Socialist Utopia: Child Gangs Fight For "Quality Garbage" With Machetes In Venezuela

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While many politicians and civilians in the United States focus on making the country a socialist regime, Venezuela’s children are forming gangs and using machetes to fight each other for “quality garbage” so they have something to eat.

Socialism is only good for those already at the very top.  It’s a very important lesson for anyone seeking to “remove the wealth” from the 1%.  Never assume that the rich will allow you vote their money away in the first place. The other issue most socialists forget that the 1% is made up the very wealthy politicians from both parties who will profit immensely from the implementation of socialism.  Of course, when that does happen children starve and become violent as a means to survive and have just one more meal.

The Miami Herald has detailed the lives of children forced to live under the harsh realities of socialism. Liliana, at the age of only 16, has become the mother figure for a gang of Venezuelan children and young adults called the Chacao, named after the neighborhood they’ve claimed as their territory. The 15 members, ranging in age from 10 to 23, work together to survive vicious fights for “quality” garbage in crumbling, shortage-plagued, socialist dystopia of Venezuela. Their weapons are knives and sticks and machetes. And their only prize is garbage that contains food scrapes barely good enough to eat.

Many of the children in the Chacao gang flock to a life of violence but a family-oriented one because there’s no other option if they want to eat.  There are at least 10 gangs in the capital of Caracas according to social workers and police estimate. “There were always children on the street in Venezuela but now we are seeing a new phenomenon — kids who get more food on the street than at their homes,” says Beatriz Tirado, who leads “Angeles de Calle,” or Street Angels, a non-governmental charity.

“Our kids are finding ways to survive because neither in their homes nor in their communities is there enough food,” explains social worker Roberto Patino, who has established 29 public diners all over the country to feed the massive numbers of hungry children. But Patino also bemoans that there are not enough resources to help the children get their lives back on track let alone feed them properly. For now, many have turned to trash bags as a source of nutrition.

But the gang life is dangerous for the children. Often, they venture into the more affluent neighborhoods of the politicians. One of those territories is Las Mercedes. It has high-end restaurants that attract the political elite Venezuelans. Because garbage bags there often contain leftovers and even untouched food, they are sought after by a number of the gangs. The clashes over bags of trash can be deadly.

The children often take to the consumption of street drugs at an early age as well.  They become criminals, tossing the law out the window to survive.  They steal, assault people, and use drugs like crack, sometimes smoked in makeshift pipes made from the parts of discarded plastic dolls, but for a very disturbing reason. “When you smoke you don’t feel hungry,” explains Patricio.

The few failures of capitalism are much preferable to the few success of socialism. Although one can argue that there haven’t been any successes with regards to socialism unless you count the lining of the pockets of the politicians who rule over everyone else.


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We are talking about a country in the equatorial region, where you can throw anything on the ground and it would grow to a nuisance, where you can harvest 4 times a year if not permanently for some crops, and these kids go in the trash instead of learning how to grow food. 

Mind blowing. 

Anyway, it's still better to eat from the trash than to buy your food from an American supermarket. 

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Venezuela is collapsing because its oil production is collapsing. Its production is collapsing because its fields were not much more than great big puddles of road tar from the beginning. With the world pumping 9 barrels for every 1 it finds to replace it, a few extra barrels of axle grease are not going to be missed. Venezuela was a disaster in the making long before socialism came along. It will be a disaster in process long after its socialism is gone, and it has reverted to the jungle from which it came. It must be that idiots write articles when they can't think of anything else to do.

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Food will be used as a means of control in the 7 years of tribulation:

You will not be able to buy it or sell it without being marked into the beast's system:

Revelation 13:15-17  And it was given unto him to give breath to it, even to the image of the breast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as should not worship the image of the beast should be killed.  (16)  And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead;  (17)  and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.…


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For the people who get ticked off fast.

Canada has paid maternity  leave for both parents

Canada has paid medication programs

Canada has universal healthcare

Canada has free schooling with very little fees

Canada has free daycare in most provinces.

Canada has a huge surplus in its unemployment insurance program.

the us has none of this and you get ticked off when you are facing the truth. 


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Well I will reply to that. 

For now Canada has those lovely things, but if you haven't noticed, every level of government is starving for cash, and the debt is skyrocketing. Capitalist ventures are slowing to a crawl, manufacturing is nearly dead, oil industry being attacked, exports going nowhere, where exactly is the money going to come from for all of these future expenditures? You get it right, you can't print money forever, eventually you pay the piper, and Canada is quickly heading that way. 

I could list many new taxes smashing Canadians here now and coming around the corner, but how about the 2019 speculative tax on real estate in BC? A tax on a second home period, for out of province and vacation homes not rented out? The tax credit will be miniscule to make up for the huge taxes stolen. Now a dumb socialist would not be able to see the downside of such a tax, or even have the brains to know what it is. Do you? 

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OK, let's get real here:   I am Canadian, all is well and good until you get a kidney stone and they WILL NOT treat you.  GET IN LINE.  I lived this real time, and had a stuck stone for four months.  I went to the US and got it removed, by lipotripsy...and it was expensive, YES, but my local Toronto Hosp and my primary would not help me.  So,I paid out of pocket.

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None of it is free.


It has been stolen from person A, a person who works, produces and earns, by a man with a gun, to be given to person B who neither works, nor produces, nor earns.

A forcible transfer of wealth from people who are socially positive, to people who are socially negative.


If it wasn't the state doing it, it would be called extortion, and we would be talking about organised gang crime.

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Actually most western countries have these benefits. The US is an example to the rest of us of how we don't want to end up.

 I've been traveling the world continuously now for 6 years and I haven't seen the same disparity between the rich and poor  in any western country as I have the US. Admittedly I've only spent 3 weeks in the US ( 1 week NY, road trip down to Miami then 1 week in LA) but nevertheless the difference is startling. 

Actually the US reminds me more  of some Latin American countries than it does of its western counterparts ( I've spent time in every Central and South American country except Venezuela and Honduras)

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If you're too fucking stupid to see that it's time to kill Maduro (the glorified bus driver) and overthrow the government then I can't help you.  Go fucking starve to death for all I care.

NOBODY is coming to help you, motherfuckers.  We aren't lifting a finger to help.  Putin isn't coming to help.  China isn't coming to help.  NOBODY IS COMING TO HELP UNTIL YOU DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.  

So go fucking do it, or die.  Your choice.  Either way we're coming into to sweep up the pieces after this all gets settled.  

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You do know that the regular people in Venezuela have no guns, right???

That's why they can't attack and overthrow their govt.


Its also the reason the LibTards and the Deep State want to take away guns from Americans.


Our forefathers saw the danger of getting a tyrannical Govt.  The right to bear arms wasn't in any way based on hunting, it was put there so the people could overthrow the Govt when it got out of control.


Venezuela is a case study in what happens when the people don't have guns.




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Overthrowing a government is never about having numerical or firepower superiority.  You find a few elements of the military that will back you (you don't need to recruit the who damned thing, you just need a few willing to back you and the rest willing to stand aside to see what happens).  Then all you need are the numbers and the capacity to make fire.  

Get a few realizing that the elite's hold on power was never any stronger than tenuous and it gathers steam quickly.  

Of course, the military is the most likely to take over control in the immediate aftermath (it's never "the people") but what do you really have to lose in a situation like that if you're just an average starving peasant in the street?


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" you just need a few willing to back you and the rest willing to stand aside to see what happens "

That was exactly how the Qing dynasty ended in China. ...The evening after they executed the revolutionaries, the soldiers returned to their camp. After dinner a few sat around and talked about what happened to the revolutionaries that day. A sergeant walked by and scolded at them what the fuck your guys are talking about and why are you not go back to bed ? You want to join the revolutionary too ? (then something about they have sex with their own mother). One insulted red neck soldier pick up his pistol and shot the sergeant, yelling what if your daddy(me) wants join them what are you going to do about it ? motherfucker. Then suddenly everyone froze, realizing what they did got them into a death trap they couldnot possibly escape. After a brief discussion ,they went to the head office to find the head guy who, after got wind of what happened, hid under his bed. They dragged him out and forced him to declare independence and be the first president of China. He had no choice and amazingly, all other military centers around the country just stood aside , waited to see what would happen next. The rest is history.

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Exactly NoDebt who gives a rats ass about these dumb socialists, they reaped what they sewed. Eventually all that free shit has a price, now their all whining about it, starve, nobody gives a fuck except for other stupid socialists who think they have a Newer Better idea of how to do socialism. Europe spending hundreds of years of wealth and their too stupid to understand where all the money came from. Personally I can't wait until Europe falls into the abyss, ofcourse Switzerland will be okay as always. 

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