A Majority Of Americans No Longer Trust Facebook

When it comes to obeying laws protecting personal information, Americans have less faith in Facebook than other tech companies.

That's according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, Facebook has been engulfed in a storm of criticism after it emerged that political consultancy Cambridge Analytica harvested and exploited the personal information of 50 million of its users. The firm is trying to restore its badly tarnished image with CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently issuing a public apology. Judging by the findings of the poll, the social network certainly has serious work to do in order to restore confidence in its user base.

Infographic: Facebook Trailing In Trust  | Statista

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The research found that only 41 percent of Americans trust Facebook to obey U.S. privacy laws, far less than other tech companies known to gather user data.

66 percent of respondents said they trust Amazon, 62 percent trust Google and 60 percent trust Microsoft. Apple and Yahoo! were also ahead of Facebook in the trust stakes. The evaporation of trust among its users wasn't the only headache for Facebook in recent days.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said it is investigating the firm to determine if it had "failed" to protect the privacy of its users. According to former FTC officials, the social network could be penalized severely if it is found to have violated or failed to comply with the consent decree it agreed in 2011. Fines could amount to $40,000 per violation and theoretically, this could all add up to $2 trillion.


Disgruntled Goat D503 Thu, 03/29/2018 - 23:17 Permalink

Its funny .... I was speaking with a recent college grad who told me she had her first job interview coming up, and she was a little nervous about it .... I told her that she should assume that they will look at her facebook page, and if there was anything that was compromising, to just delete her account entirely ... she looked at me in shocked disbelief .... "They won't do that" she said .... "will they?".... 

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Theosebes Goodfellow CuttingEdge Fri, 03/30/2018 - 11:41 Permalink

At the risk of sounding precociously prescient, I closed my FB account in 2012 over concerns about my privacy.

Methinks folks will rue the day they surrendered their anonymity so willingly and cavalierly. Though there is nothing to be done about the past. The Present, on the other hand, is quite malleable. Good Friday is a great day to pull the plug on your social media.

Get a life. Go to your local co-op, buy some flower and vegetable seed and plant them. Gardening is much more rewarding than looking at your phone every 3 minutes.

Wait, I think there's an app for that.../S

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J. Peasemold G… Croesus Thu, 03/29/2018 - 23:43 Permalink

The research found that only 41 percent of Americans trust Facebook to obey U.S. privacy laws, far less than other tech companies known to gather user data.

Only 41% trust F_ckBook? Could it really be a high as that?!

I would have expected less than 1% if people were honest.

I don't see Suck_my_Berg putting all his junk on the platform.

Ditto for 66% Amazon, 62% Google and 60% Microsoft.

Trust is not a term that can be reasonably or accurately applied to any of the tech companies.

They are companies out to make a profit from you, or out of you, or the best outcome both.

They are not charities, philanthropic or in any way community minded unless the pretense leads to increased profitability, influence and market power.

And has been so even well before the days of the money lenders in the temple.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

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J. Peasemold G… ProstoDoZiemi Fri, 03/30/2018 - 00:34 Permalink

Should be rounded correctly, like taught back in what 5th, 6th, 7th grade? Just saying.... if people want to be professional and take honor in their hard work, just the small details.

It's an example of relying on readers observing the 'fine print' or grey print, a term perhaps now lost on the digital display.

More rudely put in the vernacular some might be wont to say  '...baffle them with bull****'.

How many people would take the time or have an interest in checking the math on the chart? Less than perhaps in previous times or same as it ever was (thanks TH).

In any case the rounding difference on this chart is small and does not overly affect the outcome, and the chart producer did openly point to rounding being used. Had they not stated that I would have taken umbrage.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

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GUS100CORRINA J. Peasemold G… Fri, 03/30/2018 - 02:04 Permalink

A Majority Of Americans No Longer Trust Facebook

My response: When TRUST is broken by a company, is seldom, if ever regained. If it regained, it can take a very long time.

It is time to put all network fringe operators like FB, GOOGLE, etc. under the control of the FTC. In addition, INTERNET BILL OF RIGHTS is also needed.

These companies are OUT OF CONTROL and need to be reigned in.

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Cloud9.5 Singelguy Fri, 03/30/2018 - 07:41 Permalink

I was blessed with a visit last evening by my in-laws.  They are part of the Mississippi aristocracy and voted for Trump in the last election.  They live in Jackson so their vote did not count.  The discussion over AR-15’s came up.   They were not comfortable with a ban.  But they and their friends think it is a minor concession if it makes schools safer.

They had never heard of a ghost gun.   They had never seen the cab driver’s video of the Vegas shooting and heard the distinct sound of shooting taking place in two distinct locations.  They had never seen the video of the student who claimed she was talking to Cruz while shooting was taking place in another part of the building.  And, they had never seen the video of the teacher who claimed she was shot by some guy in full body armor. They were totally unaware of the FBI entanglement with most of these events, and they could not understand how the surveillance state could be so pervasive and not pick up on these guys before they harmed anyone.

They get their news from the local network.   They are both avid Facebook users and could not understand why nobody in Jackson was talking about these things.

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pigpen D503 Thu, 03/29/2018 - 23:22 Permalink

D503, I agree most people are addicted to social media as narcissism and boredom are powerful. My approach is to paralyze big tech data tracking surveillance companies like goobook by destroying the value of their lifeblood: digital advertising.

Citizens need to engage in mass adoption of adblocking browsers on mobile.

My best imperfect solution is installing brave browser as brave blocks advertising malware and tracking by DEFAULT on any device and operating system rendering digital advertising model useless.

Whoever controls the browser controls the money.

What is value of digtal advertising when ads can't be served, viewed and tracked?

I love YouTube but running it out of brave doesn't give Google any money just expenses of server and storage.

Brave is simple enough for Grandma to download and use protecting her by DEFAULT.

We can destroy the digital advertising model by mass adoption of brave or equivalent adblocker on mobile.

If goobook sells our data and doesn't share the profits then destroy their business model.




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Bryan Thu, 03/29/2018 - 23:13 Permalink

If they really have "less faith in Facebook than other tech companies" then they are truly under an illusion.  Any information/data that you utter or write becomes public property and is for sale to the highest bidder.  There is no "privacy" when the information that is supposedly private has value to someone else.

Would ZH admit that they collect and use the information their site gathers here?  Do they sell it?  I don't know... but I'll bet they use it internally for sure.

Future_Cannibal Thu, 03/29/2018 - 23:21 Permalink

I'd rather watch the grass grow than pretend to care about people who hated me in highschool and would propose to fuck my wife. I hope somebody torches fuckerberg's mansion in Hawaii AFTER his stolen company folds.

Publicus_Reanimated Thu, 03/29/2018 - 23:27 Permalink

A majority of Americans have no clue what the privacy laws are.  You bet your boots Facebook followed them (ok, within reason and mostly defensible in court).  The sheeple blinders are coming off.

scatha Thu, 03/29/2018 - 23:37 Permalink

In Zukerberg we Don't Trust.

Zuker may win POTUS if he unleashes vote extorsion campaign using all the dirt he has on voters.

 In 2020 we will be missing Trump, the great entertainer, in comparison to rule by boorish Zack the Robot with Musk as ambassador to Mars.

Those who oppose niceness and goodness will be tortured and hanged live on FB.




cbxer55 Yen Cross Fri, 03/30/2018 - 00:30 Permalink

Although I am guilty of having opened an account, it didn't last long. I feel sure I followed all the steps when I deleted my account, but who can ever know. But as I said in another post on the subject, in my life I have known more than two handfuls of people with the same name as me, and some even have the same middle initial. So I am quite certain there are still accounts there with my name on them. 

I still get people telling me I'm a fool for staying away from that rat hole. Looks like I get the last laugh! ;-)

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