Full-Scale Terror Drill: US Military Simulates Nuclear Truck Bomb Attack In Sacramento

On Thursday, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) will accompany the California National Guard’s Homeland Response Force (HRF) and the 95th Civil Support Team, along with FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Forces, CAL Fire, FBI, Department of Energy Radiation Assistance Team 7, and several other emergency response agencies for a “terrorism and active shooter response exercise at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento and Sonoma Raceway,” said California Guard Deputy Director of Public Affairs.

“It is only through regular, realistic training alongside our partner agencies that we keep our skills sharp and response times low,” said Maj. Gen. David S. Baldwin, Adjutant General for the California National Guard. “These exercises establish the relationships and interagency coordination that is fundamental to an effective response during emergency incidents.”

With the magnitude of this terror drill, the public should expect:

The training scenario involves a series of simultaneous terrorist attacks across Northern California following a 6.5-magnitude earthquake. The attacks include simulated improvised explosive devices (IED), the detonation of a simulated radiation-dispersal device (RDD) and firearms. Sleep Train Arena will serve as the training site for IED and RDD response, while Sonoma Raceway will be the site for active shooter response training. Hundreds of emergency-response personnel, vehicles, and aircraft are expected to participate.

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“First Responder Exercise @ #SleepTrainArena THUR.3/22. Very Realistic but don’t worry. Only an exercise. Fire trucks, Helicopters, Ambulances, “Victims” (Actors) & Media. We’re just training to serve YOU,” said California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services’ Twitter account.

“TOMORROW: A reminder to the public and media that the Cal Guard, @Cal_OES, and several other emergency-response agencies will conduct a full-scale first responder exercise tomorrow/Thursday inside and outside @SleepTrainArena,” said the Official California National Guard’s Twitter account.

“Sacramento-area residents will see a large number of military and first responder vehicles and aircraft in the area starting early tomorrow morning and running through Friday morning. No need to be alarmed, just a preparedness drill,” said Sacramento Fire Department.

According to CBS Sacramento, first responders and the United States Armed Forces will simulate a “disaster drill” and “train for real-life terror attacks” at the Sleep Train Arena, on Thursday. The storyline of the drill includes a nuclear truck bomb denotation inside the sporting arena. This will be a wild training exercise, as government and military officials have been relatively discreet about terror drill.

Earlier this week, social media users freaked out when large formations of military helicopters circled above Sacramento. Unbeknownst to the general public, the helicopters were not because Californians upset Trump as some social media users believed, but instead, the flying war machines were preparing for today’s full-scale nuclear truck bomb denotation drill at Sleep Train Arena.

“Helicopters circling Sacramento. Did we upset Trump? @kcranews @sacbee_news @CBSSacramento @abc10,” said one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user said, “Sacramento Ca , can someone explain this ? Hella Helicopters.”

One worried Twitter said, “9 helicopters flying over Sacramento in formation. If this was before this admin I wouldn’t be worried, but now….”

The bottom line: The United States government is quietly preparing for a mass-casualty incident involving a radiological dispersal device (RDD). As a citizen, you are not allowed to know this knowledge, and frankly, you will not be prepared - only the government will be.