquished if the non-satanic majority simply refused to give them their wealth anymore. It is the belief in the lie of authoritarianism that makes all the derivative evils possible from those who control the governments, authoritarian religious systems,  and the allied central banks.

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Everything we think we know about our culture and history is filtered through the Ideology and outright rationalizations of motheistic barbarism.

A rediscovery of who we are, and of our true uniting values of honour and virtue, not the obsequious,writhing guilt of the monotheists, is well overdue.

Monotheists cause brother wars and then blame the victims of these wars.

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Trust no man. Go to the source that Yeshua and his followers found: the spiritual connection that exists inside each and every one of us. It has been called the "Logos", Son of God, or "True Prophet". From this inner teacher one can come to understand the way forward for humanity. This is just another way of saying we are all "equal" with regard to natural law and natural rights. Any who claims to rule over another person, tries to make themselves a "god" in place of the "true" "God". Another way of saying it, there is only one "mind" in the universe and we are all a part of it.

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