Virgin Hyperloop One Releases Video of Full-Scale Futuristic Travel Pod Test

Virgin Hyperloop One, a competitor to Elon Musk in seeking to first commercialize the Hyperloop for moving passengers and/or freight in travel pods through vacuum-sealed tubes at extraordinarily high speed, has released video of a full-scale working travel pod at its Mojave test tube track.

On Tuesday, Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Hyperloop One Chairman welcomed the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud (MbS) and the Minister of Defense of the Kingdom to the company’s research and test facilities in the Mojave Desert. Branson showed off the latest travel pod designed for Saudi Arabia’s reemergence after it restructures its economy by the end of the next decade.

The House of Saud has formulated a Vision 2030 plan that ushers in a complete transformation of its economy from fossil fuel to high-tech renewable energy. Here is what MbS said about incorporating fourth generation technologies, such as the Hyperloop into the Saudi Arabian economy:

"We’re look forward to advancing the relationship between KSA and VHO while we develop innovative transport technologies like hyperloop, accelerating Vision 2030 objectives to transform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from a technology consumer to a technology innovator. “Hyperloop is the catalyst to enable all 4th generation technologies to flourish in the Kingdom while creating a vibrant society and thriving economy through visionary cities and high-tech clusters.”

During the visit, the Crown Prince and Virgin Hyperloop One executives discussed how incorporating the new form of high-tech transportation into the country’s economy would stimulate economic growth and lead to further diversification of Saudi industries — away from fossil fuels.

Hyperloop One executives told MbS that travel time from Riyadh to Jeddah could decrease to 76 minutes opposed to a 10-hour car ride while traveling from Riyadh to Abu Dhabi could be cut from 8.5-hours to a little under 50 minutes.

“Today’s visit and discussions kick off the next phase that will make VHO a reality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” Rob Lloyd, CEO of VHO, said.  

Branson’s Twitter shows a glimpse of the meeting:

Branson and MbS pose for a picture to the side of the travel pod.

In this picture, MbS glances at the rear end of a rocket’s propulsion system.

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Introducing the Vision 2030 Hyperloop Pod:




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Branson started his record business by smuggling albums from Europe to the UK and only made a profit because he evaded VAT. It's not clear that any of his businesses have ever made any money from ongoing operations. He keeps his companies private so that he does not have to publish accounts. He uses hidden cross-subsidies within the group, to channel any available cashflow into capital-intensive casino investments in speculative technologies, for which he has no insight or expertise. He is a showman who pumps his businesses, then sells them. Airlines, phones, space, hyperloop - huge sinks for investment and very little return to the fall guys who end up buying them at inflated branson-circus prices.

There are two people in the photo: one is a showman, the other is the fall guy.

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navy62802 Thu, 04/05/2018 - 21:34 Permalink

Great idea until the first crash where passengers are expelled into a near-vacuum. People who survive the initial crash will be turned inside out, as if they were expelled into a space environment without a protective suit.

Frito navy62802 Thu, 04/05/2018 - 22:47 Permalink

The bigger issue would be a tunnel breach. If you pop a hole in an evacuated chamber, the outside air will rush in at a considerable speed. Imagine a pod traveling at speed suddenly hitting a pocket of air (coming at it at near the speed of sound). Then someone has to go in and scrape the passengers off the inside of the tube.

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