Was Stormy Daniels Stoned During Her 60 Minutes Interview?

Following Stormy Daniels' Sunday night appearance on 60 Minutes, the internet seemed to care less about Trump possibly sleeping with her, and instead zeroed in on the fact that her eyes were extremely dilated - leading to speculation that she was high as a kite. 

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, looked like a cat fresh out surgery compared with both her attorney and Anderson Cooper. 

Here's Stormy with normally dilated eyes:

As Vice noted in 2014, various drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines can result in noticeably larger pupils known as Mydriasis:

A mydriatic pupil will remain excessively large even in a bright environment. 

Classical stimulant drugs (such as amphetamine and cocaine) function as powerful norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors in the brain (increasing the brain's concentration of norepinephrine), with some (notably methamphetamine and MDMA) also being releasers of norepinephrine, "liberating" it from synapses where it has already been sequestered via reuptake. The effect of this torrent of freshly active norepinephrine is the classical "forced stim" of the speed user, one hallmark of which is severely dilated and non-responsive pupils, which are stuck "squeezed open" due to the ongoing muscle stimulation. -Wikipedia

And here we have Stormy:

We have a feeling this isn't the first time Stormy's been at full dilation. 


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Personally, I don't care if Trump had an extramarital affair. It's expected from someone of his sort. It's between him, his wife and conscience (if he had any). What I can't get over is his using similar line with the girls: 'You are so smart. You remind me of my daughter.' Then he had sex with them. I don't know how Ivanka feels, but it's just disgustingly creepy if you think about it.

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swmnguy Kagemusho Mon, 03/26/2018 - 14:44 Permalink

Contact lenses, most likely.  'Shrooms dilate your pupils too, or acid.  I don't think she was trippin', so far more likely it was contact lenses.

But this one goes on the "Who gives a crap" pile, along with the fact that Trump apparently cheats on his wife with professional sex workers.  Did we not know this about the guy?  He's bragged about it for 40+ years.  He seems unable to form worthwhile emotional relationships, and treats and takes everyone at face value only.  And nobody cares.  I don't.  My opinion of the guy hasn't changed since I first heard of him in the late '70s.  

The only part of this that I care about is the hush money and the non-disclosure agreements.  That kind of malicious bullying speaks directly to character.

Everyone I've ever had sex with is free to tell the world should they so choose.  I'm not hiding anything, and I have too much self-respect to pay somebody to keep their mouth shut about me.  But then, I am capable of forming emotional attachments, and I adhere to them.

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Re: The creep factor of comparing Stormy to his daughter ...

My wife said the same thing when watching.That’s What got her.

Also the anecdote about Trump bragging about the magazine covers and using his position on his show, inferring he could get her on said show, was another “tell” about this guy’s character. Harvey Weinstein no doubt has used the same sexual carrot a thousand times.

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USMC Cadence


"BennyBoy is a sonofabitch

Got the blue balls, crabs, and the seven year itch

Drove his car in the gay bathhouse ditch

Went inside and lined up a hundred

Swore up and down he could suck off everyone

Blew 98 till his lips turned blue

Then he backed off, jacked off, and blew the other two."


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Made me laugh!



Stormy has been in the porn/stripper business for over 2 decades and had many many many many many many partners.

See her site Take the FREE Tour! 

What are the odds all her very very very sexually active partners were all disease free? Zero.

What are the odds all of Trumps bimbo's he's banged were disease free? Zero.

Check out the CDC site for more info on STDs.

The odds (85%) are you have herpes simplex virus which may or may not have been sexually transmitted.

So was yours sexually transmitted or did granny give it to you?


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Re: Legal precedent if Trump suffers no legal consequence ...

Say you are thinking of running for president or some other high office, but you are not inclined to run because u know you have skeletons in your closet that, if revealed, would almost certainly keep you from winning. Hey, no problem. Just have some bag men or fixers pay off all your “skeletons.” As it turns out this is perfectly legal. Even though this contribution was likely the most important campaign gift you received. Without it, you lose. With it, you probably win. And do we think the people who were recruited to make the payoffs might ever ask that this huge favor be returned once you are in office? Would these fixers have any leverage on this office holder, if they decided to use it? Not being required to report such gifts would be a big deal to a lot of potential candidates, and any backers who might want this person in office. 

That is, there is sound reasoning behind this reporting requirement. The campaign gift aspect of this is what makes this a valid story.*


*Beyond  just a story about another unfaithful politico who will always deny that he has been unfaithful. I’d still say such knowledge is fair game for those few remaining voters who care about personal morality and character, and think that people who comport themselves in an immoral way in their private affairs might be more inclined to conduct themselves in dishonorable ways in their business or political dealings.


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Think hard about that one, and multiply your cost of living x2 (x3 if you're heading to the villages or islands).

Large pocket's of vocal pro Agenda 21 Greenie SJWs within the Cluster B Spectrum have settled in the handful of large to medium size towns.

They like to pretend they're at one with the wilderness - and will preach in your face about what you and your money must do to save the planet - never mind that they aren't doing it themselves.

Even the villages are starting to up their game with Smart Meters, etc.

Plenty of fucking criminals from the Federal Government with dead-ended careers pokin-round "Protecting 'Murica" as well.

. . . then there's Fukushima.

Nowhere to run unless you've got money - and even then.

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