House Intel Committee Votes To Release Russia Probe Report

In a vote that was widely expected since the House Intelligence Committee announced it had concluded its probe into Russia's purported collusion and election meddling, finding that the Intelligence Community's allegations about Russia's role were overblown.

On Thursday, the committee voted along party lines to formally end the investigation and released a report saying they found no evidence of collusion between Trump and associates of the Kremlin, Politico reported.


The GOP-authored report must be reviewed by the intelligence community to redact classified information before the public can read it.

It is expected to be made public during the coming weeks. Democrats on the committee objected to the report being issued and have vowed to release a report of their own.

* * *

After a 14-month probe, Mike Conaway, the probe's nominal overseer, announced earlier this month that the committee would close its probe with a finding of no collusion.

Unsurprisingly, the Democrats on the committee - led by Schiff, who never missed an opportunity to grandstand about the "lies and corruption" supposedly endemic to the Trump administration - are expected to disagree with the report.

There are two more Congressional committee investigations, each pursuing evidence into Trump and his associates' relationships with Russian entities.