White House Soap Operas Distract From Real Global Dangers

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com,

In the liberty movement, we often refer to the historical tactic of the Roman “bread and circuses” when describing the deliberate mass distraction of the public of today. In the era when Roman emperors supplanted the senate and dominated political and social life, it was deemed advantageous to create various forms of “entertainment,” often violent, in order to keep the citizenry preoccupied and thus less likely to physically act against the power structure as the empire suffered economic decline.

The use of bread and circuses continues into our era, but the method has been refined and the manipulations have become in some ways more subtle.

For example, in ancient Rome the horrors of the Colosseum were meant to keep the public’s attention AWAY from the government.

Today, the soap opera of government keeps people’s attention away from the true power brokers within global finance.

The White House itself has been molded into just another reality TV show, and mainstream media coverage has been relentless. With Donald Trump (no stranger to reality TV) at center stage, it is difficult for the citizenry to gauge what is politically legitimate and important. What we are bombarded with is an ever escalating drama between Trump, his staff, and the media, and instead of ignoring the theater many people are desperately seeking to interpret the meaning behind a show that is actually meaningless.

Every two weeks or so another episode develops in which Trump, playing the character of the brash and aggressive “populist,” fires one of his cabinet as if The Apprentice never ended, but was simply transferred to the Oval Office. Some people find this entertaining as it is Trump doing what he is most recently famous for doing. Those on the political left interpret this as reckless abandon and confirmation that their fears over Trump being ill suited to the presidency are justified. Still others in the liberty movement who originally supported Trump’s campaign are perhaps desperately looking for vindication. They wanted so badly to avoid the inevitable evils of a Clinton regime that they are now willing to give Trump a pass on almost anything, and they argue that the endless turnover in the Trump White House is Trump fulfilling his election promise of “draining the swamp.”

It is important to note that Trump is NOT draining the swamp of elitism in Washington D.C. The public is so focused on who Trump gives the boot they are forgetting to pay attention to the institutions that never leave. But what do I mean by this?

Let’s look at the some of the more widely publicized staff changes at the White House. Dina Powell, a Goldman Sachs alumni, was recently replaced as National Security Adviser, and so, the argument that Trump is “draining the swamp” persists. Yet, Powell was replaced by H.R. McMaster, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and hardly a stranger to elitist circles.

Gary Cohn, another Goldman Sachs agent, has left his post as Chief Economic Adviser and has been replaced by “conservative” Larry Kudlow, ostensibly as Trump is “cleaning house” and removing globalist influences in preparation for his war to balance the trade deficit. Yet, Kudlow is was a campaign coordinator who worked closely with the likes of Bill Clinton and John Podesta, as well as other major Democrat personalities. He began his career as a staff economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and oversaw the fall of Bear Stearns which was one of the sparks that launched the 2008 credit crisis. This guy is in no way a true conservative, nor is he some kind of anti-globalist replacement for Gary Cohn.

Rex Tillerson's firing, one of the most recent dramas, has led to the position of Secretary of State being filled by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.  Pompeo is often portrayed as a former "Tea Party congressmen", yet he is a rabid supporter of mass surveillance of the American people by the NSA through FISA related programs, and has referred to Wikileaks as a "non-state hostile intelligence service."  First, this only proves further the "Tea Party" label has been so thoroughly co-opted by the establishment that it is laughable to refer to it in any relation to true conservatives and liberty champions.  Second, it also shows that Trump has no intention of making any significant changes to the Beltway; only cosmetic changes are allowed.

And so it goes on and on. If one looks closely at the Trump administration, they will find that the people within the cabinet are changing constantly, but the elitist and globalist organizations and ideologies those people represent are always present within the White House. They never leave.

The swamp is not being “drained,” it is simply being shifted around so that the American people can’t keep up with the names of the swamp creatures and the positions they hold.

Ever since the days of Woodrow Wilson, a president purportedly controlled from within the White House by adviser Col. Mandel House (the founder of the Council On Foreign Relations), it has been common practice for globalists to use presidents as proxies. That is to say, the president is generally a mascot held up to the public as a target for political criticism or as a rallying tool to push the population in a particular direction. All the while, the true power brokers work from behind the curtain, dictating policy towards the paths of either globalization or disaster.

Trump is an interesting case as far as this 4th generation warfare is concerned. Never in modern times has a president’s rhetoric been so openly hostile to the globalists, while at the same time harboring those very same globalists within his administration. Never before has a fabricated battle between the White House and globalization as an ideology been used as a distraction from globalism itself. This is something entirely new.

The issue is something I warned about consistently before Trump was even elected, and it is the reason I predicted that he would become president. Trump, in my view according to the evidence so far, is controlled opposition. He is a foil for the globalist battle against ideas of conservatism, sovereignty and nationalism. Instead of attacking these ideas outright (a losing battle), the elitists have presented a strawman in the form of Donald Trump. Trump’s actions seem to follow conservative guidelines but his policies are poorly executed, which sets the stage for future failures on an epic scale.

As I mentioned in my article Trump Trade Wars A Perfect Smokescreen For A Market Crash, the timing of Trump’s initiatives could not be more perfect…for international financiers and central banks, that is.

Currently, the Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world are embarking on a process of tightening stimulus measures that have been artificially propping up stock markets and bond markets since the 2008 crash. In particular, the Fed’s move to continue hiking interest rates and cut its balance sheet as negative economic data rolls in has set light to the fuse of a fiscal explosion. Market dependency on cheap debt is total. Corporate debt levels are at all time highs as companies sink further and further into the red in a desperate attempt to inflate their own stock prices through stock buybacks. The Fed has been facilitating this market manipulation for quite some time, but now the party is over.

With each new rate hike and balance sheet reduction markets become more volatile and unstable. The Fed under new chairman Jerome Powell is well aware of what it is doing, considering Powell warned of the consequences of this as far back as 2012. It is highly unlikely though that when the economy crashes central bankers will get the blame.

As March rolls into April, it is also important to note that the Fed's balance sheet reductions are slated to expand to $30 billion per month or more.  So far, the Fed has shown a habit of cutting far beyond their publicly stated goals.  With markets dropping by thousands of points every time there is a balance sheet reduction, the instability is only going to increase exponentially.

Also, is it just a coincidence that every new Trump tariff and trade war announcement seems to take place at the same time as the Fed's rate hikes and balance sheet cuts?  This sure does make it appear as though Trump is the cause of the subsequent stock market declines rather than the central bank, doesn't it?

Trump’s continued soap opera theater is building up the narrative of a slapdash presidency run by a bumbling novice. Trump’s initiation of a trade war without necessary preparations, such as giving corporations incentives to move manufacturing back to the U.S. and creating production independence, is an excellent smokescreen for a collapse of stock markets and a dumping of U.S. Treasury bonds by foreign creditors.

For those wondering why globalist elements would deliberately crash the American economy, I suggest they read my article The Economic Endgame Explained. To summarize, in order to reach their openly stated goals of a one world currency system, as well as total centralization of global economic administration, certain appendages of the current system must be sacrificed. One of those appendages is the American economy as it exists now, along with the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.

Such an attack on our country and our society would not go without notice or possible retaliation. Therefore, the banking elitists need a scapegoat. I have said it before and I’ll say it again — there is no better scapegoat that the Trump White House. Why? Because the Trump White House has been painted since the election as a symbol of stalwart conservatism, even though it is not. The demonization of conservative principles such as limited government, true free markets, personal liberty, etc. becomes much easier when globalists can attach them to an international catastrophe such as a financial collapse.

And, since Trump has been set up as the strawman for conservative ideals, attaching catastrophe to Trump also vicariously attaches catastrophe to the rest of us.

The only way to undermine this 4th generation warfare tactic is for conservatives to ignore the White House soap opera and to question Donald Trump’s policies publicly when they do not meet logical or practical standards. Blindly supporting Trump because of his rhetoric only harms our cause in the long run, and refusing to acknowledge the fact that he has surrounded himself with the very globalists he is supposedly at war with only sets us up for tragedy. If we remain skeptical and maintain our principles, however, it becomes much harder for the mainstream media or anyone else to implicate us in any great calamity that Trump is blamed for.

*  *  *

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War will end when life ends. Time to thin the heard.


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IntercoursetheEU agNau Fri, 03/23/2018 - 01:19 Permalink

We're just barely out of the first year of the administration.

So far it's been easier to let the swamp creatures swim around for a few months before firing. President Trump will continue to terraform the political landscape for many years to come.

The educated class has succumbed to network television poisoning. Fighting Joe Biden at the head of the parade; political power lost for  the rest of your lifetime. Thanks for the laughs!

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Dabooda IntercoursetheEU Fri, 03/23/2018 - 01:46 Permalink

Like Brandon said: it's all theater.  And Trump is doing a host routine, following a script written by the owners of The Swamp. He has no plan for freedom or peace; his show is just something to keep us entertained while the shackles go around our legs, and nooses tighten around our necks.  He is not some savior.  He is the ENEMY.  (And yes, I voted for him too, in the hope that he would be better than Hillary.  He isn't.)

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trump is just a bigly distraction as the acceleration of the gun ban, digital currency and lennin bullet in head culling of the sheep.

watch for the dod.gov to order about 100 cat trench diggers for the bodies...

chaos is starting in the markets, then iran invasion and then enters china and russia for the main event.

out of chaos comes the round up of dissenters, soros for world council prez. vote early to preserve your life...

full tilt dose of doom porn.

your welcome


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floating plastic islands 3 times the size of France

50 per cent of all life on earth has died in the last 40 years

AI internet of things 5g total earth weaponisation

Possible 6 front war,now likely, with Bolton's appointment....look will

you just look at those tits on Stormy Daniels 

karenm Fri, 03/23/2018 - 00:15 Permalink

All a distraction, all a narrative, and doesn't it seem like it? Honestly, they make it SOOO obvious it's bull shit.


Oh and Trump fans, ever wonder why he's the star performer in this distraction? That should give you pause for thought, if you still know how to think, which may not be the case.

StephenHopkins Fri, 03/23/2018 - 00:20 Permalink

Q uses ‘As The World Turns’ On January 22, 2018


is this the bait for 25,000,000 that will have to be ‘removed’ to make America swallow OWG!?! Collectivism!?! 


Tune in next week ! 

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" Ever since the days of Woodrow Wilson, a president purportedly controlled from within the White House by adviser Col. Mandel House (the founder of the Council On Foreign Relations) "


Saying this guy was the founder of CFR is like saying George Washington's orderly was the Father of our Nation.

Savvy Fri, 03/23/2018 - 00:22 Permalink

The whole thing is a shit show for the media, who gives a fuck what Mueller says or what Trump thinks of it? Whatever Russia did or didn't do won't make a god damn bit of difference in anything.

"You fed my dog cat food!!"


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Buying MOAR silver here.  The stacks are getting large.:-)  More ATB's.  Another pre-buy.  Fuck it, it's only digitz.  It's so good not be in debt and have money you can just blow into PM's.  I want it ALL.  All I want out of life is to pass on what I have done to my children and establish a solid base for them and for grandchildren that I may or may not know when that time comes.  Long after I am gone I want them to look back and receive the message I sent.

I'll die penniless per my estate planning.  The state won't get one red cent out of my dead body.  You can count on that. 

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What they don't know won't hurt them.  I just blew four figures again and I do it on a regular basis as far as bullion.  She bought some Trump silver bullion coins at the show about a week and a half ago.  I bought a 1917D Standing Liberty( the exposed boob quarter) just because I am an idiot to start that collection.  I'll never complete that collection because you need some very serious fuck you money for that.  I think I bought a nice one and I have to send that off to NGC for grading.  I paid plenty for that coin.  But that is the deal with doing what I do.  I know it is real for sure but has it been cleaned?  I suspect it was lightly cleaned a long time ago.  The 1917D's are a hard coin to invest in because so many people saved them because it was a big scandal at the time with the feminists of those days.  It's hard to know how many of them there are.  It's an expensive conversation piece if nothing else.  Anyone that tells me that they know about money needs to know that they probably don't know shit from Shinola. 

If you really want to have some fun with your money and not spend it, then go to your bank and ask for a bundle of brand new consecutive serial numbered $10 bills and see how that goes for you.LMFAO.  They must exist somewhere but I can't find any at the bank.  The good old sawbuck is underappreciated and now they are going to some crabby old woman on it.  I am not a Hamiltonian at all but the ten fiats part is fine.

I know it is weird to collect but when the assholes try to tell me some bullshit I have evidence that contradicts their lies.  Explain this then, they can't, and they don't like it.   

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manip, indeed we have similarities. standing liberties are beautiful.  Numismatics apparently are good if you know what you are doiing. If you like the female form on silver, check out the mexican Libertads, much less prudish than our silver eagles. 

I dont like that kind of fun at the banks, I already have had run ins with em when I take cash from the mattress and have to put it back in to pay a bill or when I want to pull out to stuff in the mattress.  Dont go over 10K.

I like liberty double eagles and dont mind the premium over american eagles which I find remind me of the current US Gov. and when I want a coin to enjoy I like indian quarter eagle. They are expensive but so sweet. 

Keep stacking partner



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I was just thinking about this today; how none of this drama, being played out from the White House, is any good for Americans. 

This White House idiot acts like a little high-school boy.

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That woman of mine will be pissed if she sees that bill.  But she won't because I have my own account.  Shut up woman.  I threw in another roll of 2018 Silver Eagles just for fun.  MOAR god damn it! 

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It bumped all the way down to its chronological post time because Tyler had it stickied the whole time, rather than bumping/re-upping the time stamp.

Y’all too lazy to logic.

Speaking of lazy, I think Brandon would benefit from stepping back and looking at the forest, but I am too lazy to be bothered trying to logic with people that will just poo on me anyways.


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For my late night ZH friends; these are not a bad play...




I always do well with those coins on pre-buy because you tend to get the good shit and not the picked over stuff.  I always order pre-buy separately because most places will not ship until the order is complete.  That does not work for me because I want my metal so I create separate orders.  For a couple of hundred bucks you can't really go wrong with these ATBs.  The Michigan ATBs are good too as I have found out.  People hoard these coins and I don't see many of them at coin shows for sale.  

I know that the ATB's are five ounces and not easily divisible but you should have already had your dimes and quarters by now.  It's just really cool that our US mint can actually still produce a coin like that.          

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I have not done business with them.  Silver Doctors, APMEX and JM Bullion are my primary sources for bullion.  Coast Coin has some decent examples of numismatics but they are Jews.(so-so)  L&C out of California has some decent coins.  For the high dollar stuff I have to see it so I do coin shows.  We are a weird bunch.  It's OCD times ten.  If you are looking to get in then buy the ATB coins.  I've totally overlooked the ATB silver quarters and maybe I shouldn't have but I can only do so much at a time.  Those might be a good thing to consider.   

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The ATB's are a great series and I make sure to buy them as well.  I usually shop with JM, Bullionexchanges.com, and Provident.  I find them to have lower pricing than Apmex usually and the service is the same.   Bullionexchanges.com usually has aggressive pricing on the ATB's https://bullionexchanges.com/2018-5-oz-silver-atb-wisconsin-apostle-isl… theres are a little cheaper than apmex currently.   

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Excellent article Brandon, I have been trying to peg this act for some time.

controlled opposition it is.

Thank you


PS; any thoughts on the trade wars and their relation to the yuan oil futures of mar. 26?


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OT. McMasters is out as national security advisor and replaced by Bolton. Hello Zerohedge, where are you?

Trump is creating his war cabinet.