Packages With "Explosive Contents" Discovered At Washington Military Buildings

Less than a week after FBI and ATF agents brought about the end of the Austin bomber's three-week reign of terror, a local TV station is reporting that "suspicious packages" possibly containing explosive components have been discovered at several military buildings in the Washington DC-area. Up to six suspicious packages have been discovered at military and intelligence agency buildings in the capitol area.

NBC 4 reports that the military is investigating the packages, one of which was shipped to the National Defense University at Ft. McNair in DC. A suspicious package was received around 8:30 am - prompting officials to evacuate the building. 

The package tested positive for black powder, according to Ft. McNair. An X-ray showed what appeared to be a GPS and a fuse. But the package was deemed safe and the building was cleared at around 1:15 pm. The components are being investigated.

A suspicious package sent to Ft. Belvoir in Virginia Monday afternoon contained liquid in a vial and a circuit board. It was also deemed to be safe after a brief investigation.

It's not clear if either was an actual working explosive device.

Another suspicious package is under investigation at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington DC.

There are also reports of suspicious packages at the CIA, a Secret Service mail processing facility and a Navy base in Richmond.

It’s not clear if the packages are linked to each other, but officials said they are not linked to the recent bombings in Austin, Texas.