UK: Full Speed Ahead On Islamization

Authored by Judith Bergman via The Gatestone Institute,

The UK is accelerating its Islamization at an ever-increasing speed. The desire of the British establishment to submit to Islam appears to be overwhelming.

In a recent report, the Henry Jackson society exposed how the UK used taxpayer funds to support Islamist charities working against British society to the tune of more than six million pounds in 2017 alone. According to the report, "As the case studies in this report are illustrative rather than comprehensive, it is likely that this sum represents only the tip of the iceberg". The report concludes, "Until more comprehensive action is taken, a network of Islamist extremists operating in the UK will continue to use charities and taxpayer money to fund the spread of divisive, illiberal and intolerant views within our communities".

Among the charities detailed in the report, are several Islamic charities involved in dawa [outreach, proselytization], such as the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), as well as several charities connected to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, such as the Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) and Islamic Relief.

Deploying taxpayer money to support Islamic charities is not the only way in which the UK embraces Islamization.

St. Stephen's Primary School in Newham, London, was recently forced to change its ban on hijabs for girls under the age of eight, even though, in Islam, girls are not obliged to cover themselves before they reach puberty.

This reversal happened after a massive coordinated backlash by Islamic organizations, such as the Muslim Council of Britain -- which the UK government believes to be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood -- and MEND. The campaign against the ban included a petition, signed by more than 19,000 people as well as local councilors. Ten Newham councilors protested that, "To attack an article of faith and clothing in this manner is an outrage and is simply wrong. The argument against allowing school children of whatever age, to wear a hijab actually goes against our fundamental values as a progressive, tolerant and inclusive society. We therefore call upon the school to overturn this decision immediately..." During the coordinated campaign against the hijab ban at the school, teachers were subjected to bullying and abuse, and the head teacher responsible for introducing the ban was compared to Hitler.

The school's chair of governors, Arif Qawi, who had written in a social media post that he was trying to "limit the Islamisation process, and turn these beautiful children into modern, British citizens", also had to resign. Miqdaad Versi, the assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said his organization welcomed Qawi's resignation, because of his "appalling" statements in support of the ban. "Yet serious questions remain unanswered as to the school leadership's attitude towards Muslims, which are potentially discriminatory...We hope that future decisions are made carefully and with full consultation with local communities." Versi said.

This is how Islamization occurs and is made permanent: Other schools will think carefully of the risks before they even attempt to "limit the Islamization process". According to the former head of the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted), Sir Michael Wilshaw, the lack of a national policy on wearing hijabs in schools is due to political correctness, which leaves teachers "alone, isolated and vulnerable".

"There's something like 150 schools... which in short make it compulsory for youngsters to wear a hijab -- so what's happening about those schools?", Sir Michael asked recently , "The country has enormously changed. When heads want to change things, they have now to take into account deep-seated and sincere feeling of communities, some of whom who have conservative views".

The British state evidently cares less about Islamization -- and the oppression of little girls -- than about political correctness.

The clerical establishment is also pressing Britons to accept and accommodate the ongoing Islamization more readily. Archbishop Welby cautiously admitted in November 2016 that dealing with the religiously motivated violence in Europe "requires a move away from the argument that has become increasingly popular, which is to say that ISIS is 'nothing to do with Islam'... Until religious leaders stand up and take responsibility for the actions of those who do things in the name of their religion, we will see no resolution."

Since then, however, he appears dutifully to have returned to the submissive fold and in February 2018, he was once more preaching the politically correct gospel of "Welcoming strangers to our country and integrating them into our culture... We must be generous and allow ourselves to change with the newcomers and create a deeper, richer way of life". One year ago, in February 2017, Welby suggested that Brexit and the election of Trump were both "in the fascist tradition".

Britain's security establishment also seems longing to submit to Islam. Scotland Yard recently warned that hate crimes ("Islamophobia", in other words, as no other hate crime is taken as seriously) are "hugely underreported". Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer, Scotland Yard's head of community engagement said: "The Met has seen a steady increase in the reporting of all hate crime, particularly racist and religious hate crime. Despite this rise, hate crime is hugely underreported and no one should suffer in silence."

It is virtually impossible for "Islamophobia" to be "underreported" in London. The UK is nothing, if not clinically obsessed with "Islamophobia". In 2016, London mayor Sadiq Khan's Office for Policing and Crime announced it was spending £1.7 million of taxpayer money policing speech online. Less than six months ago, London police teamed up with Transport for London authorities to encourage people to report hate crimes during "National Hate Crime Awareness Week", which ran from October 14-21. The events were mainly targeted at Muslims, with officers visiting the East London Mosque to encourage reporting hate crimes. British police have even been taking lessons about Islam and "Islamophobia" from radical Islamist groups such as Mend. One of the most active Mend figures, Azad Ali, has said that he has "love" for Anwar Al-Awlaki, an influential US-born Islamic terrorist, who was killed by a US drone strike in Yemen in 2011.

Meantime, while the police obsess over "Islamophobia", regular crime in London is exploding. The latest statistics from the London Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime show that in the past year, homicides have increased 27.1%, knife crimes have increased 31.3%, and there were 2,551 incidents of gun crime, representing a rise of 16.3%. Police recorded 7,613 rapes in the 12 months through January 2018 compared with 6,392 for the previous year, a rise of almost 20%. As reported by the Evening Standard, the figures also show an 8% increase in other sexual offences in the past year, bringing the total number of reported rapes and sexual assaults in London to almost 20,000. Campaigners have suggested the real figure could be "significantly higher" once unreported attacks are taken into account. British police, meanwhile, say they are at a loss to explain what is causing the rise in rapes.

The Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Sir Craig Mackey was recently asked if he had any idea what was behind the surge. His answer: "No, is the honest answer... there is something going on with sexual offending in London that we don't fully understand, the causes of it. We see the end of it, [but] we don't understand the causes."

Meanwhile, 65,000 cases of child sex abuse reached a record high in 2017, or 177 every day: up 15% from 2016.

In Rotherham alone, after 16 years of dismissing the problem, the number of child abuse cases rose to 1,510. The National Crime Agency (NCA) inquiry, "the biggest of its kind in the UK, has identified 110 suspects, of whom 80% are of Pakistani heritage", officers said.

In its seeming eagerness to submit to Islam, the security establishment even appears to be willing to compare people responding to Islamization and Islamic terrorism with the Islamic terrorists themselves. In a recent lecture, one of the UK's top counterterrorism officials, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, outgoing head of counter-terrorism policing, compared Tommy Robinson, an anti-Islamist activist, often described as "far-right," to Anjem Choudary, a radical terrorist-linked Islamist cleric who has advocated sharia in the UK and is now serving a prison sentence for urging support for ISIS.

Pictured: Anjem Choudary, a radical terrorist-linked Islamist cleric who has advocated sharia in the UK and is now serving a prison sentence for urging support for ISIS. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

"Robinson also became a regular fixture in our media, giving him the platform to attack the whole religion of Islam by conflating acts of terrorism with the faith, often citing spurious claims, which inevitably stirred up tensions" Rowe said, "Each side feeds into each other's extremist rhetoric with the common goal of increasing tensions and divisions in communities".

Rowe also said,

"The right-wing threat was not previously organized. Every now and then there's been an individual motivated by that rhetoric who has committed a terrorist act, but we've not had an organized right-wing threat like we do now".

Perhaps Rowley might stop to consider why there is now an organized right-wing threat. The British establishment -- people such as Rowley -- have categorically embraced the "Islam is peace" narrative. The establishment has even let itself and its police be lectured by radical Islamist organizations such as Mend on what Islam is -- and has doggedly refused to listen to any dissident voices. Large parts of the British population, therefore, have nowhere to turn with their frustrations at the rapid Islamization of British society, apart from anti-establishment or far-right organizations. No other organizations appear willing to have an open discussion about the ongoing Islamization. Rowley and other establishment figures, especially political ones, continue to evade responsibility for this upheaval -- a situation that seems bound to continue, unless or until the British establishment -- political, security, educational, clerical and cultural -- begins to address, openly and honestly, the rapidly increasing speed of Islamization into British society.

Unfortunately, that enquiry appears unlikely to happen.


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So, the following is the submission of the West to Islam !?????

(The United States is) going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.

Four Star General, and Presidential Candidate, Wesley Kanne Clark, said the following:

I went through the Pentagon and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz. I went downstairs just to say hello to some of the people on the Joint Staff who used to work for me, and one of the generals called me in. He said, "Sir, you've got to come in and talk to me a second." I said, "Well, you're too busy." He said, "No, no." He says, "We've made the decision we're going to war with Iraq." This was on or about the 20th of September. I said, "We're going to war with Iraq? Why?" He said, "I don't know." He said, "I guess they don't know what else to do." So I said, "Well, did they find some information connecting Saddam to al-Qaeda?" He said, "No, no." He says, "There's nothing new that way. They just made the decision to go to war with Iraq."....

So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, "Are we still going to war with Iraq?" And he said, "Oh, it's worse than that." He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, "I just got this down from upstairs" (meaning the Secretary of Defense's office) "today." And he said, "This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran."


Iraq: check: completely destroyed.

Syria: check: completely destroyed.

Lebanon: check: completely destroyed by the Jews in 2006.

Libya: check: mostly destroyed.

Somalia: provisional check: attacked by Ethiopian troops in 2006.

Sudan: provisional check: country split in two.

Iran: FAIL: other than financially, the country has not been attacked, and is doing better than ever.

In fact, Iran had enough money to spare to rebuild Lebanon after the 2006 attack by the Jews.

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Islam, and for that matter Jewry, do not belong to any western civilized nation. What we see here is the manifestation of traditional Hebrew duplicity and usual treason using their Muslim slaves as a Trojan horde, I wrote horde and not horse, in order to subvert and displace the white man who belongs in here first and foremost. 

From there everybody should know the drill, I.e.: getting rid of both Jews and Moslem and throw them back in the desert with their beloved goats and camels so they could live happily ever after. 

Due to heavy propaganda conditioning, most of the stupid white males and females, especially snowflakes, refuse to acknowledge the issue. This will result in a critical loss of time that will make the resulting ethnic cleansing only more painful for everyone, because sadly there are good guys on every side of the barrier. 

But the end result will be reached no matter what: Europe will remain white and brown skinned people will have to leave. This continent has to become dangerous for them, the same way no sane white guy would go to Lagos  or cape town without proper security. 

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Earth to Adolph:  You lost.  We don't know whether your failure was due to a sell out and that you deliberately lost Dunkirk, Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Gibraltar, etc, or whether it was just narcissism and vanity.  But you really, really lost.

Brown skinned people will be allowed to stay in the west by decision of the world court in Jerusalem.  This will happen after the third temple is constructed and after the civil war of the west.  Many white cultures and even ethnicities will have disappeared, but may will have survived.  These pockets of surviving European white culture will the become new islands of apartheid, tolerated by Jerusalem so long as sufficient tribute can be extracted.

Full implementation of Noahide laws, as will have been implemented in the mongrelized west, will come later for these remaining white Christian enclaves.

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Sadly for them, it appears only a tiny percentage have the balls left to fight - and of those few likely only half are still young enough to be effective; they are royally fucked at this point, as is most of Western Europe - nice that at least a few E. Europeans countries still have the balls and leadership to refuse to bow down.  Hopefully the US will not follow in their footsteps...doesn't look good for Canada btw.

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They are on the verge of the most colossal pooch-screwing in the known history of humanity. (FIFY)

You must not have noticed how thoroughly pissed off people are, how nationalist and populist factions are rapidly rising in popularity, power and influence. And the levels of goyim-knowing are expanding geometrically, reaching tsunami proportions. These two things are not unrelated. (((They))) are trying to stop the flood by yowling about MUH HATES PEACH, but it isn't working. Rabbi Yosef? Now THAT'S some hate speech for ya'. Correctly identifying the (((parasites))) seeking to enslave the whole of humanity? Nope. Not hates peach.

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~"The report concludes, "Until more comprehensive action is taken, a network of Islamist extremists operating in the UK will continue to use charities and taxpayer money to fund the spread of divisive, illiberal and intolerant views within our communities"."~  

Correction: There are no "Islamic extremists", just Islamists. Put another way, all of Islam is "extreme". Mohammad made it so.


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HopefulCynical Adolph.H. Mon, 03/26/2018 - 06:12 Permalink

And this is the heart of the matter: Jew$ who hold ultimate control over money, and thus over politicians, using Muslims as a weapon to eradicate European Christian tribes, which are all that stand in the way of their fanatical desire to rule over all of humanity.

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Absolutely.  Just like I'm getting fat because those damn Joos keep making me eat ice cream right before bedtime.  And all those years I smoked cigarettes because of the (((Joos))).  And the time my wife got so pissed off at me because the Joos made me stay out all night hooting and hollering with my buddies.

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So thinking rationally, critically & logically entails making a judgement on someone based on their hair colour? you did in your comment on the story of the Cambridge analytica ‘whistleblower’....hmmm who’d have thought eh, rationally, critical & logical thinking all involve judging a book by its cover?...hahahaha. I’m not siding with this guy btw, merely pointing out the flaw in that you claim to be thinking rationally, critically & logically but you base your judgement on this guys hair colour....not a display of rationality, critical or logical thinking....again only my 2 cents worth ;-)

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They were trained by both the Soviets on one side and the Nazis on the other.

Islamofascism is a political movement for total Statist control.

They use religion as its mask, but it is just another form of fascism.


Hey, you ZHers that see a Zionist under every rock, I'm sure you know that the first purpose of propaganda is to make a lie believable. But did you know that its second purpose is to make the truth unbelievable? Seriously, how can you doubt at this point what the goal of the Islamofascists is and that it already far underway?

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Pollygotacracker NoDecaf Mon, 03/26/2018 - 06:34 Permalink

Christianity has been on the decline for two reasons.

1.) The apostate and heretical theology and apologetics in the churches.

2.) The anti-Christian Bolsheviks/Marxists teaching in our colleges/universities.

The "turning away from the truth" was repeatedly predicted in the New Testament. No surprise that it is happening.

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One of these i… purplewarrior Mon, 03/26/2018 - 08:22 Permalink

I was driving along in my car in the nineties, working away as I should, listenening along to radio four when a government social security broadcast came on the radio set, threatening "benefit cheats", which given the cost of living meant most of them I would imagine.

I suddenly realised that the ONLY TIME my government deigns to communicate with us, is to either threaten us, or demand money.

I'd long noted how ethnics seem to have easier access to UK public funding than YT does, along side with their creative approach to compliance. (They are almost ALL called mohammed officially, which means (amongst otehr things) one car insurance policy between 15 blokes with the same name and same recorded address, (as a younger relative found out when one crashed into him) and my own failed efforts to acquire help when I have needed it, the endless "losing of my forms" (always take a copy, before submitting official forms in the UK if you are a white male) also tend to suggest that my government coudl care two shits about my sort. So fuck 'em.

Ain't paid any taxes, other than purchase tax, or complied meaningfully with ANY request for money or information since.. I've also spend a lot of my free time trying to wake up my white countrymen, about some of the more obvious but they could care less either, or more often they flat disgree with my analysis of the situation, so to be honest, there ain't a lot more I can do.

But I don't blame the muslims. Sure they have some funny ideas about some things, but they have been encouraged to keep those values whilst living in our society, by my government, backed up by social pressure orchestrated by the media for decades... 

No fucking wonder the dimmer ones can see their god is leading them to overcome the unbelievers. Thats' EXACTLY what appears to be happening!

And we dumb fucks go along with it all because the Teevee tells us to. Well at least most of us do.



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What will happen if the nutcase Jews attack Iran?

The Iranians will take out all the oil refineries in the area (especially the Saudi refineries).

Americans will soon be paying over $10.00 a gallon for fuel.

There will be a massive shortage of refined oil for a number of years, until new refineries are built (this normally takes some 5 years).

The economics of living "in the suburbs" (i.e., a long way from where you work) will break down and house prices in areas some distance from the industrial/commercial centers will drop,.... a lot.

Are Americans so stupid that they will let the Orange Jew and his thugs pull them into this?

History says,... Yes.

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Oldwood Slack Jack Mon, 03/26/2018 - 08:24 Permalink

No, no, NO!

It is far more important to sustain DEPENDENCY on cheap foreign products with trading partners who hope for our demise.

I love the way some here find it so easy to assume that the rest of the world (except Jews) is nothing but goodness and brotherly love, and only AMERICA pursues world domination, while IGNORING world history in total.

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Ah...what would the day be without at least one of the the resident ZH Jew Haters expounding how all the world's ills are directly attributable to those nasty Jews....too freaking laughable.  Going to be enjoyable when you and your ilk reap what you have sewn...hint: that happens around the time that notorious Jew - the one they call Jesus/Yeshua the Christ, comes back as the avenging Lion.  You will have nobody to blame but yourself.

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Yeah, boy! They just won't stop warmongering, but then again, they don't have to do the fighting. That's what our kids are for! Though I am heartened to see that so many ZH'ers aren't buying what Gatestone's pushing.

Perhaps a Tyler can offer more clarity, but I'd guess that the ABC Media, LTD came with some conditions: namely, "you run certain articles when we tell you to." Maybe they weren't clear on when those articles were to be posted, hence generally 3AM, when not too many people are reading ZH and the offending article can be quickly pushed down off the front page. Is it truth? Can't say, but it's certainly what I'd like to believe! Shoot, maybe Gatestone just pays them a lot, or maybe there's some darker ulterior motive. I do know one thing - I sure don't see muslims having this kind of pull with the MSM! 

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css1971 Malleus Maleficarum Mon, 03/26/2018 - 07:00 Permalink

No, it was simpler.

The Central banks stepped in a decade ago, and it became very obvious that everything else in the market just became irrelevant noise. Nothing else mattered, nothing else was news. Which kinda sucks on a financial news web site.

So, they started covering the geopolitics which sit behind central banks. They cover multiple points of view and at least you know it's a Gatestone article. They might well be being paid to syndicate the article, but you should expect that of ALL the articles you see on ZH.

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