California College Tuition Going Up... But Not For Illegal Immigrant Students

Authored by Rob Shimshock via The Daily Caller,

The University of California system voted in March to raise tuition for out-of-state students by nearly $1,000, a hike that will not apply to illegal alien students.

The system’s board of regents approved the proposal to increase out-of-state tuition by $978 by a 12-3 vote, reported The College Fix, but California law allows illegal alien students to evade this charge by enrolling as in-state students.

“All students — regardless of immigration status — are subject to the same tuition and fee structures, based on their residency status,” UC spokeswoman Clair Doan told the Fix.

California assembly bill 540 mandates that illegal alien students can obtain in-state tuition if they attend high school in the state for a minimum of three years and earn a California high school diploma.

“It’s really incumbent upon Congress to close that loophole now that it’s exposed,” Federation for American Immigration Reform spokesman Ira Mehlman told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

While colleges do not ask students for their immigration status, public schools are constitutionally prohibited from denying K-12 students free public education on the basis of their immigration status, according to the 1982 Supreme Court decision Plyler v. Doe.

“UC does not ask its students nor applicants for their immigration status,” Doan explained. But the spokeswoman speculated that the UC system enrolled approximately 3,700 illegal alien students.

Doan may have arrived at this number by identifying illegal alien students via the students’ usage of taxpayer ID numbers and not social security numbers, according to Mehlman.

The University of California system educates nearly a quarter of a million students. UC’s board of regents will vote on increasing base tuition by $348 for all students in May, but its members promised to revoke the hike if the state legislature provides the system with more funding. UC regent chair George Kieffer reported that UC students have 31 percent less funding each in 2018 when compared with their 2000 counterparts.

“California is perpetually broke,” Mehlman told TheDCNF.

“And yet they manage to come up with services for illegal aliens.”

The immigration advocacy spokesman elaborated on services the state provides to illegal aliens, such as grants, public housing, as well as various other state and local services.

Mehlman postulated that about half of illegal aliens work “off the books” and the other half use “bogus social security numbers.” The demographic costs California taxpayers over $25 billion per year, according to FAIR.

TheDCNF reached out to the California Immigrant Policy Center for comment but received none in time for press.


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"My dreams are NOT illegal."

Exactly.  But your actions are; ILLEGALLY being in the country, stealing a college seat, or job, from someone LEGALLY here, dreaming of college or a job.

Go the fuck home.

BTW - My dream of regularly boinking Kate Upton until she ages out and a better one comes along isn't illegal either.  Yeah... I'm a dreamer!...

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That's the truth and the law in Kommiefornia. We tried 20 years ago with Prop 187 to limit taxpayer funds going to these lawbreakers. Instead the 9th Circuit Court declared it unconstitutional and appeals by our government were withdrawn after Grey Davis was elected. They do this with every Prop they don't want now. At least we had Davis recalled, unfortunately we ended up with RINO as replacement.

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According to national figures, from 2003 to 2013, the proportion of public school enrollment ac-counted for by Hispanic students increased from 43.8 percent to 51.8 percent in Texas and from 18.5 percent to 24.8 percent nationwide.

During the same period, the proportion of enrollment ac-counted for by White students decreased from 38.7 percent to 29.5 percent in Texas and from 58.7 percent to 50.3 percent nationwide.

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States Rights Tejas 2-Step...Bypass Feral Gov't...

Federal Background

The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) of 1996 (Sec. 505) sought to prohibit states from providing a postsecondary education benefit to an alien not lawfully present in the United States on the basis of residence unless any U.S. citizen or national is eligible for the same benefit. (P.L. 104-208).  The Congressional Research Service noted that there is disagreement about the meaning of the provision.  There is no guidance in congressional report language or in federal regulations.

→STEP-1: In June 2001, ♥Texas (HB1403) was the first state to pass legislation allowing in-state tuition for ♥immigrant students, followed by California (AB540), Utah (HB144), and New York (SB7784) in 2001-2002; Washington (HB1079), Illinois (HB60) in 2003; Kansas (HB2145) in 2004; New Mexico (SB582) in 2005; Nebraska (LB239) in 2006; Wisconsin (A75) in 2009; Maryland (S167/H470); Connecticut (H6390) in 2011 and Colorado (S33), Minnesota (S1236), New Jersey (S2479) and Oregon (H2787) in 2013.

→STEP-2: In July, 2011, California enacted legislation permitting ♥unauthorized immigrant students to receive state financial aid and scholarships (A130), joining New Mexico (S582, 2005) and ♥Texas (H1403, 2001).  On Feb. 18, 2014, the Washington legislature approved legislation to expand the state need grants for certain ♥unauthorized immigrant students.  The governor is expected to sign the legislation (S6523).

"Wee no neeed no stinkin badges" graciA$$ Rick Perry...

$i $eñor...


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when higher ed. is free in many countries you really have to wonder what the point of paying for an expensive tuition rewards. germany, when i was a student cost 50 marks for the admin fee. they had (still?) a merit based system. of course there were some issues like too many students signing up for a course but free is free when in the greater scheme of things, their graduates are just as competitive as students paying high fees. and the facilities were top notch at the time. in fact, in my field, i would say the US is behind and falling further behind. nothing like spending a quarter to half a mil. on an education you can get for almost free. of course there were many foreign students, particularly from africa and asia. and similar for france.

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You may have been kidding but you are really 100% right in your instincts. It is way past time to start fucking with the System in every way you can conceivably do it. Claim privileges that they have no legal right to demand proof of. Look for those tax loopholes that can drive down what they take out of your wallet and figure out a way to look like you qualify.

The IRS absolutely requires our voluntary lining up and opening our wallets. The privileges that have been doled out almost always come with restrictions on asking about qualifications.

Go lone wolf on it and start fucking fucking fucking with the System. Benefit from it or bring it down completely...either way will be a good way.

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Along those lines... your tax exemptions are dependents (with an ssn) but look into the loopholes for creating dependents (and a new ssn)... the live birth form.  Birth of a pet may arguably be a valid dependent and get an ssn... this now that SCOTUS has made it "your choice" as to what defines a marriage, a male, a female, etc.  The live birth form does not say anything like for human beings only.  The form uses the subjective term "child"... has SCOTUS (re)defined that?  Already, the live birth form allows sex to be declared as male, female or ambiguous???.  Liberalism at its best.

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" TheDCNF reached out to the California Immigrant Policy Center for comment but received none in time for press. "

Do not worry, enough comments will appear on ZH.


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Suck it up you dumb brain dead American sheeples. You are being fook over and didn't even know it. Stupid fools. You let progressives and illegals taking over without a fight and you deserve not having a country.