Over A Million Illegal Immigrants Issued California Driver's Licenses

California has issued over a million driver's licenses to illegal immigrants over the past three years, according to the Sacramento Bee

Following the passage of Assembly Bill 60 which went into effect January 1, 2015, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has granted 1,001,000 illegal immigrants licenses as of March 31, according to a Wednesday announcement by the DMV.

The bill, entitled "The Safe and Responsible Drivers Act" authored by then-Assemblyman Luis Alejo in 2013, was meant to help illegal immigrants "get to work, drive their children to school, and run everyday errands without the fear of being pulled over," according to DriveCA

An applicant who does not have proof of lawful presence can receive an AB 60 license. An AB 60 license will have a visible distinguishing feature and cannot be used for certain federal purposes, such as to enter restricted areas of federal facilities. AB 60 driver’s licenses are available since January 2nd, 2015. -DriveCa

"Immigrants are getting tested, licensed and insured and this is making our roads safer for everyone," said Alejo, now a Monterey County supervisor.. "Today, we see the law working the way it was intended to and has dramatically improved the lives of a million immigrants and their families."

Of note, the licenses do not grant illegal immigrants the right to vote - however a new law rolling out this month which automatically registers drivers to vote, the California Motor Voter Act, has sparked concern over potential abuse. 

You’re setting the state up for a disaster. They don’t seem to have a process in place to verify that people are who they say they are. It’s a free-for-all, a process that can be manipulated,” said Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, a national organization that unsuccessfully pressed Gov. Jerry Brown to veto the law allowing automatic registration.

A California official pushed back against those concerns, telling Fox News those who must apply for or renew a special license classification – the AB 60, named after the bill that gave illegals the right to apply for licenses in 2015 - would be excluded from the voter notification process. -Fox News

“Different agencies in California don’t effectively communicate with each other,” Donnelly told Fox News. “Cracks exist in the system.

Linda Paine, co-founder of the nonpartisan Election Integrity Project of California, said her organization has visited DMV offices to observe how workers handle undocumented immigrants. She said the visits, and meetings with state officials, left her with little confidence about any safeguards to prevent illegal voter registration. -Fox News

There are thousands and thousands of DMV workers across our huge state,” Paine told Fox News. “They’re not all trained … It’s not even that people who are ineligible want to be registered. They may not know that they have to select ‘Opt out.’”

DMV Assistant Deputy Director, Jessica Gonzalez, pushed back - asserting that DMV employees "go through rigorous training" to ensure that citizenship and legal residency are established. 

Voter ID when?