"Total Witch Hunt" - Trump Slams Mueller's Bias As Probe Pivots To Obstruction

Update: After going one whole day without tweeting (an increasingly rare phenomenon), President Donald Trump broke his silence to exhort his followers to check out Sean Hannity on Fox and Friends...

...Unsurprisingly, Hannity appeared on Trump's favorite show to argue that the only evidence of collusion was between Hillary Clinton and the US.

Then, implicitly bashing the Mueller probe once again, Trump tweeted that the investigation is a "WITCH HUNT" fraught with "conflicts of interest."

Which followed his very pointed tweet over the weekend...

* * *

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump and his allies have stepped up their pressure on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, with Trump's top lawyer telling reporters that the probe should be ended, and Trump tweeting that the probe "should never have been started" - eliciting an outraged response from Trump's political opponents, including the New York Times.

Notably, Trump's attacks followed reports former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe met with Robert Mueller and turned over memos he took regarding his interactions with the president. Later, reports said Mueller was chiefly concerned with McCabe's account of Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey.


And on Monday, in the latest indication that Mueller's probe into Russia-Trump collusion is now fixated on determining whether the president obstructed justice by firing his FBI director, Axios reported that, in recent days, Mueller's conversations with Trump's legal team have primarily focused on Trump's conduct since taking office - the latest suggestion that Mueller is planning some action pertaining to obstruction.

At least so far, the top two topics that Mueller has expressed interest in are the firings of Comey and national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Why does this matter? Axios explains that this suggests Mueller is zeroing in on obstruction - since it's the only lead being investigated that occurred after Trump took office. Trump famously admitted that he fired Comey because of the Russia probe - though that remark was immediately walked back.

The subject of Mueller's questions is of paramount importance right now because the special counsel's office is presently negotiating with Trump's lawyers over the parameters for a possible presidential interview. As we've pointed out, one avenue being explored by Trump's lawyers is whether Mueller would accept written answers - similar to the arrangement worked out for Ronald Reagan during the Iran-Contra investigation.



Given the sensitivity of the talks, the White House attorney Ty Cobb issued a conciliatory statement Sunday night, emphasizing that Trump isn't debating whether to fire Mueller.

"In response to media speculation and related questions being posed to the Administration, the White House yet again confirms that the President is not considering or discussing the firing of the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller."

Since the Russia collusion narrative petered out a long time ago, Mueller's team has reportedly pivoted to examining Trump's firing of Comey and whether it was tantamount to obstruction of justice (Comey himself has said under oath that he didn't believe it rose to that level), as well as the Trump family's business ties, including Trump's push to build a Trump Tower Moscow.



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After finally firing Andrew McCabe, Jeff Sessions has to fire… Jeff Sessions.

A self-recused Attorney General is as useful as a mute midget delivering a Sing-O-Gram.   ;-)


NoDebt cheka Mon, 03/19/2018 - 09:26 Permalink

Mueller HAS TO come up with charges for SOMETHING so that the D's can have an excuse for a meaningless impeachment, should they win back the House in November.

True or not it won't matter.  They will impeach if they gain the House.  Good luck convicting in the Senate, though.

This is getting fucking tedious.


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1. Mueller's appointment was illegal

2. He can't indict the president (though he will try anyway since the law obviously doesn't matter anymore)

3. The whole investigation is a joke and seditious

4. I'm afraid Trump will pull out all the stops and use the military in a massive purge of these people, which may be exactly what they're shooting for.

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The sleepers are awakening...



Public Troubled by ‘Deep State’

Monday, March 19, 2018

Bi-partisan concern that government is tracking U.S. citizens

West Long Branch, NJ – A majority of the American public believe that the U.S. government engages in widespread monitoring of its own citizens and worry that the U.S. government could be invading their own privacy. The Monmouth University Poll also finds a large bipartisan majority who feel that national policy is being manipulated or directed by a “Deep State” of unelected government officials. Americans of color on the center and left and NRA members on the right are among those most worried about the reach of government prying into average citizens’ lives.

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in recent days, Mueller's conversations with Trump's legal team have primarily focused on Trump's conduct since taking office - the latest suggestion that Mueller is planning some action pertaining to obstruction.


If Trump committed no crime before he entered office then he did not collude with the Russians in order to win the election and therefore the Trump-Russia collusion investigation was a witch hunt, Comey deserved to be fired and there was no obstruction of justice.

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Of course it's fake .

Like the "Russian spy gassing" in Britain (fake story supported by the Donald) and Mr. Assad "gassing his own people" (fake story supported by the Donald)

I sympathize with the Donald for being fraudulently accused ,but I  would definitely have more sympathy for him if he wasn't a fake and hypocrite himself.

You can down vote me ,I don't care. Try to refute what I said.

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Trump needs to grow some Balls and fire these fuckers. He is the top Honcho in the country and needs to act like it. If they think they can impeach him, fucking let them do it.

Get some fucking Balls and fire these people, put some people in jail. Stop whining.

Ivanka has bigger Balls than Trump.

My Country is being run by Fucking Idiots.

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Its the "find something [ ANYTHING ] on Trump" investigation. If its not collusion, its obstruction, if its not obstruction its something else. Rosenstein needs to be fired, a new AG has to set parameters on the investigation, its cant be an investigation on "whatever we can find" anymore.

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It's an easy deal when there were no directives of investigation and limits on the "Special Counsel".

That's exactly why it's a witch hunt- they can go anywhere they want- as far back as they want!!

Fire Mueller- let the chips fall where they may, and if Rossenstein speaks out- fire his ass too- and put a muzzle on Big Mouth/ Do Nothing Gowdy.

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He has kicked your useless cocksucking asses at every single turn. You must surely be a glutton for punishment to keep showing up here and displaying your stupidity for the world to see over and over and over again. Have you no shame? How much do you love humiliation? Is there no depth of depravity that is too low for you?

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Mueller - IT APPEARS - has become the very law bender/breaker/corrupt figure he fought his entire life to convict.


How he looks in the mirror and does not see it is a problem.  he's throwing his entire career - and that of every hard working, legit FBI agent and alum - under the bus so as to soothe his hatred of trump. (and cover up something greater??)


Now, IF there is collusion, fine....i will correct my post.   but it's been upwards of two years as the top investigation at the top investigative unit in the history of the world.....and nothing.   

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