Trump Replaces McMaster With John Bolton As Security Advisor

They keep dropping like flies.

While H.R. McMaster's departure from the Trump administration had been thoroughly leaked press in recent weeks, and the press had a field day with John Bolton's appearance at the White House earlier today...

... with many putting two and two together...

... it wasn't until just after 6pm that the NYT reported that H. R. McMaster, the veteran Army officer who was tapped as President Trump’s national security adviser last year to stabilize a turbulent foreign policy operation, will resign and be replaced by John R. Bolton, the neoconservative hard-line former US ambassador to the United Nations.


Which is ironic considering that just one week ago..

Upon his departure, Gen. McMaster will retire from the military.

“H.R. McMaster has served his country with distinction for more than 30 years. He has won many battles and his bravery and toughness are legendary,” Mr. Trump said in a statement. “General McMaster’s leadership of the National Security Council staff has helped my administration accomplish great things to bolster America’s national security.”

The president and the general, who had never met before Trump interviewed General McMaster for the post, had little chemistry from the start, and often clashed behind the scenes. McMaster had struggled for months to impose order not only on a fractious national security team, but also on a president who resisted the sort of discipline customary in the military.

Although General McMaster has been a maverick voice at times during a long military career, the Washington foreign policy establishment had hoped he would keep the president from making rash decisions.

Tensions between the two seeped into public view in February, when General McMaster said at a security conference in Munich that the evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was beyond dispute. The statement drew a swift rebuke from the president, who vented his anger on Twitter.

“General McMaster forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the Russians and that the only Collusion was between Russia and Crooked H, the DNC and the Dems,” Mr. Trump wrote, using his campaign nickname for Hillary Clinton. “Remember the Dirty Dossier, Uranium, Speeches, Emails and the Podesta Company!”

Trump picked McMaster last February after pushing out Michael T. Flynn, his first national security adviser, for not being forthright about a conversation with Russia’s ambassador at the time. (Flynn has since pleaded guilty of making a false statement to the F.B.I. and is cooperating with Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.)

General McMaster carried out a slow-rolling purge of hard-liners at the National Security Council who had been installed by Mr. Flynn and were allied ideologically with Stephen K. Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist, earning the ire of conservatives who complained that his moves represented the foreign policy establishment reasserting itself over a president who had promised a different approach.

Now, just over a year into his tenure, McMaster himself is out.

According to the NYT, McMaster had been discussing the process around his departure with President Trump for several weeks, and decided to speed it up "because questions about his status were casting a shadow over his conversations with foreign officials."

The officials also said that Mr. Trump wanted to fill out his national security team before his meeting with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un. He replaced Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson with the C.I.A. director, Mike Pompeo, last week.

To avoid the impression of another botched Rex-T-like firing in which the general was sacked while sitting on the toilet, "officials emphasized that General McMaster’s departure was a mutual decision and amicable, with none of the recrimination that marked Mr. Tillerson’s exit."

The NYT sources also said it was not related to a leak on Tuesday of briefing materials for Mr. Trump’s phone call with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. As was reported, Trump had been advised by his senior staff not to congratulate Mr. Putin on his re-election, which the president went ahead and did during the call.

Bolton, who will take office April 9, has met regularly with Trump to discuss foreign policy, and was on a list of candidates for national security adviser. He was in the West Wing with Mr. Trump to discuss the job on Thursday.

Incidentally, while Gen. McMaster had been among the most hard-line administration officials in his approach to North Korea, publicly raising the specter of a “preventive war” against the North, and was among those who expressed concerns about Mr. Trump’s abrupt decision this month to meet Kim Jong-un, according to a senior official - Bolton is far more interventionist, and a far greater neocon than McMaster ever could be.

Last month, Bolton authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal arguing that preemptive strike against North Korea would be justified based on Daniel Webster's "necessity test."

Pre-emption opponents argue that action is not justified because Pyongyang does not constitute an “imminent threat.” They are wrong. The threat is imminent, and the case against pre-emption rests on the misinterpretation of a standard that derives from prenuclear, pre-ballistic-missile times. Given the gaps in U.S. intelligence about North Korea, we should not wait until the very last minute. That would risk striking after the North has deliverable nuclear weapons, a much more dangerous situation.

In assessing the timing of pre-emptive attacks, the classic formulation is Daniel Webster’s test of “necessity.” British forces in 1837 invaded U.S. territory to destroy the steamboat Caroline, which Canadian rebels had used to transport weapons into Ontario.

Webster asserted that Britain failed to show that “the necessity of self-defense was instant, overwhelming, leaving no choice of means, and no moment of deliberation.” Pre-emption opponents would argue that Britain should have waited until the Caroline reached Canada before attacking.

Would an American strike today against North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program violate Webster’s necessity test? Clearly not. Necessity in the nuclear and ballistic-missile age is simply different than in the age of steam. What was once remote is now, as a practical matter, near; what was previously time-consuming to deliver can now arrive in minutes; and the level of destructiveness of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons is infinitely greater than that of the steamship Caroline’s weapons cargo.

These views would qualify Bolton as perhaps the most hawkish member of Trump's national security team - which shouldn't be taken lightly given that Pompeo, an uber-hawk himself, is also a member of that team.

In other words, with Bolton's arrival, the likelihood of a far more aggressive foreign military policy will surge, which means that not only is the Iran deal virtually finished - with bullish consequences for the price of oil as over 1 million barrels of Iranian oil are taken off the market as a result of a new economic blockade of Tehran - but tensions surrounding North Korea are likely to return front and center, as Trump's attempt at detente crashes and burns under his new neocon security advisor.



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Pure conservative.  A member of everything powerful in D.C, think tanks, all.  He wouldn't understand a concern of a common citizen no more than he would understand a tadpole.  Won't likely bend to will of others but it might be his own will that deserves watching. worth a quick read:

Found this interesting:…

He is a Lutheran BTW.

We are not coming out of the M.E. anytime soon.

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veritas semper… 07564111 Thu, 03/22/2018 - 19:50 Permalink

So here you have it ! One of the biggest rabid Zionist scum on the face of  zionist US .

Let's recapitulate :

- Bolton served as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations from August 2005 until December 2006 as a recess appointee by President George W. Bush

- Bolton is also involved with a number of politically conservative think tanks, policy institutes and special interest groups, including the Institute of East-West Dynamics, the National Rifle Association, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, Project for the New American Century, Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA), Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf, the Council for National Policy, and the Gatestone Institute,[15] where he serves as the organization Chairman.

-- Bolton has spoken in favor of the People's Mujahedin of Iran (also known as the Mujahedin-e Khalq, or MEK),[142] "an armed Islamic group with Marxist leanings"[143] which has long been on the U.S. State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

 I will enjoy the comments from The Donald's gallery of fans. Their mental contortions in trying to explain and excuse this will be magnificent.

LOL in advance .

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Trump is removing EVERYONE who has ever been touted / hinted as "controlling Trump".


Trump is doing this BEFORE he meets Kim Jong Un. Because Trump wants to go meet Kim and say a few outrageous things without anyone leaking against him.


I think Trump will crack a joke with Kim about launching. "hey what's that? Is it a bird? Is it a plan?... Oh it's a seagull."

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John B. the jew supremacist Z.O.A. ambassador- He is jew supremacist through & through !!

Z.O.A. is "Zionist Organization of America"

John is backed by every jew supremacists organization of the world.……

israels Man "john bolton"

Headline News: "john the jew bolton joins trump the orange jew"

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I kept supporting over and over Trump, hoping and hoping he would do right by the planet as a whole, but putting this Zionist crazy Bolton in such a position has finally killed it forever for me regarding Trump! Bolton is a psychopath, he will talk the west into suicidal wars for Israel. The countdown to war is in its final stages! Fvck Trump, fvck Bolton!!!!

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Creative_Destruct PhilofOz Thu, 03/22/2018 - 23:29 Permalink

This scumbag Bolton is the ULTIMATE NEOCON-ARTIST.

He is an absolute war-mongering moron who advocated STRONGLY FOR and STILL thinks the Iraq invasion was a good idea.

He wants NO negotiations and WANTS a first strike against BOTH NK & Iran.

Rarely do I link to Foreign Policy, but I have to agree with this article:

McMaster Sucked. BOLTON BLOWS...HARD

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Zionist Christianity is a racial caste system of Jews on top, then whites and the people of color are on the bottom.

They call that Christianity in the US, Israel first over America. Around 99% of Jews in this country and Israel are Eastern European and Russian(20% of Israel's population are Russian Jews, the Mossad director was a Russian Jew, many stated he was behind 9/11).

These people are the Khazar Gypsies calling themselves Jews. In the 1960's there were around one million Gypsies in the US, where did the Gypsies go? Many became Jews when the 1965 immigration act was passed.  That's a story in itself of how the people calling themselves the Jews in congress manipulated the vote. Eastern Europeans and Russians from South Russia poured in.

Israeli scientist discovered the schizophrenia gene in 40% of the people calling themselves Jews. The word schizophrenia was coined by Swiss professor in 1908. It was used to explain the inverted logic, the opposite  of human logic of the Eastern Europeans who came from Khazaria flooding into Central Europe calling themselves Jews. The reason and he was extremely accurate, it was caused by inbreeding.

The gypsies calling themselves Jews will tell you they discovered the word schizophrenia. There was a quota on these people, slowly the gained critical mass. In the 1930's to 1960's, the fake Jews created a gulag across the US for mental concentration camps, and went nationwide cutting people's brains out. It was called lobotomies. The torture of Americans in these facilities has been documented.

The racket, was the police pointed the finger at  wealthy people, then the people were locked up under the most horrible conditions, the crooked police got the people's wealth. The gypsies got another victim to kill. This has all been documented.

In the 1960's people were afraid of having their brains cut out by the Jews. J Edgar Hoover, a mason, and a homosexual, worked with these gypsies. Secret files collected on millions of Americans to send them to the Jew gulag, or to blackmail Americans in political positions. (the highest incidence of homosexuality is in Jebu salom. This was reported in the Jebu salom Post. It was called Jebu which David renamed, Jebu peace, it's all in the Bible of how the Israelites mixed with the Jebu people, up until around 600 AD to 700 AD these mixed people were called Hebrews, which is the Jebu language. I can take on ALL Zionist Christian preachers in debate, they will not do it, because it's their meal ticket to keep you believing, US Christianity is a mean spirited religion of hate to justify the racial caste system of Jew on top, then whites and people of color on the bottom)

The top mafia in the US in the 1930's to the 1970's were Jews from Eastern Europe. I can name everyone of them and everything about how these people who call themselves Jews robbed our people, now they rob us in our face. Only after the death of mason J. Edgar Hoover died did the FBI go after the mafia. They removed the yoke of the Eastern European Jew mafia , which was around 240 mafia families controlling around 240 US cities.)

At any time anyone on this board can ask me questions about this, I will do my best to explain what has been done to the poor souls called the American people.


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chumbawamba MK ULTRA Alpha Thu, 03/22/2018 - 23:31 Permalink

"This has all been documented."


Specifically regarding these claims:

"In the 1960's there were around one million Gypsies in the US, where did the Gypsies go? Many became Jews when the 1965 immigration act was passed."

"Israeli scientist discovered the schizophrenia gene in 40% of the people calling themselves Jews. The word schizophrenia was coined by Swiss professor in 1908. It was used to explain the inverted logic, the opposite  of human logic of the Eastern Europeans who came from Khazaria flooding into Central Europe calling themselves Jews. The reason and he was extremely accurate, it was caused by inbreeding."

"The gypsies calling themselves Jews will tell you they discovered the word schizophrenia. "

"The torture of Americans in these facilities has been documented."


I am Chumbawamba.


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MK ULTRA Alpha chumbawamba Fri, 03/23/2018 - 00:17 Permalink

It would take a long time to post all the sources, your demand is a chicken shit way for shutting down accurate assessment from years of research. Many of the sources are old books before you were brainwashed to believe the TV is the source of all truth.


swiss professor 1908 schizophrenia

Eugen Bleuler - Wikipedia - Cached - Similar

Paul Eugen Bleuler was a Swiss psychiatrist and eugenicist most notable for his contributions to the understanding of mental illness. He coined many psychiatric terms, such as "schizophrenia", "schizoid", "autism", depth psychology and what Sigmund Freud called "Bleuler's happily chosen term ambivalence". Contents.

This is the sanitize version. It wasn't on google before I read it in a book around a hundred years old, it was a book which explained about the hypothesis the Eastern European Gypsies calling themselves Jews flowing in to Central Europe were an inbred people out of Khazaria. This started a war between Eastern Europe Jews and Central Europeans, the Eastern Europeans out wrote the Central Europeans, by the time these Eastern Europeans came to the US they were cutting Americans brains out. Not only did I live during this time and can tell you why people were afraid back then, and everyone talked about it when I was kid. Two American researchers wrote a book on the Khazar Gypsy Jew gulag, they were featured on CSPAN channel. and I read books of horror, by doctors of these era. They told how people were being killed off etc. It would be difficult to list all sources.

But everything has been written about it, all you have to do is read, but it's too late, Americans operate under inverted logic programmed by television. Who controls the television programming of your mind? Who controls the MSM system in this country, you do the research and come tell me, because apparently you can't understand until you understand until to put the puzzle together of which you have an agenda  for people to understand.

It's easy to find the genetic scientist report, it was all over the web at one time, go look it up. 40%, it's out there.

Trump is nothing but a television mind,many of his appointments and even his lawyer are television, Bolton, is on TV all the time pumping for the fake Jews,  it's his meal ticket.


And Facebook steals your personal data, then sells it. That data was used by both parties to find out what American thinks and then they project the same data for voters. I can go on, I am not going to spend time providing someone like you sources if you can't do it on your own. Facebook is doing this in foreign nations, they're paid to manipulate nations elections. That's against US law.

I am telling what to look for and this, prove it with a  source, like a lazy television mind you're incapable of even putting a search into Goggle?

Care to take the survey of what country you're posting from, a lot of Israelis, and brainwashed Zioheads are on here.

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Shemp 4 Victory MK ULTRA Alpha Fri, 03/23/2018 - 05:07 Permalink


But everything has been written about it, all you have to do is read,

Thus the request for sources. Read what?

I am telling what to look for and this, prove it with a  source, like a lazy television mind you're incapable of even putting a search into Goggle?

Paragraphs of ranting, all just to say that you have no sources? That's a long walk for a biscuit.

Care to take the survey of what country you're posting from, a lot of Israelis, and brainwashed Zioheads are on here.

 And you're not Napoleon's neighbor in the ward?

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your demand is a chicken shit way for shutting down accurate assessment from years of research

Your attitude, that anyone who challenges your assertions is attempting to shut you down, that debate is somehow "chicken shit", is childish.

It's apparent you thought this was Speech club, and woke up in fight club.

Debate is a healthy, sane exercise.  Get used to intelligent decent, this is not the lame Newspaper forum you cut your teeth on!!

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MK ULTRA Alpha Tarzan Sat, 03/24/2018 - 00:03 Permalink

LOL chicken shit, two board enemies and you jump on the band wagon. It's all to prevent the explanation of Zionist Christianity and the racial caste system, of Jews on top, then whites like you and people of color on the bottom.

It's real interesting these three posters are never critical about Israel, the fake Jews, and how Israel was deeply involved in the wars for Israel and the manipulation of the US for MORE WARS for Israel. But they pump hate for America? This is YOUR Jews.

LOL you were screaming I was trying to say you weren't Bobby McKay the oldest son of Homer Simpson"" McKay.

Such a low life liar. Don't worry a lot of people will know.

I'm going to make sure, many people know exactly who you are, the unit of your father, all the way up and across. See you have to get people to believe the Navy lied because that's the ONLY way you can get more money from the Navy.

It'll be interesting when all your congressman, Rubio? his brother fought in Vietnam as a Special Forces soldier. Senator Nelson, etc. get the letter.

I will explain about your extortion plot for momma.

And again, you want more war for Israel, now you hide it? no, I'm explaining about the JEWS and what do three posters do, two are Jews, they make attacks of people who speak out about them being the Khazar gypsies.

Bobby McKay story and your whining mother will be dragged through the mud.

newspaper? I posted on the internet since the  early 90's, I programmed for years. I was programming web sites in HTML, before Al Gore discovered the web. It was 1992 working with Dr. Ravi Kalakota, at UT Austin.

So I am writing and I too have a printer. I will rent space on more than one server farm. So when anyone puts the name of Donnie McKay, unit, everything and his raving mother, about your plan to get money from the government, it will all cost around $200, you do want publicity for your extortion plan?

It will be the same document It will be sent to the unit and the Navy chain of command all the way up to the Secretary of the Navy.

You rant the Navy lied about the location which wasn't in Vietnam, it was in international waters. Don't worry it will be university level. And I didn't post on your newspaper where you were a printer and (you said) you lost your job because of Trump, I started posting on your newspaper in 2010.

Oh yeah, you wouldn't tell the name of this mystery Captain who you said wrote your lie in his memoirs. All I needed was his name to do research. But you lie so much you wouldn't do it. The Navy report and location was accurate, period. You must have the KIA Vietnam for MONEY.

I've down loaded all of your rants as proof.

LOL then the constant the CIA and Navy goons are going to come to your house, and then it was I was going to send my goons? You're nuts. You're either an alcoholic or meth user, or some other hard drug user or you had lead poisoning from your printer job, because you can't remember what you write. I thought you were a nut when I read your first rant. Then you followed me around, so I decided to bring you out.

And the word "goon" is used in Jacksonville drug culture to describe who? JSO. The constant rants about the goons are going to get you is because, the hard drugs you're using, what ever your taking isn't weed. So when you buy again or sell again watching, there maybe someone watching and will give probable cause to search your house, dope found, off to prison. Goon, goon, goon, goon all the time means the dope is making you paranoid.

Buddy, everyone is going to get a copy of the report of your extortion plan and it will be on the web for a long time. On the web site, I will use a hyperlink to prove your plan to make the Navy pay for your hate with your hate rant for the US. It's in your rants. period.

Just trying to help you spread the word.


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It is becoming clearer and clearer that Trump IS the controlled opposition. It has all the hallmarks of a giant psy ops: instead of Trump being attacked by the Deep State it is merely the APPEARANCE that he is being attacked by the Deep State so people are fooled to view him as the underdog whilst he installs more neocons for the next phase of aggression against Russia, Iran and its proxies.

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2stateshmoostate pier Thu, 03/22/2018 - 23:39 Permalink

I think you hit the nail on the head. The next big thing is likely to be a 911 type false flag event. I'm under the impression that Trump is replacing anyone not on board with the coming event. Or should I say Trump's puppet masters are telling him what to do. I never thought Trump was his own man.

I could be wrong, but I get the feeling that this next attack could use some form of chemical weapons. 


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duck dodgers JSBach1 Thu, 03/22/2018 - 20:47 Permalink

"It is becoming clearer and clearer that Trump IS the controlled opposition".

Its becoming clear now? I been sayin that since before the election. It wasnt clear when he did an immediate about face on Hillary? Or when he instantly turned on Russia? Or when the very first thing he did after inauguration was visit the CIA to pledge allegiance?

"instead of Trump being attacked by the Deep State it is merely the APPEARANCE that he is being attacked by the Deep State so people are fooled to view him as the underdog whilst he installs more neocons for the next phase of aggression against Russia, Iran and its proxies."

Gee ya think?

By the time this is all over Trump is gonna make Obama look like a libertarian.

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JSBach1 duck dodgers Thu, 03/22/2018 - 23:27 Permalink

Well, well we have ourselves a sage of sorts...

It is rather convenient that you people come out of the woodwork ONLY to beat your chest after the fact.

Obama will never look anything like a libertarian after the revelations of his administration's level of spying -- only reminiscent, and rather minuscule when compared to that of Israelis' spying efforts on its supposed allies

...just trying to point it out to honest people who may have been swayed and taken advantage of like the students of Trump University.

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MK ULTRA Alpha veritas semper… Thu, 03/22/2018 - 23:52 Permalink

Israel First and we must Bless Israel OR WE'RE DOOMED lower socioeconomic belief system of Zionist Christian which is a racial caste system, of Jews on top, whites and then people of color on the bottom.

We didn't vote for more wars for Israel, we voted for the economy. We didn't vote for all these Eastern Europeans gypsies crawling all over the government. We didn't vote for Israel first, we voted for America first.

We didn't vote for free defense for countries all over the world. We voted for them to pay for their own defense.

The name Kagan is a Khazar Gypsy name. He was a major disinformation operator through his non-profit propaganda operation out of Harvard to mislead public opinion on the Syrian war.

Bolton and Kagan will ensure more wars for Israel first.

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Uncoy Shemp 4 Victory Fri, 03/23/2018 - 09:49 Permalink

Victoria Nuland appointed Ambassador to Russia in Moscow. Happily the Russians can just refuse her appointment. But you're right - the war making treacherous dual citizenship witch could just waltz into Kiev. It would be a demotion though as she was Deputy Secretary of State before.

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Terminaldude veritas semper… Thu, 03/22/2018 - 20:13 Permalink

I think the President has fucked up big time with this appointment.  I cannot understand why he would put this dip shit in.  I have been trying to figure it out but I cannot come up with an angle that would somehow benefit all the Trump Voters that want peace. 

I think Trump is a smart guy and usually is a step or two ahead of what is happening but this makes NO sense.  "Enemies closer" perhaps to find out info. before the Military starts cleaning house?  Not sure.  It is definitely puzzling.  Hmmmm

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Conscious Reviver Terminaldude Thu, 03/22/2018 - 20:41 Permalink

"I cannot understand why he would put this dip shit in."

Well then get your head out of your azz. We live in an occupied country. The Jew overlords just stepped out from behind the curtain.

Trumpo loves to ramble on about what a mistake the Iraq invasion was. And then he picks one of the prime architects to join him in DC.

We's been had. Well not me actually. I've been calling this out for 2 years now.

What an evil shit hole Amerika has become. Congratulations to all the pathetic losers who stood by and watched it happen.

We all know Bibi's smiling from ear to ear.

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Terminaldude Conscious Reviver Thu, 03/22/2018 - 21:21 Permalink

By the end of 2018 we will know for sure I think. 

I almost give a shit, since I don't live in your country but at least there is hope that someone other than the deep state NWO types that your country has been electing OVER and OVER and OVER again might actually be in a place to make a difference.  I cannot imagine that you think things would be better if HRC was elected, could you?

Having Trump in place is at least a breath of hope that the evil that run's your Country can at least be exposed (which is happening because of the Mueller investigation....Think about that for half a second.....) if not totally cleaned up.  The NWO and Neocon's in the US are blatantly flaunting there hatred for the average US Citizen, and the "News" organizations cheer them on.  Pathetic.  Trump is your only hope to overcome the cesspool that is the US Government right now. 

Ask yourself as a voting US citizen.  IS there a rule of law being followed in DC right now?  NO THERE IS NOT! should be your response and if that is the response, why the FUCK are you people not Marching on DC and demanding the rule of Law be followed?  The LibTards do it all the time and to good results it appears.   3 Gender Bathrooms.  What the Fuck?  Start fighting back or your country is gone and so will follow all the other Western Countries that get their cues from the US (because you have the biggest markets and everyone knows it).

Throw shit at me all you want but look in the mirror and ask who's fault it is that your country is in the state it is in right now.  It sure the fuck isn't mine, but it still effects me and everyone else in the world.

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Conscious Reviver Terminaldude Thu, 03/22/2018 - 21:36 Permalink

"Having Trump in place is at least a breath of hope that the evil that run's your Country can at least be exposed ..."

No problem with that. The evil is exposed every day. You seem confused about the American electoral system. There is no real choice. The Zionists love to slag the Iranian system because the Mullahs pick the candidates. At least the Mullahs are Iranian. In our system, the Zionist Jews pick the candidates. And nobody gets near any lever of power anymore, if the Zino-Jews don't approve.

Like Trump, Hillary was of course Zino-Jew approved. So how would things be different if Hillary was selected instead of Trump? Maybe you would see more pink pussy hats being worn around the DC Mall, but as far as anything substantial, anything to do with money and power, war and peace goes, it would not be different at all. Because being Zino-Jew approved, means you will follow the Zino-Jew agenda.

The day Bolton us invited back into the White House is a black, black day for America and the World.

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Terminaldude Conscious Reviver Thu, 03/22/2018 - 22:24 Permalink

I totally agree with everything you have said. 

Now what?  Do the people of the US just give up and curl up into the fetal position?  Trust me, I don't have the answer and I wish I did.

I still think there is a WAY more coming out about what is really going on in your country because of Trump.  I agree that he had to be approved by the people in charge but I truly think they didn't think he had a chance and Jeb was going to be the Golden Boy again.  Bush against Clinton.  What would be better for the NWO?  Then the Unthinkable.  The flyover Citizens and a few on each coast that were sick and tired of the Status Quo woke up and voted.  Do you not remember the rallies Trump was having and the Soro's funded fools crashing them and starting fights etc.?  HRC rallies where a couple hundred lesbian protesters or people that wondered in to see what was going on. 

I have to believe that Trump is the real deal and he is up against a wall (not the wall) with every NWO, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg's, Council or Foreign Relations, etc. etc. (and YES, Israel...ITs a country, not a religion),people out to get him.  Almost all of the MSM is constantly battering him and yet, nothing.  He knows how to play with their minds.  He tweets and all the cockroaches come out to bash him.  You don't think he is paying attention to who says what and about what.

The world is controlled by some REALLY sick people (Pedophiles, Lucifarians) that want to make us all slaves and they are doing it by bankrupting us.  Ask 10 people in the US if they want WAR with name it...... and I bet 9 would say NO.  So why is the US constantly at WAR?  Yes, you have little control of your own country and yes, it is right out in the open but people don't give a shit and slowly let their freedoms be taken away.

I honestly think it is going to come down to a NEW Civil War within the US to get rid of the so called "ruling" class and Politician's that say one thing and then vote completely the opposite.  DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR GUNS!  People with no way of defending themselves are completely enslaved.  IT's a Battle for sure and Trump is actually trying to Protect you from them.  I hope I am right, but Bolton is, I hope, not the man he portrays, for all our sakes, or he might have to be the next one sent packing.


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