"Spectacular" Crash During Test Of First Russian Mail Delivery Drone

It's only fair that after Putin hacked America's middle class to dump Hillary and vote for Donald Trump, leading to the biggest political upset in modern history, that the US should return the favor, and apparently it did so by hacking the first Russian mail delivery attempt by drone.

The Russian postal service’s first drone delivery ended spectacularly after its 7-kilogram quadcopter smashed into a building shortly after takeoff in Siberia.  The republic of Buryatia’s capital of Ulan-Ude was chosen as a testing ground for the Russian Post’s mail deliveries to remote regions by drone.

What happened next was an embarrassment to every Russian technologist.

According to The Moscow Times, the Russian-made drone was due to carry a 2-kilogram package to a nearby village, but smashed into the wall of a nearby house shortly after take off. The Moskovsky Komsomolets tabloid estimated that the damage was estimated at 1.2 million rubles ($21,000), although it is not clear how a buggy drone which can be purchased for a few hundred dollars can cost over $20Gs in Russia.

“There are plans to test heavier drones capable of carrying cargo of up to 300 kilograms. That’s scary to even imagine,” the newspaper quipped.

The failed test was observed by a group of journalists and politicians, including the head of Buryatia, Aleksei Tsidenov, as well as the head of Russian Post.

Despite the first failed launch, Tsidenov vowed to continue with the pilot project for drone deliveries. "We definitely won't stop with this, we'll continue trying. Those that don't risk, don't achieve results," he was cited as saying on Monday.

And yes, we are kidding that the US hacked the Russian drone: the malfunction was blamed on the high number of WiFi hotspots in the test zone.