Obama DOJ Ordered 500,000 Fugitives Deleted From Background Check Database

The Obama administration ordered the removal of over 500,000 fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) in late 2016, according to testimony from Acting FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich.

Bowdich confirmed a November report from the Washington Post which set the figure at "tens of thousands," after Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) asked him if more than 500,000 names were dropped from the database. 

The FBI purged the names from the database after the Justice Department changed its legal interpretation of “fugitive from justice” to say it pertains only to wanted people who have crossed state lines.

What that means is that those fugitives who were previously prohibited under federal law from purchasing firearms can now buy them, unless barred for other reasons. -WaPo

That was a decision that was made under the previous administration,” Bowdich testified.

“It was the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel that reviewed the law and believed that it needed to be interpreted so that if someone was a fugitive in a state, there had to be indications that they had crossed state lines,” said Bowdich. “Otherwise they were not known to be a fugitive under the law in the way it was interpreted.

Since its creation in 1998, the NICS system has prevented 1.5 million people from purchasing a firearm, including 180,000 denials to fugitives from justice, according to government statistics. 

While the FBI had a broad definition of "fugitive," meaning anyone with an outstanding arrest warrant, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) definition narrowed the definition to anyone with a warrant who has crossed state lines. The DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, urged the Justice Department to address the disagreement in terms "as soon as possible." 

Shortly before President Trump took office, the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel went with the ATF definition.

“Any one of these potentially dangerous fugitives can currently walk into a licensed gun dealer, pass a criminal background check, and walk out with a gun,” Robyn Thomas, executive director of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, wrote in a letter to FBI Director Christopher A. Wray on Wednesday. The Giffords organization, founded by former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, called on the FBI and ATF to “correct this self-inflicted loophole” and recover all guns illegally purchased this year because of the purge of names from the database. -WaPo

“The Justice Department is committed to working with law enforcement partners across the country to help ensure that all those who can legally be determined to be prohibited from receiving or possessing a firearm be included in federal criminal databases,” a Justice Department official told the Washington Post last November. 



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The voter fraud is well planned out to produce wins with a comfortable, not huge margin. They have been doing it for years. They did not anticipate Trump's base in the terms of the sheer numbers and turn out. But it has to continue because as you can see, they are not giving up.

How did they get the 2016 election so wrong? We don't know that they did but the blatant criminality we saw and continue to see assumed a Hillary win.

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There was a time when I'd have been on that list.

I'd gotten a parking ticket in my hometown.  Usually I let them pile up until I owed about $50 and it was worth cutting a check to the city.  The municipal judge decided to 'crack down' on unpaid parking tickets.  A notice to appear was sent to my home, but I was working an extended stint in North Dakota and I knew nothing about my day in court.  'Failure to appear' is apparently a heinous act.  The judge issued a bench warrant for my arrest.  Instantly I was a 'fugitive from justice' liable to arrest.  I discovered this the hard way when I was pulled over in Williston, ND for not wearing a seatbelt and ended up in cuffs.

I'd bet that the vast majority of 'fugitives' were bullshit like that - a warrant for failure to appear on some trivial offense, back child support (violating a court order) because the father was unemployed, etc.  Not exactly dangerous felons, just people caught up in the extortion racket that some call a justice system.

Odds are good that nearly anyone we'd want barred from purchasing a firearm was already in the NICS system for some other reason.  I'll wait to hear from someone like John Lott before making any judgments on it.

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you mean like the anciet Chinese sword? what's wrong with that? I heard it allowed the smart people to survive and stupid people to be removed from Chinese society. Ended up with all that Kung-fu motherfuckers and a strong Country. Maybe US will be even greater with our own double edged sword. 

Where do you live by the way? do you own a gun? 

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Clinton I signed a law forcing states to report misdemeanors to NICS. Any nation with agencies above the law would be defined as a totalitarian police state.

The America people are under surveillance from a host of agencies, they lie when the say they're abiding by the Bill of Rights. People like Senator Feinstein, former Senator Levin placed draconian measures in the annual NDAA, building a national concentration camp. Remember Senator Graham yelling Battlefield America after the NDAA which was the concentration camp and martial law NDAA. Or do you remember DNC download of Clinton making a deal with Graham reelection if he took Trump out. He has been a major critic. Now he's calling for wars.

Chertoff at Homeland Security built the concentration camps, even the airport scanners of which Chertoff had financial interest.

Feinstein the hypocrite was kicked off the Senate appropriation committee during the last Iraq war because she was funneling war contracts to her husband and his group of Jews. She pitched a public fit like all Jews have done when told they're wrong, she was removed from the committee. Remember this led to a ban on Senators using data for insider trading, that ban has been removed.

The reason for WWII was the Jewish boycott of Germany. The Khazar Jews in Russia killed over 20 million Russian Christians. This is never told to the American people. The objective was the Czar's gold. London banks who've ran the British empire and NYC banks financed the 1917 communist take over of Russia.

The Germans saw the kill off, and in the streets of Germany, in the 1930's, the same Khazar communist and Germans were fighting out in the streets of Berlin for control of Germany.

Why is this not debated?

The fake Jews in the US, who are 99% Eastern Europeans and Russians who did the dirty deed, are who we're required to call Jews. These people are the Khazars of southern Russia. They are 1.7% of the US population, how was this allowed to happen. It's a generational take down. Many Americans believe the fake Jews are genius because of Einstein, he stole it from Hilbert, the famous German mathematician genius. Go study it, and Einstein was a clerk in the patent office with no formal mathematics training. It takes a life time of math to write these kind of equations. 

The American people's Bill of Rights was made a mockery by the fake Jews. And those who believe the government version of 911 are brainwashed mentally ill by a media system controlled by the fake Jews. Now they're censoring the internet to block data and the ability to share data.

The American people believe they have lost substantial freedoms. If the finger is pointed at the fake Jews and they lose their control of the American people, then they will plunge this nation into a world war. And that is what is happening. No one is allowed to question the Jews in the USA.

The Jews are attempting to use the military of this country to genocide the American Christians like in 1917 when the fake Jews gained control of the Russian military.

Right now, McMaster is being forced out by two marine generals, one a war criminal, because McMaster isn't a Zionist. Trump even said, McMaster is loyal to Israel when this question was brought up.

There is no separation between Religion and State, when fake Jews are controlling both sides of the equation with the criminal intent of taking over the US to the point, they will order who is to be killed.

The only reason the Clintons got away with serious felonies and murder was because of the fake Jews control of the media. The American people are attempting to remove the Yoke of Zionism, and everything we're seeing is a doubling down of fake Jew control. We can see it.

This is why we believe strongly we must keep our guns.

Many in the so called Trump movement now realize we will have to fight, because we didn't know Trump was a psychotic Zionist. It's all for the Jews, why were 600 billionaires given a tax cut, half of them the fake Jews, who have roiled the economy over and over until the money and power are in the hands of a few fake Jews.

These people the Zionist Christians believe are this kind, good, God's chosen people, the Israelites of the Bible, didn't come from Israel, and very few are German Jews which we were told. It is all a lie.

Ask a Zionist Christian did you know 20 million white middle class Christians were murdered by the fake Jews, and the German reaction was to launch a preventive war to prevent the planned invasion of Germany, and don't forget the 1920's fake Jews invasion of Poland? Everyone of the Zionist Christians believe these people, 40% inbred per Israeli genetic scientist, are German Jews. This is a lie.

These people are the same people who killed over 20 million people. We now know them as the Khazar Gypsies.

Too many know the truth, so we're going to war. McMaster opposed a war for Israel. The Marine generals went through confirmation controlled by a fake Jewish controlled congress. Recall I wrote about Bill Kristol call to purge the pentagon of all officers who weren't loyal to Israel. That's racial and treason. Recall Bill Kristol made the speech at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, the plan is to move wealth and knowledge into the hands of the few and how good it will be. Bill Kristol's father was the founder of the neocon movement, neocon is code for Zionist. It is said Bill Kristol wrote Project for a New American Century, which called for a Pearl Harbor event to galvanize the American people to fight for Israel. If you didn't know Bush II and Cheney knew what was going on, then you haven't been paying attention.

Trump even put two TARP bank robbers in our face, who roiled the US economy, causing millions of homes to be taken after we were placed in lock down.

Cohen and Mnuchin. And less than 1.7 % of the population why is it, the constant focus on Jews and Israel is what we're all about. Doesn't that seem strange?

These people who call themselves Jews, are these people loyal to America? They're not smarter than others, like we're led to believe, they work in unison to bleed the American people dry. Even the food we eat, must pay a tax to the fake Jews, circle with a U and a K, look at what you buy, they even have a web site explaining how good it is to pay the food tax to the fake Jews, it's extortion.

America is dead, none of the ideals, principles of what America is supposed to be are alive, because the fake Jews have killed America.

Some of the American people are awake, but 17% and more are convinced by a fake Jew controlled system of judging our minds, telling us what we are allowed to think. Soon one third of the American people will have the IQ of a Zombie.

Chemical lobotomies, internet censorship, control of media, banking, control of congress and crawling all over the government, continues cyclical roiling the economy. Can you call this freedom?

In the 60's Jews went all over the nation giving lobotomies, cutting portions of the brain out. Go read when the Jews came in and developed the mental health system of control. One of the founders books from the 1930's is shocking what she wrote, they enslaved millions of Americans and tortured them, people were sent to Jew mind prison, and all their wealth was stolen.

Are these the good people the Zionist Christians tell us they are? The Christian church has lost so many people, because people are questioning their reality. It's too late to question our reality, this nation is going to fight more wars for Israel, and McMaster who was questioned on his loyalty to Israel is being terminated for an extremist Zionist replacement. The entire administration is going full Zionist.

Doesn't all this seem weird? Not if we're going to fight more wars for Israel. But this will be bigger than an America against a small weaker nation, it's going to be big enough to remove the Yoke of Zionism and they know it, so they must have a massive war for a distraction and kill off to maintain control of America.

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The United States of America for which it stands one nation under Satan, killed the German Jews. There were 300,000 German Jews in the German army, the top generals were German Jews. The engineers and scientist were Germany Jews.

After WWII, the US Army starved over 2 million German kids and old men to death. Among them were the last of the German Jews.

The bombings, the war and in the end, the last German Jews were among the 2 million.

If anyone cares go read, the Germans were removing illegals from their country from Eastern Europe and Russia. They called them the Khazars.

Who told me this and I had to do the research because it shocked me? A real Israelite.

I tracked down real Israelites. They even told me, these people calling themselves Jews are the Khazars. When you pop your belief system, one drives with hunger for knowledge to find more data. I've tracked the Khazars from India after the last ice age, to the Khazar empire. I found books, old books calling themselves the Khazars.

And then I found another Israelite, he told me they controlled the Silk Road from Khazaria to China, it was a key mountain pass, and this was the trade between China and Europe. By the time I finished I had a new view of our reality.

A note, go find out about Einstein, his letters to his daughter, released twenty years after her death. Einstein wrote Hilbert, he wrote back, you're way off, come to my classroom. It was on the board, Einstein wrote the main point of relativity. Then went to the German patent office, people wondered why Hilbert didn't fight it, because he had another of his equations stole and was exhausted from fighting that stolen equation and let it go, that's what people speculated.

Go read it, many people after reading it came to the same conclusion. Now every excuse in the world is being used to cover it up.

There was activity on the web saying the same thing after reading the book, now the book can't be found and the new belief system is to make the letters look insignificant.

It was in 2006 I read the book outlining the letters, it was three to four years before people who read the book started seeing what I saw. He stole it, and that has been covered up. I had to read it three times.

The book, I can't find reference to it anywhere, and I've been looking.

It's like a MATRIX with these Khazar Gypsies, but at least Hilbert is getting some recognition which there was absolutely none before, and Einstein didn't work on the atomic bomb which he is credited with.

All over the campuses of America, there are many lurking to steal your ideas, now it's Chinese. They steal the idea, go back to China and say it's their idea.  Same thing happened with Hilbert and it's amazing the book has disappeared and it was written by Jew who made the mistake of writing directly from Einstein' daughters letters.

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Be careful, He's a very powerful CIA agent, the most powerful ever...


"I am an MK ULTRA mind warfare weapon, I was designed by Central Intelligence from 1963  to 1969, I am the most deadly, the most lethal weapon ever devised in the history of mankind. I proved it too many times all over the world.

"And I am not afraid, I am praying for a nuclear war to kill off Russia and China and kill off around 200 million Americans. That's what I want, how about you?"

"To be totally accurate and in your face, I am a CIA killing machine. A programmed weapon. If you know what MK ULTRA means, then you would be able to understand a little."

"Once I caused the death of over 3 million people. They starved to death."

"I am not an experiment, I am an operational model."

"I have a CIA modified brain for mind warfare and was trained in a technology, that I didn't want to say because it's CIA proprietary technology."

He's either a CIA spook, as he claims, shilling for the MIC, or a fantastically bombastic liar.  Either way, don't poke the bear.

; )

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Which leads to the obvious question of where the fuck is that election report alluded too last month? It was supposed to come out in early march, crickets.

I'm starting to get disillusioned over this whole idea that Trump is going to lower the boom on these assholes that have corrupted our gov't election system.

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