Cambridge Analytica Reportedly Obtained Stolen Emails From Israeli Hackers

Over the last 24 hours, UK-based election analytics firm Cambridge Analytica has suspended its CEO Alexander Nix and the firm has been hit in a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of Facebook users against both CA and Facebook accusing them of obtaining user data without permission.

And today, as lawmakers in both the US and UK demand formal investigations into the matter of CA possibly using data from 50 million Facebook users during its work for the Trump campaign in 2016, the Guardian has published another bombshell story alleging further nefarious activity by the firm.


In the story, the Guardian reported that CA had obtained emails stolen by Israeli hackers, and had ordered staff to analyze the stolen troves in search of kompromat that could be used against rivals to their clients. In both instances, the Guardian's sources said CA staff refused to handle the stolen material, and it's unclear if any information gleaned from the emails had ultimately been released.

The data analytics firm that worked on the Donald Trump election campaign was offered material from Israeli hackers who had accessed the private emails of two politicians who are now heads of state, witnesses have told the Guardian.

Multiple sources have described how senior directors of Cambridge Analytica – including its chief executive, Alexander Nix – gave staff instructions to handle material provided by computer hackers in election campaigns in Nigeria and St Kitts and Nevis

They claim there were two episodes in 2015 that alarmed members of staff and led them to refuse to handle the data, which they assumed would have been obtained illegally.

SCL Elections, Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, denied taking possession of or using hacked or stolen personal information from such individuals for any purpose in either campaign.

That year, CA had been hired to work on the reelection campaign of Nigeria's then-president Goodluck Johnathan. The firm was also contracted by St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Timothy Harris, who was then the opposition leader.

The Guardian said it saw an email from Nix dated Jan. 26 2015 where he refers to the Israeli team.

CA was hired by a Nigerian billionaire to support Johnathan's reelection, and was paid an estimated £2 million to carry out a ferocious campaign against Muhammadu Buhari, whom he eventually lost out to. The Guardian says there's no proof to suggest Johnathan knew about the campaign.

When CA staffers working on the ground in Nigeria learned about the stolen emails, they panicked, and swiftly fled the country - because, as their fixers warned, they could be targeted by supporter of Buhari if they ever learned about the theft.

Staff working on the campaign say in early 2015 they met Israeli cybersecurity contractors in Cambridge Analytica’s offices in Mayfair, London. Employees say they were told the meeting was arranged by Brittany Kaiser, a senior director at the firm.

The Guardian and Observer has been told the Israelis brought a laptop from their office in Tel Aviv and handed employees a USB stick containing what they believed were hacked personal emails.

Sources said Nix, who was suspended on Tuesday, and other senior directors told staff to search for incriminating material that could be used to damage opposition candidates, including Buhari.

“It made everyone feel really uncomfortable,” said one source. “They wanted people to load it into their email programmes.”

People “freaked out”, another employee said. “They wanted to have nothing to do with it.”

One member of the campaign team told the Guardian and Observer that the material they believed had been hacked included Buhari’s medical records. “I’m 99% sure of that. Or if they didn’t have his medical records they at least had emails that referred to what was going on.”

When news of the London meeting filtered back to Cambridge Analytica staff working on the ground in Nigeria, it caused panic, the source said. Local security advisers told the firm’s team to leave the country immediately because if opposition supporters found out, they could turn on them.

"What is clear is that the security of their employees didn’t even seem to have occurred to them," said one former employee. "It was a very serious situation and they had to evacuate immediately."

A spokesperson for Cambridge's parent company, SCL Elections, denied the allegations, and said its employees in Nigeria left after their contract with their Nigerian billionaire client ended. In the UK, both the Electoral Commission and the Information Commissioner's Office are investigating Cambridge. Though, it's worth noting that their work on the Trump campaign was clearly legal according to the laws of both the US and the UK. 

However, one can't help but wonder what we will learn next? Maybe Nix and company orchestrated the DNC leaks?


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The Guardian... reminds me of "Men in Black" scene:

Agent K: Let's check the hot sheets.
[K buys some tabloid newspapers]
Agent J: These are the hot sheets?
Agent K: Best investigative reporting on the planet. But go ahead, read the New York Times if you want. They get lucky sometimes.


When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

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Of course they are. This muddies the water and sets the stage for "everybody was doing it" so let's just move on.

Former Marine Charged In Shooting, Hit-And-Run Of Controversial Seth Rich Investigator

Burkman was shot and run over March 13 at a Rosslyn Marriott hotel’s parking garage. Burkman was there to retrieve what he thought were documents from an FBI whistleblower.

Doherty worked for Burkman on the Rich investigation until July 2017. Rich, a data analyst at the DNC, was murdered in Washington, D.C., on July 10, 2016, under mysterious circumstances. Doherty was an investigator on Burkman’s Profiling Project, the group he formed to solve the Rich case.

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His company Nexus llc , a small security services group, also stiffed their subcontractors and a ship they had a contract for protection was stopped in 2012 in Venezuelan waters for Carrying illegal arms..who were they for?..certainly not Maduros..resistance perhaps? who backs them?  this story has the potential of growing some real legs. I can't figure out how he worked for the US Energy Dept..4.7 miles from where Seth Rich was shot in the back..

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Israel spies on the USA part 1 - YouTube

In November, 2001, Fox News aired this four part series, which shows that Israeli intelligence has total control over the information networks in the USA. Also, they said 60 Israeli spies, with explosives training, were arrested in connection with the 9/11 attack.

Also, If IRC, Israel might have known 9/11 was going to occur, but didn't notify US gov, because it would have shown they were spying on the U.S.


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...(((They))) are our owners....

Simple question here for those with a Sunday school bible background regarding Jerusalem and the temple grounds back in Jesus' day. Was the Roman garrison attached to the temple there to protect the "Holy of Holies", (the high value depository of the Jewish people), or was it there to see to it the Jewish "guardians" of said depository didn't make "unauthorized" withdrawals of said valuable "materials"?

Rubber, meet road.


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Faeriedust Boxed Merlot Wed, 03/21/2018 - 19:44 Permalink

Both.  They were there to prevent theft, privatization, and altercations on the Temple grounds.  Before the Romans came, the Jews had been fighting each other for control of the country for fifty-odd years. The Temple was essentially the capital; whoever seized it could call themselves the ruler of Israel. Putting a Roman garrison there 1) made a statement as to who was boss, and 2) prevented the endless successions of coups every other week. For the most part the Romans didn't care who was High Priest, but they disliked having to deal with a new one every month.

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LOL ~ it was handed over to them.


"Maybe they are not even Russians, but Ukrainians, Tatars, or Jews with Russian citizenship, which should be also checked. Maybe they hold dual citizenship, or green cards. Or maybe Americans paid them for this job. How can you know? I do not know,"

~V Putin

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We all know that Republicans (and many Democrats) allow Israel and Israelis to do whatever the fuck they want, whether it negatively impacts our security or not.

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Dude--they are literally behind most every single vile thing in history, including today.









I could go on and on and on til the break of dawn, but the fact is, they're behind a LOT of nasty shit--and this isn't a recent development, either.  This has been going on for generations throughout history.  And not just here.

Please, they don't need to be defended.  They are bad.

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All Demoncrats...Up & coming Republican Jews...NOT TO BE IGNORED!

FWIW...liberal—conservative Jewish PAC platforms...

Some Jewish community leaders ascribe less altruistic motives to the Las Vegas tycoon. Like many others in the American Jewish right, they say, Adelson is unhappy with AIPACs performance in recent years, especially its perceived failure in scuttling the Iran nuclear deal. According to press reports, Adelson has confronted AIPAC in the past over its support for a two-state solution and opposition to cutting off American funding of the Palestinian Authority. There are voices now in the conservative right that are calling for a reassessment of AIPACs insistence on bipartisanship, which often dilutes its message as well as its effectiveness, they claim. A much wiser investment would be in the Israel-supporting Republicans alone.

A group such as IAC could provide a platform that would threaten or even replace AIPAC in the future: that could be one explanation why the hall in which the group held its conference seemed like a miniature copy of an AIPAC venue. Theoretically, with Adelsons clout in both the GOP and the Israeli-American community, he could turn the IAC into a dual-purpose vehicle: concurrently with his significant philanthropic contribution to the welfare of Israels expat community, to which his wife Miriam belongs, he would also have at his disposal a well-oiled and well-funded lobby to do his distinct political bidding.

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"When CA staffers working on the ground in Nigeria learned about the stolen emails, they panicked, and swiftly fled the country .."

It is so refreshing to know these folks really maintained the courage of their convictions ..

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What a great show, it's the greatest show on earth. Well it's no wonder Ringling Bro. shutdown, they couldn't compete with the truly greatest show on earth. And for our next performance (spotlight moves): emails stolen from Israeli hackers.

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This reeks of Five Eye Deep State Bull Shit! Guardian smucks are a disinformation campaign to distract from Facebook CIA origins and manipulations!