Interventionistas Outraged Over Trump's Syria Withdrawal: "We Took The Oil. We’ve Got To Keep The Oil"

Regime change advocates, neocon beltway hawks, and all the usual armchair warrior zero-skin-in-the-game think tank interventionistas are in continued meltdown mode after Trump confirmed plans to withdraw American forces - some 2000+ troops and personnel - from Syria. On Friday the president told senior White House aides that US forces will be exiting Syria after public comments made earlier.

In statements carried by ReutersTrump said“Let the other people take care of it now. Very soon, very soon, we’re coming out. We’re going to get back to our country, where we belong, where we want to be.” As we noted last week, the timing of Trump's dramatic Syria turn corresponded with news of an American soldier killed in Manbij in northern Syria (killed likely by an IED alongside a British coalition soldier overnight last Thursday).

Perhaps to be expected, the weekend editorials and cable news pundit shows reacted in disbelief and horror - with charges of "chaos" at the Trump White House over Syria policy, and claims that "ISIS will come back" if America leaves. Nevermind the fact that Trump himself while on the campaign trail in 2016 stated in public speeches and in a tweet (and linking to a declassified intelligence memo) that US support to jihadists in Syria under President Obama is precisely what fueled the rise of ISIS in the first place

Image source: AM Greatness.

CNN, for example, painted a picture of mass revolt among the ranks of military officers and career State Department officials, asserting that, "Any decision by Trump to pull out of Syria would also go against the current military assessment, a fact that left some national security officials concerned about the impact of a withdrawal, another senior administration official told CNN."

No, there's no "chaos" when it comes to Syria policy at the White House - Trump is doing exactly what he pledged to do while previously on the campaign trail, and he's further continuing what he started when he nixed the CIA's regime change program last summer.

But it's funny and very telling how brazenly honest interventionistas and deep state bureaucrats suddenly become in their motives whenever Trump speaks truth on Syria. Consider prominent Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin, who the day after Trump's announcement of leaving Syria lamented while quoting a pro-regime change activist“We took the oil. We’ve got to keep the oil.”

That's right, the mask of pseudo-humanitarian high-minded noble ideals comes off (the Josh Rogins of the world care nothing about actual Syrians), and we learn that it's actually all about...

Oil! Oil! Oil! Iran! Iran! Iran!

Map source: WINEP

No more pretense and the slick language of R2P military intervention for the sake saving civilians in Syria... Rogin's op-ed is aptly titled, In Syria, we ‘took the oil.’ Now Trump wants to give it to Iran. 

Rogin, like other interventionistas, has no more cards to play, thus we find these straightforward admissions in his column:

Perhaps he would back off his urge to cut and run if he knew that the United States and its partners control almost all of the oil. And if the United States leaves, that oil will likely fall into the hands of Iran...

Control over oil is the only influence we have in Syria today...

“We have this 30 percent slice of Syria, which is probably where 90 percent of the pre-war oil production took place,” said David Adesnik, director of research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “This is leverage.”

Astoundingly, these words are still being published 15 years after the myriad lies of the Iraq invasion shame, no regrets. And a host of other mainstream journalists in New York and DC greeted Rogin's column as "refreshing" and respectable "essential reading" (as if it's not the same pro-regime-change script which has dominated talking points for years).

Meanwhile, a well-known Syrian-American Middle East analyst and actual expert on Syria effortlessly shreds Rogin's supposed "realist" points with ease (Rogin likes to think of himself as a foreign policy 'realist' ...he's no such thing):

Whenever one thinks Syria analysis has hit bottom, nonsense like comes along to remind us otherwise. Josh Rogin's piece makes a set of outrageous observations that has become a mainstay of Syria’s war coverage over the years. Let’s establish the facts first.

Iran’s expansion that Josh Rogin wants to “counter” did not start with Syrian war but started in the aftermath of the ill-advised Iraq invasion that opened the pandora box which we are still dealing with today (Birth of ISIS is another). Interventionists have a short memory.

Syria’s alliance with Iran did not start with the Syrian war. It was cemented after Damascus decided to side with Iran during its war with Saddam’s Iraq in early 80’s. At start of Syrian war, Tehran decided to pay back the favor and came to Assad’s aid when no one did.

What Josh Rogin still can’t comprehend is that countering Iran is positively correlated with ending the Syrian war and not by adding more fuel to it. Iran’s influence grows when Damascus is threatened and not the other way around.

Syria is not Saudi Arabia. Even before the war, it’s oil production was mere 150K barrels a day. This is a drop in the ocean when it comes the regional oil producers. Asking Trump to grab the oil shows total lack of understanding of scale or strategic importance.

Indeed, by grabbing what little oil Syria has all you are doing is giving Iran and other allies of Syria more leverage. The more Syria can stand on its feet the less it needs those allies like Iran that you want to counter.

So it's not only his conclusions, but every assumption of Rogin and his ilk concerning the Middle East is simply dead wrong. But at the very least these moments serve to remind us of what morally corrupt failures the Washington class of inverventionistas have been, and that it's certainly not their own skin in the game when they argue for "taking action" whether in Syria or other parts of the world (the establishment political and pundit class is all too willing to send the sons of others to die in foreign quagmires with dubious aims).

Finally, it should be noted that Josh Rogin published his piece the same day Master Sgt. Jonathan J. Dunbar died in Syria (identified by the Department of Defense on Saturday). Rogin is ultimately arguing that more Americans must stay in harm's way for "control over oil... the only influence we have in Syria today."

* * *

With that, we'll leave off with the following excerpted wisdom from Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Skin in the Game:

“What you had historically is warmongers were warriors. And he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword… Now suddenly–and that’s only recent–we developed all these weapons and technologies and stuff like that, so you can have people cause wars and not be exposed. And not only that, but as was Bill Kristol… he’s a prime example.

The people who caused the war in Iraq… absolutely no cost to them. Or a cost that’s very small, very tiny reputational cost… And then after they cause a war in Iraq–and of course we have a disaster–they will intervene again… in Libya and of course in Syria.

What happens with these people is that given that there is no skin in the game, there’s no learning… In the real world, these people should be dead, because basically, if you cause a disaster… so many of them would be… pruned out that way instead of letting others die.”



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It all started in the Middle East and it will end in the Middle East:

Genesis 2:11-14  The name of the first is Pishon: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold;  (12)  and the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.  (13)  And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Cush.  (14)  And the name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth in front of Assyria. And the fourth river is the Euphrates.

Revelation 16:16  And they gathered them together into the place which is called in Hebrew Har-Magedon.

This will take place in the last 7 years:…

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so cute.....

I'll believe it when the last tank, aircraft, and Marine is out of

Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc....

not to mention Israel......

anything less is just a reorganization and a "strategic redeployment"


and Trump is just saying this crap

so that he can claim that he wanted to "pull out"

when he's "forced" to stay

only fools buy this fucking bullshit


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veritas semper… khnum Sun, 04/01/2018 - 22:59 Permalink

yes. I've just read this. US military base targeted near Raqqa by the popular Syrian forces , organized especially for this. And remember the IED killing/wounding 7 recently.

It has started as I expected.

As for that idiot Josh guy saying this:

Trump doesn't seem to care about U.S. national security interests in Syria. So somebody tell him by pulling out, he is giving Iran all the oil
— Josh Rogin (@joshrogin) March 30, 2018

Somebody needs to tell him that:

-US has no national security interest in Syria,only Syria has this in Syria

-Iran has his own oil,lots of it,including the one US would like to have from Iran and can not

-US is pulling out because US lost the war

-we are sick of this type of American zionist exceptionalism

It is as simple as that ,you zionist f*ck .

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D503 RAT005 Mon, 04/02/2018 - 01:22 Permalink

It hardly matters at this point. All of their cities are trashed.

Their kids have missed years of real school if it existed to begin with, setting them back a generation.

Hospitals, infrastructure gone.

Their willing citizens ran out with little or no reason to return, the remaining people are either fools or violent dogs of war.

And I'm sure this strategic withdrawal won't be using US money to rebuild as per the warmongers budgeted expectations. 

We threw them back to the stone age and they'll fight for another twenty years over food, water and ammunition.

We know that "Isis" was trucking oil into Turkey by massive caravans when Russia bombed it. We also know Israel is pushing west, again for oil. 

Saudi Arabia wants an IPO for its supposed reserves, because you always start selling the cow off when the money is in the milk. 

Exxonmobil production continues to decline. 

Shale is upside down but no one will say so.

America is a dilapidated wasteland of drug addicts, feminists, felons, and clueless wishful thinkers buying teslas and investing capital in as many other pipedreams and student loans as possible.

Meanwhile China has built cities it can't fuel and thus cannot use. Monuments to the collapse. 

But by all means, what do the talking heads have to say?

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not dead yet D503 Mon, 04/02/2018 - 03:19 Permalink

Not all of Syria's cities are trashed. Now that Assad with Russia's help has taken back most of the country Syrians are now coming home. If the US does indeed pull out, believe it when you see it, Syrians returning home will be a flood. I read an article from NBC bemoaning the "chaos in the White House" and the US commanders whining that it's hurting their war on ISIS. A very long article and not once was it mentioned that the Syrians with the help of Russia, Iran, and Hezbolluh were the ones who kicked most of ISIS ass and took back most of the country while the US and it's proxies fought the government. Typical of the US government and it's lap dog media claiming it was the US who saved the day. Same for Iraq where it was the Iraqi's doing the fighting and dying while the US took the credit. Of course the US and it's proxies, which includes ISIS and Al Qaeda, used gas and killed tens of thousands of civilians but the US and western media used every opportunity to blame "butcher" Assad and the Russians for the US dirty work. Just as one of the US proxies worked out an exchange with the Syrians and the US did the double cross and killed hundreds of Syrian militia and some Russian mercenaries. According to recent reports the Russians were not even involved in the operation which was miles away from their camp but the US intentionally bombed their camp and others for the blood lust.

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not dead yet not dead yet Mon, 04/02/2018 - 03:32 Permalink

The Donald can say we will pull out of Syria, he also said it months ago and the US increased it's participation, but believe it when you see it. Trump may be serious but you can bet the military, CIA, and the neocons won't have it. Or Trump's lying to fool the public. The Syrian adventure of the US is far from over. Kennedy and plenty of high ranking officials before and after him knew the Vietnam war wasn't winnable unless you killed every human being in North and South Vietnam. In the speculation of who killed Kennedy the military is rarely mentioned. Yet the military had plenty of incentive as they wanted to bomb then invade Cuba, nuke the USSR, and escalate the Vietnam war and JFK said no. JFK's death warrant was signed when he was going to pull out of Vietnam.

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“The machiavelian threefold game of the neoconservatives”

by Laurent Guyénot

To realize their fantasies of world domination, the neocons resorted to a triple discourse, as Laurent Guyénot shows in this study, i.e. a cynical political philosophy developed by their mentor Leo Strauss for domestic consumption; a cold analysis of Israeli strategic interests for the benefit of the leaders in Tel Aviv, and a fear-mongering warning against imaginary dangers besetting U.S. public opinion.


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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hillary Clinton Said "Mishpucka"

The following are clips from a C-Span video of the 2005 Roast of Rahm Emanuel, done as a charitable fund raiser for CURE, a research group on epilepsy. In it, Hillary states her family often used the word "mishpucka".

For those unfamiliar with the term, Mishpucka is Yiddish for "family" and is a term used to refer to the Jewish Mafia. The Mishpucka is well-represented in the Chicago area and Illinois, where Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama have held office. Hillary Rodham is from Park Ridge, Illinois.

"You know, Rahm and I have been through a lot together. Now, there's a word my family always used when I was growing up to describe the relationship you have with someone who has shared triumph and hardship with you.

That's the word WE used in the Rodham household in Park Ridge, Illinois.

The word was...'mishpucka'. (laughter, sly grin from Hillary).

So, Rahm, we're lucky to have you as part of our family! Bill and I cherish you as someone we count on and absolutely adore."


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sarz Stan Derdissue Mon, 04/02/2018 - 05:01 Permalink

I think Trump deliberately chose Bolton, shabbos goy warmonger extraordinaire, as the perfect face to announce that the war with Iran is not possible. Getting out of Syria makes war for the Jews that much more difficult. The end game sees a nuclear-armed or nuclear-umbrellaed Iran, and the occupiers of Palestine surrounded on all sides by undefeatabe hostile forces. After Bolton admits defeat or is yanked offstage for being an obvious lunatic, the one state solution for Israel/Palestine will loom. It will be a stable state at peace with its neighbours and governed by a liberal majority of Palestinians and Jews. Americans will never think of it again except as a place to holiday or study. Inshallah! 

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Conscious Reviver sarz Mon, 04/02/2018 - 20:16 Permalink

Fine post except for this - "the one state solution for Israel/Palestine will loom."

The Ashkanazis never do anything for free.  You know the joke about where copper wire comes from? 

The obvious reason for Trump to talk about leaving Syria now is that a) Russian technology makes any US attack on Syria suicidal at least for those doing the launching. Durring the most recent false flag, chemical weapons hysteria in Ghouta, Russian MoD said projectiles and launchers would be hit. US game over. And b) US troops are surrounded for hundreds of miles in almost all directions by hostile forces. They are just now,  starting to be on the receiving end of pot shots. Pretty soon it will be open season on them if they don't get their ass in gear and get out of there. 

Maybe Bolton's there to break the bad news to the Zinos? Great story if it is true. Either way, Bolton and Pompeo are still blood soaked scum bags. 

News from the front.

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Conscious Reviver newdoobie Mon, 04/02/2018 - 20:22 Permalink

Another Syrian chemical weapons FF?  Really, that's so over. Russian MoD said basicly that the next time that happens, USN ships are going down and the USN and their Zino-Goon overseers can't do squat about it without provoking an even worse beating. 

Checkmate. Vlad wins. Death to the Zino-world. Great day to be alive. (if you are not a Zino-goon.)

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SirBarksAlot veritas semper… Mon, 04/02/2018 - 00:33 Permalink

And there are also new reasons to move the troops to the US-Mexican border.

The cartels have started attacking the Mexican military now, instead of each other, right on the border.  I'm talking 10 blocks from my house.  There has been gunfire in my neighborhood lately.  Although, here in Texas, that could be over a woman, a horse or a Lone Star beer.

Anyhow, whoever is controlling the cartels, I find it interesting that it is getting really violent, really close to the border.

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Setarcos veritas semper… Mon, 04/02/2018 - 03:50 Permalink

Glad that you pointed out that Iran has plenty of oil of its own, something that the article missed though otherwise good.

It would never occur to Washington's armchair warriors/neocon/psychopaths that some people and countries are loyal allies and don't do stuff just for money and power.  As was mentioned, Syria supported Iran during the war with Iraq, so favour returned.  Same thing with Hezbollah and Russia, though with Russia there was a bit more pragmatism.  What a different world it would be if loyalty always came ahead of gain.

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Conscious Reviver fattail Mon, 04/02/2018 - 20:42 Permalink

Exactly said Oded Yinon. 

The Greater Israel dream just went up in flames. 

Edit - Oh no, look who's here. The pendantic, blovating stink bomb, aka BobEore. Let's see what he has to say! Not. ;)

Note to BoeBay - shouldn't you be out celebrating Passover with the rest of your hommies? 

Rhetorical question. No need to reply. It would only be nonsense anyhew. 

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BobEore uhland62 Sun, 04/01/2018 - 22:37 Permalink

Fake pullouts... phony withdrawals. Sounds like a whole bunch o Catholic-style birth control methods be the order of the day = for Chabad-directed PUPPET POTUSES of the Moscow-DC-elAviv AXIS OF SNIVELING WEASELS kind!

One of the great things about this here ara of faken news, however, is that I can just reach into my mail bag and cut n past the appropriate assessment already made - since nothing ever changes much from the script as read! To whit-

"As we get ready to pull the rusting Trumpmobile outta storage... for one more VICTORY PARADE on the comin up anniversary of the Humpty BOMBS SYRIA debacle of one year past... 

even the most clueless gomers are starting to get a queasy feeling  that - somethin jus ain't right - about this whole setup! Take this quoted "testimony" from our quoted 'expert' in this post... Chas Lister.. 



The Trump administration’s total cessation of support to over 70 vetted opposition groups with whom we had worked since early-2013 was a crucially important cog in this Russian design. The result of these de-escalation zones has become increasingly clear over time, as the Assad regime has continued to indiscriminately bomb and methodically recapture small amounts of strategically important territory, slowly strangling the opposition and strengthening its hand further.

It is important here to place this in some policy context. By lending its public and private support to a Russian-led initiative designed specifically to strengthen Assad’s position yet further, the Trump administration has directly abetted Assad’s survival, Iran’s expansion and threat to Israel, and continued civilian displacement. We are therefore no closer to a political settlement. In fact, Western support for Russia’s de-escalation design along with its bloody consequences, has been understood on the ground to represent Western support, or at minimum acceptance, of Assad’s long-term legitimacy. Whatever Secretaries of State or other officials might say in front of podiums about justice, human rights and removing Assad, the facts on the ground are what determine the viability of negotiations and those facts stand starkly in opposition to our rhetoric.

 and ask yourself... 

who's zoomin whom here?  

Before realizing... that there's nothing spontaneous at all ... about any of this muddled eastern "theater" = where staged \withdrawals\retrenchments happen with regularity... and the puppets march cross stage with scripted lines 

whilst monkeyshines moishe n co get ready for their prompt... 

when it's finally cool for the DEATH TO AMERICA crew to scream 'DEATH TO AMERICA'- 'KILL THEM ALL' - and all the phony oppositionists here go mad with excitement ... to see their wet dream of America and Russia forced into phony conflict

comin tru at last!


THAT being the only accurate assessment of what be goin down in the muddled east of the moment - One year later - and one minute to midnight - Drumpf is about to light the cabbalist-directed candle which will BURN THE WHOLE MO/FO SUCKA DOWN! rUSSes-vs-gOOse steppin mOOses - of the ROCKY N BULLWINKLE kind.

Hey! Get ready to rumble lil exceptionalist buddies! All yur wet dreams of auto-asphyxiation nation belongs to USA/USSRed mafiya lubatichers now! [POPE SHITS IN DA WOODS - CAUSE THE VATICAN BELONG TO DEM TOO!]



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BigFatUglyBubble BobEore Sun, 04/01/2018 - 22:45 Permalink

The President will say anything if it earns him political points or makes himself the center of attention in that moment.  It doesn't matter than he will change his mind in 2 days, that he's disingenuous, intentionally deceptive, or that he's causing conflict/confusion/anxiety, even within his own group of supporters.  The army of sycophants on here still love him, will circle the wagons around him, and attack anyone who calls him out for what he is.  It's madness, just as bad as the Hillary sycophants. 

Our economic system runs on boom/bust cycles.  When this even bigger, fatter, and uglier bubble (that he highlighted as a candidate) pops it will get blamed on him.   This is his own fault because he took ownership/credit of/for the market ATHs.  He is so full of bologna, that it's just a matter of time, as he crosses more and more red lines with his base, that people leap off the trump train.  This will cause a backlash movement in the next election, and we will get an uber-leftist.  You can thank Mr. Trump for that. 

His lying, schizophrenic, big mouth is having a negative impact on the collective psychology of the country, but do you think he cares?  No.  He will drop a turd in the punch bowl every time, as long as it gets him glory and money, and he doesn't have to drink from the punch bowl.  Well let me tell you:  Soon, many are going to have to drink, and they are not going to like the taste.

P.S.  Does he have a backroom deal with WaPo and NYT?  Why does he have to tweet about them multiple times a month?  Why is he giving them free hype/publicity?  IGNORE THEM. LET THEM DIE A SLOW DEATH.  No one will notice.

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