Will the societal collapse cross the border to the USA?

“Complicated days are coming, I won’t lie to you. The wave of violence isn’t going to end." 

-Jalisco Governor Aristóteles Sandoval 


I just read three current articles about our Mexican neighbors to the South.   I highly recommend that you take the time to do so as well.



"Three of the bodies were found on the road that to Larga beach and the airport, their feet and hands tied and bearing clear signs of torture. The three also presented bullet wounds."



"...the operation was connected to the discovery last week of eight bodies in an abandoned pickup truck in the Guadalajara neighborhood of Morelos."



"We already have 30 members in the self-defense group. It’s time for the criminals to clear off and steal from somewhere else."

This last article reminded me of a fantastic video from Vice News. I watched it a few years back.  It is about a few Mormon farmers in Mexico standing up to the Mexican drug cartels.


I have many associates and friends that will no longer travel to Mexico, because it is too dangerous.  These are people that know how to look after themselves.  I also know several Mexicans that have moved their families to the USA to escape the violence and kidnappings.  We hear Trump promoting the construction of a wall, but having spent a little time on the border, and over it, I don't think that it will be any more effective than The Maginot Line.    

Will the societal collapse cross the border to the USA?  I don't know.  My crystal ball is only a novelty item.  What I do know is that my entire life has occurred during a time of historically low violence in the world.   Just a few generations ago, in most places, a father would be remiss if he didn't teach his sons how to fight for their lives...and win.  The chances of them needing to do so, at least once, were quite high. 

Teaching our sons how to really fight is not so common these days, I think you will agree.  The closest many American boys get to fighting is first-person shooter video games, which actually teaches a child nothing about self defense, but much about mass murder.  To be instructive, a fight needs to have real consequences.  I learned something the first time I got punched in the nose.  It hurts.  These days we teach children to shelter in place and wait for the police to show up and save them, or the psychopath to show up and execute them, whichever happens first.  How did that work out in Parkland, Florida?  About the same result as in Mexico, yes?

All I really have to offer as a solution is more of my same ol' philosophy of disintermediation.  Be your own first responder.  Don't be a victim!

I have covered defending your life with a pistol.  

I have covered defending your property with a shotgun. 

I have covered defending your liberty with a rifle.

Be grateful if you are still legally able to exercise your Natural Right to self defense.  Do exercise it, frequently, and teach you children to do the same, boys and girls.  They will thank you for it.  God forbid they ever need these skills, and you neglected to teach them.  Shit happens.  

Peace, prosperity, love, and liberty,






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Yet another reason why I tell people to come to Maui instead. Beautiful beaches, clean water and most of all safe.

Come visit. I'll show you around.

Aloha, BoP

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El Vaquero, there is one of the best birdwatching sites I have ever been to in Guadelupe Canyon. The road from Douglas is long and brutal but it really was worth it 25 years ago.

However, I tried the trip 2 years ago and it was so full of ICE and sensors that it was just plain unpleasant. Douglas looks like there are whole sections of town where the Scarefaces live and then commute to work in Mexico.  Both of us were armed but we decided the  Violet Crowned humming bird was just not worth it , so we turned around and left.

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May is being a national embarrassment at present. We have the same old "there's evidence, honest, we ca't tell you what, it was definitely Russia probably, trust us". Sounds like a half-arsed repeat of the Iraq WMD bollocks. I don't really know if Russian did or didn't poison their ex-(double) agent, but I do know Porton Down is only a few miles north of Salisbury and can't fathom why the Russians would use what is reportedly v old tech and messy methods to deal with this man. There would have to be easier, cleaner ways.

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EB-5 foreigners….


Citing concerns about fraud, a Maine official says the state would not get involved with the buyer of Saddleback ski area if he only wants the resort so he can take advantage of a federal program that gives U.S. visas to rich foreign investors.

In an audio tape released Tuesday purportedly of a Majella Group staff meeting in September 2017, a man identified as CEO Sebastian Monsour tells the gathering that the EB-5 visa program is the primary goal of the acquisition.

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The last time I was on Maui you couldn't leave anything in a rental-plated car. The locals were stripping them of anything valuable and then riding away on bikes from the beach parking lots and being completely left alone by the local cops- who gave not one whit if you were ripped off. The holies (perjorative term for whites) are seen as assets to be stripped by the Hawaiians. No thanks, the Japanese investors are welcome to take over the islands.

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I believe the term is "Haole". When I stayed there on the Marine base at Kaneohe with my aunt and uncle in the early 70's I learned many local phrases such as "Lacka nooky" and "Come on I wanna leigh ya" But seriously when I got out of the tourist areas I found the native Hawaiians to be very kind people. I gathered sea urchin and other exotic local delicacies with the grandchildren of elderly lady who taught me about how her people lived before the "Haole's" invaded the islands and turned the peoples faces away from tradition.

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The unrelenting and UNSTOPPABLE Fukushima radiation will kill every life form in and around the Pacific Ocean within 50 years. There are many reports of dying and dead fish, mammals,and birds in huge amounts along Pacific rim countries. All of the islands should have been evacuated already. If you inhale or ingest just one cesium particle, you have a 50% chance of incurring a life threatening cancer within 10 years.

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The whales and dolphins are beaching themselves to suicide because there is not enough food for all of them. We, the US did this with an earthquake weapon which was designed to sink the entire island. The reactor was sabotaged. The result intended was interfered with preventing a worse apocalypse. This was because the Japanese were resisting their slavery to the US after they became so successful in the 1980s due to their native skill sets which were allowed to thrive after WWII UNTIL they started beating us economically. Why did we not just compete with them fairly? Because the Zionist Financial Cabal had us slated for destruction to serve their interests. Our population has been ravaged; our schools dumbed down; our society sold BS socialism and flooded with unnecessary immigrants who are paid to out breed us. The USG killed many people in Japan and told them to dumb down their schools also.

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as a 12yo in hawaii i got the worst beating of my life by a local older teen who caught me alone walking home from school..

seems some hawaiians still think whites stole their islands..much like some blacks who blame all their problems on whites cause

of slavery 150 yrs ago..human nature.".bay of pigs" has been lucky not to meet a local who hates the white people.

travel safe but don't forget injustice and stupidity are not in a bear market ever. we did steal those islands so that anger never goes away..

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