UK Authorities Board Russian Plane At Heathrow, Order Crew Off For Unexplained Inspection

UK police reportedly boarded a Russian Aeroflot A-321 which arrived from Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow to London's Heathrow airport on Thursday, ordering the crew off the plane for an unannounced inspection, and offering no explanation. Russia’s Foreign Ministry called the unexpected search a "provocation", claiming international rules were breached.

When the pilots refused to abandon the aircraft due to regulations against inspections in the absence of the crew, British police would not allow them to leave the cockpit while the aircraft was searched. 

"After the passengers deplaned, unexpectedly policemen arrived rose and demanded the crew to leave the plane in order to conduct an inspection there in the absence of the crew," a source told Interfax (translated)

“The British authorities asked the Russian crew, including the captain, to leave the plane. The commander of the aircraft proposed the inspection to be conducted in his presence as he’s forbidden from leaving the plane in accordance with the regulations. At the moment, the police proceed with the search without releasing the commander from the cabin and preventing him from being  present during the inspection,” she said.

Russia's Foreign Ministry has condemned the inspection. “We’re speaking of another provocation by the British authorities,” said Maria Zakharova, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman. 

"The behavior of the British police is clearly evidence of the desire to conduct some manipulation on board without witnesses," Zakharova said on the air of the Rossiya 24 television channel, quoted by

"We demand that the British authorities return the situation to the legal channel and abandon the provocative action, we draw the attention of the world community to the unacceptable, dangerous and irresponsible behavior of London," Zakharova noted.

She called London’s actions "unacceptable, dangerous and irresponsible,” urging the international community to give them a proper evaluation. She added that Russian embassy staff was heading to the airport where the search of the plane took place.

Bizarrely, in a response on Twitter, the UK Metropolitan Police said "We are aware of a story circulating on social media. Please be advised that Metropolitan Police are not conducting a search of an Airbus inbound from Moscow at Heathrow."

In other words, someone is lying.



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Theresa May is a goner. She will resign within 60 days.


P.S. I ain’t no Grammar Nazi, but “Police are not conducting a search” is not as persuading as “Neither Police nor any other UK law enforcement agency conducted a search of the Russian plane”.   ;-)

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One second Tyler.  The British cops have flat out denied this story:…

'Aeroflot plane from Moscow being searched by police at Heathrow Airport' - but Met completely denies it

The world has gone completely fking nuts!

Edit:  It seems it wasn't the police, it was customs officials!  "The British Foreign Office said that customs officers had boarded a plane in London, but gave no further details."  What a bunch of c**ts!

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Disagree with you there brother.  While yes, it is embarrassing to be an American citizen, particularly in relation to foreign policy... the US at least plays from a position of strength.  The UK is absolutely impotent/irrelevant... and "standing up" to Russia by making accusations, without a shred of presented fact, while hiding under the skirt of Nato/US.  The US at least stands front and center in their hypocrisy.



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I have dual passports, unfortunately one of them is Pommie. Once britexit mess is sorted out, they can have it back.

I highly doubt britexit will end well, because of the incompetence at all levels of Pommie gov't. Bo Jo just a fantastic example of a blonde chimp.

I feel sorry for the farmers in the UK, they are screwed! People fighting over EU loot pile which was supporting agriculture, and doubts over access to EU market.

This what happened in NZ when the market closed to Europe decades ago.

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Keep poking the bear, you limey fruits, Putin is going to rain down an ungodly fucking firestorm upon you, you'll have to call the fucking united nations to get a fucking binding resolution to keep him from fucking destroying you. Scorched earth, motherfuckers. He will fucking massacre you. He will fuck you up.

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Russia could start an energy crisis in the EU, BRITAIN included, tomorrow if it wanted too, but until people stand up to their Kazharian mafia, these more than obvious provocations will continue.

Vladdy needs to stop sucking up to American Israeli dick and do something to put an END to this nonsense. 

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So, the Russians have the largest oil and NG exporting system worldwide and they are accumulating wealth at an increasing rate.  THAT is what pisses of the bankster controllers of the UK and US.  They have yet to realize it's too late to take their global control into Asia.  Russia and China have become too powerful to subjugate.

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