Why Gun Control is stupid, impossible, and un-American

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM - 3/14/2018) -- We have to chime in on the fake artificial 'gun control' debate.  As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies – the world is not as it seems.  Proponents of ‘gun control’ claim that if these shooters couldn’t get assault rifles they wouldn’t be able to become shooters.  Bollocks! 

First let’s speak practically.  Gun control in America is IMPOSSIBLE.  This is proven by the surge in Gun Sales every time there is talk of gun control.  What, the police will go knocking door to door and confiscate guns?  These liberal idealists never visited the south.  Chicago is not much better.

Second – Guns are a part of America’s history from the beginning.  Like it or not, Americans were rebels that literally were work from home soldiers by night, trade smiths by day.   America did not have a professional army.  Most soldiers had little or no training.  They just had guns.  And beer.

Third – The logic of this narrative has been flipped in order to force a policy of social control, i.e. the police can have guns and the population can’t (although if we look at the number of random shootings, police shootings are far more likely to happen than school shootings, but no one is talking about taking guns away from police?  In Britain they just carry big sticks, it seems to work for them).  School shootings should indicate LESS gun control generally for the population.  We should REQUIRE that teachers, principals, and janitors all have permits and are trained in urban combat. 

Fourth – Weapons are one of America’s largest businesses.  The biggest buyer – the US Military.  But also, small arms are actually the world’s #1 killer, more than nuclear bombs and all other weapons combined.  “Gun Control” in the world’s largest Gun producer is like having AA meetings at a bar.   

Limiting weapons like assault rifles or requiring a license to operate them would be a reasonable logical step, in South Carolina it’s possible to legally buy a tank (an armed one).  But these are big changes which will not be easy for 90% of America (that’s 90% by land mass, 40% based on population).  For the libtards in ‘safe zones’ living in gated communities with their transgender confused children it won’t be difficult for them to turn over their guns they don’t even know how to use them and are afraid.  So this is the polarity that is being charged at both ends.  “There are two Americas”

If we are really to ‘disarm’ the population should we not also ‘disarm’ the military?  Especially since most of these shooters are somehow connected or involved with the military directly or indirectly (or military programs for crazy people).  How about defunding black ops like MKUltra and the $50 Billion ‘black budget’ that goes who knows where (well we know one of the programs was called ‘BITCOIN’ .)

Take care, readers.  Be safe.

p.s. Should we ban violent movies and video games?  But Hollywood would lose 90% of their business!  

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