The Death Of Democracy

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via,

Anyone who thinks democracy doesn’t matter may be in for a rude shock later this year, when we know the result of America’s mid-term elections. The Deep State is on course to take control of Congress. If this happens, it will be the next step in a global trend of side-lining democracy in the West, driven in large part by American foreign policy. It has led to governments everywhere increasing control over their people, in an inversion of democratic principles.

It affects us all. Since the Twin Towers tragedy, American foreign policy has taken the lead in extending personal surveillance to every nation in the formerly free world. It has forced banks to divulge their customers’ private affairs in the name of preventing terrorism, crime and tax evasion. Governments that resist these moves have been destabilised, and independent agencies, such as the SWIFT banking system, have been forced to implement America’s foreign policy.

All countries have been made to go along with America’s imperatives, admittedly often willingly. Swiss banking confidentiality no longer exists, and over one hundred countries automatically swap financial information on their citizens and their businesses. The Americans routinely spy on their allies, as Mrs Merkel found out in 2015.

The erosion of democracy in America is a problem that was anticipated in its founding constitution. The rights enshrined in it are there to protect the individual from the Federal Government, yet the Federal Government chips away at those rights, as the founding fathers doubtless feared it would. The right to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment, always a contentious issue, was framed by James Madison so that a local militia would be able to repel a standing [Federal] army. Americans still have the right to bear arms, due to the efforts of the National Rifle Association, but as the Bundy family discovered in Nevada, don’t expect the Federal government to respect your constitutional rights.

Few people think of freedom in these terms today, but a further erosion of democracy is an urgent issue facing American voters in November. It appears that a large number of former and current military and intelligence operatives are seeking nomination as Democrats for the 2018 mid-term elections. And if the Democrats succeed in getting a majority in the House of Representatives, which is the current prediction, they could comprise as much as half of the new members, in effect controlling Congress by holding the balance of power.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has identified 102 seats as “competitive” in its red-to-blue campaign programme. Eighty of these seats are vulnerable Republicans, and 22 are seats where the incumbent is retiring. 57 of the 221 candidates standing for the Democratic nomination in these 102 districts are current or past agents of the military-intelligence complex. And of those 102 districts, 44 have one of these candidates, 11 have two, and one has three. Furthermore, there are indications that the financial backers of the Democratic Party are supporting this influx of intelligence operatives, and that they are well-funded.

Why should we worry?

These candidates either represent or have strong links with the military-intelligence complex. This complex, the Deep State, has already regained a high degree of influence over the White House following the last Presidential election, to the point where it now appears to have gained control over foreign policy.

It also dictates homeland security. Unsatisfied with the degree of control it has over the White House, the Deep State now appears to be seeking to control Congress as well, by having politicians in its pocket on both sides of the House, thereby holding the balance of votes.

While the military-intelligence complex has had a tight grip on America’s foreign policy for some time, this is a new development. Whatever the merits or otherwise of the leading candidates for the Presidency, the CIA appears to have been managing the democratic process for decades, so that their preferred candidate wins. First, there was Papa Bush, ex-Director of the CIA. He was followed by Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas, where it has been alleged the CIA used Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport as a drop point for secret operations. Whether this was true or not, Clinton was followed by Bush Junior, when 9/11 became the justification for the second Iraq invasion. And there can be little doubt Obama quickly toed the CIA line with the appointment of a compliant Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Following Obama, who was little more than a puppet president, Hillary was the anointed one, but then the voters rebelled and elected The Donald instead.

There can be no doubt that the chaos in the White House since Trump’s victory has reflected a fight behind the scenes for control of foreign policy, homeland security and military spending. It has been about the CIA’s ultimately successful attempts to ensure Trump backtracked on relevant electoral promises and complies with its own agenda. So far, Trump has backed down on Russia, North Korea, Iran and on military spending, suggesting he is well on the way to becoming the Deep State’s lackey. It now seems the CIA wants to control the balance of power in Congress.

This should be deeply troubling for Americans looking to draw a line under the erosion of their democracy. The US is already on its way to becoming a hidden dictatorship, where even the President is a captive of an unelected secret agency pursuing its own belligerent agenda. America’s allies should also be worried about taking direction from America’s intelligence community, no longer pursuing a balanced diplomatic itinerary, but one of geopolitical warmongering.

Seeking to control Congress is a logical extension of pre-existing Deep State policies. We have gone from the invention of weapons of mass destruction as an excuse to topple Saddam Hussein, to false-flag operations and other wars in the Middle East and Eurasia. And how much of the current anti-Russia rhetoric is concocted by American intelligence agencies, we may never know, but given the intelligence services’ stock in trade is disinformation and propaganda, it is hard to believe indisputable facts are involved.

There can be little doubt that moving missile systems towards Russia’s borders in the years after the collapse of the old Soviet Union has ensured America would continue to be seen by the Russians as an aggressor. The better, more democratic course, would have been to open borders to trade and cultural influence. And who knows, the need for a nationalistic strong man may not have arisen and Putin, if he continued in power in these altered circumstances, might be behaving very differently. But that would have meant the intelligence-military complex would have no purpose, beyond America’s diminishing domestic security.

Money is the root of this evil

For a long time, the senior operators at the top of the CIA must have felt that they are the masters of the human race. Regimes came and went at the CIA’s behest, but the CIA carried on regardless. To maintain this power, at a time when China and Russia are emerging as the powerhouses of Asia, requires more money, and lots of it. Money to bribe and subsidise foreign states: China is now the greatest source of funds for the world’s independent regimes. Money for technology and hardware: Russia’s military technology and missile capability is now potentially more advanced than America’s.

Therefore, the Deep State has a looming funding problem if it is to keep up with Russia and China on its accustomed terms. Government military funding is by means of the discretionary spending allocation that is set by Congress through the annual appropriations process. As well as that, there’s a classified amount allocated for the main intelligence departments, including the CIA. Taken together, Department of Defense and Overseas Contingency Operations, which includes funding wars on foreign soil, are budgeted at $886bn for 2019, a minor increase over 2018.

These amounts will have to be increased significantly for 2020, if the Deep State is to pursue its objectives. President Trump is now onside, but Congress will need to be compliant in order to ensure the funds required will be available. That appears to be the explanation why the Deep State is seeking to take control of Capitol Hill.

This will take the geopolitical conflict with China and Russia to a new level. Their own intelligence services will almost certainly be fully aware of the American Deep State’s congressional manoeuvres. It might explain the timing of Russia’s pre-emptive announcement, that it has missiles capable of delivering a punch at Mach 20. It might also explain China’s recent announcement of its intention to increase military spending, even though the timing is likely to have been set by the recent National Peoples’ Congress.

If the US military-intelligence complex manages to pack out Congress, it will be the killer blow for any democracy remaining in America. It will clear the field for a secret state organisation, which has shown little or no regard for human life and the rule of law, to accelerate its warlike agenda. It will have unfettered access to the national finances to accelerate its programme of global aggression, and damn the consequences for anyone else.

The stakes could hardly be higher.



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Democracy died in the USA when JFK was shot... and I'm not a fan of JFK, just sayin'.  That being said, however, if JFK were around today, he'd be a Republican, because modern Democrats are just a bunch of f*cking communists, just to show how times have changed.

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J S Bach strannick Sat, 03/24/2018 - 21:16 Permalink

Lincoln began this devolution of the Founders' original intent to have the Federal government remain a small body whose main purpose was to monitor weights and measures (including the value of currency), trade and national defense.  That was pretty much it.  When the Executive branch denied the southern states their Constitutional right to secede, the spiral of Federal domination over the States commenced.  And once the unConstitutional Federal Reserve Act was deviously enacted in 1913, the die was cast for the United States' eventual destruction as a Republic.  At that point, (((those))) who issued the nation's currency as debt became its true masters.

The only way to kill the roots of the "deep state" is from without.  We, the honest American people, must uproot or poison them.  We cannot vote the termination of this system of usury which has entwined its tentacles around every aspect of our lives.  (((It))) must be physically severed from our body and thrown into the pit to which it is destined.

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LetThemEatRand J S Bach Sat, 03/24/2018 - 21:19 Permalink

The brilliance of the current plantation owners is that the vast majority of people have no idea they are slaves or that they have owners.  People by and large think they are free as they take their ambien and prozac and pain meds etc., wondering why they can't seem to get a handle on what is wrong.

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atomic balm LetThemEatRand Sat, 03/24/2018 - 21:33 Permalink

"Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the Capitalistic System was to debauch the currency... Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million can diagnose."


J. M. Keynes

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Thomas Paine nunyabidnez Sun, 03/25/2018 - 09:58 Permalink

McMaster is SES and CFR...among major components of brainwashed media control and globalist greed. Bolton is characterized as neocon but is ultimately a loyal Nationalist who will serve POTUS well to eradicate significant rat infestations, including SES. Omnibus bill will serve as a boon to POTUS agenda...Dems and Rhinos have been had! 

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Thomas Paine nunyabidnez Sun, 03/25/2018 - 09:58 Permalink

McMaster is SES and CFR...among major components of brainwashed media control and globalist greed. Bolton is characterized as neocon but is ultimately a loyal Nationalist who will serve POTUS well to eradicate significant rat infestations, including SES. Omnibus bill will serve as a boon to POTUS agenda...Dems and Rhinos have been had! 

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OverTheHedge Vendetta Sat, 03/24/2018 - 23:47 Permalink

I'm waiting for the corporate wars to start: drop a cruise missile in on your competitor's AGM, and the chaos that ensues would allow for hostile takeover bids, market dominance etc. I'm just surprised no one like Jamie Simon hasn't tried it yet. It seems to be the logical next step in the evolution of war. 

No one is surprised by nation states trying to kill each other, and nation states are now controlled by corporations. Imagine of CEO became a position that required hazard pay - that's a distopia I could enjoy.

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refill6times OverTheHedge Sun, 03/25/2018 - 00:48 Permalink

Yours is a great angle. Call it the ketchup wars.

Would give the Big Deep State more cover for their nefarious acts, while we wail about the price and availability of a certain commodity, they will deprive us of more rights in the name of returning to us those goods.

Perhaps that Tylonol scare of yesteryear was only a trial run.

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new game sister tika Sun, 03/25/2018 - 08:55 Permalink

at the end of all this discussion, ideas, identified enemies, and quotes from famous people telling us the obvious, there is only one solution. if you are not sure, you are in the 90 percent clueless class and part of the problem...

only one question remains after some soul searching...

wtf are you going to do.

fight or flight(hide and pray)?

meanwhile at all the blog boards, 1/2 is bickering with the other 1/2.

this guy frames it as control of congress. fuk you. as if that has changed anything for -how many years?

voting is not working-results tell us that story. right now as i speak the r team has complete control.

what is happening with that? duh, you dumb fuker. voting works- fuk you again. so the d team wins, i get it -worse faster. so the fuk what? we get to the solution faster, that is assuming all these wing tip throwers can throw their shoes and hit a oligarch hard enough to put him or her down and run up and stomp hard with stocking feet. ya-fuking-right.

by then pussy-a-fied muricans will have run to their masters with their guns and voluntarily hand over their guns. true dat, going on in the euro right now-finland, norway. see, those blacks ops will be coming door to door and what-cha-gonna do? huh, pick up a penny infront of a steam roller. all these tough guys will melt away...

hopeless, is the reality of this situation.

reality certainly suks. and history is repeating...

first step is to admit the reality of the situation to another human.

step 2 is the unknown, but i know i can't do it alone.

i'll leave it at that for now...


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Boubou serotonindumptruck Sun, 03/25/2018 - 12:17 Permalink

It's fun I suppose, but I doubt individuals with guns would ever pose a significant threat the status quo.

Even assuming, when it came down to it, such individuals would stand, with certain death from combined agencies inevitable. Cosseted life in a cubicle, worrying about insurance, PTA, health coverage, posh schools, BMWs doesn't  not tend to make folks lean and mean. And of course the agencies would know you plan before you did.

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Indo_Expat Deep Snorkeler Sun, 03/25/2018 - 16:11 Permalink


V. To stick one's face into the crack of a booty (clothed or not). For optimal butt-snorkeling, the butt should be plump enough to surround the face in an air-tight seal, the way a normal snorkeling mask would. Essentially the booty equivalent of motor boating;

A person, that is a true professional of kissing ass. They are sucking ass for so long they need a snorkel to survive.

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Indo_Expat GreatUncle Sun, 03/25/2018 - 16:27 Permalink

The real awakening is when you finally realise that you have been lied to your entire life from Santa and the Tooth Fairy onward, and the sheer magnitude of the waste of what could have otherwise been a meaningful, productive life now turns normally civil, decent people into raging ax-killers. 

There will be no escape, no bunker deep enough for the "elites," globalists and their pencil-necked snowflake minions.

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Lordflin LetThemEatRand Sun, 03/25/2018 - 07:48 Permalink

There is nothing brilliant about these people. I use to tell my son that the single best determinate of success in this world, as it now stands, is a complete lack of conscience. These people lack empathy for their fellow humans. There is no nogotiating with such people, and they will not stop until we are completely under their control.

But brilliant?? If they were truly brilliant they would not behave in a manner that, while it provides immediate gratification, produces nothing but destruction in the end... for us, for them... They are moral slugs... a moral people would put them down....

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