Netflix, Spotify, And Uber Are Making You Fat, New Survey Finds

The corporate architects of America’s modern economy, otherwise known as “the gig economy,” have unleashed the sharing economy popularized by Uber and Airbnb, and the subscription economy pioneered by Netflix and Spotify. These oligarchic capitalists intend to transform participants in this system into temporary workers trapped in low wage/skill, part-time service-sector employment with no career prospects, insurmountable debt loads and no financial security.

And lots of fat.

It has now been nine years since America’s modern economy clawed out of the Great Recession through an unprecedented monetary injection from global Central Banks, leaving the current economic expansion or whatever you want to call it, poised to become the second longest on record this quarter.

However, SocGen recently spoiled the party warning of late-cycle volatility bursts “in credit, dispersion and cross-asset volatility as the equity/bond correlation itself becomes more volatile.” We must also note that, residing on the upper end of the s-curve in terms of a late stage in the business cycle, there are some troubling developments in the labor market.

According to a new national survey, the hectic lifestyle associated with the "gig economy" is making Americans overweight.

“The Truth about Weight Loss” is a survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Zaluvida, a full-circle life science group, which surveyed 1,000 healthcare professionals and more than 1,000 adults living in the United States.

The results from the Zaluvida Weight Loss Survey reveals “today’s modern lifestyle has made losing weight more difficult than ever before, and that U.S. adults who are trying to do so need a new approach that’s compatible with how we live today.”

The Fast Company, an American business magazine, chimes in and suggests that “Uber and Netflix are making you fat.” The report shows 88% of Americans moved less in this economic cycle due to increased “screen time” and “on-demand services” on smartphones, such as meal delivery, ride-sharing services, or mobile shopping apps.

Caught in a cycle of weight-loss failures and frustrations, many U.S. adults [millennials] stay out of the picture — especially women.

According to the Zaluvida, this has depressing effects: 30 percent of adults in the U.S. said, “their weight keeps them from wanting to be photographed.” Another 40 percent of adults are trying to lose weight, but only 30 percent are confident they will be able to drop the excess fat.

The Fast Company adds,

“Healthcare professionals say options like Seamless and UberEats don’t necessarily offer the same nutritional value as healthy, home-cooked meals. In their defense, 29% of those surveyed say they use on-demand services to accommodate time-strapped schedules. Primary care physicians sympathize, with 77% agreeing it’s harder today than it was for previous generations to stay fit due to busy lifestyles.”

Zaluvida claims that Americans who are participating in today’s modern economy need “a new approach to weight loss.”

What the experts say:

“These findings highlight that while the way we live has changed dramatically over the past 10 to 20 years, our approach to weight loss has not evolved sufficiently to address those changes,” said Dr. Frank Greenway, medical director and professor at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in a press statement. “The results underscore that we need to take a step back and evaluate what weight-loss strategies can best set people up for success given the demands of their daily lives.”

Key findings of the report:

  • Approximately eight in 10 healthcare professionals and 62% of U.S. adults believe losing weight is harder today than it was for previous generations because of the busy, modern lifestyle of Americans.
  • In fact, approximately seven in 10 healthcare professionals say it’s harder for Americans to lose weight now compared to just 10 years ago.
  • The vast majority believe Americans need to take a new approach to weight loss that fits with today’s modern lifestyle.

And so, America's obesity problem, which recently grew to never before seen proportions - please pardon the pun - continues to get worse as the sharing/subscription economy steamrolls all legacy commerce which in turn has an adverse impact on American biology, while further deteriorating already depressed American productivity. At what point does the modern economy - and the spiraling obesity it leads do- become a national security threat, and how can/will it be resolved?


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Quick ! Somebody call Sea World. Shamu is beached ! That pic made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. I like cows, but on the farm. Not in bikinis. Time to ban tv, and forks and spoons.

Fish Gone Bad Luc X. Ifer Wed, 04/04/2018 - 01:47 Permalink

According to a new national survey, the hectic lifestyle associated with the "gig economy" is making Americans overweight.

This is just stupid.  Chronically high insulin levels (from too much food) is what makes people fat.  This has been known for almost forever.  Weight loss has NOTHING to do with exercise and EVERYTHING to do with insulin.  Download "The Obesity Code" by Jason Fung.  ISBN-10: 1536682187 ISBN-13: 978-1536682182 .

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kareninca Fish Gone Bad Wed, 04/04/2018 - 02:31 Permalink

Fung is a fraud.  Yes, fasting works for weight loss.  For a while. But it sends your blood pressure to the moon.  He claims the fact that Buddhist monks have been doing it forever proves it's safe  -  but have you looked at depictions and photos of Buddhist monks??  They are obese!  And it turns out they are also diabetic.

I didn't down vote you, BTW; someone else did.  I read Fung's book; I'm still pissed off that he got my money.  Yes, he sounds very convincing.  Look at it this way  -  fasting has been around forever.  If it actually made people slim and healthy, long-term, don't you think it might have caught on before now?

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"...... need a new approach that’s compatible with how we live today."......ah, no. You have to change the way you live if it's not compatible with good health. You dont search for some way to lose weight while watching netflix and snacking all day.

....And dont you love how they use that word "we" to describe whatever "they" are doing?

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Pop3y3too kareninca Wed, 04/04/2018 - 06:37 Permalink

I don't like Fung. He acts like god's gift to weight loss.


That said, fasting did (does) work for me. I lost 60 pounds in 8 months and have no problem keeping it off.  AND, I was able to quit taking my BP meds because my BP went way down. This in itself was amazing to me because I've been borderline Hypertensive forever.  I had to enlist on a medical waiver because of it and for 40 years all the docs told me "exercise, quit smoking, take MEDS!" and none of it worked, not even the meds. 


Watch YT "Six Pack Abs" guy Thomas Delauer and Eric Berg. Take magnesium, potassium, salt and eat FAT, stay away from carbs and sugar, and don't eat all day everyday and you will lose weight.  Oh, and get off the PPIs. On Fast days (2 or 3 per week), I eat in a 4 hour window and I don't count calories. It's so much easier to "eat/don't eat" than to "eat less".

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you don't have to fast - as long as you dramatically cut out carbs - you will lose weight and will be much less hungry - or not hungry at all. What makes me hungry is sugar, bread etc - when I don't eat them I am never hungry. 

here is a great book on fatness and diabetes (I am neither but read it and it made perfect sense - written by a former editor of Men's Health who found out his biological father he never knew was dying of complications of diabetes:…


it exposes big pharma and doctors' fraud and BS and how they hide the fact that if you cut down carbs and start burning them (exercise) you can actually reverse diabetes 2 for free and without doctors. The American Diabetes Association is mostly made up od companies like Coca Coal and Big Pharma  - they are perpetuating diabetes instead of curing it

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Nop, the FDA in America allows chemicals, anitbiotics and a shitload of bad stuff to be put in food that is really bad for people.

It's getting so bad that Americans lifespan is even dropping.


A ribeye in America is bigger. Why? The animals have been doped more then a NFL player.

As a European, I can taste the chemicals in the food. 

Big companies have lobbied their way into the foodchain in such a big way that the population is starting to look like pigs.

Most American don't have a idea how real food tastes like and it's a shitload better then the crap you eat.

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What, you have to lift the stomach up, or spread her butt cheeks just to get to the pussy?

What if you cant reach the pussy from the rear w/ your dick, because the ass sticks out 20"???



Besides, how can a woman that fat even wash her pussy or ass if she can't even get her arms far enough around to reach them???



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Killdo Sudden Debt Wed, 04/04/2018 - 08:16 Permalink

and they have figured a way to make their 'food' as addictive as possible   via chemical addictive substances they add, marketing and other ways to intimidate and manipulate their victims

a good book to read about this subject:…

and Michael Polan's In Defense of Food - or any of his other books

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zvzzt RafterManFMJ Wed, 04/04/2018 - 03:23 Permalink



#4 is the killer... (not academically proven by me, but my experiences): very few fat people until 1970's (rise of the microwave/fastfood/tv-diners/cereals etc.). Every time I go to Asia for 4-5 months I lose 5 kilo's with ease: lots and lots of beer, fresh fruits, fresh meat and fish (still living 5 minutes ago) without the processing. I eat more there than here and still lost weight and feel a lot healthier (less "drained"). Only thing is, after about 3 weeks I get a huge urge for something sweet/chocolaty. Feels worse than the need for a cigarette (for those that unfortunately have that experience). 

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It is quite simple for women to be attractive to the average male:  Do not be fat.

It is as simple as that.  No need to do anything special -just don't be fat bitch.  

Very few thin women are ugly.  Not being fat is very easy -simple math really.  Do not sit around consuming more calories than you burn.

On the other hand, being an attractive male, takes real effort.  Time in the gym.  Working-out sucks and is painful.  This is on top of not being fat.  Oh yea, almost forgot, plus you gotta make a lot of $$$.  Nothing turns a woman on more than a good earner.

So women, by comparison, have it easy.

Muroluvmi Tue, 04/03/2018 - 23:02 Permalink

Primary care physicians sympathize, with 77% agreeing it’s harder today than it was for previous generations to stay fit due to busy lifestyles.

Busy lifestyles? "Oh, I'm so far behind on my Netflix queue. Previous generations would never be able to handle this stress."

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I can confirm that underwear companies are now using models that fit the sizes of underwear that is sold. Logical really - why having some skinny beanpole prancing about in a couple of tiny strips of gossamer, when the reality is most orders are by people such as the nice lady pictured above, who actually needs the flags of all nations to cover her appropriately.

Please don't ask me why I know about underwear models: it's complicated.…

Go on - have a look. I know you want to. Just one little peek can't hurt you - what could possibly go wrong?

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See, now there is absolutely nothing wrong with utilizing what you have, even if you have, ummm, say a bit extra, wisely.

On the other hand, the American flag bathing beauty featured above, a fail of titanic proportions. A fashion fupaw if ever there were .. An explosion of mind numbing nail darts to the orbitofrontal cortex ..

And it just ain't right !

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Put the phone down and run.  It's not that hard.

Get up early.  Put productive activities as a priority, and before you know it you won't miss all the dopamine hits from the empty virtual activities.

Miffed Microbi… mayhem_korner Wed, 04/04/2018 - 00:11 Permalink

I have a 4:15 alarm so I can do power yoga before work. When I get home my German shepherd brings me her leash and won't stop pestering me for her normal 2 mile walk. When I get back I must cook my husband his dinner. Tonight was pan fried trout with orange saffron sauce served on spinach. Then we both take care of the livestock, feed the dogs and get ready for bed by 930. I don't understand how anyone has any time for Netflix. 



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Netflix doesn't make you fat. It's what you shove in your pie hole that makes you fat.


Try this experiment. Get a treadmill and keep walking on it [in front of a TV] until you've finished the entire Netflix collection of movies.


Granted, you may be dumb as shit afterwards, but I doubt you'll be fat.