U.S. Tourists Will Be Required To Turn Over Their Social Media History

The State Department will unveil new rules on Friday requiring most visitors or immigrants to the United States to turn over their recent social media histories, in accordance with one of President Trump's key national security enhancements contained in his "extreme vetting" executive order.

In addition, travelers would be required to provide previous phone numbers, email addresses and a history of international travel from the preceding five years - as well as disclose any immigration problems they've had anywhere in the world, or any potential family ties to terrorism, according to the Washington Times

Moreover, people from countries where female genital mutilation is common practice would be directed to a website to ensure that they know the practice is illegal in the United States.

The Friday publication will begin a "comment period" before the government finalizes the policies.

This upgrade to visa vetting is long overdue, and it’s appropriate to apply it to everyone seeking entry, because terrorism is a worldwide problem. The aim is to try to weed out people with radical or dangerous views,” said Jessica Vaughan, the director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies - who called the effort to discourage female genital mutilation "innovative." 

"The message needs to be sent that ‘we don’t do that here,’ " she said.

Vaughan also says the State Department should also request information on whether female travelers intend to enter the United States in order to give birth - a practice known as "birth tourism" in which women visit the U.S. so that their child born on American soil is a U.S. citizen. 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has entertained plans to track the social media accounts of immigrants entering the country, however the State Department's Friday proposal would apply to tourists and others entering the country on temporary visas. In all, some 14 million people would be affected by the request for information, according to the department.

Privacy concerns

The Washington Times reports that Dan Crocetti, a former senior fraud investigator for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said it makes sense to collect the information — but said officers need to stay within privacy rules, too.

He said in the immigration context, looking at social media can help an adjudicator assess whether the story the applicant is telling for applying for a benefit rings true — such as in the case of a marriage petition.

But Mr. Crocetti said someone’s refusal to turn over the passwords or other non-public social media information can’t be used on its own to deny approval.

 “The use of social media is a wrench in their tool box. It’s not that you use that same wrench for everything you do, but it’s a wrench, it’s a different sized tool, and you have use that selectively,” he said.

The State Department currently collects information about travel history and family connections, however the new proposal will seek to collect prior passport numbers, information about family members and a longer history of past travel, employment and contact information. 

Collecting this additional information from visa applicants will strengthen our process for vetting these applicants and confirming their identity,” said the State Department.


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...people from countries where female genital mutilation is common practice would be directed to a website to ensure that they know the practice is illegal in the United States.

People from Israel where male genital mutilation is common practice would be directed to an express line to ensure that they know that Jews are beloved in the United States.

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I’ve been searching the web to find speeches given by Hitlary and Michelle Obama and other feminist leaders wherein they speak out against Female Genital Mutilation.  But all I find is sexist rhetoric and hate speech directed against white men.

I am Jack's Complete Lack Of Surprise.



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Welcome to the slow but gradual march towards totalitarianism.

Of course it all starts with the benign slated aim of seeking out persona non grata and terrorists...

They want full spectrum access to spy on people, because people are becoming agitated with their shitshow.

They'll start running the experiment with the tourists, then move onto the citizens.

A country run by the paranoid.......get out of this shithole if you can before it gets any worse, and it will.

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They demand your password?

Big Brother keeps getting bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger ....

Pretty soon they will be asking American citizens for their passwords to get back into the country.

It will never end, just keep growing.

Unless we stop it.

Of course they have access to all the data already through their NSA data pipes into FB, Google, etc.  The only difference this makes, is the current data pipes are "illegal" so cannot be used, directly at least, for employment decisions, criminal proceedings, and the like.  Give them your password, "voluntarily", and all bets are off.

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The Commonwealth of Virginia recently switched all its internal email to Google.  Employees who sign into their work email from home have their work accounts automatically linked to their private home computers and their entire browsing history and private email and messaging for the convenience of both Google and the State.  Now Google advertisers can target state employees AT HOME according to their professional duties and concerns, while the State can siphon up all of its employees' personal habits and interests (including of course their tastes in porn) for potential conflicts with their Agency's politics.  Note also that employees were told that they MUST use the Chrome browser to access their Google Mail accounts, while in fact not only will the Windows Explorer previously on their machines access the Google Mail, it will download work documents more easily and efficiently.  It will not, however, allow Google to record their every internet action under their state email id.

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This is why if you work from home, you must never use your own computer.  Or you buy a brand-new computer and use only that machine for work, having initially set it up using your work credentials and e-mail.  In fact, it would probably be worth your while to buy an entirely separate internet service, preferably from a different provider, for your work only.  This can be done cheaply enough, and it should be tax-deductible.  It's probably worth a couple hundred bucks to be able to work from home, and you don't have to hand over all that information about yourself.  Indeed, if ever challenged you could get up on your soapbox about the security and integrity of your work and how you would never risk using a personal connection or computer for security reasons blah-blah-blah.

You have to be absolutely strict about this and never put the internet connection on a wireless network, and never ever use your personal computer on this internet connection, nor your work computer ever on your personal internet connection. 

You should have "burner" social media accounts referencing "burner" email addresses as well.  My kids did this when they got interested in social media in grade school.  They have their official accounts under their real names, and their listed connections are pretty much all family members, teachers, friends' parents, etc.  Then they have their "real" accounts, under nicknames, known to all their pals.  When coerced by officials to divulge social media, my kids are all set up to reveal their "burner" social media accounts, and those accounts are over a decade old by now so they would probably get away with it.

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The simple solution is to have a second home computer with a new gmail address for exclusive connection to your overlord’s email system. Every employee with a company issued laptop is on to this privacy protection program. Are you so mindless that you would post resumes and communicate with fellow employees through a watched channel?

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Well, there has to be something the password would be to, so the problem could simply be eliminated by NOT carrying your devices in certain circumstances, or just use a cheap Trac-Phone type of thing at those times.

As to specific sites, just deny having an account, if you do have one, then de-activate or make the profile private. You can always re-activate it later.

Sorting through the 'voluntary/involuntary' argument just gives them an excuse to force discussion of the issue. I much prefer to just cut it off before it ever takes its first breath, "I don't HAVE one."

There, now it's your move. But we won't be wasting any more time on the 'password' issue. So now what? You know you won't be getting any of the info you just demanded, my trac-phone has nothing, and I've just denied having social media accounts...

Am I free to go, officer? Or am I being detained?

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Unfortunately, to be succinct, class, and skin tone to some extent, usually represents how copacetic your Muslim neighbor will be.  I have met and have as neighbors numerous Muslims from Iran and Iraq some whose females wear the hajib.  NO PROBLEMS; very pleasant and industrious people  However, the darker ones in full dress with the African accents or not even Muslims but generally Section 8 immigrants from Africa pumping out kids, can do without totally.

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There are some significant differences there: the "gender reassignment surgery" is a completely voluntary surgery for adults and is performed by trained surgeons in a hospital under anesthesia and for monetary compensation. I don't follow the "gender reassignment" area of medicine, but I understand that it used to require a rigorous psychological screening before being waitlisted.

Now, I don't know if the rigorous screening is so "rigorous" anymore, because it'd probably offend some people if you dare questioned their sexual identity or LGBTQ↕QICAPF2K+π^≈'ness, thus risking lawsuits. But hey, I'm not a fan of telling others what to do with their own bodies, though they should realize that hormones and surgery will not make them a true biological woman (or man) and may be considered an abomination they'll have to answer for when facing God.

The genital mutilation, on the other hand, is a basic violation of the non-aggression principle: an act of involuntary violence against someone's person. A sadistic, unsterile mutilation often perpetrated on a terrified pre-pubescent girl to simultaneously assert your psychopathic dominance and assuage your macho insecurity by robbing a girl or woman of sexual pleasure for life is a sick, vile crime and deserving of serious punishment, "tradition" be damned - especially here in America.

If a woman has been victimized in this manner and wants reconstructive surgery to heal spiritually and physically, I fully support that, regardless of her religion, national origin, etc. Her psychology of being a virgin is not my concern. Plenty of non-muslim males fantasize about getting their greasy yellow hands on a virgin and many would mutilate them...or worse!

It's not just muslims who commit acts like this, either: a lot of cultures have weird shit like this - biting penis tips off comes to mind, though they'd argue that that is a sanitary issue and one that does not necessarily equate to "genital mutilation" solely on intent.

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This is a ban against everyone.

Well I reckon that settles it. If any American wants to do business with us, we will meet in Canada, or they can come here (wherever "here" is). Why would any person in business put up with this shit just to maybe make a deal? MAGA? Haha. No.

This further isolates the US from RoW. Moronic bureaucrats (what a surprise).

Good luck people, you're on your own.

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This is a further extension of data gathering. In 2008 I was working in China managing a quarry and used to entertain and feed poor American teachers at my apartment which had a western kitchen installed.

One day one of the American teachers started asking lots of detailed questions about me and my background. The teacher explained that they had applied for a job at the State Department and was required to populate an application form with data about their "Foreign Friends!"

Nice little scheme for free data collection, and I'm now on someone's database without an "opt-out" provision.

You can see where this leads? So you are an American travelling? Sorry can't help you.

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I was just thinking that. Every time the 'Trump' Administration does something, whether it is crazy tariff's against Bombardier or nuisance tariffs against the forestry industry, we gain.

I imagine this is not going to be very good for the American airline industry or any part of the so called 'American hospitality' groups.

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I went home with the waitress the way I always do How was I to know she was with the Russians too?

I was gambling in Havana I took a little risk Send lawyers, guns and money Dad, get me out of this, hah!

I'm the innocent bystander Somehow I got stuck between the rock and a hard place and I'm down on my luck Yes I'm down on my luck Well I'm down on my luck

I'm hiding in Honduras I'm a desperate man Send lawyers, guns and money the shit has hit the fan...


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