Armed Resource Officer Stops Maryland High School Gunman

A 17-year-old gunman is dead following an exchange with an armed School Resource Officer (SRO) at Great Mills High School in Maryland on Tuesday morning. Two students were injured.

The gunman opened fire on a 16-year-old female student before class in a central hallway, hitting a male classmate, before the (SRO) exchanged fire with the shooter who was armed with a handgun, disabling him and ending the incident. The SRO was not injured in the exchange which began at 7:45 a.m.

The female student is in critical but stable condition at a trauma facility, while her male classmate is in stable condition. They were taken to separate hospitals in D.C. where the shooter died at 10:41 a.m.

The ATF and FBI are investigating the incident which came just days after threats were made on Snapchat against the school. The sheriff's department reportedly investigated the threat but did not determine it to be authentic. 

"This is what we train for, this is what we prepare for," said Sheriff Tim Cameron. 

Quick thinking student Jonathan Freese called CNN from his cell phone during lockdown in math class, telling the network "I'm still a little shaken up." 

Freese said the school had held drills a couple of times for this kind of situation.

"I didn't really expect for this to happen. I do always feel safe, though, because they always have police at the school," he said. -CNN

School busses were used to transport students to a neighboring school to be reunited with their parents.

The shooting comes a week after Great Mills High School students staged a walk-out to protest gun violence in the wake of the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida which was not stopped by the school's resource officer, Scot Peterson. 

President Trump has repeatedly called for arming teachers following the Parkland incident as a means to safeguard students against future mass shootings.


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He is MY Sheriff, the officer involved was HIS deputy.  My letter to him:


Dear Lieutenant Gardiner,


                Please pass on my congratulations to Sheriff Cameron, the officer involved, and your entire department staff (if that is possible somehow), for the heroic action in defense of Great Mills High School students and staff, and if I may add:  The 2nd Amendment.


                This is how the story is being told at Breitbart:


                I’ve consistently told people that the best reason for living in St. Mary’s County is our Constitutional law enforcement.  You probably can’t imagine the boost you’ve given to President Trump’s policies regarding protecting the schools of America and the 2nd Amendment.  This incident will add to the rich history of our county in defending life and liberty.

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You have to add the refusal of the schools counselors to have him INVOLUNTARILY COMMITTED and yet were not TOLD he needed to be.They didn't, after another student said  he was writing in his book HE wanted to hurt himself, or SHOOT others.

Nope, no cause for a HEAD check here, and the BROWARD COWARD SHERIFF & WAIT N SEE PEEK Aboo Deputies,( SHERIFF A HELLARY BOOT LICKER), and the FBI's TOTAL INACTION, and now we a nation going wild, and 17 murdered folks and who knows how many scarred for life.

You cannot make this crap up,"Grimm's Dead Tales",by I am starting to think it was overlooked on purpose.

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Another narrative we will never hear, based on reports that the shooter and the young lady may have been "involved" at some time in the past:

Clearly, allowing people under 21 to engage in "dating" or any other sort of relationship with a person of the opposite sex ought be made illegal. People under 21 are not mature enough to [purchase a rifle, vote in elections, have an abortion, buy alcohol, buy tobacco products, drive a motor vehicle or] have relationships with persons of another gender. Or of the same gender, for that matter. They are immature and should not to be permitted to mingle.

To that end, all schools should be unisex, as determined by DNA testing. There should be XX schools and XY schools. It can be called the "Separation of Male and Female" doctrine.

Planned Parenthood would object, but I really don't care.

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I've witnessed/experienced this as teen, and again through my kids growing up..

Teen girls are in love, want to be with you forever, have your baby...and the next day they hate you, and the next day they are in "love" with someone else.

Teen boys are woefully unprepared for such wild emotional swings and severe gets ugly...this is a HUGE parenting failure...proud to say I properly prepared my's always a struggle to grow up, but my kids had an edge in avoiding the drama/heartbreak.

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Locally family's daughter...same type of Drama...death threats from old boyfriend through SocialMedia/Facebook...then bullying from other got real ugly, so ugly, the family moved to a new school district...but let the TEEN girl keep her "Social Media" accounts!....yeah, it took like 5 minutes for everyone in her new school to figure out all the drama from the old school...and her mom was on TV whining about the bullying and demanding the school "do something about it"...not the whole fucking state knows this girl and her "problems"....geesh!....girl would be better off as an orphan...

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Miffed Microbi… FireBrander Tue, 03/20/2018 - 15:36 Permalink

Sadly you are right. As a teenager I had two boys madly in love with me and it came to blows. I didn't know what to do and not wanting to hurt anyone I tried to be " friends", the worst thing I could have done. Boys and girls at this age are just not prepared for these types of interactions. Lack of maturity and hormones make a poor mix. When my own girls told me of the horrible games their classmates pulled, pitting one against the other, leading a boy on and then purposefully dropping them etc... I was aghast at the vehemence. Mine would have been severely reprimanded if they did such things. 


Children are not not being trained to be gracious anymore. We have become Godless animals. And to think I once thought Cotillion was silly but now I can see its purpose.





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