Susan Rice, Former Obama National Security Advisor Joins Netflix Board Of Directors

Former National Security Advisor and U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice has been appointed to Netflix's board of directors - a move which comes as her former boss, President Obama, is reportedly in "advanced negotiations" with the network to create a series of streaming shows. 

As a reminder, Rice both knowingly lied about the cause Benghazi on national television and "unmasked" senior Trump officials as part of a larger government surveillance program during the 2016 election.

Netflix made the announcement on Wednesday, with co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings praising Rice's intelligence work for the Obama administration. 

“We are delighted to welcome Ambassador Rice to the Netflix board,” said Hastings. “For decades, she has tackled difficult, complex global issues with intelligence, integrity and insight and we look forward to benefiting from her experience and wisdom.”

Rice responded; "I am thrilled to be joining the board of directors of Netflix, a cutting-edge company whose leadership, high-quality productions, and unique culture I deeply admire.”

Many are wondering just what Rice and Obama are up to...

Rice's former boss may be joining her at Netflix, as the New York Times first reported earlier this month the 56-year-old was in talks for a deal that would pay him and his wife, former first lady Michelle Obama, for Netflix-only “exclusive content” that would be available to subscribers of the digital streaming service.

Netflix has about 118 million subscribers globally. It was not immediately clear how many shows or episodes would be ordered or how much the Obamas would be paid.

The streaming service recently tried a talk show featuring anti-Trump comedian Chelsea Handler called "Chelsea" that lasted two seasons before getting canceled. -Fox News

The announcement resulted in a backlash among conservatives. 

Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton said on Twitter Wednesday ".@Netflix doubles down in support of Obama corruption -- compromised Susan Rice, who lied repeatedly on both Benghazi and the unmasking issue joins its Board of Directors."

Meanwhile, Obama's former head of the Small Business Association, Maria Contreras-Sweet, closed on a deal in early March with a group of investors to acquire the Weinstein Company assets.

It's as if the previous administration and their tentacles are very interested in the media - aside from Hillary Clinton, who's just trying to get by without slip-sliding down an unassuming flight of stairs


philipat Four chan Thu, 03/29/2018 - 02:27 Permalink

These people are all the same and they have no shame. The revolving door in motion again. The US has truly lost its moral compass under an onslaught of corruption from Washington and Wall Street. Difficult to see how to recover from this now that it has gone so far? It's obvious that even Trump, if he ever wanted to drain it, is being drowned in the swamp.

@ND. Short Netflix might be premature but my Tesla shorts are working quite nicely thank you.

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just the tip Team_Huli Wed, 03/28/2018 - 23:27 Permalink

and who is going to do that?  really?  who is going to one damn thing except sit here at a keyboard and be a cry baby whiney ass.

trump could do something about it.

she's been through enough.

they are good people.

a commenter here today in his comment stated that almost half the administration's positions are still staffed with the HNIC people.  trump better stick to adultery because he ain't shit for organization.

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That nigress can't even take care of her little nigglet chimps at home, how in the hell is she going to take care of Netflix?   Yo It iz not always clear dat an edukasion can he`p dis here black beotch and git Sheniquah's ass back ova' heeah.


I apologize to the chimps and monkeys as I meant no disrespect to these beautiful creatures.

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WileyCoyote stant Thu, 03/29/2018 - 01:43 Permalink

Real head scratcher on this one. I read her bio and how she managed the department she over saw. Not many kind words were written about her management style or strategy/policy. Man I am getting tired of boycotting, rarely watch the already cash flow negative Netflix. I really don’t understand it all. Anyone downvoting me - please explain this clearly to me. Thank you. 

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uhland62 stant Thu, 03/29/2018 - 02:21 Permalink

Quite a lot, because the money to pay for global leadership is no longer there.

And besides, all Rice would have needed to be is honest. She could have said, yes, Benghazi was a place to arrange for the Syrian war. There was an annexe, weapons were handed out and the ambassador came from Tripolis with money to pay rebels. Global leadership means to distribute taxpayers Dollars to people who are willing to conduct civil wars. Who would have objected? Nobody except for the Russians and they don't count. 

(sarcasm makes things really, really clear)

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PT Sanity Bear Thu, 03/29/2018 - 03:55 Permalink

If they like you then they let you borrow money.
If they do not like you then they make you pay it back.
First step to hiding money transfers is to make it look like they are selling something or buying something legit.

It's not a bribe, it's a book deal.
It's not a bribe, it's a painting that really is worth that much.
It's not a bribe, it's a speaking fee.

They're on the board becoz they have soooooo much important stuff to bring to the company.

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