Global Anti-Russia Campaign Is Taking Us Dangerously Close To Disaster

Authored by Jim Jatras, op-ed via,

The expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats from the US, along with dozens of others from various other countries, should be a sobering moment for all of mankind. It’s a sign of how close to the brink of a major war the world is coming.

To start with, this current episode is not comparable to the 55 Soviets expelled by Ronald Reagan in 1986 or the 50 or so thrown out by George W. Bush in 2001. Those actions were directly related to spying activities – which all governments engage in, directed against their friends as well as enemies. The Russians do it, the Americans do it, everybody does it. There’s nothing remarkable about cutting the numbers down now and then, particularly after a major embarrassment like the 2001 Robert Hanssen scandal.

But these latest expulsions have nothing to do with how many of the Russians might be actual spies. Nor with the nonsensical accusations of Russian election interference to sow discord and discredit democracy.”

In fact, they have almost nothing to do with the US State Department’s unsupported claim that “Russia used a military-grade nerve agent to attempt to murder a British citizen and his daughter in Salisbury.”  The absence of evidence that the Russians were behind the attack is no more relevant than repeated, equally evidence-free accusations of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government. Whatever happened to the Skripals and whoever is behind it, Salisbury is a mere pretext.

No, the real purpose is much simpler. Decrying the American action, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov stated that he had told his US interlocutors that “the United States took a very bad step by cutting what very little still remains in terms of Russian-American relations.”

But severing the last vestiges of that relationship is what the expulsions are designed to do. Disrupting US-Russia ties isn’t a means to an end – it is the end.

For several years, many commentators and analysts have pondered whether the US and Russia are already in a new Cold War, and if so when things will get better. The crystal-ball gazing can now stop. The answers are all too clear.

Yes, we are in a new Cold War and have been for some time. Indeed, it is foolish to think that on the US side the first Cold War ever really stopped. As long as we had a puppet government in Moscow under Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s, we could do as we pleased. Plunder Russia’s resources with the assistance of corrupt oligarchs installed by Western “experts.” Expand NATO to the east after promising we wouldn’t. Bomb Serbia. Invade Iraq. Expand NATO some more. Stage regime change operations in the name of “democracy.” Declare that Ukraine and Georgia will be members of NATO.

As for the second question – no, things will not get better. Perhaps never.

What about President Donald J. Trump, the man who is supposed to be the Leader of the (anachronistically named) Free World? Hasn’t he repeatedly said he wants better relations with Russia?

The answer is supplied by the former State Department spokesman under the Obama administration, Admiral John Kirby, who said the expulsions were “… embraced by our European allies because they’ve been worried that with some of the things they’ve heard or haven't heard from this president about Russian President Vladimir Putin means he might be soft on Moscow. But this tells them that the national security professionals they’ve been talking to behind closed doors really have held sway and the US policy is following what they have always promised, which is to crack down.”

Perhaps Kirby overstates how much some of our European satellites really want more confrontation with Moscow, but he’s absolutely right about the role of the “national security professionals” operating “behind closed doors.” Make no mistake, of all of Trump’s 2016 heresies against the bipartisan establishment, none was of more concern than what seems to be his sincere wish for a new détente with Moscow.

When all is said and done, there are lots of reasons the political class hates Trump. His views on immigration and trade are near the top of the list. But for the deep state and its mainstream media arm, demonizing Russia and President Vladimir Putin personally is a dangerous obsession – and Trump presented a threat. Hence the entire Russiagate/FISAgate hysteria launched by the Steele dossier, an effort that incidentally has British (particularly MI6) fingerprints all over it. Its main goal was always to box Trump in and prevent him from pursuing any path other than the disastrous course laid out by Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama.

Recently, one prominent Democratic senator expressed his concern over the appointment of the hawkish John Bolton as Trump’s new national security adviser, suggesting that Trump was lining up his war cabinet that might “blunder us into another terrible conflict.” But where was that senator and his leftish colleagues in the self-declared “#Resistance” to Trump when they insisted on new legislatively mandated sanctions, demanded we send lethal weapons to Ukraine, called for bombing Syria, and generally accused Trump of being a traitor in collusion with Putin?

Well, the Trump critics have got their wish. The Democratic left, along with their GOP “Never Trump” neoconservative allies, have won and Trump has lost. As far as foreign and security policy goes, Trump might as well not be president.

The result is a world that is one “Sarajevo” moment from a new (nuclear) 1914, but not because Trump is an unpredictable, irrational “madman” who needs to be restrained by the adults in the room.” That notion that is exactly backwards, as evidenced by the fact that the same “professionals” were aghast at his agreement to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. (In my estimation chances that the meeting will actually take place are only 50 percent and falling fast with Bolton’s appointment. Look for a “provocation” by Pyongyang that will scotch the summit. Or if the meeting does take place, look for Trump to be loaded up by his team with non-negotiable demands that will guarantee failure.)

Moscow will now consider its response to the expulsions of its diplomats, but it is in a no-win situation. If, based on past practice, the Russians respond with “proportionate” restraint so as not to permanently alienate their Western so-called “partners,” they can be sure of more of the same – and worse. On the other hand, if they hit back asymmetrically and hard – for example cancelling overflight rights of flag carriers of sanctioning states – the howls of Russian “rogue behavior” will intensify, leading to yet more and harsher sanctions, such as SWIFT cutoff. Look for a stepped-up boycott campaign against the 2018 World Cup as well as stronger calls to neutralize Moscow’s veto in the UN Security Council. Or another chemical weapons false flag in Syria. Or a possible “Krajina scenario”launched by Kiev against Donbass – in the expectation that Putin will step aside the way that Slobodan Milosevic did.

Those behind this global campaign think we can treat Russia as though it were a minor power of the magnitude of Serbia, Iraq, Libya, or Syria, or even Iran. They think if we just keep pushing, pushing, pushing, either the Russians will collapse or back down. They can see no other acceptable outcome than removing Putin and returning Russia to the condition of a Yeltsin-era vassal state – a term Putin used in his interview with Oliver Stone – or, better yet, its territorial breakup along the lines suggested by the late Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Things are going to get worse. Maybe a lot worse.  



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In the grand scheme of things you have to see this as the near conclusion of a long term campaign. The reason is economic crisis caused by money changers. The pretext is Russia. They would rather have their capitals wiped out by nuclear fire rather than being exposed for the crooks and liars they are. They could even play heroes in such a setup. Think about the crook Churchill for instance. 

Remember Germany and the 1929 crisis. 

All wars are bankers wars. 

And bankers are?...

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ACP WernerHeisenberg Wed, 03/28/2018 - 04:08 Permalink

No, no, and no.

The reason why the nihilists wants a nuclear war is to wipe out whites.

Where are all the nuclear weapons pointed? At majority white countries.

A nuclear war will set back the Earth about 10,000 years, which is exactly what the Soros fascists want.

Modern mankind wiped out in 20 minutes.

It would take another 10,000 years to get back to where we are today, with no lessons learned.

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As I recall Batshit Bolton's first response to everything in interview in the past since forever has been "Bomb Russia".


Trump employing this demented Dr Strangelove as his NSA? Probably my biggest Trump WTF moment, way ahead of the 59 Tomahawk job (apologies to 4 dead Syrian soldiers). This guy is on another planet. In a distant universe. In an alternative fucking reality.

And then comes immediate escalation of the anti-Russia situation in the aftermath of the fabricated crisis in Salisbury? Any co-incidence to his appointment? Bolton's probably jerking off over Chamberlain May's image about now.


Looks like the NeoCons have the White House helm, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Extremely choppy seas ahead.


And you know what?

What with Bolton's appointment, and Trump's contempt of his electors with various other shit - caving to the gun lobby, the $1.3T spending of which Mr Art of the Deal managed to get 0.1% allocated to wall spending (whoopiefuckingdo). And even just putting a fucking smile on Chuck Schumer's face?


While I would like to see every last cuntish scroat (including Obama) behind bars on the Spying/Fusion/#YouNameIt scandals, it pains me to say that I'm starting to give less of a flying fuck how much inconvenience Mueller causes Trump in the interim.

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Where are the Skripals? And who exactly are the Skripals?

Could it just possibly be that the Skripals, like this complete story, are a fantasy. Did they ever really exist? Where did they go after being "gassed? Where are they now? How about some real evidence?

Who, and where, is the LEO who was supposedly also affected by the so-called gas? And further, who and where are the 40 or so people who were also supposedly affected by the so-called gas?

How about some actual proof of the exisistence of these "actors".

Hmm. Something stinks here and it isn't just Mrs. May's panties.

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"It’s a sign of how close to the brink of a major war the world is coming."

Huh uhh,'s the constant drumbeat of overheated hyperbole like this that is convincing me that the people soaking this dreck up are the ones eager for big-ass war.  Be careful what you wish for, or not.  At this point what difference does it make?

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 When relations sour and become suspicious, there is greater chance for miscalculation and accidental conflict/war.

 When one side (NATO) positions forces/missiles on the other's border, it cuts response time and compels Russia to put its military on a hair-trigger alert.

When one side heavily arms and subsidizes its extremist vassal state (Ukraine), it increases the likelihood of being drawn into conflict?war by (unapproved as well as encouraged) actions of the vassal.

When one side sells weapons and assists the aggression of its extremist "ally" Saudi Arabia, again the minor power may draw the major powers into conflict.

I could go on with many other examples. But the point is that aggressive hostility and brinksmanship, seeking full-spectrum dominance and "regime change" increase the potential for bad consequences.

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Actually, it takes our nukes about 30 minutes to reach their targets.

All of our problems come from ideological possession.  Look it up.  It explains the extreme stances of the left, right, and well I guess not the center, lol.  And I get it.  Going into the last election, I was "never Trump."  When he won, it was exactly what I needed to escape my ideological possession.  I think I would have had a stroke by now if I hadn't.  

There is no scenario I can imagine where so many of our leaders are simply "evil."  There is no "black or white," everything is gray, and if you're ideologically possessed, you can't see the gray at all.  Opposing viewpoints appear "evil" and your own actions, always "righteous."  But when you simply talk to someone you have labeled "evil," you'll find they have the same concerns about their little world that you do, but different ideas on how to resolve those concerns.

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 Ah yes, the Pollyanna viewpoint.

Everyone is nice. It is all just misunderstanding.

As quoted in a movie "What we have here is a failure to communicate".

The people who torture prisoners have the "same concerns" as "you".

Those who market Monsanto have the same "concerns".

So do the CEOs of big oil, big pharma, and Goldman Sachs.

And those in the MIC who promote weaponizing the world.

And Bolton and his ilk who want to bomb other countries because its "worth it" to achieve full-spectrum dominance.

Yes , yes we all have the same "concerns", the same values.

No need to really differentiate anything or anybody. It's all good.

Just work together with the torturers, bomb-makers, and warmongers

to achieve our shared goals and "concerns".


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Most people are unaware of the Nuclear Winter effects that would follow even just a partial exchange of hydrogen bombs between the U.S. and Russia. Pretty much all mammalian life is wiped out globally, most of it over a 5-year period, more or less, following the "exchange". The "leaders" of major countries would survive in deep underground "bunkers" but they'd probably have to stay there for years, maybe the remainder of their miserable lives. Does the U.S. underground bunker have an Armani store where Ivanka can pretend to go shopping? What gets me is that Trump doesn't feel any urgency as to the looming threat.

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Greed is King Adolph.H. Wed, 03/28/2018 - 07:10 Permalink

Quite right Mein Fuhrer; the West can be likened to Orwell`s Animal Farm, the Pigs in the shape of the Neo-Con Globalists and Banksters have consumed all of the farms food and left the farmyard under a mountain of shit, so the problem for them now is how to stop the other animals (peasantry, public) revolting and turning the Pigs into bacon; take a leaf from Orwell`s other famous book 1984, brainwash the people with Ministry of "Truth" propaganda, outlaw "Fake" news outlets, pass draconian anti-civil liberties laws to silence freedom of thought and speech, and create a bogey man to scare the average Winston in the street into obedience.

Political Correctness, anti-freedom surveillance laws and Putin as the bogey man achieves all of the items on the agenda.

I was so looking forward to a bit of pork or maybe a bacon sandwich, oh well, maybe, just maybe.

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Humorously, though, even in that case the US MIC would still have to demonize those countries and constantly manufacture crises and false flags in order to maintain their trillion dollar a year budget.

And politics apparently can't take the MIC down, just like Eisenhower feared. His fear came true.

Any politician that tried would be paralyzed six ways to Sunday by scandals, non-cooperation and lies, impeachment and finally two shots in the back of the head, or end up on the back seat of a secret service limousine with his brains on the first lady's lap.

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The Korean war of the early 1950`s gave rise to a metaphor in Britain for an impossible task: it`s like fighting the Chinese army.

Meaning that fighting the Chinese army is lose lose, an impossible task, because as fast as you kill them there`s an almost limitless number still attacking you.

I will never forget the story told to me by a workmate who fought in the British army in the Korean war; he said that his unit were advancing on foot through the mud and rain when they overtaken by an American convoy, complete with troop carriers, ice cream vans and all the comforts of home that American soldiers demand. Come on Limeys they were shouting, you`re gonna miss all the fun. The very next day his unit woke to find the same American convoy speeding back the way they had come, they retreated so fast that they even overtook the fleeing American General staff, the Chinese had entered the war, and a few thousand American soldiers had no intention of facing an unlimited number of Chinese. The British unit he was in meanwhile, were still under orders to advance, and when attacked by the Chinese were quickly surrounded, and because of the American rout were placed in the position of having to fight their way back to safety, alone.

America and Britain learnt of this impossible task in that war, so why are our deep state puppet leaders so keen to engage once again in the impossible task ?.

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It's not the ones ordering the war who are going to have to fight it. Not their relatives either. There's black cannon fodder galore. Most of those big strong men who don't make it to the NFL or the NBA are potential heroes with nowhere else to go. On another but similar tack, all those sons (and daughters) of opiod victims need to be disposed of somewhere. This will be an inclusive sacrifice.

The best way to forestall a revolution is to kill all its potential supporters in a "just" war.

Just think - there'd be no one left to hit the streets in Ferguson after another police shooting.

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So the world is against Russia is it?


This would be the Russia that's a member of every Globalist organization in existence? From the United Nations to the G20. 


Gotcha, they do business together, party together, and set the world agenda together, but the rest of the world is against Russia?


No, that is a bull shit narrative as always. Wars are orchestrated by bankers, not politicians. The politicians just pretend to be mad at each other and start the war, so the public doesn't figure out that bankers run the world, not puppet politicians.

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Greed is King karenm Wed, 03/28/2018 - 07:44 Permalink

Agreed, but this time the Banksters have made it personal, they`re portraying Putin as the anti-Christ, can you see him forgiving and forgetting ?.

The most evil thing I`ve heard of lately is that the British Education Authority is commanding schools to teach the children that Putin is the modern day Hitler !!, that really is taking propaganda to an unacceptable extreme, the brainwashing of young children really is unforgivable, it`s what the N.Korean Regime is demonised for !!; why do our leaders want war ?. I think we know, don`t we.

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It's a tragedy that Russia was not in a position to help Serbia. The reason Serbia 2.0 isn't happening in Syria is because of Russian air defenses. The days of the US throwing its weight around ad lib are over. The US just had it explained to it that attacking the SAA and endangering Russian troops thereby over some bogus chemical weapons charge was not an option. However much the political and media scum yowl about Russia sowing discord/manipulating elections nothing will be done to Russia except more sanctions and empty gestures. 

The same with Hezbollah in Lebanon. If IsraelI dares to attack again missiles will rain down on israeI. 

All parties will be hurt if the fools want to play hardball but the US and israel will not be relatively unscathed as in prior years. This strategic change happened slowly but it's here.

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The recent mention by Putin (I think) that 'all the US understands is force' needs to be acted on.  I want lots and lots of missiles given to Yemen to totally F^ck up Saudi and other vassals in the region.  The Israel state will pay eventually for its sick attitude to it neighbors.  God this is taking a long time !  I wanna see the US rumbled so bad !


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Mexico is doing pretty well on its own in terms of a drug corridor hollowing out America, skirmish border warfare, shootouts on American soil, intimidating law enforcement and population invasion. The US will be in a situation in about twenty years where the American southwest could vote to secede as a Spanish speaking Mexican independent state, backed up by Mexico.

Of course given the current economic disparity between Mexico and even the poorer US states that's unlikely to happen. If the criminals/chumps in charge continue to piss away the US GDP in senseless military expenditure instead of improving education, healthcare and infrastructure, that economic disparity may disappear. Particularly with extremely destructive trade and other wars on the horizons. Children of empire don't ever understand how good they had it, until it's too late.

Romans and Byzantines are distant examples.Much closer to home, just ask the Hapsbergs (and their previous dependencies scattered through Czechloslovakia, Croatia,Hungary and Western Ukraine). Or the Iroquois who foolishly wasted their strenght on destroying rival Hurons instead of uniting and evicting Europeans who would annihilate and enslave them.

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"When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. There always playing politics - bad for our country. I want to solve North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, terrorism, and Russia can greatly help!"

1:18 AM - Nov 12, 2017 


Donald Trump



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Global anti-Russia campaign is completely justified. The country is barely a country, more like a fiefdom ruled over by oligarchs who are sympathetic to Putin. The Russian people get very little of the wealth generated by Russia's huge amounts of resources, those who don't tow the line are murdered in the most painful way possible. It isn't very far from being N Korea's nasty big brother. 

giovanni_f whatsupdoc Wed, 03/28/2018 - 06:06 Permalink

"Shemp goes straight for the ad hominem attack".

No. First, he goes for the troll attack. That is a difference. Secondly, your rehearsal of Theresa May talking points do not qualify as arguments. So nothing left than attacking you in your role as a deep state sponsored threat disrupter POS.

Hope that helps.

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