Trump's Lawyers Hand Over Documents To Limit Scope Of Mueller Interview

Barely a day after President Trump outraged his political opponents by calling out Special Counsel Robert Mueller by name in a series of angry tweets, the Washington Post is reporting that the president's legal team has provided written descriptions of certain key moments to the Mueller probe as they push to limit the scope of a presidential interview, should they agree to one.

According to the report, Trump has reportedly told aides that he's "champing at the bit" to sit for an interview. But his lawyers, who are carefully negotiating terms, have sought to restrain the president, worried he might inadvertently perjure himself or - worse - accidentally walk into a perjury trap.

Given the time-sensitive nature of the investigation (Trump and his allies would like it to end as swiftly as possible) Trump on Monday added storied Washington lawyer Joseph diGenova, the husband of former Reagan Justice Department official and former Senate Intelligence Committee chief counsel Victoria Toensing, to his legal team.


While neither the special counsel nor the White House would comment on the report, lead attorney John Dowd said last week that the back-and-forth with Mueller had been "helpful."

John Dowd, an attorney for the president, declined to comment on any records provided to the special counsel.

“We have very constructive, productive communications with the special counsel and his colleagues,” he said in an interview Friday.

“We’re blessed to have them,” Dowd said of the conversations with Mueller’s team. “I think it’s helpful to them and of course I think it’s very helpful to us.”

Written materials turned over include summaries of internal memos and correspondence between the president and senior officials. Lawyers with the special counsel's office have said their questions fall into two separate categories:

The written materials provided to Mueller’s office include summaries of internal White House memos and contemporaneous correspondence about events Mueller is investigating, including the ousters of national security adviser Michael Flynn and FBI Director James B. Comey. The documents describe the White House players involved and the president’s actions.

Special counsel investigators have told Trump’s lawyers that their main questions about the president fall into two simple categories, the two people said: “What did he do?” and “What was he thinking when he did it?”

Trump’s lawyers expect Mueller’s team to ask whether Trump knew about Flynn’s communications with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the presidential transition, for example, and what instructions, if any, the president gave Flynn about the contact, according to two advisers.

Trump said in February that he fired Flynn because he had misled Vice President Pence about his contact with Kislyak. He said he fired Comey because he had mishandled an investigation of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The records do not include Trump’s personal version of events but provide a narrative of the White House view, the people said. Trump’s lawyers hope the evidence eliminates the need to ask the president about some episodes.

In recent weeks, there have been conflicting reports about the Mueller probe, with some suggesting that it could wind down over the coming weeks and months, while others hinted at a longer time frame.

However, these reports have largely omitted one crucial detail: The timeline of the probe largely depends on Trump.


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Paid Troll

It's amazing all of the places Soro's $$$ trickles down to. Hundreds of "organizations"

Any Democratic Republic will allow enemies that seek to undermine it and destroy it operate openly, up to a point.


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These guys are like those stalwarts who refused to change their TVs from analog to digital. "Nothing wrong with my old set". Truly, they are dyed in the wool socialists with a shallow understanding of property rights. Chicken and egg scenario: they believe that the State came first, you are just subservient to it, as long as they are in charge that is because they are all blessed with superiority. They're better than you.

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Mueller: Mr President, my first question...

President Trump: You’re fired!

President gets up & leaves room.


(Fairly sure this is has been posted by someone else but bares repeating).


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Mule Face and Comejob are butt buddies. Trump will be indicted in Oct. to help the Dems win the House which will immediately impeach Trump in Jan. 2019

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Tired old story: Trump lawyers [try to dictate carry out menu to Mueller]. Mueller response [I have more stature and respect today in Washington, DC, than Trump will ever have again].

DiGenova and his spouse need to explain the Benghazi hearings and how there have been zero indictments or handcuffs. Mueller has had zero hearings and 4 or 5 indictments.

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I suspect when Trump goes to testify his opening remarks will go something like this.

The names of JFK assassins

He will then expose 9/11 cover-up

The truth about Area 51 and the Reptilian elites walking our streets.

And finally The CIA and AIDS

Upon completion the whole world will be so stunned they will completely forget what the hearing was all about.

And as he walks out he turns and tells Muller he's fired a matter of fact you're all fired!

Let's go Q we got things to do.

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Why can't trump get the same treatment that Bob Muller the turd gave Bush and Cheney when he investigated 911?

  • Sealed room
  • not under oath
  • no video recordings
  • no audio recordings
  • no transcripts taken

If Trump fires this moron, it would go down in history as the Second Declaration of Independence. The first one was from inbred, retard monarchs on the other side of the world. But I bet not even back then they thought kerosene could melt steel beams.

Millions of teachers could start educating our future generations on the most basic chemistry and physics again. Then we could catch up in STEM fields with the rest of the world who are leaving us in the dust ... both literally and figuratively.

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The exact same. Including how he wrote her exoneration memo months before the meeting. Except for trump, they already have the guilty memo/indictment written.

I'd hate to be the janitor for the facility that the meet is at. Gonna be lots of loss of control of bowel movements, but not from trump. The bush/clinton/bush/clinton people all have that trait. Nasty. But we on the non-monarchy timeline now.

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