Paul Craig Roberts Goes There: "World War 3 Is Approaching"

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

“In a nuclear war the 'collateral damage' would be the life of all humanity.” - Fidel Castro

The Russians, in their anxiety to show the West how friendly they are, left Washington with a toe hold in Syria, which Washington is using to reopen the war. The Russians’ failure to finish the job has left Washington’s foreign mercenaries, misrepresented in the American presstitute media as “freedom fighters,” in a Syrian enclave. To get the war going again, Washington has to find a way to come to the aid of its mercenaries.

The Trump regime has found, or so it thinks, its excuse in the revival of the Obama regime’s fake charge of Syrian use of chemical weapons. This made-up lie by the Obama regime was put to rest by Russian intervention that made sure there were no Syrian chemical weapons. Indeed, if memory serves, Russia delivered the chemical weapons to the US for destruction. Little doubt Washington still has them and will use some of them with their Syrian markings for what appears to be a coming false flag attack that can be blamed on Assad. In other words, Washington will create a “situation,” blame Assad and Putin, and with or without congressional authorization introduce US intervention in behalf of Washington’s mercenaries

If we can believe James Mattis, the retired US Marine General who is US Secretary of Defense, Syria, a country without chemical weapons and in need of none in its mopping up operations against Washington’s mercenaries, is using chlorine gas “against its own people,” exactly the same phrase as the Obama regime used when Obama tried to orchestrate an excuse to attack Syria. Mattis said that he is receiving reports of chlorine gas use by Assad while simultaneously saying he has no evidence of gas use, much less by the Syrian Army.

The US Secretary of Defense actually accused Syria of “targeting hospitals” with chlorine gas even though he admits there is no evidence. Mattis went on to accuse Russia of complicity in killing civilians, an endeavor in which the US excels.

Stephen Lendman reports that CIA Director Pompeo “suggested a US attack on Syrian forces may be forthcoming, saying Trump won’t tolerate CW [chemical weapons] attacks, adding he hasn’t made a decision on the latest reports about chlorine gas use.” 

US Secretary of State Tillerson joined the orchestrated allegation even though he admitted there was no evidence. 

Of course, there has not been any chlorine gas use unless by the Washington-supplied mercenaries. But facts are not important to Washington. What is important to Washington is Israel’s demand that Washington destroy Syria and Iran in order to get rid of Hezbollah’s supporters so that Israel can seize southern Lebanon.

No doubt that other interests are in on the plot. Oil companies that want to control the location of oil and gas pipelines, the crazed neocons married to their ideology of American World Hegemony, the military/security complex that needs enemies and conflicts to justify its massive budget. But it is Israel’s determination to expand its boundaries and water resources that set all of the Middle East conflict in motion.

Does Russia understand this, or is the Russian government preoccupied with eventually winning acceptance by the West as a part of the West? If the latter, the world is heading for nuclear war.The Russian government does not seem to understand that its pusillanimous response encourages Washington’s aggression and, thereby, is driving the world to the final war.

Every time Russia fails to finish the job, as in Syria and Ukraine, Russia does not win Washington’s friendship, but extends to Washington yet another run at prevailing in the conflict that Washington initiated. Washington will not slack off until Washington is halted in its track, something that Russia does not seem willing to do. Consequently, Washington continues to drive the world to nuclear war.

When will the Russians notice that literally everyone in the Trump regime is issuing threats to Russia - Mattis, Tillerson, Nikki Haley, government spokespersons, the UK PM and UK Foreign Secretary. Yet the Russians still speak about their “partners” and how much they want to get along with the West.

There is no prospect whatsoever of the British going to war against Russia. The entirety of the UK would be instantly wiped out, yet the UK PM issues ultimatums to Russia.

Here is what Finian Cunningham has to say about the British prime minister threatening Russia:

Given their inveterate anti-Russian agenda, the British authorities have much more vested interest in seeing Skripal poisoned than the Kremlin ever would.

And while we are in "who done it?" mode, another important possible lead is this: if Venomous Agent X (VX) was used to harm the former Russian spy, the perpetrators would have had a convenient source by which to carry out their deed.

Britain's top secret chemical weapons laboratory at Porton Down is only six miles away from the location in Salisbury where Skripal and his daughter were apparently attacked last Sunday afternoon. Porton Down is the laboratory where VX was originally synthesized in the 1950s. It remains one of the most deadly chemical weapons ever made. And it is as British as afternoon tea.

That's motive and means. But, hey, who needs logic when Russophobia is the name of the game?

The entire Western world is insane. As Michel Chossudovsky says, the Western politicians and presstitutes who serve them are driving the world to extinction. 

Note: It appears that the military/security complex is closing its grip on the Trump regime. Secretary of State Tillerson has been fired and is being replaced by CIA Director Pompeo. Gina Haspel, the new CIA Director, is the person who oversaw the CIA’s secret torture prisons in Thailand.


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I agree with PCR except Russia's strategy understanding. Russia knows that USSA is coming after them no doubt that for a sec, it is delusional to think so. The reason why they proceed the way they do is because they use a strategy of wear and tear, they want to grow their response power capacity and in the same time to get a weakened USSA at the moment of direct engagement. Isn't this what one would do on a street fight?! As simple as that, that's how conflicts are won strategically if win/defeat by surprise 1st strike is rule out.

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A couple things:

Not being an insider to the Kremlin, I can't judge them (or pcr...), but the "partners" there can easily be seen as both a "relationship goals" — i.e.: a declaration of intents — as well as, more importantly, the last lifeline of hoppe, before it dies (at which point nothing will matter anyway, as it'll probably be all over). So they'll likely stick with/kling to it no matter how wishful thinking it may sound/be, as a forever stretched out hand, in a way of saying "we're still here for you, if when you want us; we won't be the ones cutting ties, abandoning all hope"... And we should all be undyingly (...) grateful to them for that...

Re. CWs: early on in the "conflict", I remember a frontline report on RT (by Maria Finoshina), where the Syrian Army had pushed back the "rebels" and found a cache of CWs with chemicals clearly labelled as from Saudi Arabia — the video's probably still on RT's archives/youtube. Cue this week, and what do we find? Yes, you've guessed it: yet another CWs cache coming from... yours truly, Saudi Arabia!...

And an historical tidbit: 5 o'clock tea is *anything* but English — it was brought there by the very Portuguese Catherine of Braganza (Catarina de Bragança), wife of Charles II, and of NY Queens "fame", who also brought them, among others things, such a "local" speciality as (orange) marmalade... besides such (then) exotic "halmarks of civilization" as cutlery(!), or basic private hygiene (instead of just "going" just about anywhere, even right on the streets)...

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It's accurate and informative spam though isn't it?

His link is this one…

The articles there have references and carry vital information for Christians to expose the askenazi as the occult worshipping pharisees that they are.

Your agenda to silence this is suspicious - I haven't noticed you point out that David had no star and that the Israeli flag has a big blue hexagram (where the word 'hex' originates) of remphan on it. Remphan is the goat headed occult god from babylon and it why all the high ranking pharisees are into the occult. It's not a distraction - it's actually at the core of their occult talmud religion mate.

So lets see some posts from you exposing the pharisees and their occult destruction of planet earth. The very LAST thing we need to do here is silence people exposing pharisees.


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It's PCR. Decent on economy, a train wreck on foreign policy. The buttons are being pushed for WW3 sadly, mostly by the war mongers in the US. Hopefully the baboons in the deep state got a wake up call in the last week or so. But they keep pushing the BS everywhere. More BS on the Homefront as well. Pray for sanity if you have it in you to do it, to much of this shit is getting out of hand!!!



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I don't see how you can say PCR is a "train wreck" on foreign policy. He is spot on, just like Ron Paul. Trump campaigned on a non-interventionist policy and also in getting along with Russia. But, he surrounded himself with Neocons & War Hawk Generals & crooked politicians & a torture-lady for the CIA now, not to mention Pompeo who is a Council on Foreign Relations member, aka a Globalist. What should we do besides pray?

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PCR is bring emotion focus to factual reality . There is nothing drama queen about This deliberate effort to split the Geopolitical word in US and THEM .
The Illuminati are trying to consoditate what they control whilst weakening those they don't control , Russia is targeted because they can supply China with raw materials outside the Illumninati's control network of states .
If the world is allowed to come together before a complete resocialization of humanity (as we see in the indoctrinated West) , then THEY won't be able to set up their One World Gov based on not values of human liberation but human enslavement via ignorence and illusions .
This evil order went the wrong way when it started WW1 Because they want to be the masters of the universe . The world could have been intergrated in a much kinder manner but would have taken longer and it would have been based on truth , reality and honour . All values the Illuminati hold in contempt , as human biproducts of our family-tribal origons .
Notice how masonic lodges have the year 5233 etc . What they are saying is that cultures come and go but they represent the true human . This is part of the reason why their agents are deliberately excentuating the bad parts of our evolutionary origon using the electronic media . To show that we are not capable of self governement .
The sooner humanity wises up to the hidden string pullers the bettter .

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ronin12 DelusionsCrowded Wed, 03/14/2018 - 23:50 Permalink

"This is part of the reason why their agents are deliberately excentuating the bad parts of our evolutionary origon using the electronic media . To show that we are not capable of self governement ."

When I happen to visit the local Walmart and observe Boobus Americanus in their native habitat, it is hard for me to not agree that the average 'Murican is incapable of self government.

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It doesn't have to be that way.

The era when the US fed the world was before the GM chemical assault.
Now GM free Russia is the world's biggest food grower.

Coincidence? Monsanto sucks and their toxic products don't work.

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What should we do besides pray?

How bout... get a clue?

[Trump campaigned on a non-interventionist policy and also in getting along with Russia. But, he surrounded himself with Neocons & War Hawk Generals & crooked politicians & a torture-lady for the CIA now]

There's the crime scene... laid out before your disbelievin eyes. You can write it down... but

you cannot see it. And so... you seal your fate.


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One can not openly explain about the Khazar Gypsies. Anyone in the US who is critical of the Khazar Jews who are really Gypsies of Eastern Europe and Russia, 1.7 percent of the US population is destroyed.

His reputation would be smeared in the Jew controlled mainstream media.

Neocon is code for Zionist. The term neocon is a creation of Bill Kristol's father.

Bill Kristol is said to be the author of The Project for a New American Century. Other interesting articles written by Bill Kristol is the one in which he orders the neocons in the military to purge the pentagon of officers who aren't loyal to Israel. And his speech explaining the plan to move all wealth and knowledge into the hands of a few and how good it will be. He made that speech in your face around 12 years ago at the LBJ School of Public Affairs.

We did not vote for a president who is Ju Ju crazy. Both Trump and Pence are Ju Ju nuts. So was Clinton. The lesser of two evils vote brought us Trump

We did not vote for more wars for Israel.

We never knew he was this over board Ju Ju.

So we are really going to have a nuclear war, the nation that strikes first wins.

And the fool Americans, don't realize the Russians are ready to destroy TRIAD. Each strategic air base will by hit, the ground based silos will be dug out of the ground, and the sea leg the Trident missile whales will be hit with megaton ICBM which  when detonated in the ocean, have the capability to kill all submarines with in hundreds of miles because a detonation in the water is amplified.

Another danger is the French and British nuclear weapons so they will be taken out with nuclear weapons.

China will have a free hand all the way to Australia.

Trump is a television mind, his children are all married to Jews which we weren't told about. This silly theory originating from Alex Jones show, is that the Deep State was going to remove Trump became the mantra of people who aren't well read.

Trump is infinitely more Ju Ju nuts and this appealed to Jones who has lost most of his audience. Married a Jewish call girl etc, it's his second Jewish wife, and his mother looks just like them. Many believe Jones is disinformation and is a Jew. Anyone who wants to know about Ju Ju Jones, move to Dallas, they're Ju Ju nuts. That's where he grew up.

It's getting real sick when we look at Haley at UN, she's a sick Zionist Christian. The people Trump put in front of us are just as bad as what Obama, Bush II Clinton I and Bush I put in our face.

Considering the masonic made up religion of the Mormons, one of the more insane cults are in full control of NSA, CIA and the FBI, well no one tells that either. We are sinners in the eyes of the Mormons. The huge data storage facility in Utah isn't for NSA it is for the Mormons to record our sins. They are listening to ALL Americans, Snowden, that's the tip of the iceberg.

The Mormons are masons, the Bush family is a mason family who ran the Order out of Chaos scam on our nation. Bush II made a speech were he used, "The order out of Chaos" rant. look it up.

The Bush family was deeply connected to the Mormons. The Mormons have a blood ritual allowing for killing of non-believers. It wasn't just the Mossad doing 911.

We're all sinners in the eyes of those who are in control of the NSA, CIA and FBI. The Mormons, when the kids dressed in black suits come to your door, reciting one of the only verses from the Bible which was used in the Mormon book, they're giving you a guilt trip, they're saying you are a sinner. Ask them about their deranged novel of a Bible, and I have read and I can rip any and all Mormons apart in any debate, but they will not explain to you about their book. It was said by their founder, a mason who was run out of every town and city in the US, he said it came from God on some brass plates he found in the woods, well back then, brass and lead were used for printing. I saw a real old brass plate used for printing around 56 years ago in a box. It must have come from God according to the Mormons.

Around half of NSA are Mormons. At one time, the Mormons ran the FBI, they still are overly represented in NSA, FBI and CIA. They're also Ju Ju crazy, if Deep State is the Mormons and the Zionist Christians, neocons and Eastern Europeans and Russians posing as Jews. That's who runs us.

Mueller investigation was to keep Trump in line and to run cover for all the criminality in the government. Mueller is a famous yes man, Robert Gates was a famous yes man. If Trump is removed they have the Zionut case Pence.

Again, the Deep State are the Mormons who run NSA, CIA and FBI the Mormons are overly represented in the NSA, CIA and FBI?

How many know the Mormons are deeply embedded in these key agencies? 

There is no America, that ideal was destroyed long ago.

America?, the myth of America and the grand ideals are in your mind. Does what has been happening since the end of Reagan era match the ideals of America? absolutely not.

We thought Trump would restore America to what it's supposed to be. HE not the Deep State is running the same scam for Israel. The Deep State didn't do anything to Trump, it is only those who are guilty of crimes trying to damage him. Each one like Brennan whines on TV, how about Clapper.

The whole thing about the extreme racist Zionist Christians, Mormons, neocons, and the belief these Eastern Europeans and Russian Khazar Gypsies is a national psychosis. And NO one is going to be able to remove the Yoke of Zionism from the neck of America.

There is only one man who can do it on this planet and that mans name is Putin. Now when the Mossad use Russian based factions to kill him watch what happens, and remember the connectivity to Israel's 20% population of Russian Khazar Gypsies in Israel.

The Mossad wants to kill Putin and blame the CIA, this they believe will cause Russia and America to fight in Syria, pushing the Russians out of Syria so they can be rich from Golan oil and Lebanon off shore natural gas.

We're being set up for more and more wars for Israel when we voted to get out of Syria, when we voted to get out of Afghanistan.

Trump will not be a one term president after he does the dirty deed for Israel. And in his second term social security you paid for all your life, after the economy has been roiled by the Jews each ten years to move the wealth into the hands of a few, well so many have lost everything, and all they have is social security. Stockman has foamed about it here, Greenspan, and the founder of CBO, Rivlin, all Eastern Europeans and Russian Gypsies have said the problem is social security, and it must be abolished.

A republican senator stated on the first day of the second term, Trump will abolish social security. There are so many seniors dependent on social security, they will die in the shadows. I meet them everyday, proud Americans at one time, good jobs now broken. They're the wounded of the economic wars conducted on the American people by God's chosen people. And if they are God's chosen people then their god and the god of their Zionist Christian minions must be Satan.

We are being beaten to death by these people and we thought Trump was on our side. Well he's not.

And so much for religion being restricted from controlling our nation, a Jeffersonian concept. It was called separation of Church and State, the Mormons, the fake Jews, neocons, and the Zionist Christians are breaking the constitution every day. Again, we do not have a country any more, thus we must embrace a nuclear war for those people in the world who make it through the coming fake Jew inspired war.

God have mercy on your soul, because this is over.


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Twee Surgeon Interrogator Thu, 03/15/2018 - 00:30 Permalink

Pray is probably a pretty good plan as long as people are praying to the One God and not the imposters.
Soon to be shot down for the non-scientific reply, I contend that many an Agnostic is getting a dose of curiosity right now with all the Players in the wings regarding some ancient Prophesies that are free to all and have been since Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries.

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helloimjohnnycat MozartIII Wed, 03/14/2018 - 23:03 Permalink

I might be the most sane one here.

Exhibit A : I'm NOT one of them.

I work, build, create, & maintain. I want no swing to my ledger of any amount from the trillions printed that are used by the Haves ( mostly joo scum commie cowards ) to destroy the infrastructure innocent humans have built / need. The innocents are mostly Have Nots, or relatively poor.

That does NOT rule out Death to any who threaten my personal existence / sovereignty. MYOB works.

Hence, my FO is directed to those NOT MYOB-ing.

Yeah, good luck with that.

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Fascal Rascal … Davidduke2000 Wed, 03/14/2018 - 22:53 Permalink

said the suppressor / putin cock worshipper.

every post you get on your knees to worship at the alter of putin’s balls.

Sammy was talking about false patriotism. you poor poor soul. no wonder you’re so confused..

you know and learn from what zh comments upvote.

fucking slacker.

how was that rushan winter?

did mama sell her pussy enough to buy coal?

poor faggot.

don’t care about your sister either, huh? whoring her out for soup has to be really degrading..

mamas drippings at least give you protein..

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Twee Surgeon HRClinton Thu, 03/15/2018 - 00:56 Permalink

If I recall from the NT scripture ? Quote that passage and verse. It might be in an 'Edition' of a Bible but I can not recall such a line in an actual Bible. I could do you a Version or Edition of the Bible in about 10 minutes by changing some words around. my "Edition" would not be an actual Bible though and of no use to anyone. Watch out for editions and 'Versions'. they are not the same thing by a long-shot and are the mark of the lazy who give not, one shit. The King James Version was/is imperfect but a proper response to the catholic corruption.The KJV Companion Bible is the one that should be under your average pillow. All the linguistic homework is already done from the Latin and Greek. There are no Unicorns, it describes an Ox and so much more but still has issues. Editions and Versions are a dime a dozen and built to Confuse, by certain parties. What it really say's will blow your tit's off.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Twee Surgeon Thu, 03/15/2018 - 06:36 Permalink

Please take a pen, circle each time the word Jew is used from the beginning. They made a mistake when it shows, the Jews were fighting the Israelites.

The word Jew is a place name.

We can go back to when the Roman bishops decided what Bible to use, there were many Bibles.

After the death of Jesus, who was a revolutionary leading a rebellion against Rome. A cult following started, all around the Mediterrean Sea, all the way from the Middle East to Greece a cult following of those who were hermits and homosexuals, outcast from their society. They would suffer just like when you see Arabs beating themselves with a whip.

The way they fed themselves and could use transportation through out the Roman empire, they wrote gospels which were like pulp fiction, they would trade their work of fiction for what they needed.

It became the Scifi of the lower classes and Roman soldiers. So Emperor Constantine needed loyalty from a rebellious Roman empire to fight a war. he made Christianity a state religion.

Then after the fall of western Rome, Justinian rewrote the Bible again. We're still operating under the Justinian Legal Code.

Then after his death, the next rewrite was after Conon  saved Rome, after his death it was rewritten, by that time the Khazar empire married into his dynasty.

Then the King James Version, the rewrite was financed by the Kings treasury controllers who were the Khazars of the London banking district, known as the city. The Khazars controlled the money of the British empire, I can show you coins with the Khazar symbol on coins, which we are supposed to believe is the star of David, one of the symbols was found on a rock in Khazar empire controlled lands.

I could go on, read Jesus for the non-religious, by Episcopal Bishop John Song, he proved beyond a shadow of doubt the New Testament is a recycle of the Old Testament.

 I can go on, the Catholics had an enemy of the plan to use Christianity for state control. Arius who was much closer to the original concepts was destroyed and the Church in the Middle East came apart, this was in the 200's AD. Then around 500's AD Justinian finished off the version of the original concept, in he's reconquer of the middle east, he was a Eastern Roman emperor

Western Rome had fallen and so did the Roman Catholic command and control system. St. Benedict, he was a Roman royal, and later he left the city to be a hermit at a monastery, he became an Abbott of the monastery. It was reported he performed miracles like Jesus.

It caused the greatest conquest of Europe for the Roman empire. It was a resurgence of Roman rule through out the Roman colonies of Europe. Without the con job of this homosexual, there would be no Christianity. Because Christianity had fallen from the belief system of the serfs. It allowed the creation of massive estates run from Rome.

What broke the control was the French Revolution in the 1700's and before that the Protestant revolution of Martin Luther in the 1500's, because the Roman Catholics were brutal rulers.

I could go on and on, to prove even more.

Lets look at the word Jerusalem, which most Americans means Jewrusalem, this is not written but it took a life time of study. When David conquered the Jebusite citadel. He wanted peace, so the city below the citadel was renamed, Jebu and the middle east word for peace shalom, it became Jebu shalom. means Jebu peace.

The two tribes in this part of what the Romans called Palestine were completely taken over by the Jebusites, it is easy to see in the songs David wrote.

The other ten tribes left the north because of Solomon and his sons brutal dictatorship, they would raid the temples of the ten tribes, they worshiped the dove, and it was a symbol of peace.

The Solomons were foreigners.

The ten tribes left what was called Israel, they settled in a city on a desert, it was called Palmyra, they weren't carried off by the Assyrians. They left because of the carnage and raids to steal they're temple gold.

In Roman times, this city state became wealthy. After Roman rule, the city state of Palmyra became a kingdom encompassing the lands to the sea and this was the region of the ten tribes. They were Aramaic speakers, and Jesus was an Aramaic speaker not a Hebrew speaker.

I can go on and on, have you ever read the entire Bible? Hebrew was the language of the Jebusites.

Have you ever compared Bibles?

Have you studied anything outside the meal ticket Bible the preacher uses to earn his salary and perks?

Do you understand what Zionist Christian means and the racial caste system?

These aren't Jews from Israel, I have met real Israelites, these people called the Ashekenazi origin is the Khazar empire. We the US, helped kill off the Syrian Christians and the last Aramaic speakers, they were the first Christians, we helped Israel of today kill off the REAL ISRAELITES. 

Most Americans believe these are all German Jews, look over there it's a Jew, it's all true give me ten percent of your earnings and many Americans do it.

Did you know the food you buy for your family is taxed by these people calling themselves Jews. Go look at the cans with a circle and a U or a K. The money finances Khazar political operations in congress and a education in Israel for the Jewish religious leaders.

I can go on, but the Bible and all these hoaxes aren't the real Israelites. There is only around 3000 real Israelites in the US.  

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