Has North Korea Built An Underground Military Base In Syria?

The United States is monitoring reports of a large underground North Korean military base in Syria which could be used for "advanced weaponry and nuclear-related work," according to the Washington Free Beacon

Regional news reports that North Korea is close to completing construction of the base near the town of Qardaha, Syria - the hometown of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Long tunnels have been built during the last seven years in a deep valley in Qardaha under the supervision of North Korean experts.

According to Zaman Al Wasl’s satellite images and a military source the underground facility has been under construction for seven years, started by the beginning if the Syrian revolution in March 2011.

A part of the base is being constructed inside a large tunnel in the mountainous area that lies on the Mediterranean Sea. Just a small part is located outside. -Zaman Al Wasl

The site can be seen here.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials told the Washington Free Beacon that they are monitoring these reports. 

"We are aware of reports regarding possible DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea] assistance to Syria to rebuild its chemical weapons capabilities," a State Department official, speaking on background, told the Free Beacon. "We take these allegations very seriously and we are working assiduously to prevent the Assad regime from obtaining material and equipment to support its chemical weapons program."

"The United States has long expressed its deep concerns about both the assistance the DPRK provides to Syria's weapons programs and Syria's ongoing possession and use of chemical weapons—both activities in defiance of multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions." - State Dept. Official via Free Beacon

Two weeks ago, CNN reported that North Korea has been sending chemical weapon supplies to Syria - including chemical resistant tiles, valves and thermometers, according to a UN Security Council diplomat speaking on the condition of anonymity. 

The same report also claims North Korean missile experts visited Syria in 2016 and 2017, after the chemical weapons supplies had been sent to the Middle Eastern state.

During one of the trips, the technicians stayed at Syrian military facilities. A UN member state reported to the panel of experts that scientists from North Korea may still be operating in Barzeh, Adra and Hama. -CNN

If this report isn't simply propaganda from outlets interested in complicating President Trump's upcoming denuclearization talks with North Korea, it means that potentially deadly munitions, including chemical weapons, could be dangerously close to the Mediterranean.

That said, there were also reports that Saddam Hussein hid chemical weapons in Syria after nobody could find them - rumors which were later disproven


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Sneaky sneaky North Koreans. And terribly smart too. What I find truly incredible is that North Korean scientists, in a nation where according to highly credible news reports and many politicians (whom are faithful servants of us all) people die every day of starvation, have developed a means to teleport people and materiel across continents, and to hide their dastardly activities (like removing large volumes of rock from deep tunnels) from all satellites and electronic surveillance. So sneaky (& smart)!

No wonder USG is so scared of North Korea - their science leaves ROW waaaaay behind. Probably got even the Russians worried, which I imagine is why the Russians didn't dare interfere in this project.

Surprised the Syrians were only interested in chemical weapons (they cant use). They already have plenty of chlorine apparently, and Sarin. Thought they might want to obtain something a little more cutting edge from the teleporting Norks.


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From Liberal Hawks to Neocons - The Henry Jackson Society

Henry M. ‘Scoop’ Jackson was a U.S. Democratic senator for the state of Washington from the early 1950s until his death in 1983. In many respects the archetype of the liberal cold warrior, Jackson was lauded for his (questionably) progressive instincts at home but was vehement in his opposition to socialism and the Soviet Union. During the 1950s, he sat on the Senate Investigations Subcommittee during the height of McCarthyism, only turning against McCarthyonce southern Democrats had started to openly challenge the Wisconsin senator.

However, as the authors of the report note, “Jackson’s most consistent characteristic… was support for the military.” In the 1950s, he became a leading exponent of the false claim that that there existed a ‘missile gap’ between the Soviet Union and the United States, and advocated massive increases in the Pentagon's budget. His major contribution to American foreign policy was his militant opposition to détente with the Soviets. In 1972, Jackson was instrumental in the creation of the Coalition for a Democratic Majority (CDM), which sought to end Democrat support for the policy of détente. In 1974, the CDM claimed that détente was “a myth” and that “The goal of detente has not been achieved in any sense of the term Americans can accept. There is no evidence that Soviet objectives have changed.” A significant number of the CDM’s Foreign Policy Task Force went on to join the Committee on the Present Danger, many of whom were to staff the hawkish Reagan administration of the 1980s. Jackson himself died in 1983; given the dire nature of superpower relations during the ‘new Cold War’ of the early 80s one must imagine that he died a happy man.

Founded in Cambridge, England in 2005 the HJS initially took its cue from the liberal interventionist anti-détente doctrine of Jackson. Neoconservative ideology, as the authors of the Spinwatch report describe, is most closely associated with the second Bush administration but has its roots in the muscular liberal militarism exemplified by Henry Jackson. Indeed Jackson has been cited as a key inspiration by architects of the Iraq War such as Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle. Intriguingly during its ten-year existence the trajectory of the HJS has mirrored that of neoconservatism. Over time, the HJS has shifted from advocacy of a somewhat bipartisan interventionist doctrine towards a more explicitly right-wing position.


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You are right WMD's all over again. We await the next false flag. If there was such relationship between the two nations, Assad would have nukes and a number of missiles by now and they would be pointing directly at Tel Aviv, Washington and London and the war in Syria would be long over.  What amazes me about the endless US government dumb ass propaganda and false flags is that they just keep running the same fake scripts no matter how many times they are caught out and how many times they admit to their lies and deception. History has seen nothing to match the arrogance of the US military intelligence complex and their utter contempt for the public everywhere.  When can they be stopped and brought to justice for their heinous atrocities and war crimes? 

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source:  "According to … satellite images and a military source the underground facility has been under construction for seven years, started by the beginning if the Syrian revolution in March 2011," Zaman Al Wasl, a Syrian news outlet, reported earlier this month. "The high level of secrecy and tight guard in the North Korean base raise speculations whether it's a nuclear facility or overseas depot for North Korean weapons."

"Long tunnels have been built during the last seven years in a deep valley in Qardaha under the supervision of North Korean experts," the Zaman Al Wasl outlet reported.

The United Nations recently cited North Korea for its increased efforts to meddle in Syria and provide the Assad regime with new caches of chemical weapons.

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Mustahattu Enceladus Thu, 03/15/2018 - 19:52 Permalink

Yep they are all in cahoots with NK and are creating a super evil empire deep inside a mountain in Syria.

America the leader of the “free world” will put their hopes on Iron Man to save Jerusalem and whisk to safety the poor innocent joos. But alas 6 million perished. The other billion or so also dead don’t count.

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