Clinton-Linked Cult Leader Who Hot-Branded Women Arrested For Sex Trafficking

Keith Raniere, the co-founder and leader of a secretive self-help cult called NXIVM who was run out of Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor has been arrested by the FBI in Mexico and charged with sex trafficking. Raniere fled to Mexico last November after U.S. authorities began interviewing "witnesses and victims" linked to NXIVM, however finding him proved elusive after Raniere began using "end-to-end encrypted email and stopped using his phone." 

Shortly before Raniere was arraigned in a Texas courtroom, the FBI raided the Saratoga County, NY home of NXIVM co-founder, Nancy Salzman - who was alleged to be storing large amounts of cash at her residence, brought over the border following NXIVM training sessions in Mexico. 

While NXIVM describes itself as a self-help business that has helped thousands of people "reach their potential" through various courses, the women’s-only "inner sanctum" led by Raniere is known as 'DOS', which whistleblower Frank Parlato - a Buffalo-area businessman who worked for the cult, says stands for “dominus obsequious sororium" - Latin for “master over the slave women”. Once they are a member - or “slave” - they are allegedly encouraged to recruit new women into their “slave pods”, stop dating, and be on call 24 hours a day to their “master”.

DOS reportedly required female members to give their recruiter - or "master," naked pictures or other compromising material which could be used as blackmail before being branded with Raniere's initials below the hip using a cauterizing iron. 

Sarah Edmondson, one of the participants, said she had been told she would get a small tattoo as part of the initiation. But she was not prepared for what came next.

Each woman was told to undress and lie on a massage table, while three others restrained her legs and shoulders. According to one of them, their “master,” a top Nxivm official named Lauren Salzman, instructed them to say: “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor.

A female doctor proceeded to use a cauterizing device to sear a two-inch-square symbol below each woman’s hip, a procedure that took 20 to 30 minutes. For hours, muffled screams and the smell of burning tissue filled the room.

I wept the whole time,” Ms. Edmondson recalled. “I disassociated out of my body.” -New York Times

Of note, Smallville actress Allison Mack who played Chloe Sullivan is (or was) allegedly a "master" in the cult, and required to obey orders from Raniere - including finding women to sleep with him. 

Mack would require that prospective "slaves" place compromising collateral into a Dropbox account -- one of whom was India Oxenberg, the daughterr of Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg - who met with prosecutors in New York and presented evidence against Raniere. 

NXIVM Funding and the Clinton connection

As Rolling Stone reported in November, "In 2010, Vanity Fair published "The Heiresses and the Cult," a detailed account of Seagram heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman's immersion in NXIVM; the sisters reportedly gave up approximately $150 million of their trust fund to help fund the alleged cult." 

And in a 2007 article by the New York Post entitled "Hillary's $30,000 fans are her "cult" following," journalist Charles Hurt notes that Raniere was run out of Arkansas after Bill Clinton's then-attorney general, Winston Bryant, charged the cult leader and two others with fraud and business deception. 

While Raniere paid fines in both New York and Arkansas in the case, over a decade later NXIVM executives proceeded to donate $29,900 to Hillary Clinton's presidential 2006 campaign - and at least three NXIVM officials are "invitation-only" members of the Clinton Global Initiative


On March 14 and April 13, records show, more than a dozen contributions poured into Clinton’s coffers from NXIVM, an executive and group-awareness training organization led by Brooklyn-born Keith Raniere, 47.

Most were from first-time political donors, each giving the $2,300 maximum.


Three of the March and April Clinton pledges came from Raniere’s most high-profile followers: Seagram heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman, and Pamela Cafritz, daughter of D.C. A-listers Buffy and Bill Cafritz.

Hillary isn’t the only Clinton NXIVM officials are attracted to.

At least three of them – group President Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters – are members of Bill’s charitable organization, the Clinton Global Initiative. Membership is by invitation only and requires at least a $15,000 donation per person for one year. -New York Post

Prosecutors say Raniere was uncooperative when immigration officials arrested him in Mexico - while women he was staying with "chased the car in which the defendant was being transported in their own car at high speed." 

Raniere is expected to be transferred to New York authorities following Tuesday's Texas court appearance. During their request that he be held without bond, federal prosecutors said he "has spent his life profiting from his pyramid schemes and has otherwise received financial backing from independently wealthy women."

He faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison if convicted of the sex trafficking chrages, according to federal prosecutors - who say he poses a "significant risk of flight" due to his "access to vast resources," and his "long-standing history of systematically exploiting women through coercive practices for his own financial and sexual benefit." 

What is it with Clinton supporters and cults? 


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"The article says a female doctor cauterized the skin with the brand.

Did anyone notice the doctor's name? 

I could not find it."


Article dated October 2017...

In a complaint filed with the state Department of Health over the summer and shared with the Times, a woman said Dr. Brandon Porter, of the Albany suburb Clifton Park, did studies on behalf of NXIVM's personal development program. In one study, she said, Porter connected her to brainwave monitoring equipment and without warning showed her film clips depicting extreme violence including gang rape. She said she has been haunted by the images for almost a year.

Other women complained to the health department that Dr. Danielle Roberts, a family doctor in Clifton Park, used a surgical device to burn brands on women's lower abdomens during their initiations into a secret sorority within NXIVM.

Porter resigned his position as a general practitioner at St. Peter's Hospital in Albany after the Times story was published, a hospital spokesman said.

Roberts didn't respond to a phone message Friday, and Porter's phone number is unlisted. The Times said neither doctor responded to repeated inquiries seeking comment.…

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(((Salzman))), say no more.

Silly shiksas, it was for their own benefit !

I reckon they must have had the same common dream... a chance at Harvey Weinstein ... I mean Hollywood. 

Hollywood doors are a tough nut to bust. They just need to let that nut bust on their faces.

Wannabe actress Wailana Geisen Nude Photos and Videos Leaked


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If you knew the answer to that, you could write with a hot iron, too.

At a guess, tell someone that they are useless, and worthless, but they will have value if only they follow these rules....won't work on everyone, but occasionally you will find someone with "daddy issues" and preferably money as well. 

The trick is to truly have no morals, and genuinely not care about how other people feel, except in relation to how it empowers you. Your question has excluded you from the group of people who could control others, and you should probably be proud of that fact.

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Females are lot mentally weaker than they think/say, dark triad behaviour like his can look attractively Alpha to women, and they can be manipulated at lot more easily than they realise, by seemingly innocent language.

There is a wise reason why women didn't have suffrage before, and that is because when allowed much power, their frankly childish use of it can be very dangerous to themselves, men, and society as a whole, as has been amply demonstrated by feminism and the destruction it has and is causing!

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@hotymonger, thanks for the article.

Those two crackpot doctors must have really, really, REALLY weird habits. 


Well there go those two medical careers up in smoke.

They should take turns hot branding each other with the image of a jackass.

The millionaire (?) billionaire(?) Bronfman guttersnipes were mixed up in it too.

Read more:

Proof positive that money cannot buy class.

Were it not for their mountains of money those skanks would be fist fighting in bars and sleeping on park benches in between jail time.



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this was exposed a few months ago in the dailymail - a bunch of b-list soap opera actresses

are getting their kicks by abusing each other and branding themselves. and sexual weirdness too of course.

the oxenburg lady is a ringleader -

also another young lady teacher busted for sexually abusing and raping her young male students :

the ARizona fakestream made up a new word for the steady stream of women abusing their students:  "sex-pedemic"

these women found guilty of these sex crimes could very well be coming from the stable of mk monarch with the intended mission to do this.   There is NO way a 27 year old woman teacher would be sending texts like she did without knowing it would be exposed. 

Usually the women can count on a very lenient or reduced sentence compared to if the male was the perpetrator.


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Unchecked r-type (Rabbit, prey) psychology and unchecked female hypergamy have been allowed free reign for too long, by real then fake resources excess, so their sexuality has become depraved/insane, including BDSM (effectively torture, originally a perversion of bored/jaded nobles) and sex identity delusion ('gender fluidity').  The mass and free access to action porn, some disgustingly extreme, doesn't help either, and it's depraved/unhealthy archetypes have corrupted music, movies, TV, and advertising media too!

K-type males are going to have to work hard to re-impose controls, and bluntly tell females to discipline their own sex, or face growing damage.

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no - just part of being in their gang - they probably watched some of the black fraternity videos - (they are all black of course and no one makes a big deal about it) - for instance the Omega's were big at the university i went to (big 8) - as initiation they brand the new members with a big OMEGA usually on their shoulder.   yt has some vids out there.


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I’m confused.

Were the branded females abducted and forced against their will?  If so this is an exceptionally egregious crime.

Or, did they voluntarily sign on for mutilation and sexual abuse?  If this is what happened, why should we feel sorry for them?

Maybe I missed the part where they were kidnapped...

These women were merely exercising their feminist claims to equal rights. They were willing participants, not victims. Zero fucks given. 

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One word: UNBELIEVABLE!!! Tom Clancy could not make this STUFF up if he were alive to write another Novel.


Even worse yet, there are MILLIONS of "DEAD FROM THE NECK UP" AMERICANS who think and believe HRC would have made a great POTUS and to this day cannot understand why she did not win!!!


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SixIsNinE GUS100CORRINA Wed, 03/28/2018 - 23:53 Permalink  - the Blacks are genociding the whites in s. africa.


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Published on Mar 27, 2018 We all have common blood - common ancestry - and, what's more - we all have the following basic needs: Life, Liberty The Pursuit of Happiness. On this landmark Episode 900, Brendi Richards and John B. discuss the impending genocide in South Africa. From the history of the country to what Apartheid was really about, there are no holds barred when an entire people have been misrepresented and vilified, while the same globalists that cause chaos everywhere in the world now arrange for a mass extinction event. Global Socialism seeks to deny each of these basic needs in the reverse order they were acquired - ultimately conspiring to perform Genocide wherever it is tried. If you think your coastal oceans keep you safe? They don't. What is being practiced in smaller countries - is being perfected to destroy the Last Bastion of Freedom on Earth - and, only your silence will allow this cancer to spread - only your tacit agreement (quiet acceptance) will allow your children to be murdered in their sleep - as millions are being murdered today. What does Globalist Genocide look like? How does it infect a body-politic? What are the stages? What can a mother do - when the media blanket of death roams your countryside? Tonight's show takes you into the Heart of Darkness that IS Global Socialism - puts your throat under the knife of it's Agents Provacateur - casts the Light of Truth into the dark shadows of its minions - and gives you a ringside seat to what your Media Dollars have purchased. You can't run. You can't hide. Something Wicked This Way Comes - for your very life. Help us stop this slaughter - before it breaks your own door in - before your son or daughter doesn't show up for dinner - before your baby is plucked from your arms and dashed to pieces before your eyes. Learn how, together, we may be able to stop it. This is a story you will hear nowhere else. Decide for yourself why that is. Please share this information - Free Full CTM episode

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Yes, yes, yes!

If being a con-artist worked for this pervert, why not use the same tactics and make it work for you, too!

The id system for Black Africans was fair!  Forbidding Black Africans on their own beaches was justified!  Throwing political activists out of the 10th floor window and calling it suicide was, well, what needed to be done.  And siccing police dogs on un-armed people, spying on their every move, was what was needed for a civilized society.

You're getting a taste of your own medicine.  Not too tasty.

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Native Africans have much lower IQ, and are jealously idiotically killing "The Golden Goose" of much smarter White farmers, just like they did and suffered for it in some other African countries.  They need to wise up, accept the limits of their intelligence, and show some gratitude that much smarter Whites made productive farm land and maintain it!

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