The Race to Repatriate Gold Reserves Accelerates

The Race to Repatriate Gold Reserves Accelerates

Written by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money News



For years, a trend has developed that, much to the dismay of global financial elites, has taken hold and will only accelerate from this point on.

The trend I speak of is none other than the global repatriation of gold reserves from Western powers such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Since the end of World War 2, both have been the main depositories of gold reserves for countries around the world.

This was once driven out of necessity. These two locations were considered the safest places in the world to keep hard money assets after many countries found their reserves ransacked and their countryside ravaged by war.

Fast forward to today. People are scratching their heads, wondering why they are keeping their hard money in far-off lands, protected by countries they are increasingly disconnected with, who are irresponsible in their daily financial lives, running up massive deficits and exploding debt levels.

Just this week, Hungary joined the growing list of countries who have demanded their physical gold reserves returned to them, perhaps sensing the global tide of unrest.

Deciding to bring back 100,000 ounces—or 3 tons of the yellow metal—they join the ranks of other countries that have recently made this decision. Countries such as Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

For years I have written about each of these repatriations, and for years I have stated that more and more countries would make the wise decision to try and get back as much of their gold as possible, before they are left empty handed.

Austria demanded 15 tons of gold and indicated they plan on bringing home much more. Germanyshocked the world by announcing a long-term plan to bring back the majority of its foreign-held gold deposits from the United States and France, while the Netherlands repatriated 120 tons, as well.

Sooner or later, any country that is smart and has gold held in foreign locations will wise up to this trend and demand to have their gold returned to them as well, to help protect their people in the coming financial turmoils that are sure to arise in the future.

As we know, gold reserves from the United States and London have been rehypothecated over and over again. This means that if there is a run on the price of gold, the price will explode higher as central banks are forced to go to the open market to recoup their physical gold reserves.

In the end, countries who continue to wear blinders and choose to avoid the growing problems around us are going to be hung out to dry, their gold reserves possibly lost for all time.

The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the gold.



The Race to Repatriate Gold Reserves Accelerates

Written by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money News


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Truth Eater Fri, 03/16/2018 - 08:13 Permalink

The first clue will be when those fine, secure, shiny banks tell you you cannot have it all at once.  It will take years for us to "process" it back to you.

Scrot Fri, 03/16/2018 - 09:18 Permalink

"And that's why you should call 1-800- BUY GOLD!" All these articles sound like commercials-- written by people who sell gold.

U. Sinclair Scrot Fri, 03/16/2018 - 09:57 Permalink

"The latest indication of just how far “down the rabbit hole” the financial world has gone comes from Japan where it was announced that the Bank of Japan bought 75% of Japanese Government Debt issuance in FY17."

As long as you read these kind of stories, owning some gold and silver maybe not such a bad idea after all?

In reply to by Scrot

ATM U. Sinclair Sat, 03/17/2018 - 10:26 Permalink

Only if you understand what that actually means. Unfortunately far too many people just shrug their shoulders and think "doesn't affect me. The price of my Starbucks is the same today as yesterday so who really gives a shit."

Those unwashed masses will be the ones roaming the streets, stealing, rioting, and begging and ultimately dying.

In reply to by U. Sinclair

MK ULTRA Alpha UmbilicalMosqu… Fri, 03/16/2018 - 14:54 Permalink

We need to know if the over 8000 metric tons of Gold the US says it has, is real, or did the Khazar Gypsies Jews steal that too.

The reason we can't audit the  Fed is because the fake Jews stole it. That's the real reason, not just the give aways to Khazar Gypsies controlled Fed to Jew owned banks, media and foreign banks after the the same Jews caused the 2008 US financial system meltdown and the rip off of millions of people's homes and businesses.

It was call TARP, a bank robbery caused by the Jews. And no one went to prison for it, why? because they're the fake Jews.

Over 17% of the American people are on Jew mind dope, it's proven to cause a loss of brain tissue. This lowers the IQ. The 17% number is growing, that's 55 million Americans on mind dope. Each and every mass shooter has had their brains damaged, but not one word or examination of this issue.

Soon half the American people will be Zombies.

It's another form of mind control to be poisoned by the Khazar Gypsies.

We'll soon see another bleeding of the American people when the stock markets are crashed again and again, bleeding us kosher.

And don't forget the food in America is taxed with the Jew tax. It's in the billions. It's an extortion racket which is never reported on Zionist controlled media.

Go look at the cans and other products, it's a circle with U or K. This pays for Jewish political operations in congress and it's sent to Israel to build and maintain a huge complex of religious indoctrination.(they even have a web site telling you how good the fake Jew food tax is, it's in the billions and growing)

JINSA uses their portion of the money, it's used to send West Point cadets to Israel for indoctrination. That's a fact.

Now we have a US Army base in Israel, and there are 2500 US Army soldiers in Israel.

There is no America, it's in your mind.

"Whoa be the generation who forgets about the ancient snake people"

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ToSoft4Truth Fri, 03/16/2018 - 10:06 Permalink

European 'leaders' are either Muslim or Muslim sympathizers.  Muslims are calling back the European gold.  Muslims are in the process of sacking Berlin and all the European cities. 

Soon the Muslims will hold their "Kristallnacht".

HenryHall Fri, 03/16/2018 - 11:01 Permalink

>> As we know, gold reserves from the United States and London have been rehypothecated over and over again.

Not London. London will allow any nation to inspect and audit its gold. They just have to give notice and pay a relatively small fee for the security processing and worker overtime.

Sun Rabbit HenryHall Sat, 03/17/2018 - 04:01 Permalink

Gold hypothecation is technically a crime but banks get away with this shit every day. It is exactly the same as me renting a house, and then somehow being able to use that house as collateral on a mortgage for another house. Then, on top of that, taking out an insurance policy on the place and burning it down as soon as I vacate the premises the next day.

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Conax Fri, 03/16/2018 - 12:22 Permalink

I mentioned I bought a little silver last week. I was informed it would be two weeks from the time the payment cleared until this well known Floriduh dealer could ship.  It finally did go out yesterday.

The silver was "in stock" in their own vault, yet somehow it took two weeks to put it in a box and address it to me.

I think they were scrambling to fill this small order.  If that's the case, we may just have them, boys.  I hope I live to see it, the "Big Badda Boom".

Sun Rabbit Conax Sat, 03/17/2018 - 04:14 Permalink

The logic here is that if Silver goes up or stays the same in 2 weeks, the dealer ships you what he has in stock. But if the price goes down in 2 weeks he'd buy the cheaper Silver and ship you that batch. I've had that happen to me as well, BTW. The way I've been able to get Silver below spot is buying small lots of junk Silver and by junk I mean total crap where the only value is the material itself. That way the coin collectors get turned off and you have very few people bidding against you.

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Sun Rabbit Food Loaf Junkie Sat, 03/17/2018 - 10:57 Permalink

"Useless fiat" You got that right. All fiat is useless and in a couple of years the Euro will be wallpaper. With Germany's repatriation of all its Gold, that actually means that they intend to print up 10x that amount in fiat because the Euro is 10% Gold-backed (allegedly). This, plus the fact that other countries are looking at their own Brexits means that any perceived stability of the fake Euro currency is out the window. Sure, 10% backed by Gold, but what about the other 90%? The other 90% is backed by junk bonds that the German Bundesbank bought in places like Greece and Portugal, countries that Germany criticises for their alleged mismanagement when in fact, Germany is so broke they didn't have the 15 billion to fork over for Deutsche Bank's fines incurred in the USA. Germany, a country that handed over 3 billion to Turkey to house all the refugees and when Erdogan upped the ante to 6 billion, only paid it when he "released the hounds" in 2015. Germany, a country that blindly handed Greece and Italy 4 billion each to secure the outer border of the Schengen Zone and who instead took that money and used it to make interest payments to Goldmann Sachs.

The huge advantage that metals like Gold, Silver, and copper have is that they have no board of directors or corrupt politicians that can devalue them. Sure, you got manipulation of paper metals on the major exchanges, but that's only because the elites are using that mechanism to artificially keep down the value of these metals so that they themselves can buy more physical metals for themselves. Because they know their true value.

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Sun Rabbit Casey Jones Sun, 03/18/2018 - 03:44 Permalink

I've used every available source myself because being self-employed means that my discretionary income fluctuates wildly and unpredictably. I use big dealers like Silvertowne when I have a lot of extra money and small brick-and-mortar coin shops, flea markets, and online auctions when I don't. The best brick-and-mortar stores are antique dealers who don't sell much in the way of coins. Also pawnshops (some).

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bluskyes Conax Sat, 03/17/2018 - 16:28 Permalink

I had this same problem the last couple of times I placed an order. I never had problems with the dealer before - been using them for 6+ years

Place an order, and they take extra time to clear the payment - even though it is electronic payment. Then the max time between payment, and shipping is reached. Then i get a message stating there is a problem acquiring the product.

Foreboding tremors.

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Davidduke2000 Sat, 03/17/2018 - 09:43 Permalink

the us has zero gold reserves and cannot return the gold to the countries are are asking for their gold back, the funny part is the us had the gold for safekeeping. lol

it's like giving the crook your money for safekeeping.