"Dumb F--ks": Julian Assange Reminds Us What Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Of Facebook Users

Julian Assange fired off a tweet Friday afternoon reminding people of the time Mark Zuckerberg called his users "Dumb fucks" because they trusted him with their private information. 

Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard

Zuck: Just ask.

Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS

[Redacted Friend's Name]: What? How'd you manage that one?

Zuck: People just submitted it.

Zuck: I don't know why.

Zuck: They "trust me"

Zuck: Dumb fucks.

The exchange, originally published by Business Insider's editor-in-chief Nicholas Carlson in 2010, was an early instant messenger conversation then 19-year-old Zuckerberg had with a college friend shortly after he launched "The Facebook" in his dorm room.

At the time Business Insider published the exchange, Facebook had "faced one privacy flap after another, usually following changes to the privacy policy or new product releases." 

But the company's attitude toward privacy, as reflected in Mark's early emails and IMs, features like Beacon and Instant Personalization, and the frequent changes to the privacy policy, has been consistently aggressive: Do something first, then see how people react.

And this does appear to reflect Mark's own views of privacy, which seem to be that people shouldn't care about it as much as they do -- an attitude that very much reflects the attitude of his generation.

After all, here's what early Facebook engineering boss, Harvard alum, and Zuckerberg confidant Charlie Cheever said in David Kirkpatrick's brilliantly-reported upcoming book The Facebook Effect.

"I feel Mark doesn't believe in privacy that much, or at least believes in privacy as a stepping stone. Maybe he's right, maybe he's wrong."

Kirkpatrick had this to say about Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in his book:

"Mark really does believe very much in transparency and the vision of an open society and open world, and so he wants to push people that way. I think he also understands that the way to get there is to give people granular control and comfort. He hopes you'll get more open, and he's kind of happy to help you get there. So for him, it's more of a means to an end. For me, I'm not as sure." 

Zuckerberg reportedly hacked into people's email using their TheFacebook passwords...

At one point early on on Facebook history, Zuckerberg - nervous about an upcoming report in the Harvard Crimson, used "TheFacebook" login data of Crimson staff to crack into their Harvard email accounts to see if the paper was going to include a claim that he had stolen an idea for a TheFacebook feature called "Visualize Your Buddy." 

Tim and Elisabeth decided to drop John's claims from the story. But, this time, they decided to go ahead and publish a story on ConnectU's claims against Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg was not content to wait until the morning to find out if the Crimson would include John's accusations in its story.

Instead, he decided to access the email accounts of Crimson editors and review their emails. How did he do this? Here's how Mark described his hack to a friend:

Mark used his site, TheFacebook.com, to look up members of the site who identified themselves as members of the Crimson. Then he examined a log of failed logins to see if any of the Crimson members had ever entered an incorrect password into TheFacebook.com. If the cases in which they had entered failed logins, Mark tried to use them to access the Crimson members' Harvard email accounts. He successfully accessed two of them.

In other words, Mark appears to have used private login data from TheFacebook to hack into the separate email accounts of some TheFacebook users.

In one account he accessed, Mark saw an email from Crimson writer Tim McGinn to Cameron, Tyler, and Divya. Another email Mark read was this one, from Crimson managing editor Elisabeth Theodore to Tim McGinn:

From: Elisabeth Susan Theodore
To: Timothy John McGinn
Subject: Re: Follow-up

OK, he did seem very sleazy. And I thought that some of his answers to the questions were not very direct or open. I also thought that his reaction to the website was very very weird. But, even if it's true so what? It's an [redacted] thing to do but it's not illegal, right? -Business Insider

Lo and behold, Mark's cavalier attitude towards Facebook user data is costing him billions at a time he's actively shedding shares as part of a $12 billion liquidation which started last September


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Look at this great interview with Adam Garrie. This is a must watch video.

This scandal is HUUUGE

He discusses Cambridge Analytica involvement in basically all elections ,involvement of Facebook and its Sugar daddy,UK,US gov. How they tried to co-opt Mr.Assange and he said FO.

How UK tries to cover it up . There is a whistleblower and soon more ,it seems


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To have some fun:

The Chinese are making lots of money from the UK  government's stupidity.

They are selling this mug.





      |           I MAY BE WRONG                     |   \\                            

      |             but it's highly                                  \\

       |                unlikely                                |       \\       

      |                                                            |        //

      |                                                            |      //

      |                                                            |    //

     (  ___________________________________ )                                                         




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"Dumb F--ks": Julian Assange Reminds Us What Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Of Facebook Users

My response: Two Points to Share

1. Place all of the SOCIAL MEDIA companies (Internet Fringe Operators like Google, FB, etc.) under control of FTC (It's happening now as evidenced by recent articles and the declining stock prices!)


Both actions above will address concerns with both CITIZEN INFORMATION PRIVACY and CENSORSHIP. ** GEORGE "SHITHEAD" SOROS HATES THIS IDEA **

Both have to happen ASAP this year!


Going forward, WE THE PEOPLE need to VOTE OUT OF OFFICE every single DEMOCRAT and RINO in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. ZUCK2020 WILL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!!!

Choose wisely America for the days are filled with EVIL.

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These (((guys))) have got hypocrisy off to a fine art. People in Tel Aviv, Israel have had a rally calling for the banning of guns - not in Israel, but in the US. This, a country where IDF medics ask for and are given permission to shoot a wounded man in the head and officers kill kids for fun.



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"The $64,000 question - who is bringing him down? Why now?"

Probably himself...to test his own algorithms that predict the outcome and make lots of money in the process (by selling and buying his shares just at the right time). After all, he has all the data he needs. He knows exactly what will happen when he reacts in certain manner by matching that with the personality (and IQ) of the users (ie. population).

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It's one innocuous thing to take your user data and then let advertisers target you based on known choices of words, and clicks of interest, but it's a whole nuther ball game to subject you to manipulative posts and messages of questionable veracity and edgy content designed to sway your emotions about elections or designed to slander some and heap false praise on others. 

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Perhaps, but this sure was a costly way to get to that end when he could have gotten there with better tactics.

I think this actually was an attack at Trump's AI people at Cambridge, a move to neutralize them before the next election so they won't be able to get the data they need to create the political marketing campaigns they specialize in. The attackers did not realize that FB would be caught up i n the scandal for allowing Cambridge to play with their data. I think its because the attackers knew that FB had offered their data to politicos before with obama, and no one said anything, so they never thought anyone would complain about FB when they gave the info to Cambridge. Which was a stupid miscalculation, because democrats have been trying to find scapegoats for Hillary losing for a year and a half now, you had to know that FB would be scapegoated for giving Cambridge the ammo for Trump to win. But as they have shown before, the groups going after Trump are so tunnel visioned that they don't see the ramifications of their work. They are so focused on Trump that they are hurting their own people in the process. Fusion GPS is another example of this. The Trump attackers were so intent on this Russian collusion story that they didn't stop long enough to consider that perhaps their own candidate was tied up in it. 

Bottom line is that FB was accidentally outed as part of the campaign to dismantle Cambridge, and then when the dems realized that their own boy Zuck was playing both sides of the fence, they decided to jump on his ass as well for being a traitor to their cause by being a greedy little bastard who would sell his data to anyone. Even the enemies of the dems.


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JewHate...Facts are Facts...The RANK hypocrisy of Israel is astounding. Holding a gun control rally in Israel for American gun ownership(actually importing school shooting victims) while freely and liberally having anyone and his mother “open carry” & tourist military camps for is RICH. Killing and maiming your own citizens if they disagree with Palestinian genocide is particularly disagreeable and despicable but “funny” we never hear about this in America nor the recent hyper racist quips by your lead moral prognosticator Rabbi who called black babies MONKEYS. Like I said the hypocrisy of Isra hell knows no bounds; a country with no constitution lecturing and try to destroy America’s constitution while parasitically taking Billions in foreign aid from said country incidentally using that money to buy weapons. The truth is the truth, reality is not subjective. 

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Two wrongs don't make a right. Pointing out one group of psychos who wants to get rid of another group of psychos doesn't change the fact both are psychos. The muhammed gang peddle their own asinine pile of garbage, which is also best left in that corridor of hell where is came from. However, the muzzie apes are only a splinter from the main branch of fraud, which the levites crafted, the juden peddled, and the modern jew adopted. The 'jew' fraud gets a lot more attention because it isn't muslims that control our banking, media, education, govt ad courts. Muslims, to their credit, at least, did not slither into the corridors of power in England, and later the US, to prey on feeble politicians, to incite world wars so they could have a 'jewish' state somewhere, that would be paid for not with any of their money or blood, but mine, and every other American whose pocket was fleeced, and whose son or daughter died for the sake of it.


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Nice post. A dagger directly plunged into the heart of the wicked, slowly twisting, turning and churning. The biggest fraud is 'jew'. An epic fraud that managed to sustain itself over centuries of time, from the primary liars who peddled the original myths (levites) to the current imposters who adopted them for the usury ('jew'). It's gone on so long, it has become hardwired into humanity as if it had any legitimacy or factual basis, when in fact, with certain exceptions here and there to a bare few things, the total sum of it has been a fraud and a scam from the start.

Exactly what myth born frauds ail the far east I don't know, and they likely have their own troubles in that department. But here, in the west, the #1 cancer is all the juden myths, which have been successfully leveraged by those of that class to manipulate gullible, careless and uneducated ppl. The branches of the juden fraud are so widespread it takes encyclopedias to deconstruct it all, facts, persistent facts exposing a complete fraud ppl need to reject. Your post highlights a set of facts that everyone knows and are not in dispute. May the real good God advertised in these 'religions' in this world give us the collective will to reject and dispense of the juden scam once and for all.

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Fuck you Zuckerberg



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it's incredible to me that the Winklevii didn't just cut his fuckin throat. 

they're identical twins. they're smart. do good recon, get good intel, then just go out & about, see and be seen. 1 slips off for a lightning-quick little Zuck murder. leave the cell with its digital fingerprint with stay-behind brother, get right back, see and be seen ....

that's a whole shitload of reasonable doubt. Daddy had money: he'd have bought a good enough lawyer to work with that. 

imagine: a world without that little cocksucker ....

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