Twitter Tanks After Citron Warns "Wait Til Congress Finds Out About This"

Twitter stock is down over 5% following a report from Citron Research that exposes a major potential problem for the social media company...


Alongside Facebook and Google, Twitter is now being hauled in by Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to a hearing on data privacy on April 10.

Wait until the Senate finds out that:

Twitter Will Generate $400 million THIS YEAR, by just selling user data. Not advertising.

How important is Data Licensing to Twitter? The Scary Answer

In 2017, ad revenue declined to $2.11 billion from $2.25 billion in the prior year while data licensing revenue grew to $333 million from $282 million in the prior year.

TWTR CFO Ned Segal on Q4’17 earnings call last month that data licensing is “a really high margin business”. TWTR generated $333 million in data licensing revenue in 2017.

If we assume 100% margin, this segment accounts for almost 80% of total profits.

Twitter makes this money from selling user data even from private messages — and yes a lot of “dick picks”. To see the underbelly of Twitter just watch this undercover investigation done by James O’Keefe and other Project Veritas reporters:

Dynamics Are In Place to Short Twitter

Twitter’s valuation gap with FB and GOOGL has widened to largest spread ever. On 2018 P/E (ex-cash), FB and GOOGL trade @ 16-17x vs. TWTR @ 50x.

Over the last year, insiders have sold/surrendered almost $300 million of stock. The last time there was this much insider selling was in 2015 when the stock was $50 and then preceded to fall to $14 over the next year.

Short interest is at all-time lows at 4.6%

Acquisition by another party is far less likely until these companies clean house with regard to privacy concerns and selling user data.

And the result is - Twitter is tanking...

Citron has gone short TWTR with a target of $25


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Corruption and fraud is invading our everyday life on a massive scale. Government, banks, insurance, markets, health, communications, politics, real estate, internet, and even retail stores have jumped on the bandwagon of fraudulent profits with minuscule liability. It's become so ubiquitous and time consuming, that I have to prioritize addressing the fraud in my own life based on the dollar value, the time invested, and the likelihood of collection.


" So selling people's shit is a bigger growth market than selling people shit? "

Classic!  I'm stealing it.

Sort of like: You either know your shit, or, you know you're shit.

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Unlike the Jews who run Facebook or Google, nigger-loving sodomite Jack Dorsey and his band of Merry Men couldn't run a lemonade stand. The only reason they are still in business is because their cash burn is so low relative to the gigantic cash hoard they accumulated from ripping off clueless IPO subscribers. The fact that shareholders haven't sold their shares, or at the very least filed lawsuits for breach of fiduciary duty, tells you that (((shareholders))) understand and embrace the fact that Twitter isn't in business to make money. Like Google or Facebook, it's strictly about spreading Cultural Marxist propaganda and anti-white hate, crushing dissent, spying on its users, and furnishing their data to any Jew who wants it.

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I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS.  Who in the fuck did not already know that Facebook sold their data to the highest bidder???  How is this even news??  And it's data their narcissistic "users" all agreed to share with them (if they read the fine print).  

I'm not defending FB, I'm just asking how any dimly-aware human being could not already know what this company's fucking business model is.


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No, of course Dorsey isn't a jew, or even really a shabbos goy. He's just an American fag of Irish descent who has an endless craving for getting his asshole reamed by black cock. Fags are ridiculously easy to control because they spend 90% of their time and energy focused on sodomy and child molestation. Just supply them with endless amounts of cock and compliant children and they'll happily go along with whatever scheme you put them to. This is why Jews love them.

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anglo-saxons purged from Hollywood movies - and the anglo-saxons are famous for their acting skills - Lawrence Olivier, Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, James Mason, Alec Guinness - these were the famous English actors of my youth - I just to attempted to watch "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" - the show is white-bashing - negro and his girlfriend encounter white serial killer in the countryside (country people in the USA are the old anglo-saxons - we've all been chased into the countryside - as I said, we're running away from Jewish power)- half the actors are negroes and battling Amazon women - the patriarchs are all Eastern-European Jewish actors - I quit watching Dirk Gently in disgust -  old anglo-saxons are never allowed to be shown as wise elders -you never see old English faces on television - you never see people who look like your Mom and Dad -  we are an occupied country

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This is very true. America is nothing more than a savvy grifting white teeth version of a 3rd world country. My foreign-born wife is consistently surprised.


I think the main reason is accountability. There is none in this country.


Let's take the recent school shooting in Florida: Who has been held responsible? Not the FBI, not the Broward County Sherriff's Dept., not even Cruz's guardians or doctors. Not one single adult close to the situation was held responsible for this troubled kid's past and present. Why? In Japan, S.Korea and Singapore, for example, everyone from the FBI to the kid's guardians would have been dragged in front of the world, humiliated and forced to bow deeply, and would have lost their job at the very least.


We should rename this country, the United States of Unaccountablity.

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BINGO! Your arrow hits the bulls-eye. The video below shows how it played out on a grand scale in the once-great state of California, which generations of Democratic politicians have driven toward Third World status. In a population of 40 million, vast numbers, many of them non-English speakers, live on the public dole. And out of that 40 million, less than 200,000 people pay 50% of the taxes. The pension fund is short upwards of half a trillion dollars and is, therefore, in jeopardy. The likes of retired fire captains getting over $400,000 a year will someday vanish. Indeed, one of these days the Freeloader Express may simply run off the rails.

Our forefathers were tough, frugal, visionaries gifted with commonsense. Today's politicians and civic "leaders" are complete fools.


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I didn't see how bad this was going to get - but I decommented (fwiw) my account in 2012 and abandoned the "space".


Twatter might be useful in places (TDs still like it), but Social Media shares the same acronym as Sado Masochism, and tbah if you get your jollies posting your shit-life on any of these SM instruments of Weaponized Internet, you deserve what you won't get.




The first dataflow revolution is OVER.

The second dataflow revolution - with AI - is here and will not be pretty.

Plan accordingly Hedgers.

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Mar 09 2018 06:16:07Q!UW.yye1fxo599607

>>599581 Hidden message. @Jack POTUS delete/install. Coded message (accept) by LdR/HRC/others. Allowing @Snowden access/censorship/tracking. [+sharing groups C-9/all] [+trace upload that tone recognizes other devices w/ active geo [all sig devices]. Don’t drop the soap. Q

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Mar 21 2018 00:52:37 Q !UW.yye1fxo 739690

MZ. RT. Big meeting. Cell phones left at door. +8 5 political 1 former intel dir Mask & Spin IDEN friendly ‘insiders’ MSM support +talking points Shift narrative FAIL We hear you. We have the algorithm. Thank you @ Snowden. Learn chess. Down she goes. Nobody escapes this. NOBODY. Q




Mark Zuckerberg, Real Time / happening at the time of the Q post, big meeting w/o cell phones, eight present, five politicians and one former intel director (Clapper?), the purpose was to mask and spin FB's current issues and identify "friendly insiders" they can influence in the MSM and float anything new to change the narrative now dominating the news cycle re: FB. It will fail. This cabal segment, like the entire cabal, is now an open book and has no secrets past or future. WE HAVE THE ALGORITHM thanks to Snowdon, etc. Q

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