Trump Deploys U.S. Military To Southern Border

President Trump said on Tuesday that he will deploy U.S. troops along the southern border to guard against illegal crossings into the country "until we can have a wall."

“Until we can have a wall and proper security, we are going to be guarding our border with the military. That's a big step,” Trump told reporters at the White House while sitting nearby Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Trump's comments follow several comments he's made about a "huge caravan" of Central American immigrants traveling through Mexico unobstructed by local authorities until the Mexican government announced late Monday night that the caravan would be broken up.

"If it reaches our border, our laws are so weak and so's like we have no border,” Trump said. 

Trump's comments mark a significant escalation in U.S. border policy, as troops along the frontier with Mexico - not the U.S. border patrol, would be the most aggressive action taken to date by the President who promised voters a giant wall. 

The President closed the door on a DACA deal over the past several days - an Obama-era program designed to protect young immigrants brought here illegally to the United States as children. In a Sunday tweet, Trump railed against "ridiculous liberal (Democratic) laws" like "catch and release". And with more "dangerous caravans coming" to the US border, "Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL!"

Trump left the door open to a 2.5 year extension of the DACA program as long as it included $25 billion to fund the border wall, however Democrats wouldn't bite, instead insisting on a pathway to citizenship for the larger population of 1.8 million "dreamers." 

Meanwhile, Trump floated the possibility of pulling out of NAFTA if Mexico doesn't take steps to curb the flow of illegal immigrants flowing into the United States. 

In response to Trump sending troops to the border, former Mexican president Vicente Fox lashed out over Twitter, tweeting ".@realDonaldTrump to militarize the southern border is to provoke more hate and distance even further our nations. Somebody has to talk some sense into him, he's elevating his hate towards Mexico causing a greater conflict."

Fox added: 

Yesterday, the former Mexican president ripped Trump for "acting like a spoiled child" over his "DACA is dead" comments.

Fox then told Trump that NAFTA "is a "win-win" scenario, which has made not only Mexico but the U.S. and Canada, the most thriving region in the world." 

Deploying troops to the border is not an unprecedented move. Both Obama and George W. Bush used the National Guard to help with illegal immigration - however the moves were both temporary.

"The United States is not going to militarize the southern border," said Bush when announcing the deployment in 2006. "Mexico is our neighbor, and our friend."

Let's see if our friend can stop a horde of Guatamalan "refugees" making a run for the border. 



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I'm sorry. Was there borders and laws enforced in what was to become America? What was each tribes immigration policy in the 15th century?

Fucking idiot. Regardless of law the indigenous people of any area have the right to TRY and protect and preserve that area. We CREATED laws, just as every other nation has, and we have every right to defend them. If others choose to attack or invade, that is their right to do so, as are the consequences equally theirs.

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D503 Oldwood Tue, 04/03/2018 - 17:26 Permalink

Who honestly gives a shit about what Mexico's spokesman says about our country's laws? 

Fuck daca, fuck Mexico for not being where the illegals wanted to go in the first place, and fuck illegals. 

Giving them food and water to cross a damn continent to invade us and blaming us for saying "fuck this shit."

Fuck Mexico's passive aggression.

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Dindu Nuffins SethPoor Tue, 04/03/2018 - 19:16 Permalink

This beepbop/loll/stizazz spamming faggot is against jews, but in favour of jewish style open borders. Clearly a jew himself.

The whole moral of the genocide of the native americans is... don't be stupid and disunited like them, unite and throw back all invaders regardless of their sob stories.

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MK ULTRA Alpha beepbop Tue, 04/03/2018 - 18:21 Permalink

The problem is global population is growing at a higher rate. It will soon be over 8 billion.

The Mexican radio stations talk of conquering the US through massive undocumented immigration. Each time the numbers build up, we have had an amnesty. Then the numbers coming here, not just from Latin America increase.

I estimate over 30 million undocumented people are here now. Many are good workers with families. But too many are criminals, this is unfortunate. (the 1.8 million DACA after high school or college must be sent back as an example, they will be well educated in the US, then when returned to Mexico, they will be able to help their country Mexico)

Former president Fox is a liar, the US economy has been roiled over and over for the last 33 years. Over half of the American people have been reduced to nothing. They live day to day on credit. It's a horrible country, infrastructure falling a part, taxes higher and higher, there is no hope for half of Americans.

All they have is the Fox drug use plan - the drugs you send in to make them feel better about themselves. They have lost respect for themselves, and the government has no respect for them. (Fox advocated a personal stash of heroin for people)

We agreed to rebuild the military, yes Mattis, we agreed with your show for more money for the military. We believed it was to replace old ships, now we see it is for more wars for Israel and the Zionist global domination plan.

If the Combat Engineers of all branches can't do training building the WALL, then we know, you do not care for the American people. We will know you're just another general that groveled at the feet of the Jews and their neocon dogs in congress for greater rank. We will know you are a traitor to the American people.

We need a twenty year moratorium on immigration of all kinds until we have a chance to soak up what we have now. There are many nation's intelligence services operating in the US, and the FBI is not doing it's job. (we have 17 INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES what are they and their over 200,000 mercenaries doing, they are aimed and programmed by the National Defense Authorization Acts at the AMERICAN PEOPLE.)

We need a full and complete withdrawal from the middle east including the new deployments to Israel. We want all US troops out of Afghanistan, we have India on that flank.

We need to stop providing free defense for nations which use us. We must sell them self defense weapons and training, not our kids to die for them.

We see, General McMaster was removed because he didn't want to waste our military power on more wars for Israel. He was replaced with an extremist Bolton.

We see Mattis and Dunford are planning wars all over the world. We are not Marines, we do not want to be Marines, we are the American people and we have had enough. period.

We don't want an expansion of the Marines, Army and Air Force, we want more Navy ships, the Navy is what we need. We do not need war time generals spilling more blood, because the blood they spilled was in a limited war against an enemy which had zero military power.

We want Navy Admirals from Annapolis and Army Generals from West Point in the chain of command, not two ROTC opportunist playing identity politics with child names like Fighting Joe and Mad Dog, this is serious business which these two are a poor choice.


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MK ULTRA Alpha Indo_Expat Tue, 04/03/2018 - 20:29 Permalink

Are you the marine in indonesia who ran from the police in cally, same type of comments. I remember reading your blog and all the BS.

Always, for no reason, marines pick a fight with army. period.

I was US Army, I have beaten the living shit out of Marines, sometimes they come in threes. I told one group of three in Tokyo in the mid 70's, I just came from the DMZ, I will kill you, told them in adrenaline souped rage. They went back and sat down.

How about the club in 1978, in Chuncheon Korea, Team Spirit Korea, we tore the SHIT out of stupid heads, SHIT HEADs.

Or how about a big mess tent telling me to pick up a piece of bread, I am an Army NCO with three tours in country and a fucking worthless marine gets his head handed to him.

Or how about at Fort Sill, at a army school the bad ass punks were thrown out the window after a blanket party, second story window, around four of them.

In the military it's Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines, it's considered the lowest one.

Tell us again why the police were after you in Cally, took you to a mental institute and you ran with your Indo-wife back to her home in Indonesia.

Tell us about your stupid lame uncles in Chosen reservoir, the Marines got around 2000 Army killed while the marine generals had a press conference at the base. Army was dying, went over the entire strategy.

I meet marines in public, they're fucked up in the head and their children are too. Everyone knows, the marines are mental ill and we have a freak at DOD, when the Gladiator movIe came out, this freak ran around with quotes of marcus areilaus in his front pocket. Now that's sick.

He got his name from marines because he ordered the killings of civilians, Mad Dog, he kills everything. He is ROTC, the Jews have worked hard to take West Point and Annapolis out of National Leadership.

You ran to HIDE in Indonesia instead of fighting for America, here on US soil. PERIOD.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Indo_Expat Tue, 04/03/2018 - 22:05 Permalink

You tried the same thing before.

The marines are a fraternity, their loyalty and honor is to the marine corps, not America. Today it's a mercenary force just like the rest of the military. The US military today is loyal to money. No money, they will NOT fight for this country.

I served with the last of the Army of Vietnam. The money was real low. Many re-enlisted many times, because they served for America, not money.

So as your web site says, you're in a Muslim country, you think America is bad, then you ramble about having to escape from the police after the police locked you up in mental lockup. You wrote it on your web site and then photos of you on the beach looking real bitter.

Buddy each time a marine would pick a fight, I gave it back.

I have military time from 1976 Invasion Year Korea, Republic of. to 1992. Active and reserve, and Lt. in the 49th Armored Division State of Texas.

And low life whining hiding marine, I have zero obligation to responded to a low life coward who ran from his country and is now anti-American embedded deep into Islam.

And always, the marines would pick a fight with an army soldier. I only know of one time a marine won against army. A marine beat an army soldier to death in the parking lot of the NCO club at Yokota airbase Japan. circa 1997 or 1998.

I was a programmer analyst at University of Maryland Far East division at Yokota, it was HQ. Once I was in the NCO club, this little runt, kept telling me he was a SEAL, he was sent for medical appointment from Diego Garcia. He kept this crap up he was a SEAL, I said that's good etc. he wouldn't leave me alone, like the little runt had something to prove. He kept saying I didn't believe he was a SEAL.  At any second, I could have taken his head and bashed it into the counter. I kept running it through my mind over and over. Then the little runt and I mean this kid was about 5'2'', he was a runt and I am a broad shouldered person and here, a little SEAL runt was trying to prove himself in a chicken shit attack on me and I would have killed him.

After that, I would go to the officers club for a civilized lunch.

So take your low life substandard intellect down the road. You're teaching English in Indonesia, instead of high dollar Japan and Korea because they require a college degree from an accredited university. And you're running a scam site to be an Alex Jones for some fool to give you some money. period.

There's a guy down the street, he's always telling everyone he is a marine. He was a marine but he says he was in Vietnam. He wasn't, I checked his dates. He walks around with a gun and about five people complain all the time. I told him to leave me alone or I would kill him. During this time of his arrival, he went down to a hamburger place, Whataburger, he tried to rough up two young men, they beat the living shit out of him and broke his nose. What did the chicken shit marine do, call another marine on the police force, both were mexicans, and tried to hunt the two young men down who defended themselves.

Marines have always been lower than dog shit. period. In Team Spirit they would shoot at Korean farmers in the field as they marched up to the DMZ. They're proud of killing everything and the enormous death rate of marines to do it. I tried to save a marine from suicide who had been in Mattis' unit, man he was out of his mind. why? because they had killed so many civilians. period.

Mattis shouldn't be DOD and another marine Dunford shouldn't be Chairman Joint Chief, that job was ALWAYS a West Point job and Annapolis was always represented. Not in today's mercenary military attuned and controlled by the NDAA and the Jews.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Boxed Merlot Wed, 04/04/2018 - 17:30 Permalink

This is my section chief in my first tour of duty.

On the day of his death. I was in Austin, I had a feeling to contact him. I hadn't spoken with him for nearly 20 years. The other feeling I had was to contact the commander.

I found the commander, and it was difficult. I had to study documents of promotion of officers to make sure I had his complete name. I located him on the day of my section chiefs death. July 25, 2013.

His name is Captain Hickok. He's a retired Colonel in Mississippi. I called him.

The next day I called my section chief, his wife said he died yesterday.

I waited for the obituary.  I called her back, to tell her what a good man he was and ask her if he ever spoke of the Commander. She said yes.

I have this ability to feel when people I know die. Both of these men have a one way ticket to God. 

It is not the God of a book. It's not human and has no human emotions the books assign it.

There is a portal.

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Indo_Expat MK ULTRA Alpha Wed, 04/04/2018 - 01:59 Permalink

And I will make the same reply. You are not a veteran, but a lying fucking impostor and a bad one at that. No veteran would ever make these ludicrous, bogus claims, spewing acid-trip fantasies of non-existent service and vile comments about other service members and fellow veterans be they Marines, SEALS, Army, Navy or Air Force and especially military KIA family members. You are nothing more than a teenager with a military fetish. This bullshit is old hat and been tried on over decades by various and sundry anon coward internet shitheads.

I'll call. My honorable service is public record, my DD-214 on file and my service verifiable at IPAC and HQMC. Any genuine veterans wanting verification beyond that can contact me personally at or phone +62-812-9173-1666 for references from retired veterans. DD214 Direct provides military records at:

Keep spewing that dogshit while sober impostor, and one fine day you will make those fantasy claims while shitfaced in the presence of real veterans and find out first hand just how we treat those that claim to have worn the uniform but never have.

Robert S. Finnegan

USMC 1976-1982

Jakarta, Indonesia

Edit:  In addition, impersonating an officer is a felony. Let's have your real name, rank and EAS just as I have provided above. 

How to Verify Military Service:

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Indo_Expat MK ULTRA Alpha Wed, 04/04/2018 - 16:53 Permalink

Hey Colonel - or is it General? What have you got for us today? 

Perhaps a gripping account of how you led the defence at Khe Sanh and only lost the battle because the Marines bugged out on you?

Or the time you single handedly rescued Dick Marcinko and SEAL Team 6 when things got a little too hot on Ilo Ilo Island?

Or during Tet how you personally led the rescue mission of American nurses and a schoolteacher trapped in the city’s church and hospital and were awarded your FIRST Medal of Honor for saving an entire battalion of Marines from complete annihilation?

Perhaps the story of how you were awarded your SECOND Medal of Honor for a HALO drop into Hanoi to assassinate Giap and failed only because Marine Air put you in off target, but you bravely fought your way out anyways wiping out an NVA regiment in the process?

By all means don't be modest or spare any details as it will be inspiring for would-be enlistees while enhancing recruiting and retention!


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