"Everybody Was Quantum Fighting... Those Computers Were Fast As Lightning..."

Via The Hutch Report,

Quantum computing is a critical new arms race and the reasons are quite clear.

It will render existing cyber security methods useless.

So far China is leading the pack in terms of efforts and investments in quantum computing.

There is little evidence that the US government is concerned about this based on comparative amounts of spending budgeted for this area.

The Hutch Report has published a well written PDF that describes the technology in layman’s terms and objectively presents the opportunities and threats in the Quantum Computing race. This report can be downloaded for free here.

Here is an excerpt:

The ability of a quantum computer to crack pretty much all of the current encryption systems, in the time that it takes you to read this sentence, would make the global financial system highly vulnerable to attack, not to mention state security. In addition to racing to build stable and scalable quantum computers a critical challenge of this arms race includes developing and deploying cyber security and quantum-resistant encryption.

U.S. officials and scientists have already voiced their concerns stating that the country that holds quantum supremacy will have an edge in everything from business to national security to the military. The Trump administration’s intention to reduce the federal budget with cuts to scientific projects has only stoked that worry.

Although the U.S. currently remains at the forefront of quantum information science, their lead is slipping quickly as other nations step up efforts to get there first. China holds the top two positions in the Top 500 list of the world’s fastest computers and the Chinese understand very well the potential power that quantum computing promises. For this reason they have allocated extensive funding towards the goal of producing a functional quantum computer before anyone else. On 37 hectares (nearly 4 million square feet) in Hefei, Anhui Province, China is building a $10 billion research center for quantum applications. This news comes on the heels of the world’s first video call made via quantum-encrypted communications and the completion of a quantum encrypted fiber optic trunk cable.

In comparison, the European Union is committed to invest $1 Billion over the next 10 years into their quantum computing projects while the U.S. government currently allocates about $200 million per year to quantum research (a recent congressional report noted that inconsistent funding has slowed progress). And many of the projects vying for grant money appear to be thinly veiled shams set-up as resellers or consulting firms with not much behind them.

According to an article in the National Review, “In 2016, 4.2 billion computerized records in the United States were compromised, a staggering 421 percent increase from the prior year. What’s more, foreign countries are stealing encrypted U.S. data and storing it because they know that in roughly a decade, quantum computers will be able to get around the encryption.”


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The latest MIC money rathole 

Ranks up there with antiballistic missile systems 

(1) dream big

(2) bill bigger [cost++]

(3) profit!

(4) fail to deliver 

(5) iterate a new version before they figure out the original will never work

(6) GOTO (2)

of course, with ABM systems failure, Skynet will cover your perfidy with atomic rubble

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The latest MIC "tools that will be used to enslave humanity".

New technology, when first created, is tested for military applications first, followed by medical industry applications...and, as usual, "the Public" comes last.

I have to really wonder sometimes, how it is that they themselves cannot see the "road to hell" they're leading us down.

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"the U.S. currently remains at the forefront of quantum information science, their lead is slipping quickly as other nations step up efforts to get there first."

They steal it as fast as we can invent it.  


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I have to agree JJ.  I find it very hard to believe that the gov is not putting way more than they are saying into quantum computing.

Of all things this would probably be the most important government expenditure from the point of view of an imperialist.  Anyone who does not believe this is probably smoking something and will later come to agreement when they come down.  And since we are ruled by imperialists......................

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Only one person to ask about quantum computing is the US. Scott Aaronson of MIT and now at the university in Austin. He will be happy to explain y the DWAVE quantum computer has YUGE issues in applications. And NO the Navy is not huge into quantum computing in any meaningful way. The true use of quantum computing is at least ten years away. Do not argue with me. Argue with Aaronson

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" The ability of a quantum computer to crack pretty much all of the current encryption systems "

Quantum computing is a future technology that is doomed to be so forever. Schorr's algorithm could theoretically tackle prime based codes but it cannot crack cyphers. Quantum computing is doomed because of noise issues. We're talking KT effects. The more qubits you link up the higher the noise figure ... exponentially so. A fifty qubit machine would use all the qubits to perform error detection and correction. No fewer than a dozen Nobel winners have called quantum computing impossible. Here's a nice layman's analysis:



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It looks like the idea is to use quantum computing to crack the private keys of the parties negotiating the shared secret, and regenerate the AES (for example) key from a recorded session, rather than actually crack AES itself.

Whether it's possible, I have no idea.. But it seems worth it to record all these easily intercepted encrypted sessions, in case it becomes possible.

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Don't kid yourselves,

The fastest computers not tied to some "real" (not just briefed) practical application like war fighting are just that, the fastest computers.  It there is anything the US is good at is a government that is not practical.  It, the gov, has the best available software/hardware, the least trained people to use it (ignore what they put on resumes), discombobulated, ineffective agencies that put advancement, conferences for travel, hotel and rental car upgrades, personal time, above any other responsibility.   It is fake government and we will be initially punished brutality by their false readiness.  We may not recover this time.

Added later:

No one, US, China, Russia, EU, UK, India, Pak, Israel, Iran, really know the capability of each other.  Technology changes at lightening speed.  This may be a more important stopper than the old mutually assured destruction (MAD) of the old days.  Pearl Harbor would not be comparable to the flash of instant destruction somewhere on the planet by any of the players.   This is primarily what college/HS kids should be marching/protesting against.  

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Boing_Snap Yukon Cornholius Sun, 03/25/2018 - 16:10 Permalink

Russian troll farms are the least of our worries, the criminals that have them now are the same crew that run all the markets  now, including crypto.

DWave is selling a 2000 qubit quantum annealing machine presently, and Goldman, JPM, Lockheed Martin, and friends, are working with them. As the technology improves encryption will be a joke to these folks.

As far as what they can do now? Solve complex math is top of the list. That makes these systems ideal for mining crypto currencies, billions of times faster than conventional computers. "Control the creation of a currency and you care not who makes the law."



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"US Navy and Airforce are heavily in Quantum, thats why officially they look as if they don't care."

I believe that is for use in communications to detect eavesdropping, not computing. They send pairs of entangled photons. if the signal is intercepted, it disrupts the entanglement which trips an alarm system.

I am not sure if Quantum computing will have the same impact in breaking encryption as the article suggests. It may not be possible to create a machine with sufficient qubits to crack modern encyrption keys. The more qubits the more difficult it becomes to keep them stable. All the qubits must be quantium entangled. Most of the current research is simulation, and not real quantum computing.

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Shor's algorithm requires fully dynamic quibits, D Wave is a quantum annealing device, which requires error correction, so divide by 12 roughly and you have the dynamic equivalent, about 167 quibits.

If you have 512 bit encryption, then you'll need a 512 qubit device to run Shor's algorithm and break it. So they're still about 2 versions away assuming they double every 18 months that'll be 3 years.

Encryption will have to outpace the qubit devices to stay ahead, so one has to ask, "Will Joe sixpack be able to afford the upgraded systems required?"


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Absolutely, considering all the spies working in the government (dual citizens, H1-B, etc.).

Years ago, I read some Michio Kaku book, theorizing on the possibility that the universe may have millions of "dead worlds" in it...planets like ours, where technology progressed at a geometric rate, but societies remained divided...and eventually, a war or other form of catastophe destroyed everything.

It's one of my long-term predictions, unfortunately, due to the fact that the real power on this planet, is concentrated in the hands of a pack of psychopaths...and also because:

"On a long enough timeline..."

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They steal it as fast as we can invent it. 

That situation will soon reverse.

First thought: China's power structure is well stocked with engineers. The Western power structure is a Lawyer's club.

Second thought: Good. Perhaps we'll get to see just what NASA is airbrushing out.

Third thought: Nah.  They've probably had this tech for the past 50 years. $21 Trllion buys you fancy toys. 

Fourth thought: We're still using fossil fuel?

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Whichever country gets the fossil fuel replacement will be the winner, assuming they do not export most of the associated jobs to a competitors’ country. But since everyone must have fuel, maybe, that is a better investment than the gamble of quantum computing, a term that does sound fancy. Bureaucrats and politicians love the PR value of throwing around fancy terms. I really do not know and would never really know, given the heap of math involved. 


But I do know that the lawyers club of the comgressonal Swamp just gave itself a pay raise, while half of Americans make $13k on average. Since Swampers have a 135-day work year, not much chance they will be developing a new fuel source, quantum computing or anything else that requires a lot of work hours. Of course, that is not their job, but if the complex issue needs to be discussed to advance economic well being for this country, Swampers will not even hold a hearing unless their donors want it. 

Swamp committee chairs are given to whichever Swamper got the most donations for his party, so if the nascent commercial quantum computing industry wants its share of the taxpayer pie, lobbyists will have to pony up to help pump up a Swamper’s career. Reality: The public is not always the Winner in determining how scarce resources are spent.



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They say Moore’s law is in its last few iteration cycles, meaning they cannot squeeze many more transistors into smaller and smaller spaces to double the rate of technological progress every 18 months.


Maybe, the wizards in China have already passed the Moore’s law endgame, moving right into the quantum, without notifying Americans.

They may be stacking transistors in 4-dimensional arrangements faster than the offshored employees at an American-owned tech plant in China can churn out product, making between $1 — $3 per hour.  

If the Chinese get the quantum tech first, you can bet they won’t export all of the manufacturing jobs, and the economic strength of an export economy, to the USA, unlike the tech industry inventions that Americans exported to China, letting their citizens get the benefit of the widespread prosperity.

They will not weaken their country by trying to cash in on America’s welfare-dependent labor that is getting cheaper by the day. Half of so-called employed people make on average $13,000 per year. 

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Sounds like we'll all have to resort to Lo-Tech and No-Tech methods for really important comms.

Long Couriers and letters, long offline computers for storing important and sensitive data/info.

Seriously though...

This only raises the bar for the Common Man, because Quantum Encryption will then be used by large firms and governments.


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Governments will find non-digital and offline ways of securing info.

The real threat is its use in AI: Whoever succeeds first in using QC in AI, will win the AI race, giving them "the power of God".

When a QC-based AI reaches Singularity, it can defeat enemy armies, tech-based infrastructure, finance, utilities, communications, etc. In effect, it will have God-like powers.

This is the real motive behind QC research. For defensive and offensive Mil reasons.

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All Dream Theory So Far... After Many Many Years of Failed Effort... 

No Performance Greater Than Classical Computing Speed Has Been Achieved...

But Those Companies Promoting Quantum PCs & This Bogus Theory Make Millions...

Sir Edge Stackers Sun, 03/25/2018 - 14:43 Permalink



Thank you for your comment... "not about being faster"... "able to multitask"

  • Quantum Computing theoretically works by compiling the data results of probability attempts by executing parallel tasks in an asynchronous methodology 

But THAT is all Theory... THEY have not been able to do this nor will they cause its a flawed speculative theory just like Superstring Theory which has made MILLIONS for its proponents but never achieved proven results over the last 40 freaking years 


Thank you for providing that link to that video... NOTE the women commentator in your vid does this vid here...


and she pretty much sums up Quantum Computing in the first 10 to 20 seconds as NOT PROVEN only mathematical speculation that makes these clowns millions of dollars in unicorn scientific fantasies...



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