The Slow Extraction Of Freedom: The Liberty Crisis

Authored by Virginia Fidler via,

Today’s world has been coined the “Interconnected Age.” There is plenty of positives with removing friction in communication; however, there is a significant negative. Government and corporations are keeping an eye on our every move.

We like to think we enjoy some fundamental liberties, however governments and corporations continue to assault our privacy on a daily basis. The internet tracks our interests, beliefs, purchases, and social life. Order your groceries online, and someone knows what you’re having for dinner. Get the latest bestseller from Amazon, and your reading habits are an open book. And that’s just the beginning. Our liberties have shrunken to the point of no return.

When we think of liberty, we think of the power of choice. Yet, our choices are being limited in ways few kings and despots have dared in the past.

Do you rejoice in having a job? What you have are employers snooping through your computer and company cell phone. In some cases, your political views can get you fired, even if they have nothing to do with your job. Recently, a woman was fired for having a gun permit (not a gun). Freedom of speech has translated into “hate speech” by anyone who may disagree with your thoughts. If you thought you had the freedom to think, think again.

Many employers today are hiring part-time workers, who lack the freedom to partake of benefits to which they might otherwise be entitled.

The health of our seniors was at one time sacrosanct. Now, Medicare is limiting benefits, treatments, and access to life-saving medicine.

There’s a proven and powerful correlation between education and longevity. The more you know about taking care of yourself, the longer you will probably live. Yet, the cost of a basic four-year college education is being priced beyond the capabilities of more and more Americans. Good health is shifting into the realm of privilege instead of right. The days of Dr. Marcus Welby are long gone. You no longer have the right to make decisions about your health. The government and insurance companies have happily relieved you of that burden.

At one time, America was the only country where social upward mobility was the norm. People from all over the world arrived at our shores with little more than the shirt on their backs. Hard work ensured that their children would enjoy a good education and a better life. College cost has risen by 300 percent since the 1980s, placing it out of reach to a struggling middle and lower class that saw education as the means to a better life. Full-time jobs with benefits are giving way to part-time jobs. In 2017, approximately six million Americans worked part-time, with limited, if any, benefits. Many American workers are losing their right to free time and vacation because companies don’t have anyone to cover for them. The American Dream has turned into a scramble for survival. The right to pursue our dream job is disappearing at a time when children with a lemonade stand are facing government scrutiny.

A trade used to be a transaction between equal parties. No more. Banks and mortgage brokers are frequently hiding key provisions in incomprehensible verbiage while deliberately misrepresenting the terms of a transaction. A deceptive market is no longer a free market as consumers are being deprived of their right to choose.

The right to have both a public self and a private self-has been eroded.

It’s not just Facebook, Google, Twitter and the internet, in general, that has made privacy a thing of the past. You can’t leave the house, take a walk, or go into a store without a camera watching your every move. If you carry a cell phone (and who doesn’t?), cell towers track and pinpoint your location 24 hours a day. Many electronic devices have entered our homes and are turning our private life into the public domain, to be used by large corporations and government.

Most Americans enjoy using debit and credit cards when shopping. After all, it saves them from being potentially robbed of a wad of cash. Instead, they are being robbed of any pretense of privacy. Few realize the sophisticated way our purchases are being tracked – and the personal information we are giving to the seller. It’s called data mining. In 2012, an angry father contacted a national retailer about the fact that his young daughter was receiving information and discounts for baby products. Imagine the man’s surprise when he learned that the retailer had analyzed his daughter’s purchases and had guessed correctly that the girl was, indeed, pregnant. Forget about the right to privacy when you learn you’re about to become a grandparent from a retail chain. Technology is establishing patterns and data to guide us toward making purchases without us being aware of what is happening. It’s not 1984. It’s the reality in which we live.

Retailers analyze every aspect of consumer behavior, demographics, and choices. Signs proclaiming, “We do not accept cash,” are not unusual. Smartphones are being used to pay for everyday items at food stands and cab rides. The day is near when retailers know more about you than your family and friends.

Banks and the government are gaining full control over our banking activities. The more information we hand over, the more of our freedom they can control and erode. Information is power, and the government has always been the epitome of power.

Retailers are encouraging us to move toward a cashless society with reward points and by conveniently saving our banking information. Some economists muse about banning physical currency entirely. Without cash, we no longer own our own money. We give custody of it to our bank. What happens if the banks refuse to hand over our claim to our own funds? It’s an easy next step for the bank to deprive us of or seize our own money if we act in ways it doesn’t approve, like a bank run.

In addition, banks survive and thrive on interest income. Payments made with cash would deprive banks of their business. That would account for the constant invitation to quality for just one more credit card. The banks aren’t being charitable. They are after your information and money. To discourage the use of physical money, currency might be taxed in the future.

Is paying for a hot dog with cash our last remnant of freedom? If government and banks have their say, it may become illegal to do so. Only then will we realize that physical money is the very essence of freedom. And exactly what we have given up when we make the choice to give up cash.


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Liberty, haha, choice, even funnier. So then you presume to tell me that even though you're born beyond your control, and die beyond your control, that everything in between could be in your control? Haha. You don't have choice until you are aware enough to realize there's no such thing.

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How do most conservatives even lecture about liberty? Libertarians, sure. Conservatives however want to tell you who to marry, what religion to believe, what color is good or bad, what freedom is or isn’t, what you can or can’t put in your body. It’s fucking the greatest hypocrisy in modern times. It’s Orwell’s 1984. You’ll be free to do what I say. Freedom means free folks. And although I don’t like racists it means room for them to inbreed as much as they want. That’s the price. Now you don’t have to spend your money where you don’t want to but damnit we have a choice. But it’s funny how the Paul Ryan’s, and the Bitch McConnel and the flag wavers want to scream freedom and make you walk their line. Are we free or not? 

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Ryan and McConnel are not conservatives as they are Republican Progressives. Conservatives don't care your religion, who you marry, or what you do or with whom in your own home. Conservatives want only that every man (woman, etc.) provide the means to care for themselves and family. They wish not to support a thousand dalliances of the government; they want a balanced budget,  reduction of debt and a government that protect it's citizens and adheres to the rule of law and a Constitution drafted and or amended prescribed by the country's Founders. 

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By your definition, there are maybe two conservatives in the Senate and maybe five or six in the House.

Your definition comports with Barry Goldwater's in his book "Conscience of a Conservative." While I agree with you, I don't think the members of congress claiming to be "conservative" would also agree.

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You're right. You should live torally tree of any outside restraint. Sex with children? But of course. Get married if you want children? How quaint! Irritated with the wife? Clock that bitch!  Learn good manners? Oppression!!! Feel like selling some meth? Only "conservatives" stand in your way.

Leave garbage wherever you want? Your human right, mannnn! Nation borders? For chumps not enlightened libertines like you! Help yourself to my property? Free to thieve!

No one should interfere with your wonderfulness. You had it figured out by the age of two and never looked back. "Conservatives" are your enemy. Never your own ignorance or stupidity. You are a go-to man for tips and tricks on how to live. How do I know? You talk about freedom to be you.



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Join the Parallel Economy (PE) and you will actually enjoy being cashless.

PE = DIY + Barter + PM + Crypto + Collectibles

   = Decentralized, private, optional tax

   = Going Galt

   = Leaving Fiat Debt Plantation 

   = True Freedom from: Gov, (((Fed))) Offshoring, stock crashes...

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Sorry buddy. Can't buy that hot dog with a credit card, because it lowers my health score. And as you know, we don't have cash. Good luck with your hot dog business.

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Damn!  I'd like to come across a camera tower like that.  One .308 round from 500 yards for each camera would be good practice for making head shots on all of those deserving deep state thugs.

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Governments are weaning us off Freedoms that never existed, only in the mind.

. . . and there to meet me, were my bitches and my dealers

the green green grass of home.

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Lol@"Man, all our freedumbs are belong to them now.  A lone bald eagle sits perched atop my outhouse roof, and he sheds a single tear for the gulag-like prison Merica has become..."

Considering we used to enslave the Irish and tossed Japs in camps and you couldn't get an abortion or smoke a joint without having the FBN recommend prosecutors pursue the death penalty and women were forced to flick their bean when they're husbands were out bowling while imagining what Elvis doing the twist was like because they wouldn't show it on TV, I'd say we're pretty fucking free right now, Maynard.

The day you soybean farmers long for fucking sucked ass, in retrospect.  The only plus was that niggers were in line, but otherwise it was extremely gay.

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Are you free? You don't know you're in captivity by the authority of the officer of captivity. So are you free, have you been free? I mean, Alex Jones doesn't call earth a prison planet for no reason. The "Music Is you."

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Sorry, but government is the true destroyer of freedom, not corporations. No one forces you to use Facebook. You are, however, forced to comply with government edicts.

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 Watching Tucker Carlson. 

  That boy needs to step up his game. He's letting the Libtards evade his questions under the guise that he's setting them up.

  If they can't answer the questions Tucker, give them the fucking boot, and ask them to properly prepare, and answer the questions , or don't bother wasting your time.

 Libtards thrive on obfuscation, and deviation from the facts. That's why every fucking state or city they run is/are bankrupt! 

  Go gather your nutsac Tucker and crawl out from under the fucking porch! The Libtards are afraid, and they only learn when pressured into a cube the size of a pinhead.

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Do you rejoice in having a job? What you have are employers snooping through your computer and company cell phone. In some cases, your political views can get you fired, even if they have nothing to do with your job. Recently, a woman was fired for having a gun permit (not a gun). Freedom of speech has translated into “hate speech” by anyone who may disagree with your thoughts. If you thought you had the freedom to think, think again.

America was not created nor will it be sustained by politically correct speech, it cannot even vigorously compete in a global market place doing so.


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All that the author wails about are anomalies, departures from the long term normal. Up until the GI Bill was signed after WWII, only the wealthy /and well connected/ went to college. It had been that way since Moses. Doctors were not in the charity business. No money, no health care. Only after WWII and millions of veterans going to the VA for health care did the idea of "universal free" health care get started. The elderly always had to choose between eating and the doctor, until Social Security and later, Medicare were established.

Physical cash is disappearing because TPTB know it will become worthless any day anyway. Wheelbarrows of greenbacks to burn in the fire, anyone? Physical gold and silver coin will be our salvation, once we realize it. The figurative blind will starve.

Up until March 4, 1789, man was always a slave of the state. The united States broke (to a large degree, but not totally) those chains. But, like the advanced Terminator /T-1000/ in Terminator 2, those chains have a built in ability to reassemble and re-enslave the masses. And that is what they are doing.

For those with a knowledge of, and grasp of, history, this is a time of reversion to the mean. Short term and long term. A Fourth Turning for the record books.

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Governments and corporations seem to slip on a banana peel half the time.  

I can even hear the sound effect playing in my head.

If there is work actually happening, I'm waiting.  They let big fish slide and cherrypick on scapegoats and wag the dog scenarios, and coverups

Am I wrong??

Can't even keep good court records, I mean cmon.

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“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." ― Frank Zappa

A Lebanese friend convinced me that it can be better to have El Supremo's tanks parked on the corner, which is far more educational than to be told incessantly that "you're free" when it's patently false.