"Huge Caravan" Of Central American Refugees Is Headed For The U.S. Border

Over 1,500 Central Americans are on a crusade across Mexico in the hopes of being granted asylum at the U.S. border - a move which is set to pose an enormous challenge to the Trump administration's much campaigned about immigration policies, while reminding Trump's base that they still don't have the wall they elected him to build 14 months into his presidency. 

"We want to become one, supporting us shoulder to shoulder and show that together we can break down borders," say the caravan's organizers.

Luc Forsyth for BuzzFeed News

Setting out six days ago and marching under the slogan "Migrantes en la lucha" ("Migrants in the Fight") during holy week, the caravan comprised mostly of Hondurans was organized roughly a month ago by the mysterious group Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders) - which solicited donations via Facebook and encouraged volunteers to contact them. 

''Our mission is to provide shelter and safety to migrants and refugees in transit, accompany them in their journey, and together demand respect for our human rights," reads the group's mission statement.

The Central American migrants, mostly Hondurans and Guatemalans, flee their countries because of insecurity and because they are threatened by gang members, also because of the economic and political situation in the region. -proceso.hn (translated)

The crime rate is horrible, you can't live there,” a migrant named "Karen" told BuzzFeed News on the side of a highway near the Southern Mexico town of Huixtla. “After the president [was sworn in] it got worse. There were deaths, mobs, robbed homes, adults and kids were beaten up.”

"They want to reach the border and ask for asylum, the majority flee from gang violence, extortion and police abuses," says one of the organizers named Garibo.


Before setting out on the journey, the migrants were organized into groups of 10 to 15 people, and a leader was designated for each group. Five groups were then banded together in what organizers call a sector. While there are organizers from Pueblos Sin Fronteras leading the way, much of the effort to get to the US border is in the hands of the migrants themselves. -BuzzFeed

Migrants gathered for the march in the southern Mexico border town of Tapachula in advance of the march - where Pueblo Sin Fronteras conducted introductory workshops to help the Central Americans best navigate the United States once they arrive - including security drills in which male refugees are to form a wall around any threats to the women and children.

Help along the way

Despite a majority of the Hondurans being in Mexico illegally - which Mexican authorities have historically been stringent about, the caravan has not been stopped on its journey, and people from Mexican towns along the way have been helping the migrants. 

The group is also planning to take "the Train of Death" in Arriaga in order to expedite the journey north, and several towns have provided buses to help the migrants along.

"La Bestia," Train of Death (Luc Forsyth for BuzzFeed News)

...children, women, and men, most of them from Honduras — have boldly crossed immigration checkpoints, military bases, and police in a desperate, sometimes chaotic march toward the United States. Despite their being in Mexico without authorization, no one has made any effort to stop them. -BuzzFeed


Here the migrants are seen boarding covered hopper freight railcars.

A video shows the migrants marching on the tracks and preparing to board the train in Arriaga.

In the train boarding video, a DJI Mavic Pro drone worth $1,000 to $1,300 USD was spotted. The march is depicted as a grassroots effort, but perhaps, there is some big money behind the movement.

BuzzFeed reporter Adolfo Flores has been embedded with the caravan, providing updates over Twitter:

About 80% of them are from Honduras. Many said they are fleeing poverty, but also political unrest and violence that followed the swearing in of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández after a highly contested election last year. The group often breaks into chants of “out with JOH.” They also chant “we aren't immigrants, we're international workers” and “the people united will never be defeated.

Still, there are no guarantees on the route or assurances that once they reach the US border they'll be able to cross undetected or be allowed to stay under some type of protection like asylum.

Alex Mensing, another organizer with Pueblos Sin Fronteras, made that point clear to the migrants before the group started out. He also stressed that everyone is responsible for their own food, water, and payment for vans or buses. Still, it's far cheaper than being assaulted or falling into the hands of unscrupulous smugglers. -BuzzFeed

Here they come! 


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Who gives a shit you moron. They'll still take jobs from illegals plus cost us more in taxes. Good side is they're smarter and more educated than the typical USSAan. Head to glorious Cali my new friends - we welcome you and will support you. Do not think of going to Canada there's a virus that kills Central Americans and South Americans - it's voodoo shit that you need to be afraid of.

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We need about 50,000 of these fuckers to hit the border all at once...
Then we will bus them directly to the sanctuary city's in CA, NY, Mass, TX (Houston), GA (Atlanta),FL (Miami), CT, etc., where they will inundate the social welfare system, bankrupt the city & live in cardboard refrigerator boxes by the freeway, etc...

That's the ONLY WAY that we can get the Dem's to oppose illegal immigration;
when it fucks up their own municipality's (back yards) to the point that they want to leave, but can't, w/ out great property valuation losses..

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I was talking to a whoo-whoo Indian yesterday who was complaining about Trump and Right Wing "idiots" and I said "Funny, I thought you guys would be the first to understand the consequences of unrestricted immigration".

He walked away more than slightly perturbed.

Too much reality in one dose?

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The elite would like to thank you all for absolving them of karma.

ZH comments re. hispanics, asians, arabs, africans.

"We don't need no stinking, violent, low-iq, uneducated low-lifes overflowing our previously sparsely populated land and spreading filth and crime everywhere. Why not have them all die."

Elite comments re. 99.999% of human population.

"We don't need no stinking, violent, low-iq, uneducated low-lifes overflowing our previously sparsely populated planet and spreading filth everywhere. Why not have them all die."

No wonder they are letting everyone go everywhere and create mayhem. Followed by WWIII to cull the herd.

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