French Voters Turn On Macron: Violence Erupts On Paris Streets As Workers Protest Labor Reforms

That didn't take long.

Less than a year after French President Emmanuel Macron rode a wave of reformist optimism to the Elysee Palace, France's vast body of public-sector workers have turned against the country's youngest-ever president as his attempts to loosen France's restrictive labor laws have met with an outraged response from France's 5.4 million civil servants and workers on its state-run rail system.

Rail workers are using Thursday's demonstrations as the start of a prolonged strike that could last until June. Specifically, rail workers are protesting Macron's plan to cut some of the special employment rights for rail workers. From April 3 until June 28, rail unions have planned strikes for two days out of every five.

Macron famously prevailed in a runoff election last Spring, where he defeated National Front candidate Marine Le Pen after founding his own centrist, reform-oriented political movement called En Marche - or "Forward!" in English.


For his part, Macron is hoping the public will respect him for standing firm, and maybe even that the broader public will find the strikes exasperating.

The strike was expected to lead to the cancellation of 60% of fast trains, 75% of inter-city trains and about 30% of Paris airports' flights throughout the day.


A Les Echos poll showed just over half of French people backed Thursday’s strike - but an even larger majority are pushing for the reforms, including cutting the number of public sector workers, what the Express described as a "paradox."

"We are going to continue reforming France in depth ... with the certitude that our country needs this transformation to make up for the ground lost over previous decades," Macron told reporters during a trip to India last week.

As the Guardian explains, Thursday’s strike date was deliberately chosen to echo the start of nationwide protests in 1968 that led to the country’s biggest ever strikes and the notorious street battles between police and students of May 1968.


As Express reported, students clashed with riot police on Thursday, who fired tear gas to disperse the crowds.

Unions had previously struggled to unite crowds against Macron's reforms. But Thursday was the first protest that brought together both public sector workers, students and railway workers. 

"It's a real mess this morning," Didier Samba, who missed his morning commuter train to the suburbs and had more than one hour's wait for the next, said at Paris' Gare du Nord station.

According to the Unions, one in four primary schools were on strike, while electricity generation dropped by over three gigawatts (GW), the equivalent of three nuclear reactors, as gas and electricity sector workers joined the strike. Some 150 protest marches were scheduled - including two rallies starting at around 1300 GMT in Paris.



Of course, some of the hostility is due to Macron going back on his campaign promises for better recognition and remuneration. He now seeks to slash budgets, rely more on contract workers, introduce merit-based pay and voluntary redundancies to cut the number of public workers by 120,000 over five years.

The government, which led an overhaul of labor laws last year and is working on a series of other sensitive reforms to programs like unemployment insurance, says it will stand by its plans - though they will keep a close eye on protests.

Though he has promised to maintain a steady hand, Macron will be watching the protests with what we imagine would be a sense of foreboding. Thursday's strike, and the government's reaction, will be a test, said Laurent Berger, the head of France's largest union, CFDT.

"Either they (the government) listen to us and it will have been just a warning shot, or they don't listen to us and then, let me tell you that public sector workers are very mobilised," he told RTL radio.


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There is a problem with France

There is a problem with Canada

And another one with new Zealand

What do these countries have in common? 

Young 40yo ignorant and fashionista prezz/PMs with no talent who have neither experience in life nor any clue about economy despite what we've been force fed through the official Isreali lies channels. And yet they act as tools to decimate their white populations without knowing the consequences of their stupidity. 

Cui bono? If you haven't yet guessed by now then go back to school and re-read history ( actually it's lies in school, so go read it through reputable alternative sources, it's going to be time well invested). There's very little I can do for uneducated idiots. 

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keep the basta… Adolph.H. Fri, 03/23/2018 - 06:58 Permalink

Problem with New Zealand??? Wot are you some egg roll.

NZ is a beautiful clean country, rolling green wonderful pure water air food and oceans. 

But for all including that Jewish old judge a USA hide away, is constantly shaking and those USA people buying there will be surprised.

not everything revolves round snowflake instant self centred shit. Including  baby talk about going back to school. Surely by 17 pr 18 you have had enough school. 

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I think they know the consequences. They all do. Down to the last detail.

Plus, their (all our) moron voters vote them in. May's a sellout. In power. Same for Merkel. Bazillions here voted for Obongo. Carbon copy, sellout, corrupt, anti-white, leftist bitch narrowly ... narrowly ... defeated.

The French morons are drowning in a sea of Muslims and Africans but they cheer, smile, and vote for their betrayers. Much worse is happening to them than labor reform but labor reform has them in the fisking street!!! Revulsion at national suicide? No bleeping way!


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Yep. So America has the better solution.  Let people die, starve and live lives of willful ignorance.

Compare debt, compare healthcare costs, compare happiness, productivity, hours worked, vacation, etc.  France is far better than the US.  But you can't possibly know that because you have never left your trailer park...where your Mom is on welfare.

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socialism vs reverse fascism, france/usa

both end up in the same place-death destruction and chaos

out of the chaos rises a one world order governing system run by the ruling bankers.

cash, ppffft-stone age. secure transactions will be a thing of the past. ultimate control...

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France is not a socialist country. It is a social liberalist country – that is a country with an economy primarily based on the private ownership of the means of production but with a large public sector financed with taxes.

That France taxes the capitalist economy and spends some of the revenue on common goods (culture, infrastructure, universal health care, education, medias etc.) does not make it socialist. Social liberalism is exactly that: a defense of the capitalist economy as being the most productive but also a recognition of the need for a public sector (the common good). To be a socialist country the productive capital of the society would be publicly, socially and/or commonly owned = no need to tax since the surplus/profit would be socially/publicly/commonly owned to begin with.

But yes, US is fascist = a country owned by the capitalists and with the government just being a tool of the capitalist class/the ownership class.

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I seldom visit ZH anymore – first the articles became copy-paste from other well-known corporate propaganda outlets or reproduction of noise from the MSM then the comment section became irrelevant.  Now the echo-chamber of indoctrinated ignorance in the comment sections has become too tiresome or too nauseating to participate in. The “language” itself is created by the propagandists and therefore empty, full of misnomers, half-truths and full lies (Orwell's was correct in that "new speech" would be the result of the propagandists being in control). So unless you’re ready to define every concept you use you’re forced to reproduce nonsense.

The Trumpards are the majority (not that I prefer the other side of the corporate controlled political landscape of US) and they’re convinced the problem in US are “the poor” = “the free shit army”. As well-indoctrinated serfs their heads and “vision” are kept down so they never look upwards in the pyramid of control. Keep the plebs kicking downwards!

As I see it the only relevant free shit army is comprised of the banksters, the MIC and the well-paid propagandists that spew all the nonsense that have made the minds of commentators like “TheSilentMajority”. The plebs that the ownership class throws crumbles at to keep them from revolting are not the problem – the system of legalized corruption, trickle up economics, concentrated wealth and power in the 0,1%, dumbed down plebs dependent on corporate propaganda and brought up as second/third generation of corporate pawns (especially the US plebs that are the most indoctrinated population in human history) are.

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The only flood of idiots I see are MM and CTR bots that discovered a rich comment section that hadn't been exploited. Well, that and the fools that don't know the difference between antisemitism and antizionism a la Rothschild.

You are an unmitigated idiot if you don't think the FSA can bring down a previously prosperous state. Look at Argentina before Venezuela. The jewels of South America both succumbed to corruption enabled by buying off the peasant majority. You call Trumpards (sic) plebs, yet more of them have been black pilled than any other constituency in history, so cram it. The Deep State is directly taking him on and he looks up for the fight so far. Any bone thrown to the plutocracy at this point may just be because he has to have some allies to rally. I don't pretend to know. What we all do know is that the fuse on this bomb is only so long, or, if you prefer, the can gets heavier and heavier with every kick.

If you want your old ZH, you can keep your old ZH. Obama said so.

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Trump is a deep state asset. Trumps cabinet is comprised solely of deep state handlers/pawns: Goldmanites, MIC-generals and Exxon CEO’s.

Trump has not proposed or implemented one policy that challenges the deep state: name me one?

The deep state concept is older than the indoctrinated Trumpards that uses it. It describes the same powers that controlled Obama, Bush (the first and the lesser), the Clintons and all official political entities put in front of the US plebs to “choose from”.

The late circus about the “DOJ, CIA, FBI, NSA etc.” as being the deep state is a perfect psyop. Those entities are not the deep state but servants of the deep state. Like the US government itself is. The deep state is all the old money. That is the winners of the first round of Monopoly/capitalism in the 1800’s and some very old money from the former empires (the British and Dutch royal families). Also known as the money masters – or the 0,01 %. Basically just a few families (a few thousand people): Rockefellers, Vanderbilt, Morgan and Rothschild being the best known. Their fortunes are not measured officially (but are measured in quadrillions) and they do not appear in the fortune 500 (they own them all). And Trump is a small “fiat”-fish/debt-slave to them – a pawn.

Plus, Trump is obviously a retard (with a vocabulary of a ten year old, an understanding of history, politics and economics like an average US pleb (=none) and an ego that illustrates total lack of self-consciousness (and self-irony)).

Plus-plus, Trump has so many skeletons in the closet that if needed he would be easily black-mailed to do the bidding of the ownership class (but it will not be needed – narcissistic and dumb people are easy to manipulate and he is surrounded by professional deep state handlers).

Plus-plus-plus, the whole “Russia”-gate BS is another perfect psyop to keep the US plebs from understanding the deep state concept. It is not the Russians who have diverted US “democracy” – US doesn’t have a democracy. It is an oligarchy. It is even empirically proven that all policies are pursued 1:1 for the interests of the ownership class = if the 0,01% wants it they get it. No matter what popular opinion is (disproving the “free shit army”-thesis). And now the oligarchs don’t even try and hide they’re in full power but choses some from the lower strata of their class to represent them (i.e. Trump).

Plus-plus-plus-plus, the idea that because you’re not buying into the current manipulation (i.e. Trumpism) you must have bought into the former one (i.e. Hopium/the Obama-scam) is stupid. Like those who think you must be either for Trump or Hillary = you must be a corporate tool.

Plus-plus-plus-plus-plus, you reply confirmed my comment. This is tiresome.

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I will name two.

1. He pulled the USA out of the Paris climate accord. That was all deep state bullshit to tax the people even more.

2. He stopped the TPP trade deal, another deep state bullshit deal that only benefited the big multinational corporations.

In case you forgot, Trump is a billionaire. You don’t get to that point by being an idiot. He may be a little rough around the edges but he is from New York so that is almost to be expected. Trump is smarter than you might think. He has worked with people in the higher echelons of power for decades so he understands what is really going on. He also understands that the deep state and the corruption is so large that the only way he can beat it is to nibble away at it. It will take time. Be patient.

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My last reply – as written above: I get bored by this.

The deep state is not just “one entity” – it is a concept that is best defined as: unelected/unaccountable power. The deep state is divided – the coal, oil and MIC are all against any “climate regulation” (including the Paris accord – but also internally in US in relation to public land/national parks). They got what they wanted – Rex Tillerson/ExxonMobile got what he/they wanted and he could leave office early.

The whole discussion about “bringing jobs back to USA” is BS. The threat to jobs is not outsourcing anymore but automatization/robotization.  Plus, if the right interests in US asks for it Trump will hand them their TPP (or rebranded as something else) – he already said he “would do TPP if we were able to make a substantially better deal.” Better deal for whom? The plebs? Right…

Trump being a billionaire says nothing about his “intellect” or his “merit”. He inherited his wealth and the system is rigged to make the richer richer. His “Alpha” is negative = if he’d just put his inherited wealth in random stocks he would have been richer today.

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You obviously don't know what you are jaw jacking about.

The "deep state" has nothing at all to do with all that pabulum you just emoted from your worn out dick beaters.
 And, it's not "older than the indoctrinated Trumpards supporters that uses it" as you some ham-handedly put it.

The deep state is primarily the SES and the SES has only been around since 1978 when it was created by the peanut farmer from Georgia and one heinous uber dyke named Kristin Marcy to separate it from the regular Civil Service employees and for pay much higher than even the top level GS15s. The rest of the OPM employees are just government bureaucrats trying to reach retirement before someone realizes there are five other redundant bureaucrats who do the same non-essential job.

Currently, the SES is stocked chock full of around 7,000 Obongo toadies who make up the vast bulk of its membership.
And you can bet they're all just waiting for the "lower strata" "pawn" Trump to take a chainsaw to them and fuck up their whole world. Just as he's done with the State Dept, the .gov in general and the entire VA hierarchy. 

The rest of your cockamamie straw man argument drivel rolled up in a red herring fish wrap is too convoluted to even bother untangling. The most salient move you completely missed is the fact that Trump ended the TPP his first week in office.
Something a so-called "pawn", least of all Trump, would never do if he were in fact just a "slave" to them, you berk.

Who the fuck do you think you are anyway? Whoever you are, you clearly aren't ready for the ZH comments big leagues so quit furiously pounding your sausage fingers like you know WTF you're talking about. You don't.

And you're giving me a fucking headache with your dumbass word walls.

Just go back to Reddit you pusillanimous nitwit. Or just keep lurking here for another 5 years lest a veteran descends upon you and beats you til your pissing bones.

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You might want to check out Venezuela, Zimbabwe, South Africa and any other socialist nation over the last 100 years.  The trajectory is always the same.  The egregious capitalist garnish 75% of their nation’s wealth.  A popular uprising puts a communist in office.  The purges begin.  Property is seized from the producers.  Production stops and the nation collapses.   It is an age old cycle.  The U.S. is not immune to it.  California is suffering under its utopian ideal as we speak.  It has Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Napa Valley.   It has its own oil and natural gas.   But, it has opened its borders to 15 million illegals.  They have not assimilated and they have overwhelmed the entitlement system.  Now California’s public school system is enjoying a success rate slightly higher than Mississippi. Tax rates are through the roof.  The wealthy are fleeing to lower tax states.  And, all the central planners can do is raise taxes.

As California goes, so goes the nation.

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Thatcher was a pawn of the City of London/the banksters. She – together with Reagan – created the basis for the shit-hole/-show we’re in today. She handed all the power to the banks (the so-called “financialization” of the economy), destroyed the unions/the plebs attempt at organizing, expanded the British version of the MIC and as a fascist (supporter of capitalist being in total control) she was the last you should go to get an understanding of “socialism”.

Socialism is not about other people’s money (i.e. taxation, tariffs, redistribution) but about ownership. In a socialist economy the profit-generating/productive/valuable capital is owned by the public, the commons or socially owned = no need to “use other people’s money”. The problem with “Thatcherism” is eventually everything is owned by the banks = the problem with Thatcherism/Reaganomics is that it ends in societies like the ones we have today in the West.  

And, as a bonus info, all “money” is debt to the banksters in today “economy”  and you don’t have any money only “fiat”. In other words: everything is per definition based on an illusion and everything is – no matter how hard you try – in the end owned by the banks. And who owns the banks? The ownership class/the capitalists. They got you by the balls and you’re programmed not to understand it – i.e. keep confusing concepts and blaming the wrong people/ideologies.

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Did you just discover the word plebs? You sound like you did.

And quit talking down to everyone like you think you know what the fuck you're saying and nobody else has a clue.

Judging by your yammering on about plebs - it's not plebs btw, it's proles. Nobody in the Davos set says plebs - your grasp of geopolitics, let alone the globalist economic order, is weaker than Hillary Clinton's decalcified cankles.

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Foppish Manny Macron, the boy wonder pedo victim Jupiterian "god" and Big Mama STASI "Erika" in her Berlin bat cave are under the delusion that they can spawn together the Fifth Reich where France loots German pensioners for the losses of French banksters in Southern Urupp and Die Fuehrerin can lord over the entire assemblage of Europeon peasantry for her Soros slash chosenite handlers. It is going to be a major source of delight to watch the entire abomination of Natostan explode in their faces and with it the end of the Pedophile Politburo in EUSSR sink hole Brussels. The masses have got it figured and Marine Le Pen will only profit from this cheap Vichy NAZI side show as Bastille pig bashing season opens with spring and le French rip the pavements to pieces as only le French can.

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And strangely while prefabricated Macron is meeting resistance and can legitimately doubt he will be re-elected in a landslide, we learn that his 2 most formidable contenders, namely Marine  Le Pen and the infamous Sarkozy, will likely be simultaneously condemned for any reason that seems legit. This means in no uncertain terms that they will not be able to campaign against him. Not that Sarkozy didn't deserve it, especially after having persecuted his predecessor. But in the case of Le Pen, this is very very dubious. 

Anyway this kind of strategy couldn't come out of the brain of Macron alone, for he his a tool, in the same vein as the other falsely named farcebook Jew. 

So this poses the question about the handler of the prime fag of France, and the deep state, which seems to go very deep in there, as well as in Macron's anus. 

Cui bono again? 

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Clearly you fail to appreciate European ExceptionalismTM and the next level of humanity contemporary Western Europeans have ascended to.  You see, (hark'eth) Europeans have risen above war, violence even the ability to defend themselves. Ne'er again will there be violence or war committed by a European government (hark'eth)against its own people(hark'eth)

These are peaceful (hark'eth) protestors (hark'eth) protesting for their (hark'eth) rights(hark'eth)

Regrettably the above is a realistic description of how many here in Rainbowland think. 

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What the hell is wrong with people? Did they actually believe this little bitch and his lies? It amazes me how stupid people are when it comes to their own futures...  Whatever, it doesnt matter anyways seeing as how the Brexit shit wont happen, the overlords will do whatever they want it seems.

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Voters firmly rejected the "Far Right" political candidate. Just that it was the wrong "Far Right" political candidate, (who the MSM dubbed centre left.) So, he must have been centre left. Right?


Poor dumb French voters....