Russian Ambassador Hints At False Flag: "The UK Has A Long Record Of Misdoings..."

It appears the Russians are losing their patience with the proof-less accusations from The UK.

Russian ambassador Alexander Yakovenko has held press conference in London, denying the Kremlin was involved in the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia using military-grade nerve agent.

"Britain has without any evidence blamed Russia for poisoning three people and continues to refuse to cooperate," he said. 

The UK authorities are violating Vienna Convention by not giving Russia access to Skripals, because Skripal has dual citizenship (the UK and Russia), Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko said.

The Russian embassy has immediately requested details and materials of the case, the envoy stated.

While 10 days have passed, Moscow has received no response, while London has refused to pass samples of the poisonous substance allegedly used to attack Skripal.

Then Yakovenko turned a little darker, seemingly indicating concerns that this was nothing but a false-flag operation... (via SputnikNews)

The envoy called for checking how could British experts find out the exact type of the nerve gas used to poison Skripal.

Commenting on the death of former top manager of Russian Aeroflot airline Nikolai Glushkov, the ambassador stated that "we cannot take Britain's words on trust."

Alexander Yakovenko said that Britain has provided no proof of Russia's alleged involvement in the nerve agent attack.

He suggested that the samples of the so-called Novichok nerve gas could have already been in possession of a labaratory, which is located just miles away from Salisbury.

"We have been refused consular access to our Russian citizen Yulia Skripal," Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko said.

The UK is ignoring requests on case of Russian businessman Glushkov who died in London, ambassador stated.

Russian experts puzzled how UK managed to determine type of nerve gas in Skripal case, in days, but not weeks or months.

The UK has a long record of misdoings, he said, including the support of coup in Ukraine and the invasion of Iraq.

UK Prime Minister May is set to warn at a summit in Brussels that Vladimir Putin's brazen flouting of international law represents a threat democracies across the continent.

And then the ambassador turned his attention to the shocking comments from UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson who compared the Russian World Cup to Hitler's 1939 Olympics...

Johnson recently raised the bar for the UK government’s barrage of accusations against Moscow to a new level. The British foreign minister compared Russia's hosting of this year's World Cup to the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany.

“I think the comparison with 1936 is certainly right. It is an emetic prospect to think of Putin glorifying in this sporting event,” he told a receptive Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday.

Russia was furious:

“This statement is totally disgusting, it is not appropriate for any foreign minister,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

“Undoubtedly, [this remark] is offensive and unacceptable.”

Additionally, Mr Yakovenko condemned the comments today, saying:

"Nobody has the right to insult the Russian people, who defeated the Nazis.'"

But The UK's propaganda is not just for adults, they are indoctrinating the kids too...

In case pupils in the UK don’t understand the headlines on Russia and its president, a special publication for kids explains how “toxic Putin” is poisoning the West, without bothering to distinguish between fact and allegation.

The Day, a news website that produces short articles about current affairs meant to be used as teaching aids in British schools, has offered students two alternatives to believe about Vladimir Putin: he is either Europe’s “most dangerous leader since Hitler,” or a puffed up figure attacking other nations out of weakness.


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How much does your artful pimp pay for your feeble MDB character to mount a vigil in here, the fiefdom of the strong, open minded, resolute and politically unbiased? 

I knew about soy boys, but suddenly before my bleeding eyes and completely rendered sightless, I can’t for the life of me understand why would anyone want to be acting like a disgraced castrated and menopaused male experiencing a very painful enema.

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You 're actually political retards here that have no ability to think for yourselves and for the love of god forget about Hillary, but with the extra income I make here I have been able to quit my day job as a programmer and stay home all day smoking bong hits and drinking top shelf beer while I sleep on top of a pile of money with many beautiful woman.

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Not just 'Israel', but all the 'Satanists'... the 'Chosen People of Satan'... those last two words are usually left off, isn't it obvious why? No pain, no gain here in 'Purgatory'... a school in self conscious awareness... as we 'wake up' and see the BS and get mad as hell, we start to question WTF is going on and why?

The problem isn't with the school, but with the students... we wake up, and see the need to Choose sides... stay or go...Plato's Cave analogy... the Matrix analogy.. ancient Maze analogy... this is how we learn... and as Mother nature approaches in the next few years to clean house, this stress will increase dramatically, especially as the puppet masters in the SG/PTB seek to out/expose the OWO as corrupt etc... to generate chaos to take it down and replace it with their new game, the NWO.. or so they hope...

Most of our ignorant politicos are just puppets, not SG related... many are psychopaths, pedophiles etc.. enjoying the game as much as they can... not realizing it's about to come crashing down on them.. and us.. all of us.. as the  herd is in the same situation of being totally expendable.. which is why Putin has the difficult task of avoiding WW3 that our puppets are programmed to start to commit suicide, thinking it is anything but the end.. they simply cannot see past the end of their dicks.

Israel is just an ancient concentration of the same types.... the highest psychopathic density nearing 50%.. imagine that? It's like all those people working for predators in Hollywood, DC, Rome, London... surrounded by these tools.

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The new approach of indoctrinating young children is interesting?

The UK, like any schoolyard bully is going to get its own someday soon. They seem not to understand that Russia could, if it so chooses (which it doesn't. Yet) reduce the entire UK to smoldering heap of rubble within 10 minutes.

The UK should be looking forwards into a post-Brexit world (engaging with the OBOR project and trading with Russia) not living in the past. Two dying Empires joined together is a bit like tiyng two lame dogs together by their good legs?

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It is the child molesting UK that invades other countries.

It is what happens when a nation is run by psychopathic pederasts whose parents sent them away at a very young age to be abused by lower caste psychopaths in bording schools.

Failure to bond with one's parents leaves them scarred for life.


The UK did not even have the courage to attack Serbia by itself and had to drag the US into it.

That walking sack of feces, Tony Blar worked very hard to drag Clinton away from getting secret blow jobs, to bombing some place that Bill could not find on a map.


I hope you do start a war with Russia and nobody comes along with you.

Getting London blasted into the stone age and killing 90% there,  including all the inbreds in the palace and the Rottenchilds. Maybe that would restore some sanity to a country that's been fucked in the head for centuries. 


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I see It metamorphosed again. At 8 am It was another incarnation posting about china without reading the article. Now It's a bum who gets to stay stoned all day trolling about bullshit. Must be nice. I've already had my 750 cows milked this a.m feeding your dumb ass, stuck my arm up a heifers birth canal to turn a breech calf, and have a long day ahead. Yet I can multitask. Whats your pathetic reason for existing again?

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It is still illegal for some countries. 

I am surprised that Russia allows it, because I know Ukraine does not. That's why there was a big scandal about an American  women being installed as minister of finance. Last I read, she was given a waiver for 6 months but after that she would have to decide whether to take Ukrainian citizenship and renounce her US citizenship.  Of course, since she was part of the government installed aftef Maidan, those waivers could have gone on indefinitely.

Belarus also does not allow dual citizenship,  although I read that a Belarusiancitizenship also gives the person a Russian one.

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Hillary just rang Putin up,  have another 20% of American Uranium hidden on my ranch.

Seems it is ok for Clinton to hand over 20% of US Uranium to the Big Bad Wold (for a nice fee).  Seems not to be such a 'real' enemy if you are willing to feed their nuclear bombs.


UK just acting as Deep State arse-puppets as usual.  This time its Boris and May to enjoy the taste of Deep State penis.

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How did “everyone” know the Russians did this within 24 hours? The same instantaneous and universal conclusion happened with the “Assad gassed his people story” of last year. Guilty immediately. It’s like the script/meme had already been written. And NO MSM watchdog journalists ever perform their own neutral investigation, they just go with the “official” meme. Which tells us something as ominous as the false flag events.

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Time to call up the Home Guard! Don't Panic!

Seriously, though. Are these ministers literally foaming at the mouth? Because their rhetoric sure sounds frothy to me.