Top US General Says American Troops Should Be Ready To Die For Israel

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same..." This is the oath of enlistment that every American military service member or federal employee takes upon entry into government service (with slight variation for commissioned officers).

With the largest joint U.S.-Israeli air defense exercise ever conducted having recently concluded, which involved over 2,500 American service personnel, and in the midst of heightened Israeli involvement in the Syrian war, we find ourselves asking...

Are US troops ready to fight and to die for America’s Israel's defense? ...We think not, but there are US generals out there enthusiastically promoting the idea.

Brig.-Gen Zvika Haimovitch, the head of the IDF's Aerial Defense Division and US Air Force 3rd AF Commander Lt. Gen. Richard Clark. Image source: Jerusalem Post.

Earlier this month, in the midst of the 9th annual 12-day massive joint exercise named "Juniper Cobra" which was hailed in Israeli media as the largest of its kind, simulating a "battle on three fronts" (namely, Syria-Lebanon-Gaza Strip) US Third Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Richard Clark spelled out just such a scenario wherein US troops could be asked to fight and to die for defense of America Israel - even to the point of being placed under Israeli commanders responsible for battlefield decision making. 

While major joint military exercises involving significant troop deployments are nothing new for the US and its allies (Juniper Cobra itself has been conducted annually for nearly a decade), Lt. Gen. Clark's words to Israeli media are truly precedent setting and shocking, especially as he is among the highest ranking military officers in the US armed forces.

It is well worth reading the alarming scenario Gen. Clark laid out while speaking to the Jerusalem Post in its entirety:

“The United States and Israel enjoy a strong and enduring military-to-military partnership built on a trust that has been developed over decades of cooperation,” said USAF Third Air Force commander Lt.-Gen. Richard Clark, who also serves as the commander for the deploying Joint Task Force – Israel.

“The Juniper Cobra exercises continue to strengthen this relationship, providing us with the opportunity to bolster interoperability and develop seamless integration with our Israeli partners.”

According to Clark, the US and Israeli troops will work side-by-side under each other’s relevant chain of command.

But this is where Clark pushes far across the normative "military-to-military partnership" characteristic of joint drills with other allied nations. He says that US troops should be prepared to die for the Jewish State:

“As far as decision-making, it is a partnership,” he continued, stressing nonetheless that “at the end of the day it is about the protection of Israel – and if there is a question in regards to how we will operate, the last vote will probably go to Zvika [Brig.-Gen. Zvika Haimovitch, head of the IDF's Aerial Defense Division].”

Washington and Israel have signed an agreement which would see the US come to assist Israel with missile defense in times of war and, according to [Israeli commander] Haimovitch, "I am sure once the order comes we will find here US troops on the ground to be part of our deployment team to defend the State of Israel."

And those US troops who would be deployed to Israel, are prepared to die for the Jewish state, Clark said. "We are ready to commit to the defense of Israel anytime we get involved in a kinetic fight there is always the risk that there will be casualties. But we accept that - as every conflict we train for and enter, there is always that possibility," he said.

And it appears that both military leaders are in agreement on this point - that they are ready and willing to put US troops in harm's way in pursuit of Israeli defense policy.

Disturbingly, Clark acknowledges willingness for life-and-death battlefield decisions impacting American soldiers to be placed in the hands of the Israeli chain of command in saying: "if there is a question in regards to how we will operate, the last vote will probably go to [Israeli General] Zvika."

While in more stable times in the Middle East, Clark's words might possibly be dismissed as hyperbole and misplaced enthusiasm for "the mission" - his words come as Israel is already actively involved on two fronts: Gaza and Syria. And according to many analysts and reports, including one recently leaked internal Israeli defense memo, Israel is ramping up for devastating engagement along a third front as Tel Aviv continues to view Lebanese Hezbollah to its north as the prime threat to Israeli security.

Should broader war break out between Israel, Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria, will US troops who find themselves working closely with the IDF be forced to obey the commands of Israeli generals, even to the point of death? We can't find anything in the oath of enlistment or the Constitution [federal statute in 10 U.S.C. 502, and based in Article VI of the Constitution] that requires US citizens or soldiers to defend and fight for a foreign nation.


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and that is what Trump was designed to bring

did you really think you were getting someone else besides

a Zionist

MIC puppet


Wall Street Bankster shill


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Does the American officer have any children?

If so let his children lead by example.

It's never too soon to get them ready for another nation's military service --  so let him dress them up and send them to the IDF post haste.

If he does not have any then he and his wife can dress up in matching combat uniforms and report to Tel Aviv for instructions.

This country is so done.

In about 100 years we will be unrecognizable, split up into several hostile nations inhabited by insane, violent snowflakes all fighting over welfare checks and speech codes.



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But, but, according to Ronald Trump, (campaign speech), it was Muslims who were dancing!

Now that you know who he really is (besides being one of Netanyajoo's best friends), don't ya just wanna give the retard a Brownie Button?

Oh yeah, he tells Putin today over the phone, "You wanta Arms Race?"
(like some child who's into drag racing).
"Well, I'm gonna win it!"

WTF? Exactly who is this lying retard we elected into the Presidency anyway?

Ann Coulter is right: You can't even trust him as far as you can throw him.

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Let Lt General Clark lead by example and be the first casualty.

What is the secret of Israel starting so many conflicts?

Listen to Bibi: "The secret is we have America"

History does rhyme:

History of Jewish Influence:

Ashkenazis from Khazaria (History by Gaylon Ross)

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The jew supremacists gave us jew warI & jew warII and over 536,000 American lives were lost, families devastated and the jews said " we had a good day"

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The jew supremacists are the Enemy of the world-Period

They want your money, your guns, your constitutional rights, your kids & your souls, and they will stop at nothing to get it ALL.

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These supremacists have deceived the world long enough! The time is ripe for their exposure to be made public:

Auschwitz gas chambers exposed:

The Rudolf Report:

Auschwitz Aerial photos, tampered with to fit the fake story

Altered Aerial Photos

Air Photo Evidence

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Can some you do me a favor? see youtube: Go to the 35:41 mark on progress bar of clip. When you watch, look just left of center and you will see a woman walking towards the camera, focus on her during the clip. Now ask yourself a question. Why is she not in the so called gas chamber? I hope I can get some input to the validity of these 6 seconds

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True. (falsely demonized as the 'devil himself') Hitler's Germany had already won WWII against Britain - in fact he refused to slaughter the British soldiers at Dunkirk and gave them time to run away, and Hitler made a peace offer to alcoholic Churchill (American Jewish mother) "Let's call it quits, and Germany will ask nothing, no reparations nor alteration to the national boundaries."

At that point the international Jews prolonged the war by offering to help Britain to win the war by bringing America into the war - for favors, prolonging the killing of Christian ethnic-European against Christian ethnic-European. Americans are just expendable cannon fodder to the pschopathic Rockerchild international robber barons' - that includes British/Dutch Royalty who are well interbred with Jewry.

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The only good news is that US generals are losers. After the WWII, they have not won any single war except in Granada.

Historically, when arm forces lose a war, the domestic stability starts to disintegrate. The post-Vietnam era is a good example.

Trump is a fraud and disgrace. His real occupation is NY slumlord. He is deliberately controversial to hide his real nature and agenda.  The funniest thing is that he really expect to be a US President for another 6.5 years.

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Radical Zionist IAC...dream come true...Follow Yellow Brick Road with Sheldon Adelson...Jerusal e=m©²...

Some Jewish community leaders ascribe less altruistic motives to the Las Vegas tycoon. Like many others in the American Jewish right, they say, Adelson is unhappy with AIPACs performance in recent years, especially its perceived failure in scuttling the Iran nuclear deal. According to press reports, Adelson has confronted AIPAC in the past over its support for a two-state solution and opposition to cutting off American funding of the Palestinian Authority. There are voices now in the conservative right that are calling for a reassessment of AIPACs insistence on bipartisanship, which often dilutes its message as well as its effectiveness, they claim. A much wiser investment would be in the Israel-supporting Republicans alone.

A group such as IAC could provide a platform that would threaten or even replace AIPAC in the future: that could be one explanation why the hall in which the group held its conference seemed like a miniature copy of an AIPAC venue. Theoretically, with Adelsons clout in both the GOP and the Israeli-American community, he could turn the IAC into a dual-purpose vehicle: concurrently with his significant philanthropic contribution to the welfare of Israels expat community, to which his wife Miriam belongs, he would also have at his disposal a well-oiled and well-funded lobby to do his distinct political bidding.

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I had a blackn captain for part of my time in the army.  That guy was one dumb motherfucker. 

I am certain that he did not complete college on the merit of his academic performance. 

I wonder how far he made it. I remember some guys said that guy like him would probably get a hand granade thrown into his tent at night.  Honestly,  it would not had been necessary.  He would have gotten himself killed by his own stupidity. 

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