Hitler High

The town fathers of Palo Alto have outdone themselves this time.

Here in my town, as with most of America, the public schools are named after public figures of note. All across the country, you've got your Washington High, your Lincoln Middle School, Churchill Elementary, and so forth. In Palo Alto, a couple of schools have been named after David Starr Jordan and Fred Terman. They've had these names for decades, ever since they were opened.

Well, when political correctness and social justice warriors were at their peak a couple of years ago, some people came upon the fact that Jordan and Terman had, during their time about a century ago, been advocates of eugenics. In their era, many scholars and men of good will openly discussed the idea of improving the human condition by promoting reproduction among "desirables".

In any case, Terman Middle School is named after the son of Fred Terman, and that son:

  • had nothing to do with supporting eugenics at all
  • is widely considered the father of the Silicon Valley, which, last time I checked, has created trillions of dollars of wealth on the planet

Anyway, Palo Alto's virtue-signaling bureaucrats just HAD to change the name (actually multiple school names, but we're focused on Terman here), even though the person in question had absolutely nothing to do with the "offensive" acts of his father a hundred years ago.

So they spent a ton of money on consultants and hundreds of hours of debates, and the replacement name they landed on was............Yamamoto.


Now, as with Mr. Terman, this Yamamoto chap didn't do anything wrong, but he has the same surname as the Japanese Admiral in World War 2 who, among other atrocities, ordered the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It would be sort of like having a local hero named Benjamin Hitler and naming an elementary school after him, even though the name is - - I dunno - - kind of tainted.

The irony to this whole thing is that, over the decades, the number of kids who went to Terman Middle School and had any fucking clue who Fred Terman was (much less gave a crap) is, I suspect, a whole integer less than 1. And yet by causing all this uproar, Palo Alto's feckless leadership has spent all this time and money renaming the place, unwittingly, after a senior leader of an empire that killed and tortured millions of people to death.

Government. If you ever want something done wrong, you know where to turn.


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It's what the government does, it wastes time and energy doing things that should not be done. Is it any wonder that they always run out of money and time to do what they need to do?

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Striking Pearl Harbor was a big mistake but it could have been worse for the US. Just as Hitler was the best general the allies had Admiral Nagumo who headed the the Pearl Harbor and Midway operations fucked up both operations with his incompetence was the best admiral the US had. They missed the carriers at Pearl Harbor but even more important were the dry docks, tank farms, and repair facilities that were slated for the second wave which chickenshit Nagumo cancelled. The Yorktown was badly damaged at the Coral Sea but was patched up at Pearl to participate at Midway where it was eventually sunk. The Enterprise was many times the only operational carrier in the Pacific, especially at Guadalcanal, and was kept in the war by Pearl patching it up and sending it back out. If Nagumo had done his job the Yorktown and Enterprise, and many other ships, would have had to return to the US for repairs and the war would have been extended.

If you read the history of the battle of Midway along with Nagumo's incompetence the US was incredibly lucky. For example when the Japanese sent out scout planes to hunt for the US carriers the one plane that had the search area where the US forces were had mechanical trouble and launched late giving the US time to launch. Another is the US response was chaotic and uncoordinated which worked to the US advantage as the Japanese fighters were down on the deck shooting down all the US torpedo planes allowing the dive bombers to freely bomb their targets.

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In govt you need to build your empire or everyone will wonder why you are there drawing a salary.  So you hire staff.  Then the staff wonder what they are supposed to do and if they will get fired if someone figures out they are not needed.  So they get busy and make up rules.  And then they explain that they are there to enforce the rules.  And then hire more staff to build their empire.  And it repeats.

It's all about spend Other Peoples Money and grabbing as much as you can for yourself along the way.

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There was a science fiction story in the 1950s whose plot was the earth passed through a dark cloud and it turned everyone into a genius. Countries promptly ceased to exist and it got weirder and weirder until it became apocalyptic. Humanity became like a vast herd of cats.

It is hard to look at what is going on in the world today and not believe that the earth is passing through a dark cloud that is making everyone on earth stupid and crazy.


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I think the point of this silly piece of shit was that we should just name all the schools after numbers instead.  Especially in light of all the shootings as of late, ya fuckin chink ass jews!

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The Intellectual Yet Idiot classes have championed moral relativism in America for at least 60 years. They have taught generations of students that the only that matters are their feelings and that facts and data are unimportant. Well, this is one of the inevitable results. Fred Yamamoto probably does deserve to have a school named after him but, not at the expense of Mr. Terman who apparently had nothing to do with his father's eugenics advocacy. The murderous dictatorships and militaristic regimes of the 20th Century were the inevitable results of moral relativism. We are heading in the same direction. 


not dead yet Wed, 03/21/2018 - 15:38 Permalink

When it comes to naming schools most of the time it's the school board who decides on the names. The same people who run the schools and bring you political correctness and turning kids in SJW's are the ones behind this crap. The way things are headed if these clowns get their way every course, including math and science, will have a social justice pussification program as part of the curriculum. In some areas it's already happening.