War Preparations: Leaked Images Allegedly Show US Military Tanks Arriving In Jordan

Syrian government forces have now secured most of the eastern Ghouta enclave, the last remaining rebel-held area near Damascus, the capital and the largest city of the Syrian Arab Republic.

With Syrian forces nearing full control of the war-torn region, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley recently warned, Washington “remains prepared to act if we must,” if the United Nations Security Council fails to act on Syria for its assault on eastern Ghouta.

Last week, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov commented on the critical situation in eastern Ghouta and called on Washington to completely abandon its plans for a military strike against Syrian government forces.

“We’ve warned and warned the US that these plans must be unconditionally refused. Any such unlawful use of force, similar to what happened almost a year ago at the Shairat air base, would be an act of aggression against a sovereign state, as defined by the relevant article of the UN Charter,” he said.

Washington had the previous experince of launching a military intervention without the consent of the United Nations Security Council, when President Donald Trump lobbed 59 Tomahawk missiles onto Syria’s Shairat airbase in April 2017.

According to Muraselon news agency, Syrian forces have acquired most of the eastern Ghouta region through “achieving sweeping military victories or concluding evacuation deals.” The independent media outlet says Syrian forces “will most probably be heading to the country’s south in order to secure the borders with Jordan.”

Could Syria’s southern border with Jordan be the next confrontation zone in the country’s multiple regional wars? 

Sputnik news agency recently uncovered leaked images of U.S. military equipment arriving in Jordan’s Aqaba Industrial Port via the vehicle carrier ship “Liberty pride” for the upcoming participation in the annual war drill “Eager Lion.” During the unloading process, the images reveal the “M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks, the M113’s variation for medical evacuation and the M2A3 Bradley armored personnel carriers” were offloaded from the 199-meter (652 feet) military transport vessel, said Sputnik.

Sputnik indicates that Eager Lion war drill is an important military exercise between the U.S. Armed Forces and Jordanian Armed Forces, along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Further, the war drill could flare up tensions on the Jordan–Syria border, and as we know, sometimes war drills go live.

“Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and other US allies will join the “Eager Lion” military exercises, which have been conducted every year since 2010. After the latest reports of a planned US strike on Syrian governmental forces these drills could possibly create tensions between Jordan and neighboring Syria.”

Here is what Eager Lion war drill looked like in 2016:

However, Muraselon news agency ignores the Eager Lion war drill and believes the United States coupled with the Jordanian Armed Forces could be preparing for the next regional war along the Jordan–Syria border.

“With its economy greatly badly affected by Syrian war, Amman is desperately seeking to re-open Nassib border crossing to reinvigorate its economy. Jordan had previously failed to convince the Syrian opposition to hand over this vital crossing to the Syrian government. The Syrian Army will definitely make it to the Jordanian borders sooner or later. It might as well use the same tactics of Eastern Ghouta by dividing the territories of rival armed opposition groups and compel them to make separate concessions. But, will the Syrian opposition attack the Syrian forces along the Damascus-Daraa highway?” 

Jordan is a major player bordering southwestern Syria but has been silent as the Russian-backed Syrian regime expanded territorial gains from terrorist groups in the eastern Ghouta region. Now, Jordan seems like it is preparing for a conflict with Syria, as the United States Armed Forces have recently unloaded large amounts of tanks and personnel carriers. Nevertheless, with the return of John Bolton, is war imminent on the Jordan–Syria border?


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Washington “remains prepared to act if we must,” if the United Nations Security Council fails to act on Syria for its assault on eastern Ghouta.

What?  Why isn't Syria allowed to take back it's own F***ing territory?  The UN Security Council has no problem with the US being illegally in Syria, but Assad is the asshole for taking back Ghouta?  Really?

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Arnold Juggernaut x2 Mon, 03/26/2018 - 19:54 Permalink

Despite being a Wiki, this is very accurate.



You must realize that the 'Palestinian' are despised through out the Middle East.
Through this perspective, you will have a different take on the area.

Yasser Arafat did them no favors.

The relationship between Israel and Jordan, I have no Idea.
They are both small middle Eastern countries under constant pressure to be all things to all people.

Jordan seems to have handled it better under the Monarchy.

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quadraspleen Arnold Tue, 03/27/2018 - 02:34 Permalink

“I don’t trust any source, just use them”

then you are as bad as the shills who edit those sources. And if you use what you don’t trust, you are also an idiot who will get badly burned. You don’t know what you’re talking about, either. Stick to shit you understand kiddo

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And with an army stretched all around the globe including poor morale and terrible logistics, and cold feet "allies" that are more often bullied than not, what exactly is supposed to happen in terms of victories? 

They may get some success in the beginnings, but they will be defeated by a growing coalition and attrition over the time. I wouldn't want to be in the USA after their defeat, because they will not win this time. And whomever will win will exact a terrible price on them and their Hebrew puppet masters.  

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Well they ordered them didn't they?  Get ready for greater Kikeistan...

As a side note, after flying over a million miles commercial, and having a Giverment security clearance (a low grade one but still a clearance), flying on international business class tickets, I now regularly get the full dump the bags and turn all the electronics on.  I am 99% sure its due to my posts here.


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Cue the chlorine gas fart and msm outrage about "Russian aggression". Against the children. And special needs animals. Oh the humanity!  Clearly, only world war and global financial collapse and the death of billions will bring peace and justice..

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"I do so miss the campaigning DT that promised to bring home the troops and stop policing the world..."

Listen up, ye dumb, useful goy schmucks: Election promises are just date-rape whispers, not prenuptial promises to love, honor and obey electoral wishes.

When will you guzzlers of Hopium-laced Kool-Aid ever fvcking learn? Is it your Buybull upbringing, that has you chained to Hope, like an abused sex slave? Sheesh, are some sheeple ever stooooopid!

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There are always forks in the road, the high road and the low road.  Many in power today have chosen the low road.

One might guess that both roads lead to the same destination.  That would be an error.

I think we are seeing the beginnings of the arrival of many low roaders to their destinations.  


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soyungato Oliver Klozoff Mon, 03/26/2018 - 21:56 Permalink

Yeah right. Trump is trying alright. He tried by appointing Kudlow, Bolton and the like. He tried by going against the world recognizing Jerusalem the Israel capital.
I hate Clinton much more now. She made the shitty Trump presidency possible. Most of us voted Trump just so she got kick in the ass. We would do it again in a heart beat . We could not let evil triumph. It was that simple.

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Pretty much.

Trump and Pence are both Crypto-Jews.

You can verify yourself if you do a little research.

Henry Makow does have it all on his website.

So do a few others.

If you look at Ivanka pre-plastic surgery, she's 100% Jewish.

People say she converted for her husband..

She converted to being an orthodox jew.

That's it.


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