Russia Has 14 Questions On "Fabricated" Skripal Case

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Russia’s embassy in London has sent a list of questions, 14 to be specific, to the British Foreign Ministry on the poisoning of Sergey and Yulia Skripal – which include a demand to clarify whether samples of the nerve agent “Novichok” have ever been developed in the UK.

The Russian embassy’s statement calls the incident that started the recent diplomatic row a “fabricated case against Russia.”

The questions published by the Russian Foreign Ministry’s official website have been translated below:

  1. Why has Russia been denied the right of consular access to the two Russian citizens, who came to harm on British territory?
  2. What specific antidotes and in what form were the victims injected with? How did such antidotes come into the possession of British doctors at the scene of the incident?
  3. On what grounds was France involved in technical cooperation in the investigation of the incident, in which Russian citizens were injured?
  4. Did the UK notify the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) of France’s involvement in the investigation of the Salisbury incident?
  5. What does France have to do with the incident, involving two Russian citizens in the UK?
  6. What rules of UK procedural legislation allow for the involvement of a foreign state in an internal investigation?
  7. What evidence was handed over to France to be studied and for the investigation to be conducted?
  8. Were the French experts present during the sampling of biomaterial from Sergey and Yulia Skripal?
  9. Was the study of biomaterials from Sergey and Yulia Skripal conducted by the French experts and, if so, in which specific laboratories?
  10. Does the UK have the materials involved in the investigation carried out by France?
  11. Have the results of the French investigation been presented to the OPCW Technical Secretariat?
  12. Based on what attributes was the alleged “Russian origin” of the substance used in Salisbury established?
  13. Does the UK have control samples of the chemical warfare agent, which British representatives refer to as “Novichok”?
  14. Have the samples of a chemical warfare agent of the same type as “Novichok” (in accordance to British terminology) or its analogues been developed in the UK?

The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris added some necessary points to the growing mystery and confusion of the Skripal poisoning:

These theories have included claims that Sergey and Yulia Skripal were (1) sprayed with the supposedly deadly chemical by a passer-by; (2) sprayed with the supposedly deadly chemical by an aerial drone; (3) contaminated by the supposedly deadly chemical which was brought from Russia in Yulia Skripal’s suitcase where it had been hidden by some third party; and (4) were poisoned by having the supposedly deadly chemical somehow inserted into Sergey Skripal’s car.

The British and other critics of Russia have recently taken to citing as ‘proof’ of Russian guilt the fact that the Russians have supposedly been proposing various theories about who might have poisoned Sergey and Yulia Skripal.

The British – who unlike the Russians have control of the crime scene and samples of the poison – have however been at least as busy proposing various theories about how Sergey and Yulia Skripal were poisoned.

In both cases the fact that the Russian media and the British media – though not it should be stressed the Russian or British governments – have been busy engaging in their respective speculations about who who and how Sergey and Yulia Skripal were poisoned is not proof of guilt.

Rather it suggests ignorance, which if anything (especially in Russia’s case) is an indicator of innocence.

As I have said on many occasions, it is the guilty who so far from engaging in a variety of different speculations tend to come up with a single alternative narrative to explain away the facts, which they then pass off as the truth in order to provide themselves with an alibi.

As to the present theory – that Sergey and Yulia Skripal came into contact with the chemical agent on their front door – note the following:

(1) The British police have not said whether the chemical agent was smeared on the outside of the door or on the inside of the door.

If it was smeared on the outside of the door, then it was an extremely reckless act which might have easily poisoned a delivery person to the house such as a postman.

If it was smeared on the inside of the door, then whilst it might have been placed there by a burglar, the greater probability must be that it was placed there by a visitor.

If so then it is likely that either Sergey or Yulia Skripal or possibly both of them have some knowledge of the identity of this person.  That might make the fact that Yulia Skripal is said to be recovering and is now conscious a matter of great importance for the solution of this mystery.

(2) If Sergey and Yulia Skripal really were poisoned with the chemical agent by coming into contact with it because it was smeared on their front door, then that would mean that the chemical agent took 7 hours to take effect.

Russian ambassador to Britain Alexander Yakovenko has claimed that the British authorities have told him that Sergey and Yulia Skripal were poisoned by nerve agent A-234, a Novichok type agent which is supposedly “as toxic as VX, as resistant to treatment as soman, and more difficult to detect and easier to manufacture than VX”.

I am not a chemist or a chemical weapons expert, but such a slow acting poison seems at variance with the descriptions of A-234 and VX which I have read.

(3) The suggestion that Sergey and Yulia Skripal were poisoned by coming into contact with the chemical agent on their front door must for the moment be treated as no more than a theory.  It does however appear to confirm the presence of the chemical agent in the house.

If the latest theory that Sergey and Yulia Skripal were poisoned by coming into contact with a chemical agent smeared on their front door begs many questions, then the news that Yulia Skripal is apparently recovering well from the effect of her poisoning, and is now conscious and speaking and is no longer in intensive care, though extremely welcome, in some ways adds further to the mystery.


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The Russians have also sent a list of 10 questions to the French.  Just why were they involved at all?  I think we should be told.

Question 10 is: “Have the samples of a chemical warfare agent of this type or its analogues been developed in France and if so, for what purpose?”


Link to questions to France:…

Sorry cannot find an English version yet.

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The Russians want to visit her, which is obviously reasonable... somebody is no doubt working on a plan for her demise immediately thereafter so that the Russians can be blamed all over again... I'm betting polonium...

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The Skripal's I understood had been applying to return to Russia. So if Russia wanted them dead why would try to kill them in England and why would they want to return?   Again, three buildings and two planes. 

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Now, with the false idea that novichok is exclusive to Russia and that propaganda is firmly embedded in the MSM-addicted public consciousness, can we be surprised if in the very near future there is a false flag with large group of innocent Syrians found dead of novichok poisoning?     

The Skripal poisonings - French fingerprints, or those of the  usual suspects – Mossad, MI6, CIA?

9/11  - in-your-face; ruthless; arrogant; grandiose; two planes/three buildings; architectural and engineering evidence; quick destruction of crucial material evidence; numerous major inconsistencies and impossibilities with the official narrative;  admissions and conflicting statements of various suspects; tightly controlled sham investigation and fake media deflection; lots of lose ends in the operation.

Cui bono ? Israel ME advancement; Islam bashing; Justification for DHS & expansion; Afghanistan resource control (mainly heroin) and pipelines; regime change ops in the ME; etc.

Principal suspects?  Dov Zakheim,  Larry Silverstein, Ariel Sharon Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Olmert, Rudolph Giuliani, Richard Sheirer, Jules Kroll, Jerome Hauer, Ezra Harel, Menachem Atzman, Michael Chertoff,  Marvin Burns, Mica Macover, Jacob Alexander, Mark Regev, Dominic Suter, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, George Tenet, Condoleezza Rice ++ many many more.

Fingerprints?  Definitely Mossad with support from major US agencies and elites. (For anyone with lingering doubts who has not reviewed the facts, a good summation is found in Made in Israel – 9//11).


Vegas massacre – in-your-face; ruthless; arrogant; grandiose; one gunman/multiple shooters; quick destruction of crucial material evidence; numerous major inconsistencies and impossibilities with the official narrative; tightly controlled sham investigation and fake media, lots of loose ends in the operation.

Cui bono? Sheldon Adelson/Michael Chertoff, George Soros, DHS – gun control; etc., etc.

Principal suspects ? Major US agencies, Sheldon Adelson, George Soros

Fingerprints?  - Probably Mossad with support from major US agencies and elites. Such back ops are generally farmed out to catspaw foreign agencies. The work does not look like MI6 as there are too many loose ends. Also, the arrogance with so many loose ends in the operaton and contempt for public scrutiny and common sense with the official narratives is similar to 9/11.


Skripal poisonings - in-your-face; ruthless; arrogant; grandiose amplification; Skripal’s returning to Russia anyway; saying it was novichok which can be produced anywhere and therefore Russian is like saying if he was poisoned with a mouldy Russian perogy he was poisoned by the Russians; the allegations are made by the anti-Russian,  Russian bashing Zio controlled UK government in the midst of other false US, UK and Israeli false flags in Syria involving poisonous gases.   

cui bono? -  Israel and the Syrian war; motive is certainly not Russian but definitely of the anti-Russian UK, EU & US establishments (i.e., anti-Russian Rothschild cabal);  Russia’s support for Syria and its support for alternatives to the Rothschild banking cabal and trading oil outside of the US petrodollar make Russia public enemy number one; the continued attempt to isolate, bankrupt and/or conquer Russia also is a predominate motive; there is also a pronounced Zio interests in all of this;

Principal suspects? The UK, France, the USA, Teresa May, MI5

Fingerprints?  A foreign black ops group would have been used to perpetrate the crimes. It may have been French as the Russian obviously suspect but it also may have been the Mossad again.  


But what do the Skripal poisonings really portend?

Certainly more aggression and hostilities against Russia, the main reason being Russia’s steadfast support for the Syrian nation against mainly the US, UK, Israeli, and NATO efforts to obliterate and divide it. Russia in support of Syria is a further roadblock to Iran and the admitted regime-change plans of the Western axis. Israel has been doing its best to escalate the Syrian war with continued bombings of Syrian government installations and troops. The US, UK, together with NATO cohorts are not withdrawing from Syria but building up their forces for a major war in the region. To sell the war they will, as with all recent wars, need a justification. It does not matter if it is a false one or not. It does not even matter if it appears false to many with any real examination of the evidence. All that matters is that it is grandiose enough of an atrocity for the MSM propaganda machine to go berserk. The Skripal poisonings is not the false flag necessary for the job but it is in the right direction and utilizes the theme of poison gas. It is another stroke against Russia and against Syria. It is another straw on the camel’s back. However, if anything, it portends in this climate not only that a major false flag is to come but one which will dovetail with the present perception management campaign. So, it will likely be a gaseous one to fit better with the brainwashing campaign.  In early 2017 there was the sarin-gas, false-attack in Syria where Trump ordered the missile attack of a Syrian government installation. Hence, the tactic to smear both Syria and Russia as some kind of monsters to justify an escalation of the war in Syria is likely to be one based on their alleged use of poison gases, and we cannot be surprised if the gas will be novichok, because that is Russian and to escalate the war in Syria they will not only have to kill Syrians but also Russians.

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The Donald is the hero of the day.  If not him, who? The issues he raises are real.  The evil, corrupt state creatures, and their parasitic hangers on, need to be left flopping in the mud as the water is lowered in the swamp.

If not the Donald, who?  If the D is on the case, why the seeming betrayal of his promises. 

The oppo is enormous, and needs to be approached with tactic as well as power, particularly when the oppo power is so yuuge.  We need all the help we can get to take them down.



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Israelis and the Putin mafia regimes are very close. Jews are very close Putin's associates/partners in destroying Russia.

I am confident that the Putin regime did not poison Russians in the UK. Based on May's activities following the "poisoning", if it indeed happened, took place with British knowledge and participation. The purpose was/is to assists the pro-Western elements of the Russian elite to overthrow the Putin regime.

Somehow everybody is not seeing the elephant in the room: China. If Russia disorderly disintegrates, nothing will prevent China from swallowing Eastern Russia with all its natural resources preventing the West from getting them. Overnight, China will become the only world superpower with nowadays Genghis Khan all over again. 

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Here's one moar just for you.

Hillary Clinton Ordered Diplomats To Suppress 'Novichok' Discussions

Documents from the U.S. State Department published by Wikileaks show that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton directed her diplomats to not talk about Novichok and to play down the matter should it arise in chemical weapon control talks. 

*bold mine

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They control the media...

even if the lies are proven, 90% of the popualation won't see the proof...

And they know it.

Hell, first time they said "Russia" in the investigation, I knew it was a hoax.

And then they started blasting Russia in every TV show, comedy show, news... you name it.

They really really really want a war.

And if we don't have a WOIII in the next 10 years, the world population will be to big to be fed. Yep, there's actually a timer that says there's an endgame.

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