In Abrupt Reversal, Netanyahu Cancels Deal To Resettle African Migrants In Israel

Hours after Israel announced the planned resettlement of 16,250 African migrants to Canada, Italy and Germany - which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said was a "good agreement" which "protects the interests of the state of Israel" - Netanyahu reversed course - "pausing" the deal struck with the U.N., and then canceling it.

The U.N. deal would have seen Israel absorb the other half of the country's roughly 35,000 African migrants.

In a Monday tweet, Netanyahu said he will review the agreement when he meets with the Minister of the Interior on Tuesday morning.

Most of the refugees came from Eritrea and Sudan - beginning their migration in 2005 after neighboring Egypt violently put down a refugee demonstration and "word spread of safety and job opportunities in Israel," reports AP.

While Israel's border wall, completed in 2012, stopped the influx, the country has been divided on what to do about refugees who made it before its erection - with some Israelis arguing that Israel has a special responsibility to take in those in need. "Groups of Israeli doctors, academics, poets, Holocaust survivors, rabbis and pilots had also objected to the planned expulsion," notes AP, while others, such as Netanyahu, believe the migrants threaten Israel's "interests."

Tens of thousands crossed the porous desert border before Israel completed a barrier in 2012 that stopped the influx. But Israel has struggled with what to do with those already in the country, alternating between plans to deport them and offering them menial jobs in hotels and local municipalities.

Thousands of the migrants concentrated in poor neighborhoods in south Tel Aviv, an area that has become known as “Little Africa.” Their presence has sparked tensions with working-class Jewish residents, who have complained of rising crime and pressed the government to take action. -AP

Prior to Monday's announced UN resettlement deal (which as of Tuesday has been canceled), Israel threatened migrants with prison - placing them in a new-shuttered desert detention camp and offering them money and a one-way ticket back to Africa. When that failed, Israel announced plans to send them all to an unnamed African country believed to either be Uganda or Rwanda, on April 1.

African migrants demonstrate in Tel Aviv against the Israeli government's policy to forcibly deport African refugees and asylum seekers to Rwanda and Uganda

The plan was scrapped, according to Netanyahu, when the planned "third country" which he did not identify, could not handle the influx.

“From the moment in the past few weeks that it became clear that the third country as an option doesn’t exist, we basically entered a trap where all of them would remain,” he said - describing Monday’s compromise with Canada, Italy and Germany as the best available option.

The U.N. refugee agency said it signed a framework of common understanding “to promote solutions for thousands of Eritreans and Sudanese living in Israel.” The UNHCR said it will work to relocate about 16,000 Sudanese and Eritrean nationals and that others will receive “suitable legal status in Israel.” -AP

A debate raged on Twitter following both the announced resettlement and Netanyahu's rescinding of the deal he signed just hours before.  

By Tuesday afternoon, Netanyahu unceremoniously and unilaterally canceled the agreement, leaving about 39,000 migrants feeling deflated, along with international authorities and many Israelis.

According to Amnon Abramovitch, a political analyst with more than 20 years of Netanyahu-watching under his belt, the prime minister's misrepresentations are catching up with him. "It has all been a collection of bluffs," he said. "Netanyahu did not negotiate in good faith with the U.N. He never had an agreement with Rwanda. He's lied all over the place."

In part, Netanyahu created his own problems by repeatedly assuring his base he'd deport all the migrants, whom he calls "illegal infiltrators." As early as 2012, he promised his followers he'd find a way around any strictures. "International law makes deportation very difficult," he said, but "we can deport them, and we will."

"Just as we solved other problems," he said, "we will solve this problem methodically and responsibly, in accordance with international agreements."

"My conclusion?" Abramovitch said. "He wants early elections."


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ok, so the problem was not ISRAEL sending their THOUSANDS OF rapefugees to Germany, Canada and Italy...  but that in the deal they had to KEEP SOME in Israel ??? THAT was the problem?

-Barbara divörsity™ Lerner Spectre
"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive." ~ Barbara Lerner Spectre

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Exactly what is going to happen. It seems crunch time has hit for refugees, it is likely in future all refuges camps will be in country of origin with a global military presence to secure the camp and the approaches to the camps.

The camps will be gender separated and boring as can be, supplying the essentials of life in a safe environment until the residents are ready to leave the camp to return to their country proper.

Any attacks on the camps or approaches to the camps will be acted against to prevent them recurring. All rations to the camps will come from outside countries.

Whilst at the camps, the people will be educated with regards to proper social norms, effective governance and policing. When no longer require the camps will be shut down. Source countries of refugees will be required to supply the land required for the camps with direct access to a sea and air port. No is not an option if they want aid for their refugees.

Goodwill has been burned up and everyone is fully aware this problem will only get much worse, hence stern control measures are required. Modern societies can not be expected to support backward societies if those modern societies are run down by backward refugees. Just the way it is, not good, not bad, not happy, not sad, just the way it is.

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Apparently Canada, Germany, Sweden, etc wants them! These sort of deals only encourage “financial migrants” to leave their own countries to seek first world welfare because someone will eventually take them. Meanwhile they get free food, accommodation, money, free medical, etc.. just for sitting on their asses while dreaming of big titty blonde swedes.

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Boycott the horned beast of zion and all the filth that it produces.

Barcodes 500, 729 & 871 mark the trash of "Israel"
Barcodes 7219 & 7922 mark the trash from the rest of occupied, apartheid Palestine.

Hurt the beast where it does the damage. No more shekels for the squatters!

As khazarian squatters and free loader global riff raff on the USSAN tax cattle dollah slaughter local Semites, the West gives a free pass to the rabid thugs in "Tel Aviv".

Say no to the hollow cost hoax!

Shlomo Sand "The Invention of the Jewish People"

Arthur Koestler and his plundering marauding Khasars. "The Thirteenth Tribe"

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If these Africans had the IQ of a rock, they all would have converted years ago to Orthodox Judaism; Israel can't expel Orthodox Jews.

But sub-Saharan aborigines don't have the IQ of a rock. Reality Check: Using Cultural identification as a cohort definition, they have the lowest IQ on Earth.

Prior to White colonialism, generally they had no written language,  no educational system beyond tribal survival techniques and looting-warfare tactics, were pre-Iron Age . . . left to their own indigenous intelligence,  they were 5,000-years behind Whites.

Damn John Wilkes Booth for assassinating Lincoln. Had Lincoln lived, America's Blacks were headed back to Africa, where, no doubt, their fellow Blacks would have once again kidnapped them, then sold them to Muslims - who then, as now, are the world's slave retail distribution cartel.

However, America would be enjoying a 70% decline in murders, and associated declines in theft,  armed robbery, welfare statism, the educational Death Spiral, and the inner-city Killing Fields.

Note to Left-Wing Lunatics: That's not racist rhetoric, that's Reality Reasoning.

Israel is insane to keep sub-Saharan aborigines within its borders.  Get them out now before their out-of-control breeding and cross-racial sexual promiscuity makes it impossible to cut out the cancer.


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What's so hard about resettling them in their home countries? Dumping them on European countries and absorbing some yourself in Israel just leads to problems down the line. See Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans ect. 

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israel needs victims to practice its aggressive policies of racial and religious discrimination via apartheid and the creation of immigrant ghettoes.

(illegal immigrant) refugees from sudan/yemen are an ideal group to claim moral, intellectual and physical domination over because they are defenceless, homeless and broke.

these are the droids the left is looking for. pity that so many politicians in the US are dual israeli/US citizens that sponsor one rule for israel (nazi-style, facist, politics) and one for the US (welcoming all immgrants from anywhere to vote for the democratic party).

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Hmmm... reminds me of a few stories about Hitler trying to find Jews their own homeland to get them out of Germany.   

If the Africans are smart,  they should start running articles about 6,000,000 dead Africans so they can use it for extortion later. 

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Israel wants everybody else to take them. Oh don't worry, I'm sure the U.S will covertly resettle them in the U.S. Smart people who can afford to leave, are, because the U.S puts the screws to Americans, kind of the same way businesses like cable TV fck their loyal customers while offering sweet deals to new customers.

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Nothing wrong to go back where they came from. After all they think they have the brain power to achieve what everyone else has achieved. Blacks in US think, that all whites from South Africa should go to Europe, even if that means starvation for millions of black Africans. Well, by the same logic blacks should go back to Africa, but that is a no no for them and we and they know very well why.


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Anyone remember the video of the Israeli 'charities' welcoming Syrian refugees to Greek islands and pointing them the way to live off European tax-payers. Somehow they managed to present this as Israeli generosity, humanity. 

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Lauren Southerns tweet about "you could let some stay at your house" is the comment that usually stops all pro diversity snowflakes.

You know what has made Japan a stable country of unified work ethic despite stagflation for decades?

near ZERO Diversity.

You see it when you go there. and you also see the struggle with Korean immigration in the south of Japan.

Do you know how many homeless people are all of Japan?

out of a total population of 125 million

(in Tokyo, (city of 20 million) about 215.)

I can only assume Germany used to be similar.

In america,(population about 330 million)

553,742 homeless…

or around 30x the homeless per capita rate of japan

just one indicator possibly pointing to how well diversity is working for us.