Trump Rages: "Use Nuclear Option To Stop Massive Inflow Of Drugs And People"

For the second time in two days, Trump took to twitter to warn about the caravan of migrants headed through Mexico to the the US border, and bashed the Mexican government for allowing migrants untrammeled access to its northern border and Democrats for passing laws that "don't do their job."

In doing, the president demonstrated that he's not only listening to his right-wing critics - of which Anne Coulter the most prominent example - who chastised him as a "lazy ignoramous" and levied charges that "all he wants is for Goldman to like him" - but is clearly worried about the midterms and a potential impeachment should Dems win the House and Senate.

It also seems that the recently emboldened President is at least trying to give the impression of putting his foot down when it comes to his promised border wall (even if he failed to obtain the funding needed to build it) with demands that Congress pass a comprehensive border-security package and lift certain restrictions on ICE agents.

Trump then reverted to his charge that DACA is officially dead, and it's the Democrats fault, a claim he first made on Sunday. Still, the president appeared to leave open the possibility of a deal, saying Democrats "must build Wall and secure our borders with proper Border legislation. Democrats want No Borders, hence drugs and crime!"

Yesterday, Trump demanded Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to invoke "the nuclear option" - modifying rules to require only a simple majority to end debate and move to a vote, effectively killing the opposition's ability to filibuster. Democrats, who made this change for presidential appointments back in 2013, have said they regret it (it allowed Trump to appoint Neil Gorsuch).

Of course, what Trump isn't saying is just as problematic as whipping up votes from Democrats. Many Republicans are wary of Trump's lavish border-enforcement promises, and are worried that, between the infrastructure bill, tax reform and the omnibus spending bill - Trump is trying to do to the US what he did to the Trump Organization in the 1990s.


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Never Turns Away Any Consumer...Wailing Wall Street & beholden Tejas...

→In fact, more than half of the state's ♥undocumented immigrants have lived in ♥Texas for more than 10 years, according to data released this month from the Migration Policy Institute.

→Additionally, the rate of ♥undocumented immigrants who are homeowners is higher in ♥Texas compared with the rest of the country — 42 percent of ♥undocumented immigrants in ♥Texas "reside in homes that are owned, not rented" compared with 31 percent nationwide.

♥Harris County...majority minority for over a decade...

"Mi casa es su casa"...$i $eñor!


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Hopefully this isn't just tough talk to later be abandoned, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. After all, he needs chuck and Nancy's approval before moving forward on anything, and something tells me they will favor letting them in, so sorry. 


Let this group in and another one with twice as many people will be right behind, followed by others, forever. Hopefully he finally sacks up on something. 

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Actually as US - we need an United Europe but not one built-up upon left fascist utopian ideologies. We need an united and strong Europe built starting from a foundation consisting from european traditional common values and cultural ground and framed into by center-right policies designed to strengthen the freedom and individuals rights to self determination - shared responsibilities, common prosperity and security of the european people must be the priority and wellfare state must be outlawed.   

What people of Europe don't realize is that without Europe raising to the status of a full integrated union of states as US but as a strong, republic exercising bold policies with regards to its identity and asserting a bold possition towards its best interest geopolitically - Europe will always be just a mass of divided enclaves at the disposition of manipulation in their own interest by various global players like US and Russia/China. Europe must become a true, bold and strong global assertive player kind of a joined best of what British, Austrian and German empires have been without the colonialist and fascists aspects, just strong and proud of themselves.  

Americans are lucky for getting Trump to help return the Republic to its old principles.


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Most of Europe has been based on Roman or civil law since the Roman Empire collapsed. This requires some authoritative centralised source to create and maintain books of laws. The fundamental assumption under Civic law is that you don't really have any rights until the legal body creating them has given them to you, encoded in law.

British law is based on common law, where the assumption is you have a right to do something until it has been restricted by laws, and that can mean by precedent as well, so it doesn't require a centralised authority to create the required laws.

The cultural fallout from all this is that the people of most of Europe tend to authoritarian collectivism, and Britain tends to libertarian individualism.

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'they' are fixing the west…

Israel Reaches Deal With UN to Deport Asylum Seekers to West

Netanyahu says Canada, Germany, Italy among countries to take in asylum seekers

Israel will deport 16,000 refugees to West, grant 16,000 temporary residency status

Currently more than 39,000 asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea live in Israel.

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"We need an united and strong Europe" ...

For 50 fucking years Europe evolved with no input from the populations taking part.

Now you know why it failed ... the wankers in power were building a dynasty for themselves and you convince people to accept being fucked over to keep it going. Game over there can be no strength in Europe until it is dismantled and next time round populations get some input in how there lives will be not some orders by a bunch of appointed despots in the commission.

Or ... but hey they not interested remove the appointed commission and allow the European parliament like congress do the fucking job at least they all get elected so the population input is there. Not the current bunch of nodding dogs that is the European parliament is.

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TRUMP is a fucking moron, 2-faced liar.

CIA has always been the source of dealing the drugs to USA.

He should read a fucking book, or at least interview Oliver North.

If he wants to shut down the drug trade AND stop funding the deep state AND stop foreign wars AND drain the swamp, then it's easy:

Break CIA into millions of pieces and take away drug trade as a non-congressional source of funding from the CIA.

But he won't do that, because he is NOT the solution, but just window dressing and part of the problem.

He appointed a black torture site runner for his administration and now Bolton.

He's clearly spoken: deep state, more wars, more drugs and more military spending it is.

So much for MAGA.


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It began with Ted Kennedy and Democrats busting open the borders in 1965 with the revamp of the entire immigration system.  It ended 40 years of low immigration, got rid of solid numerical caps and opened up chain migration from every third world shithole country in the world exploding legal and illegal immigration numbers. 

Massive expansion of the refugee programs in the late 1970s opened up massive loopholes and encouraging a domestic resettlement industry that became a major lobby for more and more overall immigration.

California has had a Mexican illegal problem for decades and it got worse when Democrat Gov. Jerry Moonbeam Brown was first elected in the early 1970's.  

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Someone funded them...someone trying to give us a taste of what's been happening in Europe. Someone very much wants the US to be overrun just like they have been over there, with migrants from the south.

Of course they must be turned back...let Mexico deal with them. They have let them in, and are letting them head for our border...fuck them. Turn them all back, and let Mexico deal with the riots.

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Trump is working against a massive cluster of pirates, deeply dug in for decades now, who have access to everything behind the scenes (with Palentir) and have a gargantuan war chest to boot.

The pirates are well networked and have intersecting fields of fire too.

I'm not counting Trump out quite yet, just out numbered and out gunned in every way that counts.

Live Hard, He Could Use A Little Helping Hand From We The People, But I Don't Know Who To Punch In The Nose First, Die Free

~ ☯ DuneCreature ☯  v8.8®

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The nose thing is just to stun them so they can be taken into custody without anyone but them being scuff marked or offended.

Who Has The Authority To Bust USA Traitors?

(Go to minute 3:00 if you are short on time)


Live Hard, Whatever Sentence The Military Tribunal Hands Down Will Make My Little Tap On The Snout Look Like A Loving Hug From Care Bear® Himself, Die Free

~ ☯  DuneCreature ☯  v8.8®

BTW, Did you know April is Senior Executive Deep State Pirate Service (SES) Awareness Month? .......... No joke.


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I think that's the point of April being:  Senior Executive Deep State Pirate Service (SES) Awareness Month.

Live Hard, Wake-Up, Little Chump Monkeys! ...Time For You To Feed The SES Pirate Corp Another Pound Of Monkey Flesh. ..... The Dead Line For Coughing It Up Is April 15th. ... Don't Sleep-In, There Are Fines, Fees And Penalties, Die Free

~ ☯  DuneCreature ☯  v8.8®


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Ohhhhh, illegal alien homeownership, it sounds so cozy for the “working families,” but when working in social services, you hear people talk about the specifics. It casts a different light on it.

Thanks to Ann Coulter for making that link, explaining the Wall Street motivation for supporting the illegal alien invasion. 

Crowded into those homes, there are multiple female relatives, collecting more in free EBT food than I made in a week as a college grad, working at the Department of Human Services.

Multi noncitizen families split expenses, with the womb-productive females reducing the overall household expenses by having sex, reproducing and taking spousal paycheck stubs, proving part-time work that falls below the earned-income limits for welfare, to DHS to apply for monthly welfare. If not working under-the-table, the illegal alien parents also get refundable EITC child tax credits up to $6,431 for sex and reproduction. 

Multiple, womb-productive, welfare-collecting relatives contribute until the house is paid off for one set of relatives, moving on to the next. 

I often heard Black Americans lament the fact that their community does not use this collectivist method of “home ownership.” They do not use it because it is not part of the American way.

Due in part to wage-depressing underemployment and job displacement by illegals, non-womb-productive, non-welfare-eligible citizens of the USA struggle to cover the cost of rent that soaks up more than half of their monthly, earned-only income.

Or, like half of male citizens between the prime-earning years of 18 — 34, they live under their momma’s thumb in adulthood, disrupting the once-independent, individualistic American way of life.

When citizens of other countries game institutions like the unfair-cubed welfare system, changing the underlying social structure, it makes life even harsher for huge groups of underemployed citizens.

Insurance companies, too, take advantage of the illegal invasion. 

Those of us paying states and taking test after test, biannually, to maintain licenses in that pyramid-scheme industry, where it is hard enough to make a living, started seeing many ads for Spanish-speaking agents a few years ago.

Ditto for the hourly call center jobs, which offer steady and low paychecks without the twice-as-high SS taxation and other pyramid sales expenses. Spanish speakers needed. 

As far as auto insurance and the licensed agents, working their cans off in small agencies for a base salary of between $10 per hour and $12 per hour, paltry commission is often savaged by cancellations from this group.

For straight-commission salesmen and agents who bought insurance franchises, paying big companies up to $50k for it, the chargebacks for those cancellations are a huge expense.

Big companies shove the costs for serving the often irresponsible illegal invaders back onto the small-fry agents, making the population increase from south of the border a win / win for Wall Street, but a lose / lose for average American citizens in self-employment. 

Citizens are struggling to make a living in this crappy economy without all of the help from the US government that illegal aliens get to reward sex and reproduction after illegal border crossings. 

A few top execs in big real estate and big insurance might see that caravan, traveling through Mexico, as an opportunity, as might those drawing a steady paycheck with benefits by working for welfare agencies, but most Americans don’t see it that way.




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States Rights Tejas 2-Step...Bypass Feral Gov't...

Federal Background

The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) of 1996 (Sec. 505) sought to prohibit states from providing a postsecondary education benefit to an alien not lawfully present in the United States on the basis of residence unless any U.S. citizen or national is eligible for the same benefit. (P.L. 104-208).  The Congressional Research Service noted that there is disagreement about the meaning of the provision.  There is no guidance in congressional report language or in federal regulations.

→STEP-1: In June 2001, ♥Texas (HB1403) was the first state to pass legislation allowing in-state tuition for ♥immigrant students, followed by California (AB540), Utah (HB144), and New York (SB7784) in 2001-2002; Washington (HB1079), Illinois (HB60) in 2003; Kansas (HB2145) in 2004; New Mexico (SB582) in 2005; Nebraska (LB239) in 2006; Wisconsin (A75) in 2009; Maryland (S167/H470); Connecticut (H6390) in 2011 and Colorado (S33), Minnesota (S1236), New Jersey (S2479) and Oregon (H2787) in 2013.

→STEP-2: In July, 2011, California enacted legislation permitting ♥unauthorized immigrant students to receive state financial aid and scholarships (A130), joining New Mexico (S582, 2005) and ♥Texas (H1403, 2001).  On Feb. 18, 2014, the Washington legislature approved legislation to expand the state need grants for certain ♥unauthorized immigrant students.  The governor is expected to sign the legislation (S6523).

"Wee no neeed no stinkin badges" graciA$$ Rick Perry...

$i $eñor!


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Trump has become "YADDA, YADDA, YADDA"

Act, or shut the fuck up,,,,, and let this shithole called Washington burn to the ground.

Trump is the Fucking president and all he seems to do now is whine like a baby.......

"Trump rages"......HAHAHAHAHAH! that's a good one. He needs to go change his Pampers 'cause all he does is Bullshit...Anyone in Jail yet? Any charges to the Traitors in the FBI? All I see/hear is more Bullshit. He's a scared old man now, an old man afraid of Failure. His time has passed, he needs to step aside.

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I'm hoping that this is the excuse (not that he should need one) to declare a border emergency, activate the troops and the Army Corp of Engineers to build the fucking wall. This IS an emergency, has been one for years so everyone is numb to it. Let's go Trump! They know where this "caravan" is going to meet the border, have the national guard be there with machine guns. Hell, if they can shoot folks at Kent State, this should be a breeze since these are actual invaders.

Then get the AC of E to mobilize immediately to start building the Wall!!!!!!!

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Trump Rages: "Use Nuclear Option To Stop Massive Inflow Of Drugs And People"

My response: GOOD!!! REFUGEES ... GO HOME!!

Inflow Of drugs and people who are NOT VETTED is a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to the REPUBLIC. This declaration of CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER will all the POTUS to INVOKE military readiness and options with or without congressional approval. 

More importantly, REFUGEES crossing into US territory illegally are enemies of the state and constitute a lethal threat to US citizens.

Again, REFUGEES go HOME before you do something you will eternally regret!!!

The MARXIST PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL POLICE STATE has lost its collective mind and also represents a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to the USA.

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