EXPOSED: Russia is a proxy for the digital underworld

Russia is an easy scapegoat.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies - the world is not as it seems. The US Government spent billions of dollars creating the false narrative of Russia as an 'enemy' as the post WW2 "War Department" knew very well based on focus groups and RAND reports that unless they could come up with enemies that scared the public at large, getting those billions and hundreds of billions wouldn't be so easy.

(Another photo of a Military "Storage Site" in Arizona with billions of unused planes 'just in case)

First let's quickly look at Russia as a proxy state.  As we saw with KimDotCom, there are few places in the world one can hide.  Russia is one such place.  It is possible to go to Russia and the Stans and vanish.  No one will ask questions, if you have a little money.  No one will care to ask.  So that's one thing to consider.  You are a hacker based in NYC.  It really is only a matter of time before you will be caught.  The web of surveillance is so deep in the west, it's electronic, it's physical - you can't exist without eventually leaving a trace somewhere.  Or to put it differently, the only way to stay hidden here is to not exist, that means no working or communicating with people or the 'system' - possible but if you need money or get bored then it presents a problem (as you will reveal yourself to the system).  Russia is not the only country in the world to hide, but presents some interesting advantages due to the political conflicts they have with most countries, and who wants to live in Africa, really.

Second, Russia is a great proxy for hiding your IP.  Many hackers will traceroute their signal through Russian servers, which can be rented cheaply.  Many IP obfuscation software such as HideMyAss will offer Russia as an option, such that users can 'appear' that they are in Russia.  So the 'digital mafia' if you will, or 'hackers for hire' will often mask themselves as "Russian Hackers" when in fact there is nothing Russian about them at all.  The CIA does this, the NSA does this, and hackers do it too.  A Russian IP can be the difference between being caught and not.  Causing a political scandal is a bonus "Those pesky Russians are at it again!"

The fact is Russia is very backward.  Just recently a shopping mall burned and more than 70 children died.  It's a travesty, a horror.  They have no building codes, no fire escape requirements, people jumped out of windows like during 911.  Russia doesn't have an internal system to 'catch' hackers nor do they have any interest in doing so, they have much bigger priorities.  Russia has real problems (but, they are not caused by Putin, contrary to media reports).  There are no bankruptcy laws in Russia, no consumer protection.  The last thing they are worried about are hackers or DMCA.  The point is there are many reasons that Russia is used as a proxy both technically and jurisdictionally.. 

Third, there are actual Russian hackers and 'hack for hire' groups and individuals that work globally from Almaty, Moscow, and many other places.  They travel globally but when they are working you can bet they aren't doing it from NYC.  That's the irony of modern Russia, legit Entrepreneurs like Pavel Durov are forced to live like global digital Bedouins.  "Only in Russia" 

Almaty, Kaz - great place to hide from the FBI.

So for example it would be quite possible for the DNC, or any US based group for that matter, to hire "Russians" to do "hacking" or "security analysis" may be what they are telling their accountants now to book the transaction as.

Russia is a black hole.  So as the expression goes, all roads lead to Rome - All roads that lead to Russia lead to nowhere.  It's a digital dead end, perhaps the only one left in the world (not counting poor undeveloped countries) which is perhaps why many are so irritated that Russia stays independent and grows internally so vibrantly.

So next time you read or hear about how "Russians" hacked this or "Russians" did that electronically, replace "Russians" with "Anyone".  

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Davidduke2000 Wed, 03/28/2018 - 07:53 Permalink

Do you think people are stupid to believe killer america over the Russians?? president Putin is the most respected leader in the world, he is keeping the world from blowing up.

the us influence is gone, out of 200 countries, only 19 followed the us lead to expel Russian diplomats for the false flag in england, but 180 countries laughed it off simply because the us and uk have a long history of lying, we all still remember the Iraqis WMD that never existed but the us politicians en masse voted to destroy Iraq on fake news that the us fed to the world.

Iraq was not a nuclear armed country, but Russia is and the best weapons to deliver them, yet the brits and the yanks keep poking at the Russian bear thinking he is hibernating.

to you the author, you are mistaken ukraine with Russia, all the Ip stuff come from ukraine , all the internet frauds come from the ukraine, the cia has 20 large building in kiev alone where schemes are prepared including stealing bitcoins and hiding money stolen by the nigerians scammers.

Before you decide to write a piece, make sure you have all the facts or you will look like an idiot spreading cia propaganda.  

globalintelhub Davidduke2000 Wed, 03/28/2018 - 11:13 Permalink

You can read again the article Ukraine is not mentioned once.  Not sure where you picked that up.  Ukraine has become a CIA sponsored 'client' - perhaps it is you who is tasked with spreading CIA propaganda?  Who mentioned Ukraine?  Yes you are right many frauds from Ukraine, and these frauds have ballooned since US is there either controlling it or just allowing it to happen.  The IP addresses are from Russia and that is what they 'claim' - of course their evidence is bullshit, but you are missing the point.  Russian, or Ukrainian IP addresses for that matter, is not evidence for anything.  Russia, Ukraine, and other countries too are proxy states and they are used because of the domestic enforcement issues.

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Mike Masr Wed, 03/28/2018 - 08:43 Permalink


Kremlin: London’s Skripal 'presentation' doesn't stand up to scrutiny

The six-slide presentation largely included information already circulated by the media.

The first slide is a title sheet while the second presents a chronology of events in Salisbury where Skripal was poisoned.

The third and fourth slides give brief information on the nerve agent the UK calls Novichok. The presentation claims that only Russia could produce such chemical agents and gives information on their effects on humans.

The fifth slide enumerates everything that the UK blames on Russia: Crimea’s re-integration, the crash of the Malaysian MH17 airliner over Ukraine in 2014, the interference in the 2016 US presidential election and the attempt of a coup d’etat in Montenegro. In conclusion, the presentation highlights measures the UK has taken or plans to take against Russia.


thurstjo63 Wed, 03/28/2018 - 08:58 Permalink

LOL. Interesting statement about Russia being backward. I seem to remember hearing about building code, and fire codes not being respected in relation to the fire in Kemerovo. And Russia I would think that Russia's infrastructure is far more up to date than the US Infrastructure which has consistently received a rating of D+ from the American Society of Civil Engineers for the last 10+ years.  Russia has its problems like every other country but let's not pretend that the US is a modern country anymore. It's rotting and falling apart. And what resources available are being primarily used for defense and the surveillance state. The overwhelming majority of the food is genetically modified and doused in petrochemicals. The "health" system is laughable as it is controlled by a cabal of petrochemical (excuse me pharmaceutical) companies enforced by a regulatory agency which is actually a pseudo government arm of said companies. One cannot even pretend that there is a democracy anymore. People with different points of view cannot even have a civil conversation, but yet Russia is considered backwards!?! Go figure!

PaxOrbis Wed, 03/28/2018 - 09:06 Permalink

"The fact is Russia is very backward."

Yep, Russia is so backward that it's been what? ten years now since NASA started fetching rides to orbit on Russian rockets.

"They have no building codes, no fire escape requirements. There are no bankruptcy laws in Russia, no consumer protection."


False, false, false, and false.





4) consumer protection - ЗАКОН О ЗАЩИТЕ ПРАВ ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЕЙ

globalintelhub PaxOrbis Wed, 03/28/2018 - 10:51 Permalink

Pax you really know nothing about Russia.  When people owe money for mortgages or credit cards banks hire tough guys to 'rough you up' a little.  Yes, it still goes on.  Grandmas are paid pensions in physical rubles, monthly, at the same time, in cash.  Physical cash.  Grandma clears the table for when officer will come with money.  He counts it and lays it on the table as they do in a casino.  There are laws about 'taxes' but NO ONE pays them, i mean NO ONE, maybe a few politicians.  Workers are paid in 'black salary' and 'white salary' white salary is like 20% of black salary, that is your declared income, which is like 100 or 200 usd a month.  When they are 'audited' they are shown a separate set of books and/or wined and dined (bribed).  Consumer protection is a joke, grocery stores will sell spoiled food and if you make the mistake of buying it you will be scolded for being so stupid as to buy spoiled food (they will not refund you, you cannot sue them).  Yes they do excel in science and math and most of the best programmers on Wall St. are Russian but you are missing the point.  Russia as a country is still very underdeveloped it is changing but there is a LONG way to go.  The building codes, if they have any on the books, are not followed.  In this theater where children were trapped and died from fire - they closed and locked the fire doors - because they didn't want people to watch the movie for FREE!   Do you understand a little about the reality of Russia?  You can't read about this online you have to either live through it or you have family there, obviously you have neither.

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PaxOrbis globalintelhub Wed, 03/28/2018 - 11:27 Permalink

"Pax you really know nothing about Russia."

Interesting. Do you possess some telepathic abilities? If you do, I suggest you fine tune your antenna.


"When people owe money for mortgages or credit cards banks hire tough guys to 'rough you up' a little.  Yes, it still goes on."

Debt Collectors exist in other countries too.


"Grandmas are paid pensions in physical rubles, monthly, at the same time, in cash.  Physical cash."

False. State pensions are deposited to Sberbank visa/mastercards.


"There are laws about 'taxes' but NO ONE pays them, i mean NO ONE"

False. Here is a list of Russia's top 50 tax-payers:


What you are describing could be true for the Russia of the 1990's.

It's 2018 on my calendar.


p.s. I actually enjoyed your article, but that paragraph of yours to which I replied originally ruined it for me. In fact, you can completely omit it and the general theme you are trying to convey about IP's and proxies would still be true.

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just the tip Wed, 03/28/2018 - 09:36 Permalink

Americans just like to beat Russia ever since they sent the first Sputnik in Space.

i thought it was the russians were pissed we used russian titanium to build the SR-71?  obtained using a CIA front company of course.

geno-econ Wed, 03/28/2018 - 09:47 Permalink

In any homicide look for a motive . Some possibilities with access to nerve gas

  1 Russian intelligence attempt to silence or penalize a traitor

  2 Russian Oligarchs living in UK who want to eliminate informant with information    that could jeopardize their wealth in UK and elsewhere

   3 Suicide due to guilt or depression

   4 Accidental by victim

   5 British or US intelligence because victim was a triple agent

Any other possibility ?