UK Authorities Unable To Prove Novichok Nerve Agent Was Made In Russia

In a major embarrassment to the UK establishment, the chief scientist from the UK's Porton Down military laboratory facility, Gary Aitkenhead, told Sky News that they had been unable to prove that the novichok nerve agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal came from Russia.

"We were able to identify it as novichok, to identify that it was military-grade nerve agent," Aitkenhead said. "We have not identified the precise source, but we have provided the scientific info to government who have then used a number of other sources to piece together the conclusions you have come to."

The chief scientist said that establishing the Novichok's origin required "other inputs," some of which are intelligence based and which only the government has access to.

Aitkenhead added: "It is our job to provide the scientific evidence of what this particular nerve agent is, we identified that it is from this particular family and that it is a military grade, but it is not our job to say where it was manufactured."

Oh good, at least Europe did not expel most Russian diplomats based on a Colin Powellesque assumption that since Russia is the only possible source of Novichok, so it must be. Oh wait...

Of course, this humiliation to the official narrative that Putin was clearly behind the assassination attempt all along also begs the question: whose job is it to say where the Novichok came from?

That said, it was also noted that the nerve agent involved required "extremely sophisticated methods to create, something only in the capabilities of a state actor," and that there is no known antidote to Novichok - nor was any administered to either of the Skripals.

Aitkenhead would not say whether the Porton Down facility had manufactured or maintained stocks of Novichok - long rumored to be the case.

"There is no way anything like that could have come from us or left the four walls of our facility," said the chief.

News of the UK's inability to trace the origin of the Novichok comes as a chemical weapons watchdog, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is set to hold an executive council meeting in The Hague on Russia's request.

In a letter, Russia's ambassador to the OPCW, Alexander Shulgin, asked for the meeting to discuss Britain's allegations "in a confidential sitting".

OPCW experts have taken samples from Salisbury to try to verify the nerve agent used and its origin. -Sky News

Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned four weeks ago in Salisbury. Russia has insisted on access to the pair.

Russia's Ambassador to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko, says that London's reluctance to share information on the March 4 poisoning of the former double agent and his daughter has led Moscow to suggest that London authorities actually perpetrated the crime.

Speaking at the 87th session of the OPCW Friday, Shulgin suggested the “unfounded” accusations from the West should be redirected at themselves. “[It] may very well be that the substance used [in Skripal’s poisoning] may have come from the stocks” of the U.S. and U.K. -Newsweek

Our British colleagues should recall that Russia and the United Kingdom are members of the OPCW which is one of the most successful and effective disarmament and non-proliferation mechanisms," said Russian politician Vasily Shulgin. "We call upon them to abandon the language of ultimatums and threats and return to the legal framework of the chemical convention, which makes it possible to resolve this kind of situation."

“We have very serious suspicion that this provocation was done by British intelligence,” Yakovenko told Russia's NTV channel - adding however that Moscow had no direct proof, but that the UK's behavior constitutes strong circumstantial evidence in support of their theory.

Following the Skripal poisoning, the UK and several of its allies responded by expelling Russian diplomats - with the Trump administration kicking 60 Russians out of the country, and the UK expelling 23. Russia returned "fire" with the expulsion of several foreign diplomats, and a demand that Britain scale back its diplomatic mission in Russia - affecting over 50 jobs.

Yulia's condition is said to have improved significantly last week, and she is now conscious and talking. Meanwhile, Sergei Skripal reportedly remains unresponsive in critical condition.


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Listen goyim, London is safe, Islam means peace and Russia poisoned people and rigged elections....please trust (((us))) we only have YOUR best intentions in mind....

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" Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned four weeks ago in Salisbury. Russia has insisted on access to the pair. "

Russia can't get access because the Skripals are most likely non-existent. There has been not live footage of the Skripals, nor of the LEO who was supposedly also gassed and what about the supposed 40 or so other persons allegedly gassed?

Show us these people.


Nerve agents are the the most deadly pison on earth. How the fuk did the Skripals get from their house to the park bench and then sit there for how long without giving up the ghost?

What a piss-poor fantasy.

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After this OPCW meeting, Russia is going to make an official communique at the UN about the usual suspects that will be ignored by the "democratic" media. 

And nobody will know anything more in the dumb public, and this is how our rulers like it. They will still push for war.

This is narrative for future "history" books to explain why did we go to war against mother Russia, and lost. 

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"...UK's Porton Down military laboratory facility, Gary Aitkenhead, told Sky News that they had been unable to prove that the novichok nerve agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal came from Russia."

I bet they were able to prove it was made in a Porton Down biological weapons lab. But neglected to say so.

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For those wondering how these spy agencies can be so incompetent...Well, don't worry.  Even if these chemical weapons are branded MADE IN USA or MADE IN ISRAEL or MADE IN UK, all they have to do is say, "Russians did it!" and Americans will buy it.


Just look at what happened on 9/11.  Americans never question.

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It gets worse!

Agencies are now reporting: "London Admits Russia's Alleged Guilt in 'Skripal Case' Based on Assumptions."

FFS!!  Incompetent, useless, cretins!

I wonder if Putin threatened to tell the world the truth about 9/11 (or something like that) forcing useless May to back down...  If he has got something on them all, he will be able to use it again in the future, since he has not had to do it now!

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The Rothies reside deeper in the swamp. And they manage their puppets better. :)

This case is simply about dumb British .gov workers trying to cover up some homegrown bs.

If Porton Down is able to compare something to a rare novichok class poison they need to have and know it well.

If they have these poisons, 20 miles away from a poisoning crime scene, they are the usual release suspect.

Maybe they needed a "guaranteed original Russian poison" for some fake news generating war pr false flag in Syria and had an explosive production failure, such shit happens often in lab level chemistry.

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Did she come to her 'senses'?



Here is what the father of Alexander Litvinenko has to say on this matter (be sure to view the RT interview clip):

Walter Litvinenko used to support the theory of Russia’s involvement in the 2006 poisoning of his son, Alexander, in London, but he changed his mind after years of analyzing the inconsistencies of the investigation...

They realized that they have screwed up big time [with the Litvinenko poisoning] and decided to change their tactics a bit. Therefore, they do not show [any evidence] now, but keep it all in secret waiting for Russia to react to it. If there was, as they say, the ‘Russian trace’ there, everything would have been clear long time ago

The Skripal scandal would eventually backfire on those who initiated it, Litvinenko said. “It will be very difficult to hide it all. And they will eventually fail. They will be caught, and Theresa May will be very ashamed. And this clown, their Foreign Minister [Boris Johnson] – he will be very ashamed too.”

people like Alexander find themselves in a situation where they effectively become hostages of foreign governments and intelligence agencies. He said it applies to both the rich and powerful who have left Russia after having run-ins with the law, such as the late oligarch Boris Berezovsky, as well as less prominent citizens such as Sergei Skripal.

They are hostages, all of them are hostages of the American authorities, who strive for the world dominance. As long as that’s the case – they will kill the Russians, they’ll kill anybody who’s against it

It’s not beneficial for them if Skripal stays alive. And this girl – she knows nothing. Skripal knows. She simply came to visit her father and got into this,” Litvinenko said. They’ll let his daughter walk away, probably. But if she knows anything, she won’t get out of it either.… 

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Isn't good old-fashioned Sarin in the same family of compounds or even, shock horror, British-developed VX? Why must it be one of the new compounds? Does it leave the same products attached to the receptors in the blood samples? Apparently the "leaving group",the other part of the molecule that doesnt attach to the receptors is not identifiable in blood samples, probably a fluorine atom or a thiol depending, and will not be found, so it is not possible to tell whether Sarin, or a new related compound just from blood tests)

As in, Sarin, same kind of stuff the terrorists in Syria were playing with?

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Novichok is the same chemical no matter where in the world it's produced, so odds are it's impossible to prove where the stuff was made by looking at the sample itself.  At best, they can analyze the inevitable impurities and speculate.

They'd have more luck examining Russian paperwork to discover if more chemical precursors were ordered than can be accounted for by the finished product sitting in Russian military warehouses, or more nerve agent was declared shipped from the lab than is sitting in the warehouse, etc.

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Novichok is a series of compounds all with the same Phosphate base. Could be any of like 15 or 20 different individual chemicals from the same family. 

In any event it's all bullshit. We all know that the stink of John Brennan is all over this like Bill Clinton's spew on an ugly girls dress.


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Rumors are that the SAA has captured British, American, and Saudi military special forces in east Ghouta. These forces were apparently involved in directing the targetting of terrorist rocket strikes in Damascus, some of which hit the Russian Embassy. If British forces were involved, and Russians injured (or killed), then payback will be a bitch. Maybe this is the surprise for the UK government that the Russians talked about a while back.


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      Between house and park was several hour.

      Somewhere said it seven hour passed, and then they sickened?

      This looks is a compound, not agent and for wide dispersal, not

      spot apply, any handling require terrible serious safety measures.

      Some the Porton Down now says also not add up.

      Nothing fits and nothing real evidence.


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The highest concentration was reported to be on the door knob. Deadly nerve agent and they made it all the way to the park bench. 

And what is the French connection that has surfaced.  Somebody going to jump up and claim the French snatched a sample from the Russians right there at the Moscow lab.

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This was supposedly a military grade nerve agent.

We're told the Skripals got it from their front door handle when they left home.

They then went to the cemetery to put flowers on his wife's grave, went to the pub for a few beers and then for a pizza. 7 hours later they were found on a park bench.

A police officer who found them was also poisioned but the doctor who treated them for 30 minutes at the scene was unharmed.

Oh and Putin did it personally.


And you're expected to believe all of it.

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I guarantee that both the UK and the US have this material.

And anyone with a fucking jet mill and enough balls to mill the shit can make "military grade" weapons.

It ain't that tough. Thousands of non-state actors make "military grade" shit all the time.

I should know, I'm one of them.  We just don't jet mill nerve agents.

The UK not following the treaty they are a signatory to is pretty telling and arguably more an indicator of guilt than the fact a Soviet dreamed up the family of compounds in the first place.



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Porton Down is also used by the US military for outsourced CW/BW research. The details of the $70 million contract then become 'commercial confidential' and totally inaccessible via FOI requests. One of the projects Porton Down is looking into is how to improve the dispersal of fine dry powders. This sounds like research for offensive purposes.


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Thank God this guy has got the sense to come clean on this one, rather than flush the MI5/MI6 reputation further down the toilet by trying to falsify the data. Any decent chemical scientist worth their salt will be able to pull such fictions apart in seconds. Oh yes, and f*ck off Johnson and May.

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The information was revealed in a UK court when the UK government applied for permission to take more blood samples from the Skirpals for the OPCW tests. The unnamed Porton Down scientist stated under oath they discovered evidence of a nerve agent of the Novichock type or closely releated agent. There was no reference to it being 'military grade'. You can bet that (s)he was coerced to include a reference to Novichock but they had the integrity not to allow any mention of Russia (or any other country) as a source.


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