And The Country With The 'Most Expensive' Plate Of Food Is...

When people in poor countries go hungry, it's often because food is unaffordable.

A report from the World Food Programme (WFP) analyzed the glaring gap in food costs around the world, finding that in many cases, people living in poor countries have to spend the bulk of their wages on basic nourishment. As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, the research measured the proportion of daily income that people spent on ingredients for a basic bean stew in different countries last year before retro-projecting the ratio on to a resident of New York State.

Infographic: The Cost Of A Plate Of Food Around The World  | Statista

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An average person living in New York State would spend about 0.6 percent of his or her daily income on ingredients for a 600 kilocalorie bean stew, approximately $1.20.

In India, most people would find those ingredients readily affordable, with real costs coming to $9.25 or 4.25 percent of daily income. The situation is far more serious in other parts of the world, particularly in Africa.

Someone living in South Sudan would have to work for a day and a half to afford a basic meal with the cost of the ingredients 155 percent of daily income.

The real price of a plate of bean stew in South Sudan would be $321.70 and unsurprisingly, many of the country's inhabitants are struggling to feed themselves.


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Fukushima guarantees food will go up in the near future as the food chain is destroyed:

Revelation 6:5-6  And when he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, Come. And I saw, and behold, a black horse; and he that sat thereon had a balance in his hand.  (6)  And I heard as it were a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, A measure of wheat for a shilling, and three measures of barley for a shilling; and the oil and the wine hurt thou not.

The next 7 years should bring much famine:…

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I would never let you run a business. Ask any economist your labour has cost, what money could you have been making had you been working instead of cooking. The oven costs money, as did you utensils as an amortised cost, as did your kitchen. Do proper number and what a few dollars spiral out to tens of dollars.

The headline is of course a lie, it is food as a percentage of the average income, not the cost of food the ration of expenditure to income. That plate of food was much cheaper in the Sudan but the country is in disarray and income is really low on average.

South Sudan like many other African nations is a primitive society, with a backward population, controlled by violent anarchistic free market capitalism, with a population that exceeds their ability to support it. Best left isolated to resolve itself out of it's own problems with limited guidance. No attempt to control it to steal it's resources only to have it's population become problems in other countries.

Want to run wild in wild countries, you have the right to, they want to kill and eat each other, they have the right too, want to spread it beyond their own borders, they are zero right to do that and should be militarily stopped and isolated. The shit with greedy corporations making them our problem has to fucking stop.

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Surely the ineptitude of negros is not to blame for the uncivilized savages living in squalor for the past few dozen millennia.  


Their falure to ever achieve, even to this day, what every other race did thousands of years ago.  Or even mimick the civilizations they have been brought into is clearly the fault of whites and not at all attributable to their innate inferiority.  

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There is something really weird going on in Africa in regards to technological evolution..
1000 years ago, the Africans in the Kenyan Bush learned to smelt iron out of local ore from the Arab Muslims who were down there trading for slaves at the time...
Nowadays, they are still manufacturing iron for their plow shares & knives & other tools the same way, just as they were taught to 1000 years ago.

 Takes 6 tribesmen (specialists in their field, mind you), about 10 days to process & smelt about 40 lb.s of half decent iron stock for blacksmithing...

     WTF? What is wrong w/ these people?

Sure, they wuz kangs an shit, but seriously???

They couldn't even figure out how to make Damascus steel (very simple process), after 1000 years of smelting & smithing iron..

I'm sorry, but WTF is wrong w/ these people?

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Nobody knows for sure but it is theorized that iron smelting (with bloomeries) was invented in Africa back in prehistoric times waaay before "arab" was a thing. This is the first time i heard of this "arab trader taught africans to smelt iron". First time, and im sure you made it up as a defamation.

Besides, is 40 pounds of iron ore in 10 days a lot or too little for artisans using stone age tools? How long would it take a traditional viking blacksmith to gather and process 40 pounds of bog iron? I heard similar accusations leveled against african farmers, accused of only planting what they need for their own needs in small plots rather than planting thousands of acres and exporting, as evidence of their low IQ chimp brainz.

I, for one, never saw a chimp planting small plots and smelting small batches of iron ore for personal use.

The africans had a few developed kingdoms in their time. The most famous being Benin, they have magnificent bronze castings, had a written language, built cities and weaved clothing. Most of the continent as a whole was not civilized in any way.

Did they have wheels or boats? Dunno. Look man, im as racist as they come but i hope these tales of african kingdoms with metal casting and written language are true, because then if the prophecy comes true and Earth gets blacked theres still a hope that civilization may continue.

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@mobius - you are not only a false teacher (according to your site which you are constantly spamming on ZH), but you are unethical in your standards. Shouldn't someone professing to be a Christian at least consider the standards of the Bible to be their position?

Think about it.

Your views of events are not taken from the Bible. They are a revamped theory drawn from a Jesuit-based system of Futurism and repackaged as Dispensationalism.

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So this event already took place:

Revelation 6:14  And the heaven was removed as a scroll when it is rolled up; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

Sorry but I do not follow Darby or Scoffield but you are welcome to contact me via my web site and prove with scripture that I have done something unethical by posting links in my comments.


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