One Artist's Impression Of The Fall Of Hillary

Hillary Clinton had another embarrassing tumble in India while on her endless book tour...

Newsweek reports that Hillary “was staying at Umaid Bhawan Palace, the one-time residence of the former royal family of Jodhpur, when she slipped in the bath, DNA India reported.” Clinton reportedly had a hairline fracture on her wrist.

This would be at least Clinton’s second fall while abroad. She slipped on stairs while in India this week, needing the assistance of two men to walk down a flight of stairs.

As The Daily Caller notes, Hillary has a long history of falling down and having issues standing up in general.

In the 2016 campaign, she slipped on a flight of stairs in South Carolina.

She also infamously collapsed during a 9/11 memorial during the 2016 campaign.

GrrrGraphics' Ben Garrison visualizes Hillary's long list of 'falls'...

If you’re a member of the Deep State, you have a lifetime stay out of jail free card. You may commit any crime you like - steal from Haitians, murder witnesses, lie to Congress about classified information, accept ‘pay for play’ money while secretary of state, allow people to be murdered in Libya, be involved in child trafficking, or even rig an election - and no harm will ever come to you. Hillary always gets away with it.

...If Hillary continues to skate, then we’ll know for sure who still runs the show: The Deep State and the Shadow Government, otherwise known as “The Swamp.”

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Here is a slightly more comprehensive listing:


The Clinton Crime List

  • Lying Under Oath as President - 2 times
    Lying Under Oath as Governor - 5 times
    Lying Under Oath as Attorney General
    Lying Under Oath in a Deposition
    Lying Under Oath to a Grand Jury
    Lying Under Oath as a Lawyer
    Abuse of Power
    Obstruction of Justice
    Bribe Solicitation
    Taking Bribes
    Bribery of Cabinent Members
    Bribery of State Officials
    Commercial Bribery
    Commercial Bribery Recieving
    Illegal Gift-Taking
    Falsifying Business Records
    Misapplication of Property
    Criminal Use of a Computer
    Misuse of Franking Privelege
    Recieving Dual Compensation
    Recieving Unlawful Gratuities
    Malfeasance of Office
    Subornation of Perjury
    Perjury by Inconsistent Statements
    Criminal Trespass
    Witness Intimidation
    Witness Tampering
    Jury Tampering
    Tampering With Physical Evidence
    Tampering With Public Records
    Ethics Violations
    Intentional Interference in the Administration of Justice
    Refusing to Assist a Judicial Officer
    Hindering Prosecution in the First Degree
    Hindering Prosecution in the Second Degree
    Unlawful Contact in the First Degree
    Civil Contempt of Court
    Criminal Contempt of Court
    Contempt of Congress
    Contempt of the American People
    False Information or Report
    False Accusation
    False Testimony
    Factually False Testimony
    False Swearing
    Unsworn Falsification
    Misappropriating Funds
    Marital Misconduct
    Serious Misconduct
    Professional Misconduct
    Official Misconduct
    Notorious Misconduct
    Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance
    Obstruction of the Judicial Process
    Misuse of Confidential Information
    Interference With Official Proceedings
    Grand Larceny
    Cruelty to Animals
    Obstruction of Highways
    Substance Abuse
    Evidence Suppression
    Illegal Foriegn Campaign Funding
    Aiding and Abetting Espionage
    Aiding and Abetting Foriegn Dictators
    Aiding and Abetting Arsonists
    Aiding and Abetting a Known Felon
    Aiding and Abetting Terrorists and Terrorist Organizations
    Terroristic Threatening
    Providing Material Support to Terrorists
    Engaging in Transactions with Terrorists
    Improper Exports of Sensitve Technology
    Attempted Intimidation of Prosecutors
    Failure to Declare Income
    Failure to Investigate Drug Trafficking
    Scheme to Defraud
    Real Estate Fraud
    Voter Fraud
    Mail Fraud
    Wire Fraud
    Interstate Transportation to Defraud
    Destruction of Business Records with Intent to Defraud
    Criminalizing Frauds on Financial Institutions
    Use of State Police for Personal Purposes
    Illegal Loan Extraction
    False Reports by Medical Examiners and Others Investigating Suspicious Deaths
    Improper Futures Trading
    Illegal Use of the Executive Branch
    Character Defamation
    Destruction of Evidence
    Political Espionage
    Money Laundering
    Criminal Negligence
    Possesion of False Papers
    False Acknowledgment
    False Declaration Before a Court
    Wrongful Handling of Public Documents
    Concealing or Covering Up of Material Fact
    Misprison of Felony
    Criminal Deception
    Disclosure of Confidential Information
    Failure to Account for Public Money
    Recieving or Concealing Stolen Goverment Property
    Failure to Deposit Federal Monies
    Wrongful Solicitation of Embezzlement or Gifts
    Use of a Public Building to Solicit Political Funds
    Accepting Fee for Federal Employment
    Offering to Procure an Appointive Public Office
    Taking Illegal Kickbacks
    Investing Racketeering Income
    RICO Conspiracy
    Conspiracy to Conceal
    Conspiracy to Murder
    Conspiracy to Engage in Racketeering
    Conspiracy to Defraud the Federal Government
    Wrongful Destruction of War Records
    Malicious Injury to Property
    Acquiring an Enterprise Through Racketeering
    Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property
    Offering Gratuities or Graft to a Public Official
    Soliciting or Accepting Illegal Gratuities
    Offering Gratuities to a Witness
    Seeking or Accepting Illegal Compensation
    Influencing or Injuring Officers, Jurors or Witnesses
    Obstructing Agency Proceedings
    Obstructing Criminal Investigations
    Threatening Victims, Witnesses or Informants
    Harassing Victims, Witnesses or Informants
    Retaliating Against Victims, Witnesses or Informants
    Falsely Making or Forging a Public Record
    Falsely Making or Forging a Document
    Uttering or Publishing a False Public Record
    Transmitting a False Record to the United States
    Misuse of Government Files
    Desecration of Federal Ethics Laws
    Judicial Intimidation
    Conflict of Interests
    Illegal Campaign Activity
    Misuse of Corporate Assets
    Ordering Politically Motivated Audits
    Ordering Politically Motivated Investigations
    Timing of War Influenced by Political Considerations
    Foreign Influence Peddling
    Regular Influence Peddling
    Providing False and Misleading Testimony
    Misapplying Funds
    Criminal Violation of the Privacy Act
    Evisceration of the Right to Habeas Corpus
    Misuse of Taxpayer Funds
    Interfering with a Court Order
    Theft of Government Property
    Abuse of Taxpayer Financed Travel
    Anti-American Espionage
    Jeopardizing National Security
    Aiding and Abetting Drug Traffic
    Aiding and Abetting Organized Crime
    Aiding and Abetting Terrorism
    Murder by Accessory by Witness Tampering
    Murder by Accessory by Forgery
    Solicitation to commit murder by accessory
    Accessory to Multiple Deaths
    Accessory to Murder in the Second Degree
    Accessory to Aggravated Murder
    Accessory to Felony Murder
    Accessory to Criminal Libel
    Accessory to Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution
    Accessory to Arson
    Accessory to Criminal Negligent Burning
    Accessories After the Fact
    Accessory to Abduction
    Accessory to Causing Mental Harm to a Child
    Custodial Interference in the First Degree
    Child Endangerment
    Cruelty to Persons
    Sexual Harassment
    Indecent Exposure in the Second Degree
    Indecent Assault
    Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
    Malicious Wounding
    False Imprisonment
    Sexual Abuse of Employees
    Lewd and Lascivious Conduct
    Exchange of Promotions or Benefits for Sexual Favors
    First Degree Sexual Assault
    Second Degree Sexual Assault
    Third Degree Sexual Assault
    Fourth Degree Sexual Assault
    Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
    Statutory Rape
    Sexual Battery
    Intent to Rape
    Suspicion of Rape
    Forcible Rape
    Oral Copulation
    Misdemeanor Sexual Assault
    Sexual Misconduct in the First Degree
    Criminal Sexual Conduct by Force and Coercion
    Unlawful Sexual Contact
    Unlawful Sexual Activity with a Minor
    Consensual Digital Penetration
    Lewd Proposal
    Sexual Battery
    Penetration by a Foriegn Object
    Failure to Register as a Sexual Offender
    Deriliction of Duty
    Corrupting Public Discourse
    Contributing to the Delinquincy of a Minor
    Unfit to hold a law license
    Conduct Unbecoming a President
    Impersonating a Public Servant
    Squandering the Public Trust

(230 crimes - so far) (This is a partial list)

However, the master site is here:


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I can't even stand to watch baboons at the zoo, no way I want to see what happens if you put those rascals in a cage together. 

But what if we added Comey, McCage, Strozk, and his  mistress, "horse face" Kneeeigh! plus as an added bonus Spawn of Hubble, Chelsea...

A case of liquor and a jumbo bottle of viagra and just one mattress in a cell with 24/7 pay per view.

 i think we may have a solution to the national debt.

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